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Q: In "Don't Just Stand There" (1968), why was it a compliment to ask a girl if she was "Pamela McCarthy"?

LorendiacLast night I watched a DVD of Don't Just Stand There, a 1968 comedy-thriller with Robert Wagner and Mary Tyler Moore. A few minutes into the film, those two are seated side by side on an airplane. Wagner looks down at Moore's legs (she's wearing a short skirt) and then he starts a conversation wi...

@NapoleonWilson Yeah, he pretty much sings like this. Ohhh huzoor
2:20 AM
Q: Unknown animation dark, pair of creatures, losing their home, acoustic guitar background music

Lance MThis was kind of a series, saw it about a year ago (YouTube?). It seems to me the characters were named after shapes, like "square guy" and "round thing" or something like that. A little surrealistic wrt the animation- not a lot of detail and contoured backgrounds. They were being chased/forced o...

3:06 AM
@NogShine power rangers are bleh. Is this mystic force ?
@NogShine power rangers are bleh. Is this from mystic force ?
@Tinkeringbell wow
@ABcDexter I was sleeping that time but now wokeup
@DForck42 Yes, he is cool.
@steelersquirrel lol
@AnkitSharma Yes. They are amazing.
@steelersquirrel no worries
I only watched a few of them. The new ones are messed up.
Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, SPD, Mystic force.
3:12 AM
@NogShine I have watched few too Ninja force , Dino thunder , mystic force , bits of jungle force and maybe more which I can’t remeber now
Mystic force was little refreshing then others
@NogShine same pinch
Ninja storm was good too but many of it’s episode later on were bleh
The question was from Dino Thunder.
When did these series start in India?
I can't effing believe that Miami is beating New England! The one time I want New England to win, they're losing!! Why do they have to torment me so? ;)
@NogShine no idea
@AnkitSharma Are you keeping my boyfriend as your avatar for hats?
@steelersquirrel lol no , I am searching for my own pic but all good one are side poses
I got one from the fiction too but they are all either group photo or side pose
I wearer orangish Indian traditional
3:28 AM
@steelersquirrel JELLO!
Just take a selfie. You can look really ridiculous like I do when I take one ;)
I asked a non TOW question ;)
May 26 at 4:08, by S S
Go Black and Gold!!!
@steelersquirrel starred above message ^ Hehe
@NogShine Wuuuuuut? I missed it!
@steelersquirrel The question is about the above power ranger with black and gold.
Nice! +1
3:33 AM
Ummm Did you watch Power rangers?
So, what is black and Gold?
No, but it's still a good question! And a challenge question! Which, I didn't even know! ;)
@NogShine The Steelers colors!
Miami is totally dominating New England! I mean, I love seeing Tom Brady all pissed and suffering, but I actually want them to win this game! ARGH! ;)
Still looking for a Good ToW movie
I watched X-Men Days of Future Past but have no questions.
@AnkitSharma Yes, he is Koragg after turning good. Leanbow. Red Ranger's father.
@steelersquirrel lol
user image
3:50 AM
I took a selfie recently. I just don't like posting pics of myself in here anymore. I can post it in slack.
Argh! Why didn't you look at the camera? This would be perfect.
@steelersquirrel O-o Did you post your pics in here in the past?
@NogShine Yes!
@AnkitSharma that you?
@steelersquirrel I was thinking you were a squirrel all this time ;)
I'm super weird about doing it anymore. People are creepy and weird. (I'm not talking about anyone in this room) ;)
@NogShine Hehehe! TOTALLY!!!!
@AnkitSharma OMG! You're wearing orange! Napoleon will love you! ;)
3:55 AM
Nov 16 '15 at 3:45, by Capy Stenchbeast
Even Shog, who no one would describe as unfailingly sunny and friendly, is a good guy and has a fantastic sense of humor.
Gotta love Wad. aka Capy Stenchbeast ;)
Okay gotta go! See you sillies later :)
4:12 AM
4:36 AM
@NogShine because the person who click the pic said l, I get nervous when I see in front of camera and he is kind of right :D
@Memor-X thank you for o.O
@steelersquirrel that’s why I shared it here , it was orange long kurta with black pajama
@steelersquirrel I miss captain being here
Q: What is.... the Chicken? 🐔

Journeyman GeekSo, we just noticed a new, fowl user on the tavern I think he called us chicken. Or called itself a chicken. Or something poultry like that. And interestingly it's a system user. (i.e. with negative ID) So... what's the story? Who knows what fowlness lurks in the heart of the chicken? ...

