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4:00 PM
Anyone here play the new SSX?
@James apparently @spugsley decided upon that without consulting me
@tylerrrr07 Nope
@IanPugsley Well at least I know it wasn't some way out there dream
since nobody else seems to know
Q: Markdown not appropriately rendering unordered list spoilers

Ian PugsleyI can blockquote an unordered list without any real issue: 1 2 Or the following (similar to the solution in Spoiler markdown shows up as normal blockquote): 1 2 However, if I introduce a spoiler, it breaks: !- 1 - 2 Or: I've tried nesting blockquotes, which ...

Q: Do I need to own Orgins to play Awakening

kwelchI really like DAO, but I am just burrowing it from a friend. I have found DAW for pretty cheap and I want to play it, but am I limited to playing it only while I still have DAO. I know it is an expansion, and from my pc days I was able to play the original using the expansion CD. I don't expect...

Q: Does the Genie put mana in the bank?

RapidaIf I've capped my personal mana pool does the Genie put any earned mana into the mana bank? I'm wondering if the Genie's passive is going to waste when I'm capped out.

@IanPugsley Did you get all of my passive aggressive messages?
4:09 PM
@BenBrocka Wow, Panlong's do generate cash pretty quickly.. I got my second one this weekend and I am now incubating a third while the other two happily fill up an earth habitat
@RonanForman I did ;)
So Diaspora is using my code now. \o/
@tylerrrr07 My brother has, I'm yet to get it.
@RonanForman I did, and I downloaded the rar you linked yesterday and promptly did nothing with it
I didn't get it done Saturday, and yesterday was @spugsley's birthday so we were busy
4:13 PM
Zelda, a link to the past is 20yrs old today...
I shall make an attempt tonight
Does that make anyone else feel really old? :)
@James No, I've never played it!
@James I'll feel old when Ocarina is 20
@James No more than anything else has recently.
4:13 PM
@James At level 15 they get 420 gold per second or so
It was the last Zelda game I enjoyed.
3 of them in a Large Earth = crazy money
(Actually it was Friday I think, not today but close enough)
@BenBrocka They just take FOREVER to grow
I am however up to my fourth island
@ArdaXi > killed by a little dog, while frozen by a potion
nice one
4:15 PM
@RonanForman Well you are missing out then if you like Zelda. It is easily the best of the bunch
@James Yeah, but once you have one/two of each dragon you can care less about constantly breeding dragons
Not if they keep making new ones!
The bridge is regularly full now, we should start kicking people out.
@RonanForman Hmm, That brings up a good point.. How much weight can the bridge handle safely before it collapses??
A lot
4:27 PM
@ThomasMcDonald How did you...?
5:04 PM
@BenBrocka Wish I could get a Panlong in a metal habitat :)
5:30 PM
│The spell hits the gecko! You kill the gecko! The spell hits the floating eye!                   │
│You kill the floating eye! Welcome to experience level 4. You feel awake!                        │
│The kitten eats a floating eye corpse.                                                           │
Is it still bad to kill your pet?
@ArdaXi Only on Tuesdays
The dwarf throws a dagger! It is missed.
5:43 PM
@ArdaXi This is why you should keep them well-fed
Today's Newgrounds art of the day is NSFW, so I won't post the image:
6:15 PM
@GnomeSlice Thank you.
Would you stop pointing it out.
@ArdaXi The dwarf misses his dagger? It must have really meant something to him.
@GnomeSlice Sorry...This is the first time I've done it though. I just thought some positive reinforcement would be good. =/
@OrigamiRobot That's what I thought too.
@ArdaXi You should return it. He is sure to reward you.
6:25 PM
I would... but I ate him.
6:36 PM
@ArdaXi Well at least you put him out of his sorrow
@Gnomeslice If you not too busy would you be able to make an intro to fredley's map we played?
@RonanForman Erm... I am a little...
It's cool, I was just wondering seeing as you complained about wanting to do more the other day.
Anybody seen @Raven Dreamer recently? I need to talk to him.
Hopefully that will summon him from the ether.
6:49 PM
@OrigamiRobot Right.
@JoshPetrie I am summoned, and lo, I have appeared!
@JoshPetrie Good job.
I can't be sure of the timestamps, but it looks like I'm maybe 15 minutes too late?
@RavenDreamer It says he posted that ten minutes ago on mine.
7:00 PM
So Raven. I sent an email to this Laura person re: that thing we were discussing in gamedev's chat, but I have not yet heard back.
I would almost say from all the new Fez traffic we are hosting a contest for it
@RavenDreamer And this makes me sad.
Or maybe we have just been established as a place to come and ask questions of new games
I was not impressed with Fez.
In fact my opinion of it is downright negative.
7:02 PM
@JoshPetrie I think its a neat idea but I have not played it as of yet
The concept of it was certainly pretty neat when it was demoed a few years ago... It did take its sweet ass time to be released though.
Q: Meaning of battle outcomes - i.e Heroic Victory

