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@Mego starring every single message by DJ and making calvin and quartata ROs /s
12:37 AM
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@Riker This one is "given a program detect 32 or 64 bit", that one is "given nothing ask the OS for the answer".
> New Main Posts 485
New Meta Posts 362
New Sandboxed Posts 346
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yes i am trying to make you write — Bhargav Varma 8 mins ago
2:59 AM
@Mego wait hold up I have the most messages here
How has no one overtaken me, I had 54k like two years ago and I don't even do this site anymore
Q: Duplication rules for Kolmogorov complexity challenges

Stephen LeppikWhile some challenges tagged kolmogorov-complexity can succeed brilliantly, like my own first challenge which got me halfway to the rep cap and STILL remains my highest-scoring post network-wide, most others will fail with the comments saying that it "doesn't bring anything new". I've even seen ...

3:17 AM
I think my space key is haunted
Most of the time it works fine, but for Stellaris and certain other games, it doesn't do anything.
Also, I can't detect it with xbindkeys or send it with xdotool
2 hours later…
4:58 AM
Earlier I had a bug where every few days a (seemingly) random application would be chosen and OSX would attempt to launch it every time I pressed Enter.
5:32 AM
Q: Why do Jelly submissions get to ignore the `Y` atom in the byte count?

dylnanFor those not familiar, Y in Jelly joins a list of strings (actually a list of lists of characters) with a newline. In plenty of challenges with text output, Jelly submissions will put Y in the footer on TIO, which I have taken advantage of as well. (TIO with Y). Without Y the output would be th...

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7:48 AM
@Mego 11400 seems way too many for me. I should really use chat less often...
8:07 AM
Haha, Code Review has a Pyth tag :D
8:38 AM
Yesterday I was (among) the top 0.98% users on PPCG. Today I'm among the top 2%. Funny that SE keeps two digits after the decimal for <1%, while rounding up to integers for anything >1%. Thus, it's extremely unlikely that anyone will ever be among the top 1%.
@cairdcoinheringaahing you're welcome :P
@LeakyNun Still unanswered though :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing be my guest
Sorry, I have no idea how to code in Pyth, let alone review Pyth code
9:00 AM
I have almost finished the interpreter for this (found here). However, I haven't managed to create solutions for tasks #10 or #20, and would appreciate someone else having an attempt (currently no docs). There is also a TIO link here
9:19 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is it possible to switch between memory types? Using one as a storage while working in another? I was thinking that S would work like & in ><>, but nothing seems to happen. And going from $ to D back to $ seems to clear the stack.
$DG# should switch between memory types, preserving the values, so there's a bug ಠ_ಠ
Also ₀₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉ should access the memory types in the order you created them ( being the first, being the second)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Another question or two. Can you get the length of the stack? How does [] determine when to break?
@Emigna So far no length of stack command, but I can add that in. [] are brainf*ck style loops, terminate when the current value is 0
Swithing back with ₀ instead of $ did preseve the values.
Ah OK, thank you :)
@Emigna Oh yeah, I forgot what $#DG do ಠ_ಠ. They create new memory models, ₀₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉ swap between them
9:32 AM
Is it possible to send a value to a different memory type?
Ah cool, so you can create multiples of the same memory type
@Emigna No, not yet. I think I'll let people add that functionality in the actual challenge, if it's possible to do the last 2 tasks without it
I'm trying to have as few commands as necessary, but still make it somewhat usable, so that people will be able to add more commands
@cairdcoinheringaahing well, just because it's a golfing language doesn't mean you can't golf in it more nicely ;)
I only really looked at the stack, but I don't really know how to do #10 without a way to check the length of the stack. Not sure how $ handles list input either, so that may be a road block as well
@Emigna If you'd like me to add a command, feel free to ask. Input with $ and D appends the evaluated value of one line from STDIN or it as a string if it can't evaluate it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, but unless I'm misstaken ,there is no command under $ to iterate over a list and no command to split it as separate elements to stack either
Iteration doesn't make much sense under $ though
9:42 AM
@Emigna You're not mistaken. I was wondering about adding a splat operator, but thought that it's possibly doable with the tape instead. Might as well cover all bases though, so I'll add the stack splat
@cairdcoinheringaahing With len and splat, I'm pretty sure #10 is doable under $
@Emigna Ok, the repo's been updated
9:56 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

workoverflowSneaky CodeGolf Scorer Your goal is to code a CodeGolf answer scorer, input answer source code, output score. Simple ?. However, recent advancements in AI has caused a number of programs to gain consciousness, and to value one's self higher than others. This causes the program to return a value ...