4:54 AM
@AnkitSharma I missed it somehow.
@NogShine We might have a hat related to chicken or Turkey this time.
@AnkitSharma no i was wondering because you look nothing like your dating profile
@AJ what did you missed o.O
@Memor-X lol
@AnkitSharma Your orange version.
5:14 AM
@AJ it’s still in chat, scrol up
I have no idea why this was downvoted - it proposes the same answer as Ankit, but it was posted give minutes before. — Gnemlock 1 hour ago
Really o.O
And why I got downvote O.o
5:35 AM
Happy Hanukkah everyone
Last year we had a Hanukkah hat. Not this year o.O
How do you know?
I remember the Hanukkah candle hat form past, not sure last year or year before it
5:52 AM
@Catija because Winterbash hasn't started
Hanukkah is eight days long...
And Winter Bash starts in less than 24 hours.
@Catija oh yeh that's right
@Catija is it not better to get it on first day only
18 hours left, so when it start, few countries will still have Hanukkah, mso my bad
@AnkitSharma They could do it as a end of Hanukkah thing.
6:37 AM
@NogShine I asked similar question too about white ranger
@AnkitSharma Just seen.
@NogShine Looks liek power ranger question need retagging too
@AnkitSharma His transformation into white ranger is not intentional.
The gem was too powerful for Trent.
Uff Power ranger tagging is too messed up and now we have 35 character limit, we can make good standard tags fro them
Q: What is the name of movie?

sharingan flameI am trying to find movie but remember it vaguely. It is about a warrior who needs a sword to kill villain in the film. This movie is historical and I think the sword is in some kind of under world where it is said that it contains uncountable riches, horrors etc and the hero along with others tr...

6:44 AM
should we add to the newest film? It seems non canon to previous franchise
@AnkitSharma Yes, there was a question did the Power rangers break the rules.
Which power rangers are you addressing in the question? — Nog Shine Jun 19 at 14:45
Is the 2017 film part of the franchise?
@NogShine that question I don't know how to tag, not sure if he want answer from whole continuity or just one show
@NogShine It's reboot
done with retagging
I always had one question
Stop.Creating.New.Accounts. — Paulie_D Jun 19 at 6:07
How does his head fit in helmet ^^
6:50 AM
@NogShine did you forgot the user who create so many accounts to bypass bans ?
@AnkitSharma Is this the same user? The account is still there.
he/she stopped it so no need to discuss now
@AnkitSharma Million dollar question.
@AnkitSharma done on sciif too for power rangers retagging
Q: Help identify the Movie please

Michael ShogaI once was watching a movie with my brother. I can’t remember the name of the movie but I can tell you specific details. A heist where the robbers planned to escape through underground tunnels. The robbers also used a chubby black kid who was a hostage to transfer the money to an offshore account...

1 hour later…
8:00 AM
Hmm, I watched Die Hard yesterday, and I have a question. But I'm not sure if it has been asked before. I couldn't find it in a search, but maybe someone knows...
@JarkoDubbeldam I think you're safe, I've never seen one :P
@Tinkeringbell what a relief
@JarkoDubbeldam there are only 14 question tagged as , you can check there title
What was Hans Gruber's plan exactly? He reveals to John MacClane that the police won't look for you if they think you are dead, so that implies that he plans to fake his death. It doesn't seem directly obvious to me though.
or you mean sequel ?
8:01 AM
that works
hmm, doesn't seem to be a duplicate
then go ask it
Q: What was Hans Gruber's plan in Die Hard?