NasirIs there a guide/meaning to outcome of battles in Shogun 2? For instance, close victory, or heroic victory? Is there a consequence? For instance, stars increase more with heroic than close? Or other benefits/penalties?

Q: What is the secret to the classroom in the 8-cube door city in Fez?

FalconryeThe room is located in the 8-cube door city-esque place. It has 3 walls with chalkboards on them and one with a blue/green picture of what looks like it might be a map of the world. I can't figure out the puzzle any help?

@JoshPetrie Hm. I'm not sure why not.
I can poke her from my end again.
@JoshPetrie is that a new gravatar I spot you sporting?
@James Do you know what @fredley's map was called?
@RonanForman Sorry man I didn't get to play yesterday
I can log into the server and see what he called it there if you want, but I think its just 'world'
Yeah, it is just called World
@James Oh yeah, you just turned up at the end.
7:07 PM
@RonanForman YupYup
@JoshPetrie Actually, come to think of it, I can probably get Lauren in a chat room sometime tomorrow. Would you like for me to get in contact with you via SE's chat?
Was it Lauren? I sent an email to Laura? ><
That might explain things.
And yea, I changed my gravatar to a real image a few weeks back
7:10 PM
I got a bit sick of the pink diamonds :
@RonanForman No
Fuck my router
Fuck it to hell
@JoshPetrie Ayup. Lauren. Ha. That'd do it, then.
Trying to save settings causes the router to restart and revert the changes
@Fredley No what?
@RonanForman I don't know what it's called
7:12 PM
@fredley Dude, That is a very weird name for a minecraft map :)
G.SE towers is as good a name as anything
@RavenDreamer I am dumb. I will try re-sending the email as well
Yeah, can't hurt.
@Raven Ow! Watch it!
Ah, I love that Final Fantasy games don't scale. My overpowered paradigm pack can now take out Yomi with Relentless Assault juggling, Raspatil by alternating between Relentless Assault and Diversity
7:21 PM
@fredley Can you send me a copy of the map?
@MarkTrapp gesundheit.
I have no idea what you just said.
@RavenDreamer Yomi and Raspatil are the hardest of the end game monsters: intended to be challenge if you fight them at whatever level Square-Enix intended them to be encountered at. Because they're really tough, you're supposed to have strategies and adapt your paradigms (tactical setup) throughout the battles
But because I'm so overpowered, I can just use the riskiest (no healing, tanking, rebuffing, or buffing) but highest damage paradigm (Relentless Assault) to steamroll them
Other games would scale an enemy's power to match your own so they'd always be about the same relative difficulty (barring mechanics that can be gamed), but not Final Fantasy games
7:26 PM
Diversity is the same thing as Relentless Assault but with a healer (so still no tanking, buffing, or debuffing)
Although I still can't defeat half of the DLC coliseum battles, so you win this round Square-Enix. End wall of text
+1pt to @GraceNote for a gold medal =) gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/4999/…
@MarkTrapp This was a lot more interesting when I misparsed it as "Yomi and Rasputin"
/wave Grace
7:31 PM
Hey there
@GraceNote You can't kill Rasputin! Unless you destroy his phylactery.
@MarkTrapp Exactly
There is a way to order for: unanswered, date
Q: which is the best strategy for jewels

santiagozkyI have been playing jewels in my phone and I am wondering about which one is the best strategy to follow to achieve the best score posible in a normal game I have the following hipothesis: try to get rid of jeweles from the bottom of the screen first: This could generate more chain reactions s...

