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12:00 AM
Now I just want quiche
love too buy two tickets to watch Black Panther with my sister (starts in 15 minutes) and she's still asleep.
@Ash i prefer things that that a longer time
@Yuuki gibberish
@GodEmperorDune *facepalm(
12:21 AM
Q: Cannot login to League of Legends client after 8.4 update patch

Sabyasachi SarkarI cannot login into the Garena League of Legends after the 8.4 patch update. I have tried many fixes such as port forwarding, changing ethernet cables and so on. But none of them really work. The game logs in when I connect to my cellular data with tethering. Please help me solve this issue.

12:54 AM
Legoland is a harsh place.
RIP @Unionhawk
Q: How to upload save files into a usb skyrim

Rolld20I have a really old Xbox 360... I know right. Well I have wanted to upload my Skyrim character to a U.S.B. to take it to my friends house. Is there any specific way to do that?

@TimStone fair
1:28 AM
Purple Drank @BarrierBrewing @BarrierTaproom
cc @KevinvanderVelden
Q: Is It Possible To Make a Block (Like Grass) That People CAN'T Go Through?

hakaloMy friend and I are adding this new game to our server called The Reaper, and the map is this huge maze of reeds. I'm trying to make it so you can't go through the reeds (for obvious reasons). I was wondering if I could make a block like tall grass, un-walk-through-able, I guess solid would be th...

1:51 AM
@Unionhawk I like seeing his tweets sometimes as reassurance he is still existing, as weird as that may be
2:08 AM
That Lotus mission with eliminating everyone with just a secondary is really rough with the Lato.
I've never had to kill so many people with just spiral jumps before.
Welcome to CEST
@Unionhawk RIP @lesspop
@Ullallulloo get better guns yo
@GodEmperorDune Well now I have a Dex Furis.
2:24 AM
@Ullallulloo \o/
that mission is also easier to run with randos
and may i also recommend our warframe specific room, if you are so inclined

 Warframe Talk

Wherein space ninjas use space magic and space guns to kill sp...
@GodEmperorDune Ah, I just solo'd it.
neat, I'll join that room

Proposed Q&A site for MATLAB Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of MATLAB and Simulink.

Closed before being launched.


Proposed Q&A site for all those who love to exploit the capabilities of GPUs to enhance the speed of their program execution.

Closed before being launched.


Proposed Q&A site for cooks, chefs, anyone who can make a dish

Closed before being launched.

2:57 AM
Q: What are some tactics for killing skeletron prime? (terrarria iOS)

helloIt keeps on saying "the air is getting cold around you" And then skeletron prime awakens..and its always when im underground! But it gives you time to get ur items..any good tips or armor and weapons i should use?

3:14 AM
I love this - writer ends up writing most of her novel in a tire store because she got inspired while getting an oil change, now they're her biggest fans: buzzfeed.com/farrahpenn/…
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Ouch, 0 for 3
4:07 AM
@Ash i used to get a lot of writing done at the laundromat
for some reason, typing on my phone ended up being more productive than at a keyboard
4:25 AM
Q: Accidentally clicking dlc when low level

kirylTIn the dlc I accidentally click it when i was a low level and when I became level 33, i wanted to play it but it was still low level. Is there a way to fix that? I tried finishing the quest to see if the game will adjust to my level but it didnt pls help.

@Lazers2.0 stop inadequate mousing?
4:59 AM
Q: Help w/ Sandy Boots

Xx_F1SHY_xXIn Minecraft, I am making a detective map with sandy boots. It make boots replacing air with sand. Here is the command I want to make the boots do: /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:sand 0 keep Here is how it works: The ~ ~-1 ~ makes all blocks in a Y-coord sand. The minecraft:sand 0 show what blo...