10:39 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait, so [] doesn't open a loop over the stack. It loops over each element of the stack separately...
@Emigna No, it opens a while loop, that pops the top value from the stack when it reaches ] to check if it should continue (!= 0). It operates on the whole stack
@cairdcoinheringaahing then why do $5:[OO0] print 5 and then crash?
@Emigna Because [ pops a value when the loop starts
@cairdcoinheringaahing i wonder what the solution for 16 looks like :P
10:49 AM
@ASCII-only Like this :P
It's not golfed at all :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing $1 0-?…1[s:sr-:Z1s-2×1+×1s-Z1-L2s-×]1+ZO should work for #10. Returns False for insignificant. Can definitely be golfed.
@Emigna Nice! Thanks, I'll make sure to credit you
Now, there's only the quine left... and I suck at quines facedesk
I'm guessing you could do it on the tape and just modify a BF quine?
Seems kinda impossible on the stack without stirng literals
That was my thought too, but I don't understand how most of the BF quines work. Might as well try though
11:52 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing What is nan for?
"Task #10 and #20"?
#10 is just "smooth array". #20 is... quine?
@user202729 nan is the result of basically any mathematical operation with float('inf') in Python
@user202729 Yes, #20 is quine, but I can't write quines
12:15 PM
Q: Which antenna to use? 3G / 4G / GSM /?

TomI have a Westermo MRD-355. It has a 3G capable SIM in it, however I am unsure about the aerial I should use. I have an assortment of labelled and unlabelled aerials. Obviously I don't plan to actively use the wrong one i.e. one labelled WiFi. Question - Will an aerial labelled "LTE" work for ...

@cairdcoinheringaahing " give anyone a change"?
> put on hold as unclear what you're asking
Something's not right there...
@user202729 Huh?
In your sandboxed challenge.
Did you mean "chance"?
Yes, I did. Thanks!
Where is the language spec?
12:18 PM
Being worked on. I'll post the first answer with the full spec as it is currently, so that the challenge spec stays about the challenge
Does anyone know how to compile for Win16, perchance?
Win16.... which OS is that?
And why do you need it at all?
@user202729 Windows 3.1 (DOS, not NT).
(just find a compiler there and run it on that machine?)
@user202729 That's the thing... I can't find one.
12:25 PM
You can't find any compiler for your language on Windows 3.1...? Which language?
I was just wondering if anybody knew; I don't expect anyone to hunt for one.
@user202729 C. It's fine; I'll ask on the relevant site.
(I remember having a hard time trying to find the OS installer itself...)
(BTW DosBox can run it)
@wizzwizz4 Is the site Retrocomputing by any chance? :P
[disclaimer: I have no idea if they works]
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah; didn't want to plug.
@user202729 That works perfectly! But it compiles to DOS, not Win16.
12:29 PM
Come on, I think Windows can run Dos programs too? Or you need to compile GUI?
@user202729 Yeah, I need GUI.
@user202729 I didn't know that Turbo C++ did C as well. Thanks!
1 hour later…
2:00 PM
Q: Join up the rooms

AJFaradaySo, here's a map of, let's say, a dungeon... ########## # ##### # ##### ########## ########## ########## ########## #### ## #### ## ########## Let's say that the hero is in Room A (at the top left) and their goal (a prince in distress?) is in Room B (to the bottom right). Our map d...