7:33 PM
The man died of Hypothermia.
@MichelAyres I still love that post.
@ArdaXi the title is really funny
@RonanForman posted a great image hehehe
It's also a really good answer.
@ArdaXi yeap Typical of @GraceNote =)
The math took a while to figure out.
7:36 PM
Thanks much for that assist, by the by
i never played that game, but for this topic looks interesting =)
I meant the assist from Arda in the answer itself
@GraceNote =P Ignore the comment i made then xD
sigh. This LoL-patch-not-being released has me down.
7:46 PM
@RavenDreamer why ? are you looking forward to it?
Yeah. It's got some nifty UI and graphics tweaks.
I am so turned down with graphics nowadays >.< (Playing in a 3 years old white-mac)
It's a readability thing
Making the numbers bigger, and making them more accurate (temporally)
@GraceNote Someone has to be all pedantic and add details nobody cares about. ^^
7:58 PM
Supposedly Skyrim DLC being announced tomorrow.
@RavenDreamer It better be horse armor.
...I just got pi in a CAPTCHA.
I'm sorry, but it looks like we're fresh out of Horse Armor.
Would a rugged, vaguely Scandinavian man be an appropriate substitute?
@RavenDreamer only if he's wearing horse armor!
Q: What's the secret to the purple room with tetrominos?

matttSorry for not having a picture, but it's a purple room with four blocks and four tetrominos. the shapes are two upside down T's and two L's

8:20 PM
Ok, who deleted a user?!
I lost rep from that.
First time that's ever happened to me.
@StrixVaria 3? That's an odd number to lose.
Maybe you downvoted 3 posts that got deleted?
@John I know right?
But I lost 3 rep.
If that was the case I would have gained 3 rep.
Maybe you lost 5 rep and gained 2 rep
@John No lost rep o/ i won =D
8:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot Then wouldn't those have displayed as separate events?
@StrixVaria Oh right. My brain is burnt out on math right now.
@MichelAyres grumbles...
So if I get to 20,002 rep and this crap happens again, do I lose my delete privilege?
Go go farm some rep @StrixVaria =P
I think so
@Wipqozn DiGiorno is not even close to authentic pizza.
I don't know how they get off saying it's just like delivery.
8:26 PM
So a user got deleted?
@Wipqozn I lost 3 rep. It's a travesty.
gaming.stackexchange.com/a/62839/12936 Is trolling my question or what ?
@MichelAyres I have no idea.
Looks like it might be spam.
Leave a comment asking them to explain wtf they are talking about.
@WipqoznPugsley I was checking the site first (The link that he made does not work, so i google for it)
@MichelAyres Oh my. How silly of you to go to the link he posted.
It would have been a virus or something.
8:31 PM
@MichelAyres based on the site it might be a real answer, but i dont play the game
@WipqoznPugsley 1- I'm at work, so the firewall should not let him pass (It's called Gandalf for a reason, you know). 2- I Google it first, so the chance of it being a virus is low 3- I am trying to be nice and a believer =)
It looks like the site tells you how set up a fake GTS so you can put whatever Pokemon you want on your game.
@Blem I looked around the site and could not find any information regards the question. Only how GTS (Global Trade Service) Works =X
and "I am felling lucky" is too much troll for me =X
I'm feeling trolly
@MichelAyres It tells you to set up your DS to use their DNS server so you can use their fake GTS.
8:34 PM
I Should create an answer for this question as well. I found a good way to do it, and @BenBrocka answer only explain what you can't
@Ullallulloo LOL, i didn't notice that =X, i just read the headers and pictures, not too much about that =X
@MichelAyres what question?
@MichelAyres I deleted the post because I'm tending towards irrelevant/comment, perhaps even slightly spammy. The thing he linked to fails a few of the legitness checks provided at the bottom too.
@badp It sounds like it would work to me.
I love that scene.
8:37 PM
@badp Idk why, but I am felling powerful right now...
@BenBrocka If you can update your answer, to be more complete, it's should be good for me Ben. The other way to fill up your pokedex is doing the GTS Negotiation. There you can trade Pokemons that you have for the ones you have never saw. I filled up to 492 (at moment) my Pokedex (pokemon white).
2663 Rep on Chat.
2.7k rep in my chat link
2.668 in my account

I am confused
@MichelAyres It uses rounding.
@WipqoznPugsley I imagine that, but why 2663 (that is the real deal)
@MichelAyres It takes some time to sync.
Chat uses your combined rep across all the sites, so it doesn't update in real time.
It probably only syncs up a few times an hour
@WipqoznPugsley imagine that ²
@WipqoznPugsley but good to know =D
@RavenDreamer I got in touch with Lauren, thanks!
8:44 PM
@JoshPetrie This was me when Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase started:
@WipqoznPugsley Chat can take a long time. When I was 9-something k I made a few more accounts for the free rep, but it took a few days to acknowledge them and put me over 10k.
@Wipqozn That was me for D3.
Aw, I lost 10 brownie points because a "user was removed"
Q: What is wrong with my tetromino translation?