1 hour later…
6:13 AM
@Yuuki @Ash today in kol is both st sneaky pete's day and dependence day
i dunno what that means
but there are green fireworks everywhere
Ooo, that's interesting.
> This bright green rocket advertises itself as a "LUCKY MAKE ROCKET WITH GREEN BURST". There's a poorly-drawn leprechaun on the side, who looks either ecstatic or horrified at the prospect of being exploded for your entertainment.
It's automatically Sneaky Pete's because I think today is IRL St. Patrick's Day.
> You light the fuse and back away as the rocket launches into the air and explodes -- with GREEN BURST, as advertised. As the sparks shower down on you, it turns out they were mixed with... leaves? Weird
@Yuuki correct
(these rockets dispense ten leaf clovers)
6:59 AM
@GodEmperorDune sure they're leaves? not green pieces of fabric
Q: Where is Rico sitting in the menu screen?

ExoMuteI believe I was at the location after finishing the final mission. I didn't think to look on the map where I was (or if I did, I have since forgotten), and it's bugged me ever since that I can't find the place again. He's on a beach with a hillside to his left, and is looking at the smoke of some...

Q: Minecraft Story Mode: Nothing shows up correctly

Jacks MACKSAAAAndroid:Season 1 the game sucked up the textures and now everything's BLACK. Even the TEXT! Season 2 doesn't start also, it kicks me out and says S2 stopped. PC and XBOX along with PS4 (and probably N.Switch): Nothing is broken. Android: Only 7 frames of the Order rekting the dragon show up, whic...

7:24 AM
Finally managed to extract myself in Subnautica using the reset entities command, which caused the entire alien base to despawn, then reloading the game to bring it back
7:51 AM
Q: my mods will not work when i open minecraft

memelordSo i've downloaded some mods (furniture mod, minecraft comes alive and not enough items mod) along with radixcore and forge 1.10.2 (the mods are all 1.10.2). i put the mods and radixcore (for minecraft comes alive) into the mods folder as you would do so but when i start up my minecraft (choosing...

4 hours later…
11:51 AM
Q: How can I bypass the "too expensive" cap for the anvil in Minecraft?

BenSo I did a bit of googling and came across this forum. It states that anvils are "capped" at level 40, i.e., anything that costs more than 40 levels to enchant, rename, or repair, is "too expensive". However, it also states that a workaround is to rename it first. This (by what I understand) sho...

12:44 PM
Q: On PC, how do i restore my quest progression in "Picking up the Trail"

Memor-XWhile i was playing Fallout 3, all of a sudden "Picking up the Trail" completed itself when i was no where near Lamplight Cavern. Looking on the the wiki this seems to be an existing bug for PC It's possible that this quest will be considered "completed" and begin the next quest before ever ...

1:09 PM
I found this in a used book I am crying
1:36 PM
Q: pressing shift + v + space + w at the same time won't work

Tommy rendellI have a problem where when I click shift, space, w and x at the same time it does not work. I use this when playing a game and it it will not work. It allows me to click shift, space, w and c, but not 'x'. I cannot find a way to fix it and believe it might be a limitation of some sort but I want...

@Unionhawk every time I see this i crack up
We're about to take all Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites into read-only mode for our SQL 2017 upgrade. We'll also go full maintenance for a few minutes and then back online.
2:28 PM
Q: Multiple arguments in command

SamI want to kill multiple evil mobs that will ruin my world: zombies, babyzombies, zombievillagers, creepers and zombie pigmen. This is because of the wooden doors. I had a command: /kill @e[r=100,type=Zombie,type=babyZombie,type=Creeper] but it will only kill the creepers. I put this in a command...

posted on March 17, 2018

We’ll be upgrading from SQL 2016 to SQL 2017 on our primary clusters between 9:00-10:00AM EDT (13:00-14:00 UTC) on March 17, 2018. We expect to be read-only less than an hour and in full maintenance mode only a few minutes. For more details, see our post on meta.stackexchange. If we’re in maintenance and you can’t see that post, try again in a few minutes!

We're done with the failover and are now upgrading the former primaries to SQL 2017. Everything went pretty smoothly, thanks for bearing with us! Still streaming at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5tOodr4ouc if you have questions!
3:20 PM
Lady in public lane: you’re very good at swimming you know.. Me: erm, thanks Lady: no seriously, you should try and do a trial with the county club! Me: erm, well I actually went to a couple of Olympics.. Lady: me too! Which sports did you get manage to get tickets for? 🤔
What I wish I could do right now
3:33 PM
If only :P
Although my taxes aren't too bad, I do them myself and it usually works out okay
Yeah, it's just that I have to do mine today, and I don't want to.
Q: Are ore and gem locations randomized?

