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4:01 AM
@daviesgeek Yes. Yes yes yes yes.
1 hour later…
5:11 AM
@Mahnax Can you star it over there --> Please?
@daviesgeek OK.
@Mahnax Thanks!
@daviesgeek No problem.
6:09 AM
Can anyone give me advice on timestamps in iOS? Do the UNIX/BSD atime/ctime/mtime exist as they do in OSX?
3 hours later…
8:55 AM
@daviesgeek @bmike thanks, nice work!
2 hours later…
10:32 AM
@DanielLawson Wow, 200 bounty - thanks :)
11:00 AM
@IanC Did you get it working?
2 hours later…
12:31 PM
A: Can Finder and the "open" command treat files with .sh or other typical extensions just like .command files?

Graham PerrinWithout using Finder to change a preference In most cases, all that's required should be possible from the command line … Preparation Two commands: defaults read com.apple.LaunchServices | grep -B 1 -A 3 public.shell-script defaults read com.apple.LaunchServices | grep -B 1 -A 4 "LSHandlerC...

A question arises, something like: "Why does Finder not immediately respect a change that is written to ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices.plist?"
In lieu of the first of the two long commands, a shorter one could be used
defaults write com.apple.LaunchServices LSHandlers -array-add '{ LSHandlerContentType = "public.shell-script"; LSHandlerRoleAll = "com.apple.Terminal"; }'
— but the current edition of the answer allows the reader to see two things that might otherwise be missed, LSHandlerRoleViewer and LSHandlerRoleEditor
Whether the difference between viewing and edition is useful to the command-line oriented question from @bmike , I don't know.
1:07 PM
@stuffe not yet. I'll try it tomorrow.
1:26 PM
@jtbandes I was wondering if you could scale that Ask Different logo jsfiddle to be really really big?
2:02 PM
Q: Why is a command line change to ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices.plist not recognised immediately?

Graham PerrinWhen the Info window of Finder is used to associate files of a particular type with an application: the preference is effective immediately. When Terminal is used to make a comparable addition to ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices.plist the preference is not effective immediat...

2:28 PM
I made a pretty cool little AppleScript application, available here: dl.dropbox.com/u/45570283/Ask%20Different/…
It's an Ask Different search tool
2:53 PM
@bmike Have you tried my little applet?
3:13 PM
@ruddfawcett No.
@ruddfawcett Is it a web view - how is it different than searching on the site?
Oh, no... It's just a simple little AppleScript application that I made by experimenting with text delimiters
It's not even really an application...
1 hour later…
4:25 PM
@ruddfawcett Pretty cool!
@daviesgeek Thanks
@NathanGreenstein I have a pretty funny/interesting blog topic that I am working on...
@ruddfawcett Ooh, what's it about?
@NathanGreenstein topic: "How many cats does Apple have left?"
@ruddfawcett Nice, I've been wondering that myself. Let me know when you've got a draft ready and I'll set you up with an account on the blog.
Looking forward to it
@NathanGreenstein Cool, thanks.
@NathanGreenstein be sure to download my applet! :P dl.dropbox.com/u/45570283/Ask%20Different/…
4:35 PM
@ruddfawcett I downloaded it but I haven't had a chance to look at the code yet
Oh... It's closed source...
I'll post the code, though
Just for you :)
Awesome :)
That's the open source version
the icon.icns is located in Show package contents > Contents > Resources
That's what "set window_icon to (path to resource "icon.icns")" that is for
@NathanGreenstein Did you download teh source? I'm going to delete the link...
4:43 PM
@ruddfawcett Yep, got it, thanks
Could you remove that link? I didn't get to it fast enough...
Another mod got it before I even saw the flag :)
Ok, thanks!
I like your AppleScript version of urlencode
That way you can use the default browser
I'm currently working on duplicating the shift+command+g window in Finder
But there are a lot of variable components
4:48 PM
Okay, see you
@NathanGreenstein If you have any cool variations I'd love to look at them.
5:01 PM
@ruddfawcett Variations on the AD search script?
@NathanGreenstein Yup.
4 hours later…
9:02 PM
@ruddfawcett How did you close the source? I've been wondering that for awhile
9:52 PM
@daviesgeek Ask the question on the site :P
10:16 PM
@ruddfawcett only as well as you can :)
@jtbandes ?
@ruddfawcett (click the arrow to see what I replied to)
@jtbandes Ahhh... Yes, about that, well never mind now...
(also, you can probably get it a bit bigger without problems by just increasing your browser's text size)
@jtbandes By the way, your website is pretty cool
I like the rotating and glowing feature of your name.
10:20 PM
I was having fun learning about css3's effects so I incorporated it into a redesign
I downloaded your puzzle application.
haven't updated that in ages, unfortunately. I just don't have enough time
The "and more.." in your Portfolio is pretty misleading :P
why, did you want a link? :P
I suppose it refers to the less important but educational random stuff I've done over the years
10:25 PM
I don't really understand Percolation
42% of the pixels are non-white
those non-white ones which are actually touching are the same color
(if you zoom in it becomes more evident)
In mathematics, percolation theory describes the behavior of connected clusters in a random graph. The applications of percolation theory to materials science and other domains are discussed in the article percolation. Introduction A representative question (and the source of the name) is as follows. Assume that some liquid is poured on top of some porous material. Will the liquid be able to make its way from hole to hole and reach the bottom? This physical question is modelled mathematically as a three-dimensional network of n × n × n points (or vertices/...
@jtbandes Ahhh...
10:41 PM
@IanC You beat me to it! Ughh!
That question is pretty hilarious.
OS X really is "magic" when you don't know how to use it...
I know... You should have sen it before I made the initial edit.
11:37 PM
@ruddfawcett I've been known to do that. :)
14 more rep points to go...
@IanC ?
Ahh... congrats :)
@IanC @IanC FOUR more rep points to go...
Two edits!
Or 1 question upvote...

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