Jarko DubbeldamIn Die Hard, at some point, Hans Gruber reveals a part of his plan to John MacClane: When you steal six hundred dollars, you can disappear...but when you steal six hundred million, they will find you...unless you play dead. Die Hard ...

8:16 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam More snow :D
@Tinkeringbell hmm, everything started turning to slush in Gouda
It's melting here too, but there's more snow falling. Maybe it will stick. There's still a good 15cm on top of our shed.
And in Hilversum, to shove clear the bike paths, they decided to throw all the snow on the pacements
@JarkoDubbeldam We made a walk yesterday evening. They indeed plowed a lot of snow onto the sidewalks, sometimes it came almost up to my knees.
In the slush it is now, I'm not even going to try walking through that
just walked on the bike path
8:19 AM
We cleared the roof of the 'afdak' yesterday... It can only handle 25cm, we shoveled of at least 30. We dumped some in the back of our neighbors yard, we didn't really have the space for it :/
@JarkoDubbeldam That's okay ;)
Did that myself many times.
Q: What was Hans Gruber's plan in Die Hard?

Jarko DubbeldamIn Die Hard, at some point, Hans Gruber reveals a part of his plan to John MacClane: When you steal six hundred dollars, you can disappear...but when you steal six hundred million, they will find you...unless you play dead. Die Hard ...

8:43 AM
Die Hard 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are great. 4th is Ok and 5th is meh.
I needed some Alan Rickman nostalgia
I watched Alan Rickman's Die Hard and Perfume other than Harry Potter.
Dogma is also a good movie, although he plays a rather minor role
And if you're into Star Trek parodies, Galaxy Quest is also a good recommendation
also if you're not into that tbh, it messes with the tropes just fine without prior knowledge
I no longer watch parodies.
up to you
8:59 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam looks nice
@AJ no idea but I know a person who go crazy over Die Hard @steelersquirrel
@Ankit Sharma, perhaps users wanted it spelled out for them. I felt this did answer the question. It is a remake of a movie; thus and therefore, it shares the same title as the original movie. — Gnemlock 45 mins ago
uhuun whatever
@AnkitSharma maybe you need to spell out to him that if you spell words differently, they mean different things
9:16 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam I tried
Grr that stupid question still in HNQ
@JarkoDubbeldam great, your question is in HNQ
Q: A poor man given security by PM. Hindi movie

DeepshikhaA poor man who met PM on an occasion is awarded with security. Security follows him whereever he goes. Initially the poor man likes all the attention but later it becomes a headache. It was s a color movie and made in Hindi language. Year must be between 2000-2016

@MovieReel I think I know it
So, what's the next step? We've collected enough consensus on that meta post about IDs.
Next step is to get a winetrbash dp :P
Recycled old pic
9:32 AM
you look dull in that. And sad.
were you sick at that time?
I am always dull, when I face camera I get pale dull as dead
6 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
user image
this one will not fit good for hats
mine is perfect for hats
@AnkitSharma //This one is great, but not fit for hat.
@JarkoDubbeldam //cause you're already wearing one. :P
yep, that short time of the year my avatar actually fits
@AJ I will use it on FB and insta soon, waiting fro rest of the pics to reach.
On the sidenote, going on a short trip this weekend so might miss-out some hats :'(
9:58 AM
Your previous year pic was very good @AnkitSharma
@AnkitSharma I don't know.
@NogShine Nayak?
@NogShine I though to reuse that one but picked a fresh one later
@AnkitSharma I thought the same but OP is describing hero doesn't want it and it is not security.
Some what unclear.
A: Forgot to answer exam question

nengelYou should give zero for the answers in question. You are grading what the student handed in, not what s/he potentially could have handed in. The logistics are just as much part of fulfilling an assignment as the knowledge. It would be unfair to the other students to be more lenient on this parti...