Steven VascellaroWhen starting a new game of Steamworld Dig, are the ore and gem locations randomized? For example: let’s say I find a rare diamond underground. Will that diamond be in the same place if I start a second playthrough?

Among the other things I don't want to do today (laundry, pack, make an appointment for airport limo)
All of that sounds like all the worst bits of adult life :(
1 hour later…
4:51 PM
@Yuuki Did they take Erangel out of rotation or something? The last 8 games I've played have been Miramar.
5:03 PM
High school and Undergraduate

Proposed Q&A site for high school and undergraduate students, counselors, teachers, professors, and admissions officers who have questions pertaining to the high school and undergraduate experiences along with undergraduate admissions.

Currently in definition.

Catastrophe Modelling

Proposed Q&A site for professionals who use, develop and rely on Catastrophe Models. Those who work in insurance, academia, investments and humanitarian relief, who use programming, numerical methods, data analysis and IT skills to solve problems and complete tasks.

Currently in definition.

Q: Skyrim reinstalling it with all the mods

Wile CoyoteMy Skyrim is slowed down because of this virus infestation called chromesearch. This hogged my computer resources tremendously and slowed It down raising temperatures to 60 sometimes 70 degrees Celsius. I managed to delete it, it seems and even the corrupted files but my Skyrim is still facing th...

@Fluttershy My group has experienced the opposite.
5:22 PM
Q: Trouble With the Fireball summoning in a command blockon Xbox One version

Matt CeneyI am trying to summon an explosive fireball using a command block with the current code as : /summon fireball ~ ~2 ~ {ExplosionPower:5,Direction:[0,0,0,0,0,0]} but it always says syntax error for all of it, i have tried different versions of the code but it will keep saying syntax error

5:41 PM
I think tonight when I get home I will order some sushi and then bake some lemon bars and some brownies for my sister's baby shower tomorrow.
Because then I get the fun of baking without having to eat it all myself.
6:05 PM
@Ash this sounds like a good plan
Q: In Super Mario Maker what kills Big Mario instantly but not Little Mario

Chris NashIn Super Mario Maker (Wii U specifically) what kills Big Mario instantly but without turning him into Little Mario? The idea is that I (well, my son) want to make a level where becoming Big Mario is bad and you have to go back and get hit by a baddie to turn small again. He wants a one-block-high...

@GodEmperorDune It's bright and sunny and happy out and today is not so bad at work so I feel happy enough to bake. (I make a rule of not baking when unhappy as that never makes the baking turn out good)
6:29 PM
@Ash i mean lemon is kind of a sunny flavor so you're baking the weather into your pastries imo
Q: Any help with dungeon master on ps3 terraria?

just a regler gamerI need some help on the dungeon master on teraria. If you want to help you need a ps3 (duh), a mic (no dur) and of course teraria (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD). If you want to help me please message below. Tactics are thanked also.

6:49 PM
Q: How do I rescue a stranded rover?

jcollumI've got an RC Explorer that ran out of power away from a base. How do I recharge it so it can get back home? I've tried building a power cable underneath it, didn't work.

> Please note that, due to scheduled functional updates, the Group Savings & Retirement VIP Room will not be available from Friday, March 16th 8:30pm to Saturday, March 17th 3:00pm - Eastern Time.
But... but... but I need to do my taxes...
7:05 PM
Q: How much food does a colonist eat each Sol?

GalabycaHow much food does a colonist eat each Sol? Also, I know colonists have flaws and disabilities than can modify the food. As a side question, do you know how much food does a glutton colonist eat each Sol?