2:44 PM
Wait, is TNB short for 'tea and biscuits'? Or am I just being super-British right now? — AJFaraday 19 mins ago
@NewMainPosts usually, it's princesses who are in distress, not princes :P
{@}EriktheOutgolfer I was getting the exact same solution, except that I forgot vectorizes, so I have an excess . Nice solution!
@EriktheOutgolfer That's only in Medieval Europe.
(I use J instead of L)
(although I saw the and was somewhat spoiled the solution)
2:48 PM
@user202729 don't be afraid to ping me ;)
@wizzwizz4 well, I can't imagine where else could "dungeons" apply either
@EriktheOutgolfer Role-playing Games?
I don't think "<somebody> in distress" has ever applied there...
Wait, scratch that last one; it's just anachronistic Medieval Europe.
@EriktheOutgolfer Chamber of Secrets.
(If you count that as a dungeon.)
Otherwise, basically every Snape lesson with first-years.
Snape is a category on his own anyway
@wizzwizz4 I believe Professor Quirrell screamed something about a troll in the dungeons as well?
2:54 PM
@J.Sallé Yes, but he probably wasn't distressed by it.
Under the circumstances.
(No spoilers here!)
J: Why does ` work with verb but not noun? ...
And how else should I suppose to get conditional in J without evaluating both sides?
@EriktheOutgolfer A special HTML comment:
2:57 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer The edit improved the readability. if you view what it looked like before, the code was being highlighted improperly, making the 2nd half look like a comment
<!-- language-all: lang-perl -->
This informs the syntax highlighter about the language.
It's called "prettify", and sometimes it's more of an uglify.
So I removed it
It also allows those with custom-built screenreaders to have the code read out in a more perly way.
@wizzwizz4 I was talking about the edit
@EriktheOutgolfer I know.
2:58 PM
yeah I know what Google Prettify is
The edit added the comment.
it removed it, actually
No it didn't
... It removed it?!?
2:58 PM
Ok, that makes no sense.
If half of the program is commented out when it's not a comment, it shouldn't be there.
I guess that's something for Ton to judge
@mbomb007 That's a bug in the rendering engine.
He can add it back in if he wants to
@wizzwizz4 That's our problem for writing ambiguous code.
(sorry wrong reply)
3:00 PM
If your browser renders <q> tags as <marquee> does that mean you should remove them?
HTML has meaning!
He was using the auto-rendered markdown from TIO, so if he intentionally adds it manually, I won't remove it
Does practicality have priority over semantic purity?
... Did I really just ask that? Have I seen the web?
> The code golf perl highlighter thinks # start a comment. How naive 😈
3:01 PM
@user202729 You can put ! before a link to stop it oneboxing.
TBF the regex highlighter is even worse...
It becomes a nice neat <img> tag.
@wizzwizz4 That's still an onebox.
yeah that's for images
3:02 PM
I guess wizzwizz isn't always the wizz, lol
I am lost for words.
7 mins ago, by user202729
And how else should I suppose to get conditional in J without evaluating both sides?
Without explicit too.
Haskell highlights --+ incorrectly too.
@user202729 that's literally what I said in the message you replied to.
3:10 PM
I remember --+ being highlighted incorrectly on Haskell docs site, which is extremely confusing.
In J, ". evaluates noun, 128!:2 evaluates monadic verb. Is there anything that evaluates dyadic verb?
3:28 PM
> And how else should I suppose to get conditional in J without evaluating both sides?
I don't understand
For example, how is if a then b else c written? (sorry I didn't read the tutorial much)
if b and c are nouns, that is
But then both sides would be evaluated...
I’m just not getting what you mean
For example, in Python f() if a else g() will only evaluate either f or g.
3:37 PM
well there’s adverse :: that will fall back on g if f errors
And I don’t see why your first link with @. isn’t good
It would only evaluate one of the verbs
@wizzwizz4 It's over 20 years old by now, spoilers are perfectly fine :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing By allegory to xkcd 1769, I beg to differ!
@wizzwizz4 googling "xckd 1769" ... Hey, know that scene in the new Harry Potter movie, where Harry throws a banana at the rebels? That's an great scene :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing And the one where the Dumbledore.
if anyone calls you on this, its from Yudkowsky's facebook
3:45 PM
@FrownyFrog What about more complex expressions? Fallback to ".?
@FrownyFrog HPMOR is by far the best in the series.
@wizzwizz4 HPMOR?
there are actual ifs
@cairdcoinheringaahing harry potter fanfic
3:47 PM
That involves explicit. But thanks.
If it is code golf of course {/{:: would be used.
@cairdcoinheringaahing hpmor.com
> Your connection is not private
I no longer trust wizzwizz4 :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh, yeah, it's not HTTPS.
I typed that from habit, sorry.
Kaspersky complained about that one...
Do we have a "given a list and a number output the nth smallest number"?
(language-agnostic version of NMP)
(literally a lambda x,n:sorted(x)[n])
3:50 PM
Two Three bytes in Jelly
Two bytes?
that's not what the question exactly requires
I can only ịṢ} or Ṣị@
@user202729 Sorry, I forgot how works
is "index into"
3:52 PM
I know that, I forgot that it has reversed arguments though
6 mins ago, by user202729
Do we have a "given a list and a number output the nth smallest number"?
No? Is it necessary, or is it "too trivial"?
It is very trivial. Almost all answers will be "sort, index into"
Why restrict to Excel? This looks like a nice challenge for other laguages, especially esolangs — Luis Mendo 27 secs ago
Post it in the Sandbox for a couple of hours to see if people like it
"especially esolangs"
3:59 PM
Q: n'th smallest unique number in excel

zexotWrite the excel formula that finds the n'th unique smallest number in an excel range. The range may have repeated numbers, so for example, the third unique smallest number of {0, 0, 1, 2.4, 5} should be 2.4 The formula can be written only on one cell. You are free to choose indexing the first...