SpaceBisonI've reached this room: and this is the pillar. ...but nothing happens. I tried translating a room with a grey pillar and white bit on the floor too, but nothing happened there either? Are you supposed to press the actual buttons in sequence in first person mode, or not? Do you have to...

My word. Seems like I' the only one who wasn't hit by this.
8:49 PM
Actually could've just been a regular "I want to delete my account" situation not just sockpuppeting
I lost 25. O_o
@WipqoznPugsley You are not alone my friend.
@WipqoznPugsley :D
Wow! Even I lost 20 rep.
I... have no idea.
8:54 PM
oh, I just lost 5 rep.
Who is this mysterious person...
@RonanForman Considering the small rep lost each of us experience I doubt it was a regular.
I don't know if I am happy because I didn't lose any rep, or sad because I am a low rep dude that does not have too much rep to lose =P
I'm just waiting for the time when a user with a shitload of votes is deleted, maybe they'll finally change that behaviour.
@WipqoznPugsley I'm guessing they had to be a Minecraft player.
8:58 PM
Can I create filters for search?

Order by Unanswered, mytag, date
@RonanForman whoever it was, they -10'd me when I had just passed 5k :(
I'll miss you, approving tag wiki edits...
@MichelAyres is:question hasaccepted:0 answers:0 [mytag] then sort by date. Maybe throw answers:0 in there.
@Ullallulloo I looked for it!! thanks =)
9:24 PM
Q: Where can I find a good melee DPS calculator for DDO?

ShoeMakerI've looked at Thott's "DDO MELEE TOOL", but it's not quite what I am looking for. I'm looking for a DPS calculator where I can just click on a bunch of check boxes based on what enchantments my weapon has, type in some basic information (base damage, crit range, str/dex/int mod, etc..) and hit ...

Hmm, one thing I like about Nethack, with other games I'm always hoarding spells for when I really need them. In Nethack, I do actually really need them quite often.
@ArdaXi Yeah I really like that about roguelikes in general. I can't hoard items for later because I need them now.
@StrixVaria Well, hoarding is still a pretty good idea.
Yeah there is still some stuff you have to hoard.
But there is a very pressing focus on living at this moment which makes it fun.
@StrixVaria Like, most spells really. You do actually really need them later on.
9:27 PM
I'm not exactly sure how spellcasting works in Nethack.
I know in ADOM they were limited so spamming them early wasn't necessarily super smart.
Err, scrolls, I mean.
Oh haha.
If your choice is between having one less teleport scroll for the late game or not even getting to the late game, though...
You'll really kick yourself if you used a teleport scroll to get out of a vault and moments later you're surrounded by Team Ant.
Anyway, I've never got past Sokoban really, so I wouldn't know.
That's about as far as I got in Nethack too.
Hmmm... I'm wondering if this is a good question. gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/62849/the-meta-inf-folder
Q: The META-INF Folder

Fredy31I install mods every so often, and I've always wondering... what is the use of the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar archive and why do you have to delete it in pretty much all mods I've seen up to date?

9:36 PM
@Fredy31 It's really a question for Stack Overflow.
It's about Java, not Minecraft.
@ArdaXi It's also a duplicate.
Yeah, that was what I was not sure about
oh really?
Q: Why do I need to delete the META-INF folder when installing mods?

WipqoznIn Minecraft, nearly every tutorial on how to install a MOD tells you to remove the META-INF folder. However none of the ones I found tell you what it is. I don't like the idea of deleting a folder without knowing what it is or what it does. So what is the META-INF folder, and why should I delet...

tortoise shades
Oh, and I tought I had a great question
lets close that
@Fredy31 You did. It was just my question. Thief.
9:38 PM
what if I crash through your question? Would it still exist?
The game seems confused.
Also, @Fredy31, you should make a point to do a quick search before asking a question... because "META-INF" turns up my question as the second result :P
@Fredy31 Yes.
And now it's sad too. The game is trying to tell me something.
A performative poet of Hibernia
Rhymed himself into a hernia
   He became quite adept
   At this practice, except
For the occasional non-sequitur.
9:54 PM
I don't know what happened to MSDNAA. It used to work fine. Then the page went offline for a long while. Now it's back, each page taking 3.1 minutes to render
of which 3.1 minutes of latency and 11ms of download
10:15 PM
Q: Is there a way to keep the walls from coming back in the Mine area?

matttIn the mine area of Fez, when you blow up a wall it just comes back. I have no idea what to do. Is there a way to keep the walls from coming back?