7:30 PM
@GodEmperorDune That's the plan!
@MBraedley noooooooo
@Ash It's still not fully back
Also, why does it take you more than 12 hours to do maintenance in the middle of tax season!
I admit I'm doing my taxes earlier than normal, but if I don't do them this weekend, they're not getting done before the deadline.
(rtt: round trip time, time taken to send a message)
@Ave I was just talking to someone last night about how Discord used to be pretty great and seems to have been steadily getting worse over the past few months
and a different person mentioned it to me the night before that
I might host my own xmpp network
@MBraedley Yeah that strikes me as a bad time for maintenance
7:40 PM
Q: Is there a way to reassign drones in batch or automatically?

GalabycaLet's say I ordered from Earth 100 drones and I want to dispatch all of them through many different Drone Hubs. Do I have to click on each of them and reassign one by one individually? Is there a way to reassign drones in batch or automatically?

7:52 PM
I kind of want to do a run
St Patrick's Day stream? I think maybe
@Ash I literally need just one number: my company RRSP contributions. That's it.
@MBraedley That's even worse, when you literally just gotta be in and out
They may have actually emailed me the slip, which is what I'm checking right now.
8:10 PM
Nope, they just told me money was deposited, not how much
Aww, boo
@Unionhawk a run of what?
Q: Need help with command block Minecraft

ZaKhI need to make a generator in minecraft and these are the commands i wrote in command blocks. "/scoreboard objectives add GenClock dummy" I put "/scoreboard players add ticks genClock 1" in a command block that was set to repeat, unconditional and always active. On top of that i put "/scoreboar...

Q: Can colonists benefit of service in another dome (there are not living in)?

GalabycaBy example, there is no space to build a school in a dome A, but dome B is near and have one. Can colonists benefit of service in another dome (there are not living in)?

8:31 PM
@uni, twitch is lying to you. I was watching while you said noone was watching.
In the world of @uni, everything is fine though.
and discord is down once more woo
I can't even imagine how many microservices is used in discord
must be hell to bring it up after each downtime
@Yuuki Consider yourself lucky. Miramar is awful.
8:49 PM
Got the number I needed (was pretty close to last year, as it should have been), and my taxes are nearly done and filed.
Refund isn't as big as previous years, but I'm also starting to pay down my home buyer plan withdrawal
Glad you got what you needed!
9:02 PM
Q: How many funding ($M) do you get for 1 unit of rare metal exported to Earth?

GalabycaHow many funding ($M) do you get for 1 Rare Metal sold to Earth? From Encyclopedia (in-game) : [...] Rare metals are mostly used for manufacturing electronics and for exporting back to Earth Does it vary depending of the mission or the acquired technologies ?

Okay, checklist time:
- haircut: ✓
- taxes: ✓
- laundry: in progress
- packing: haven't started (due to laundry)
- airport limo for tomorrow: ✓
I'm sure there's something I'm missing
9:19 PM
Q: Does Paragon's refund work with subaccounts?

MCAydenBirdParagon is shutting down and giving a refund on all purchases. My account is a subaccount on PS4. I made a $10 purchase on Paragon using the monthly allowance feature. does the money go to me, the account's owner, or the allowance giver?

9:37 PM
Drinking game: take a shot everytime @uni says "that's fine".
10:03 PM
Technically a ragequit but eh
That's fine
I need to very much not... Be living at home lmao
10:14 PM
Might do another run later
10:36 PM
"Now the people will know we were here"
Probably the most memorable line from these heritage minutes
11:23 PM
Q: How do I get rid of "title bar cutoff" in minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved 3.0.2?

Benjamin SarkisI recently updated, via Twitch, my FTB Infinity Evolved profile. It works normally, but the screen is cutoff by the title bar of the window as seen at half screen size below and at full screen size: I have tried changing the resolution through the twitch (as suggested on reddit) to 1600:900 a...

it has an answer, a very highly voted one, and it's 7 years old
Likely due to the edit bump
I don't quite get how it picks things but i suspect the edit bump made it think it was a new thing
ah, probably
11:40 PM
Q: Puzzlemaker in Portal 2

Caio FranciscoI want to connect 2 button to one single dropper. I know how to connect but split into 2 connectors isolated... I don't know how to. I'll make a example: As normally, if i connect 2 objects to the dropper, the dropper will only launch a cube AFTER we press to 2 buttons in same time. BUT i want t...


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