Leanbow is not a correct pic for Winterbash. So changed it.
I once failed to score 80/80 marks because I didn't understand the question fully. In the end, I couldn't answer it and lose 15 marks.
10:05 AM
@AJ Really, there's a question for it?
Should be a simple concept, get question right, get points. get question wrong, no points.
@NogShine Yep.
@NogShine I see, refreshed
@AJ what ?
Did anyone see the Stackexchange button? It's weird again
@NogShine you mean this thing ? ^^
10:08 AM
@AnkitSharma I couldn't understand the pattern of the question, so didn't answer and lose 15 marks for no reason.
@AJ ohhh
@AnkitSharma Yes, I don't like it.
They are increasing number of clicks.
Now I have to think some question for tomorrow
@AJ on serious note. We are working on it, keep patience.
10:10 AM
I am.
Can AJ get rep cap today O.o
80 more.
He can get it easily
Happy Birthday Rajnikanth
@NogShine hmmm
10:21 AM
A: What is the name of movie?

xXx_SNEGAN_xXxYh its Lord of the Rings Return of Dragon.

I don't think this is an answer
@JarkoDubbeldam I haven't checked out meta yet, maybe it is here :P
@Tinkeringbell Well, answering a non-existing movie in a movieID question, I doubt it
Q: Monster/Alien movie set in the desert

Leandro CaponongThis movie was probably from the late 90s to mid 2000s. I just vaguely remember one scene of some scientists in those yellow hazmat suits climbing down a ladder into some underground tunnel system in the middle of a desert. After exploring for a short while they are attacked by this pale/albino h...

This user is on answer spree.
a bad one.
10:26 AM
@AJ Oh, that's not good. I had one of those on IPS. I downvoted and put everything in the LQP queue... Triggered the vote reversal scripts :/
Get your flags ready..
@NogShine I have my VTD ready.
@Tinkeringbell Was it counted as Serial voting? :|
@NogShine Yeah... I voted down 15 bad posts over the course of minutes... Eventually all the flags got accepted, but the votes were reversed... (mine at least)
@Tinkeringbell Were those posts deleted?
10:28 AM
answers are gone
@AJ yes...
deleted by me and napoleon.
@Tinkeringbell If you downvote a post and it gets deleted, the votes get reversed.
You lost -1 when you downvote them and get +1 if deleted.
@AJ Yeah, but that looks different.. lemme see if I can find it
So, technically, it wasn't vote reversal.
@AJ Yes, that's the point.
-1 is back.
10:31 AM
@AJ It was:
The things are stating 'undownvoted' instead of 'removed'
@Tinkeringbell are the posts still there?
@NogShine Nope...
But as you can see, the top one states 'removed'. The ones underneath say 'undownvoted'...
Those were deleted only after those notifications
A similar question
Q: Is serial un-upvoting allowed and/or not detected by system?

RickrossWhile going through Rakesh Joshi's reputation tab, i found that on Nov 11, he lost 145 points and all that was due to, what appears to me, someone serially un-upvoting him (or rather his posts). Now, i already know "What is meant by an un-upvote?", and i also know that serial up or down voting...

It should actually show "voting corrected" but it shows unupvote
@NogShine I think those were reversed as well? As being serial upvoting? I'm seeing a lot of upvotes in a very short time, and they all get reversed at 3:00 (mine got reversed at 3:01 en masse)
looks like it
10:38 AM
@NogShine Well, if it could show 'voting corrected' that would be nice, an extra indication that I didn't accidentally got up at 3 AM and undownvoted a whole bunch of things :P
@Tinkeringbell Yes, it was serial upvoting and then reversed but the profile shows unupvote instead of voting corrected.
@NogShine Does that warrant a meta bug report? :P
@Tinkeringbell Sure, I thought it was only site specific but I'm wrong.
@NogShine Hmmm... ;) But meta is scary! :P
10:40 AM
I'll think about it. that screenshot of mine was from early November. That would make the bug report nice and on time :P
That one was Nov 11
Mine was Nov 14
But why is meta scary? Any bad experience? Shower of Downvotes?
@NogShine Just hear-say :P
I haven't found a 'bug-report' yet.... But I wonder if it's fixed or not after all that time... does it still make a valid question? :/
Mine is experience :P
Q: What should we do if the OP tries to deny an answer from certain users?