Q: How do you solve the room with the purple blocks and black background? FEZ

matttTheres a room with a floating pillar, eight purple blocks with letters on them, and the background is black. Does any one know how to solve this?

@RavenDreamer You around?
Q: How do you solve the room with the purple blocks and black background? FEZ

matttTheres a room with a floating pillar, eight purple blocks with letters on them, and the background is black. Does any one know how to solve this?

Duplicate votes, please.
(Everyone, not @RavenDreamer)
I must have impeccable timing today.
This is twice I've entered the bridge before I got notification that someone was looking for me.
@GnomeSlice poke
@RavenDreamer Just a sec.
@JoshPetrie Excellent! It appears I'm an excellent facilitator!
10:32 PM
@RavenDreamer I did something just now that you may or may not be able to use as like 'credits' music or something in the game.
It's not as good as the other two pieces.
If you're interested in a short 20-30 second loop, we're apparently adding in "game over" music now too.
@RavenDreamer Erm? Wouldn't that break up the standard music every time you died?
Yeah, but that's the point.
@RavenDreamer 20-30 seconds isn't as short as you think it is.
We're not doing instant-respawns, super-meatboy style
@GnomeSlice Eh. True enough.
10:34 PM
I see...
Totally optional, though.
No no, I'll see what I can do.
Thoughts on the one I just linked?
Could use it in the credits or something.
Man, I really need to learn how to use some of this fancy software I have, I REALLY need to lean about sampling, sound fonts, synthesizing, etc.
Yeah, it's pretty good for a credits tableau
@RavenDreamer Now, for the game-over thing, are you using the chip loop I did for the in-game music? Or something else. Because you want it to kind of sound the same.
i.e. if you are, I'll do another chiptune.
@GnomeSlice Yeah. The way it looks like it's going to work out is that we'll have two sets of audio, switchable via a menu-option, one will use your music, the other will use the other volunteer's music.
He's given game-loop, menu, and death
you've given game-loop, menu, and credits.
Oh my god these chips are delicious.
10:39 PM
@RavenDreamer Which?
Tostitos Multi-Grain.
@RavenDreamer OH, LOL.
It's like Sunchips + Tostitos. They're amazing.
Lol, I thought you meant these chips.
Ahaha. Yeah. Wrong kind of chips. :P
So yeah. Go from that into death music.
(And as an aside, one of my group members checked out the rest of your stuff on Newgrounds and said he liked it)
10:40 PM
Every now and then I have to delete and redownload musagi, because it just won't open any kind of window.
Also, do you know what soft/hardware the other volunteer is using?
@RavenDreamer Well, cool, but he should know most of those are... cheating.
i.e. taking pre-recorded music loops from a huuuge library, putting them together.
Q: titan quest gold - missing texts

DemnogonisYesterday I've bought Titan Quest Gold via Steam and installed it with the German language files. after starting the Immortal Throne add-on it imported my old characters from an old profile. After that I faced the generally known "tag not found"-bug and fixed it with an update of the Text_DE.arc...

Q: How do I re-light a torch?

AlexI've been hoarding torches, because...well, I wouldn't like to be stuck in the Grimrock dungeons without any light! When one is about to go out I can often just swap it out for a new one and have a nice steady light again. However, if there's a way to re-light torches (maybe by interacting with...

Q: Tera Party Experience

rlb.usaWhat are the mechanics behind Tera (by EnMasse) ? I know that the maximum party size is 5. Does being in a party net more experience than being solo? More or less drops? Does the exp rate per individual change with the size of the party-and is there an optimum sized party for the optimal amount ...

Q: Where and what are the "unusual crystal formations" on Alderaan?

Matthew ReadThe Patch 1.2 notes say: Several unusual crystal formations have been reported in the mountainous regions of Alderaan. Where exactly are these crystals and what are they (what are they used for)? My character is an artificer so I'm hoping it's something good, but I don't want to scou...


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