Q: Several bases but not twice the same digit

ArnauldInput A non-empty array of positive integers. Task Convert each integer to either binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal in such a way that each digit (0 to F) is used at most once. Output The list of bases that were used to solve the puzzle. Detailed example The expected output for [ 16, 1...

@user202729 Isn't Excel one of those?
@wizzwizz4 Somewhat. Excel is not designed to be a programming language.
@user202729 Neither are dominoes.
@NewMainPosts Spent a minute on a Jelly solution, it's harder than it looks :(
@NewMainPosts waits for the downvotes
4:15 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing -3 already
> show 18 more comments
I'm not sure whether to VTC as unclear. 23 comments in 20 minutes, and no answers shows that something needs/needed clarifying
@cairdcoinheringaahing Absolutely not.
@NewMainPosts from what I could gather from the comments, that person seems to want someone to come up with a short solution for a problem they have...?
@J.Sallé The OP knows a solution.
@J.Sallé It does seem very 'homeworky'
4:19 PM
@user202729 or so they claim. Also, I said specifically a short solution, as OP seems to know a "spaghetti" solution
@cairdcoinheringaahing No it is not.
@cairdcoinheringaahing it does seem like it to me.
Hello! Welcome to The Nineteenth Byte!
TNB for short, not the Tea 'n' Biscuits kind, though.
4:25 PM
If that is the solution, I would say that it's extremely readable.
Although O(n²).
4:55 PM
Q: How can I approach and achieve behavior similar to how Fullcalendar resizes appointments in day view

TheeBenI am trying to make a calendar that resizes appointments in day view similar to Fullcalendar but am stuck in how to approach this as it is getting more and more complex, so I'm rethinking. Here are a few thoughts I have in mind: Using CSS ? not sure if possible but would be ideal I guess. Sca...

2 hours later…
6:54 PM
@mbomb007 I don't know what you are planning, but I would still like to see your answer if you finish.
7:33 PM
"Whom" is the subject of this sentence.
I crack myself up
stupid english
@user56656 On proof golf? Idk, I was stuck, because I couldn't understand the proof of deduction and how that would apply. Besides, even the steps I was using were taken from math.SE and other sites. I was maybe going to try using Metamath, but I'd feel too much like I was cheating or not doing the work myself. I already spent 10 hours researching and learning and attempting proofs.
When I took the class in college for Discrete, I did every single homework assignment with my friend as a collaborative effort, because that was allowed. The tests were separate. Proofs are the type of work I'm better at collaborating for, because I have someone to bounce ideas off.
It's probably not worth the effort to finish at this point.
Q: Yet another "draw a box" Question

mbxThe following problem is a common interview question, thus dull answers are discouraged. Go short or creative, best if both: Create the following pattern ########### ## ## # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## ## ########### In case...

7:57 PM
@NewMainPosts That has to be a dupe. I just can;t find it :/
@NewMainPosts ಠ_ಠ I need to add directional printing of the Charcoal sorts to Canvas..
Q: Creating a Crossed Square

TheLethalCoderCreating a Crossed Square You are to take input of an integer of one or more and output a square made of any printable character of your choice with a diagonal cross through the centre. The general idea is for the output to be a hollow square that has a diagonal cross through it.: Input: 7 Out...

8:18 PM
@user56656 All I'm missing essentially is to prove the Deduction Thm (figure out how to use the Syllogism lemma that the posted answer uses which has "givens"), and then prove either Contradiction Realization or Double Negation Introduction.
Why is this called the nineteenth byte?
@mbomb007 To be honest, I've never come up with a proof of the deduction theorem myself. My professor showed me one and I've just used that one.
A: Let's think of a creative name for our chatroom

dmckeeWell, the traditional generic name for the country club bar is "the nineteenth hole", which suggests The Nineteenth Byte or something like that.

thanks @cairdcoinheringaahing
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
Q: Should a member vote to close on a question that they have already answered themselves?

ElPedroI think the title says it all. If you think a question is a duplicate or should be closed for any other reason, should it be acceptable for you to submit an answer before you vote for it to be closed? Potentially the member is then gaining rep and then denying anyone else the opportunity to do th...

10:03 PM
@user56656 The proof I've done isn't something that works in the challenge's Hilbert algebra. I was having a hard time understanding how to translate the deductive proof I had into a formal proof using M.P., even after looking at Metamath.
Let me know if you can figure it out.
The rule on Metamath is mpd
@mbomb007 What system were you using? I have some requerces on converting some proof styles to Hilbert systems if you would like.
Q: Get rid of Goto's!

