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9:00 PM
@Edlothiad They have yet to really talk about fairing recovery success or failures. Just that they are doing it.
@Edlothiad Thank you.
The Flight plan or news post thing whatever it's called suggested simultaneous landing, and I guess it's easier?
You have both onboard computers do effectively identical manoeuvres, with the rudders just keeping them slightly apart?
@Edlothiad There was an article claiming they would stagger by 15s. But that was a awesome sight to see.
BTW, I am calling now, and did before the launch, that everything would go perfect except for the very last burn.
I think I'm just going to rewatch the launch over and over again until I need to sleep
Must have been confused with the side/ middle cores.
9:01 PM
Wonder if Uhoh managed to watch it
I think the two bottom feeds were actually the same one as when they showed landing they both targetted the same exact pad.
@Edlothiad Sleep is overrated for important stuff!
I think the centre and sides were supposed to be separated by ~15 seconds
@geoffc You're right I should finish those masters applications (given they're in space technologies ;P)
@PearsonArtPhoto Are you doubting the second burn or the third burn?
6 hour coast is a really long time...
@geoffc Hmm, they said it was different on the stream, and you could see slightly different ones
That is hours longer then they have ever done before.
9:04 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto At that point it'd have certainly circumnavigated the Earth at least once? Unless it's really high up, no?
@Edlothiad I agree, but look back at the stream. 37:40 or so...
It is in orbit now.
37:50 for sure it is obvious it is the same camera view.
@PearsonArtPhoto They have had freezing of lines issues before. Battery life, and so on.
I think the last burn is just a test to see what happens at a 6 hour burn, for DoD missions.
@geoffc You're one hundred percent right, you see the booster of the other one ignite in both cameras, cheeky buggers!
So there's no reason other than for the sake of testing to wait 6 hours before the final burn?
9:06 PM
Huh, I wonder...
LEt's see. Second burn will be in, what, 10 minutes or so? 12?
You know, the last burn could be to have the second stage return to Earth.
I wonder what the point is of the third burn. Hmmm...
10 or so minutes till second burn
@PearsonArtPhoto As opposed to just doing one big burn from LEO into the heliocentric orbit?
@PearsonArtPhoto As in deploy Spaceman on his way and have the second stage come back to Earth? What would be the logic behind that, would it not be easier to just send it somewhere to burn up? Or keep it with Spaceman to make him easier to spot?
Not pollute space.
Also, there are some missions that want a burn with a 6 hour coast, for direct to GEO.
Could they not just boost it towards the sun and burn it up?
9:09 PM
It's far easier to return to Earth.
Ah ok.
Burning to the Sun is tricky.
In my mind it's a simple, point close to sun, light engines, wait for it to reach it, fire-y death
It requires a whole lot of fuel, and burning straight towards the sun would require 4x as much.
You get the same amount of pollution deploying the Tesla and returning the stage, as you would keeping the Tesla attached to the stage.
9:11 PM
I think they want a bigger radar target, since they are leaving this in orbit. The second stage is big.
They do want to detach the Roadster.
The more I think about it, the more I think that the 3rd burn won't affect the trajectory of the payload, I bet it will have been deployed beforehand.
oh? hadn't seen anything to indicate that.
Detach the roadster, then "accidentally" crash the second stage into Bezos' house
Yeah, who knows.
Or Blue Origins HQ.
Restart should be about now.
@Edlothiad To get to the sun, you have to cancel out Earth's orbital speed, almost 30km/sec.
9:16 PM
Well, the second state should have re-ignited.
@RussellBorogove Is that always true? Could it not just be on a declining orbit slowly towards it? Calling my knowledge of orbital mechanics dire is a compliment, so correct me if I'm wrong, but if you slow down the second stage just slightly, will it not enter a decaying orbit to the sun, i.e. Slowly spiral inwards?
No it's orbit will just become a smaller ellipse
Spiral orbits don't practically happen.
Look in to the Solar Probe, you'll see it's really not that easy...
the recorded cast is up on youtube, i'm comparing the side booster cams
Gahh, no news on the second burn or the center core...
@Edlothiad The only way you get a decaying spiral is if some force (e.g. drag) is slowing it continuously -- otherwise just some ellipse or another
9:19 PM
Ah yes, of course...
@RussellBorogove They're identical
Also, to you more knowledgeable folk, say one were interested in getting a particular mission patch, how would one go about it.
If it was two booster cameras, they wouldn't both be showing the other booster's ignition at the top with the pads and coastline facing the same way.
Still nothing... Sigh.
Sounds like a good question for the main site, BTW.
@Edlothiad Yeah. They're not frame-for-frame identical, though, some offset. Too bad, would love to have seen both
Maybe there is a mirror image of one of them?
I'm convinced they were one cam the whole time.
Still no word... Sigh.
9:28 PM
Throughout the footage the orientation would have to be different, even if mirrored.
The second burn should have ended, what, 15 minutes ago?
Yeah, it's just too close, it must be the same. Still, ask the question, it'll no doubt have an interesting answer.
@Edlothiad At least by the time they got to landing it was. Probably A/V guy error. Clearly they had the footage available. Just a display issue. :)
@Edlothiad SpaceX store?
@geoffc I couldn't find anything myself today, but that might be my location
Okay, so the second burn was nominal.
The apogee is now 7000 km.
So the third burn is critical, otherwise it will still be in Earth orbit.
@geoffc I'm like it to be the just before landing, but it was throughout (just after the first burn post sep)
9:31 PM
The SpaceX reddit has guys collecting patches so someone there will know.
As well as pre sep: puu.sh/zi8e8/9c5b142c26.png
Oh thanks, I didn't even think of that
2nd burn of the second stage worked, per Elon's twitter: mobile.twitter.com/elonmusk/status/960988527159795712
I have to follow his twitter feed too?!
9:34 PM
@Edlothiad Welcome to the world of being a SpaceX fan :P
Check out www.spacexstats.xyz (not yet updated for todays flight).
Of course!
Q: What was the fate of the main core of the first Falcon Heavy launch?