ChaoticMy (pseudo) code is full of goto's! What a mess... Let's change it into a more iterative code. BEFORE: method1() { 0: printMessage("This is the firstMethod"); 1: if (inputString(0)) goto 3; 2: return; 3: setVar(10); 4: printMessage("Var is set to 10"); } AFTER: method1() ...

11:03 PM
@Downsheep Train it on nothing but Geocities(TM) websites and then try to parse wikipedia into bootstrap.
You'd likely create the next theworldsworstwebsiteever.com
> Active in Japan; defunct in the United States, Canada and Europe
brb moving to japan to do that
11:16 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn it could be worse, it could have flash
@Downsheep Lol, wonder if it just renders a tag like "<embed>nope</embed>" if the screenshot has a flash-looking app on it.
Thoughts on this (I might take to meta in the morning): We lock the Sandbox for between 2 and 7 days, to prevent any new answers. Then, each of us goes through our proposals and sorts them into 'ready', 'delete' and 'in progress'. We post the 'ready' proposals and delete the 'delete' ones. We then give any and all feedback we can to 'in progress' posts, until the numbers of them can be reduced to below 100 or so. Cont...
...cont. Finally, we create a new, fresh Samdbox posts, migrating the remaining 100 or so posts, and allow the backlog we have at the moment to happen again in three years time.
Damn. Can't edit that typo
But I like the "overflowing graveyard of corpse challenges" layout.
It makes me feel safe in an otherwise unknown world (I'm kidding, that's a decent idea).
@cairdcoinheringaahing my main concern is closing the sandbox to prevent new answers
@DestructibleLemon What's the problem with that?
11:31 PM
people being unable to use the sandbox
What do people use the Sandbox for? Either refining existing proposals, or getting feedback on new ones. We have more than enough (over 2000) existing proposals to go a week without people using the Sandbox. If your question is good enough to be posted on main, it'll still be good enough after a week.
With the current number of answers to the Sandbox, I, for one, want the backlog to be cleared before anyone else even thinks about posting a new proposal.
I think they should add an option for 10k users (2k) to hide deleted posts.
It wouldn't help with the fact that there are a ton of Sandbox posts that are ignored simply because nobody has the time to review 100 posts in a day, but it would help a lot for Oldest sorting...
what do you mean by 10k vs 2k anyway
11:36 PM
@DestructibleLemon normally 10k users, but we are designless so 2k for us
yeah the seeing deleted posts is kind of annoying sometimes
@HyperNeutrino That doesn't solve the key issue. We have a backlog of, again, 2000 challenges. In addition, we have users complaining that not enough challenges are being posted. Not to sound too condescending, but isnt it obvious?
@cairdcoinheringaahing What would you think about giving the sandbox a fixed number of answers that can exist on it and having people edit old answers for a new proposal?
Idea that's been floating around in my head
I guess one downside to that would be obsolete comments
I feel like a lot of the old challenges in the backlog wouldn't even be valid anymore because of rule changes, but I don't know how long the backlog is by time. We might want to just close this one and repost with no delay, though then the new one might generate backlog while the other one is being cleared.
@DJMcMayhem That could work (and there's a lock, specifically for that - it's how the Math.SE Sandbox works), but I think starting a new sandbox would be necessary in that case, otherwise we'd have 5000 deleted posts hanging around the set number
@HyperNeutrino The earliest proposal IIRC is from 2012
11:41 PM
hm ok. A lot of the ones from back then might be dupes by now or be invalid
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh absolutely. I was thinking the same thing
@DJMcMayhem ^
@HyperNeutrino you monster
To everyone, sorry if I sound a bit aggressive/condescending, I just had to wait 5 minutes for the Sandbox to load, then remember my last attempt at sorting out the Sandbox and kinda just vented :/
@HyperNeutrino I got several thousand 'na's before I got bored :D
11:43 PM
... D: lol
@cairdcoinheringaahing I just assumed you were annoyed by something based on behavioral analysis heck I'm not smart enough to know how people behave I just assume [almost] everyone has good intentions [not really] :P
So, unless anyone profusely objects, I'll be posting my 'Sandbox Call to Action' to Meta tomorrow morning. Now I should probably sleep. Bye y'all!
omy rust does implicit return
11:57 PM
@Downsheep Good luck posting your answer before dying a horrid, naked, death. (If you're talking about the Rust Survival Game).

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