JADDuring the main core's landing on the marine landing pad, the connection was lost. As such it is not immediately clear whether the launch and landing were a complete success or not. What was the main core's fate in the end? Did it manage to land correctly?

@geoffc I think I saw that today, was very cool!
I bet the center core didn't make it.
I don't think so
9:40 PM
If there was good news, they would have released it. And they should know by now.
Both side booster cams also went for LZ-2
@PearsonArtPhoto You've once again, piqued my curiosity for official statements/facts
Can I really watch forever?
It will run out of power eventually, but...
Might be interesting to watch in about 5 hours.
tbf they could put it on loop and I'd never know.
9:47 PM
The Earth should get smaller eventually.
That shows how observant I am, I didn't even see the Earth...
He is a very handsome fella
I think I'm going to throw him all over my social media feed
9:58 PM
> Note the reflection of Earth in the body - top marks to whoever polished that.
I still want to call him the Stig, not Starman
The BBC would've taken the money
This is a good Reddit contrib:
Ground Control to Center core

Ground Control to Center core

Take your video feeds and turn your streaming on

Ground Control to Center core (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)

Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)

Check the landing and may God's love be with you (two, one, liftoff)

This is Ground Control to Center core

You've really made the grade

And the papers want to know whose cars you launch

Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare

"This is Center core to Ground control
Sing along with the words..
10:14 PM
@geoffc Beautiful
If a center core explodes on a droneship and nobody is there to stream it, does it make a RUD?
@geoffc This is why they need a flock of drones to launch from the droneship - fly out a couple of hundred metres each direction and video. Just for better RUD analysis, obviously.
@RoryAlsop That would be so cool!
10:48 PM
Lots of HNQs now!
I just earned a "Nice Answer" badge for an answer that I have received 0 reputation for.
Made on earth by humans:
@PearsonArtPhoto Which one? Glad to downvote it for you...
It was the launch window question.
Okay, it's been 2 hours, I'm calling the center core toast.
11:05 PM
Someone edited the Wikipedia entry on the Roadster:
It still hasn't gone that fast, I think...
AHHHHHHHH.... missed it missed it misssed it missed it
i really thought there'd be at least one scrub. and well, our car broke down at the beach, and our ride home was scheduled during the launch. i was somewhere in the sierra madre range when launch occurred, no cell service at all.
Yeah, I thought the same.
It was a pretty close call, the very end of the window.
I was watching it at work projected on a large TV with like 40 people gathered around.
@kimholder Was very very very very good.
@PearsonArtPhoto of course you were. that's how life should be. :]
11:18 PM
LOL. It's strange, because normally I don't work with that many people. Long story.
@geoffc Yes. so far, i've only seen even just the 2 minute BBC version, and i still misted up.
I'm usually remote, but I was with my team today.
hell, if i was at a company that had anything to do with space, i'd count it as weird if all activity didn't stop in order to watch the first FH launch
I'm not working right now for a company that has to do with space, not really at least...
11:20 PM
I used to, but that was a while ago.
darn these people for changing the rules. seriously, who launches a brand new rocket testing a whole new paradigm of launch vehicle on the first try?
landing two boosters like they were synchronized swimmers. seriously.
And over 2 million people watching the launch on YouTube.
i really wondered what those numbers would be.
I am impressed at the Youtube infrastructure to handle that... I knew they were big, but that is bigger than I expected.
hey, YouTube got to test its mettle as a viable alternative to television. Gotta make sure that goes well.
still. i'd count the viewership as Not In Line With the Actual Historical Significance of the Event.
okay, so Starman is still broadcasting... 186K people watching it live...
wow they have it nicely rigged with cameras.
11:31 PM
Cameras to the left of me, cameras in the front, here I am, stuck in the middle with you... Do do do de do...
YouTube's largest event was the royal wedding, something like 70 million views.
I'm sure this is in the top 100, but...
The second highest was only around 8 million views.
huh. did not know that.
And, BTW, YouTube did crack, quite a bit.
things i'd drop everything to watch: an historic rocket launch - definitely yes. a royal wedding - um, no.
Yeah, well, you are one of us.
I did watch the life freefall, but I did that on TV.
And one thing about this event, it wasn't exactly planned.
I mean, people did just start to join as the launch was happening, just as is common, but they came out in massive numbers.
11:42 PM
well, that's a good sign.
oh, yay - i get to see something live, at least :)
It doesn't seem to want to stream for me...
me either...
i refresh and it loads the same 3 second clip and dies
ah, now it's working
More people watching the press conference then usually watch a launch.
I was way off on my time estimates for "safe" explosion.
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