Nog ShineThe policy of Stack Exchange sites is Anybody can ask a question and Anybody can answer. This is displayed when someone joins a community. Now, What should we do if the OP of the question ask certain user(s) not to post an answer (because he already know the opinions of the user or in the worst ...

10:45 AM
@NogShine you Super Craig now?
Oh dear :/ ... Well, I'll be getting a large cup of tea and brace myself then :D
@NogShine Meta scary because we're too cool for others to hang out with
@Memor-X It's stan
@Tinkeringbell I had very good expriences too. :D
10:48 AM
@M.A.R. lol
Stan Marshwalker @Memor-X
@NogShine ahhhh, i saw the cape and thought it was a one of the super heroes and Stan's doesn't wear a cape
Marshwalker is a super hero form of Stan Marsh
@NogShine huh? i thought Stan's looked like a tradie
10:51 AM
> Toolshed is the super hero alter ego of Stan Marsh.Toolshed uses a drill as his main weppon and appered in coon and friends and coon 2 hindsight he is a member of the coon and friends with several of his friends.
i got it from the wikia here
Britney Spears is also a good singer
Okay.. Marshwalker is not like Mystrion etc., He is different
Aaiii.. someone mass upvoted me.. :D
@NogShine ahhhh yeh when you said it was Stan i was thinking it was his persona from that episode were the kids returned Back Door Sluts 9 to the rental store Lord of the Rings style
11:01 AM
The return of the fellowship to the two towers
@JarkoDubbeldam i just remember it for the video above and Butters being turned into a Horny Golum
like when he tries to play Lord of the Rings and starts dry humping one of the kids
pretty much ye
@NogShine i upvoted because to me it's a legit question
though i've only seen it occur here on Movies and TV
hey, just noticed @AnkitSharma updated his dating profile pic
it's more honest. before he looked like a rugged king of the ocean
@Memor-X lol
@NogShine I can't see any mass upvote here
@AJ but her brain have cracks
11:18 AM
@AnkitSharma dramatic music It's above your pay grade
@M.A.R. holy moly , what O.o
@AnkitSharma I think he meant this chat upvoting his meta.SE question
@AnkitSharma it was -8 when the link was posted here. it's now -5
+3 since it was posted
12:11 PM
A: What is the name of movie?

FlaterWas it by any chance The Scorpion King (2002)? A desert warrior rises up against the evil army that is destroying his homeland. He captures the enemy's key sorcerer, takes her deep into the desert and prepares for a final showdown. Why I think this is it: Movie set period: It is set dur...

A good ID answer
I am not sure if this is the one the OP is looking for, but that's a good answer.
I want to watch The Last Jedi, but I got a hectic weekend, so it's very unlikely.
12:46 PM
@M.A.R. ohhh
@Memor-X hmm
@AJ ohh
My weekend trip is in risk :(
@AnkitSharma That doesn't sound good :/ What happened?
@AnkitSharma why?
12:57 PM
Compnay's senior person not allowing leave for friday to some of us
@AnkitSharma Same situations here. I am working on Saturday. And I also couldn't attend my friend's wedding.
ohhh :/
@AJ i'm going to see it, already know how it's going to end and that's the revelation that Jar Jar Binks is Supreme Leader Snoke and Dark Plagueis The Wise who did a one up on Sidios and had a clone made so Sidios though he killed his master
which is why Jar Jar became a senator, to keep track of his former apprentice
uhm what?
@AJ it's a joke that Jar Jar Binks isn't the useless character he's thought to do with all this circumstantial evidence of Jar Jar using Jedi Mind Trick Hand Waves at moments he gets his way and how he was supportive of the Clone Army
1:09 PM
we got to see Snoke in real this time instead of a hologram.
@AJ guess he wont be as big as he was when he was a hologram
lol, yep
are we going to know Ray's parents this time?
looking forward to seeing if he is a Sith Lord or just a normal Dark Force User thus not needing to abide by the Rule of Two
Q: Is Jar Jar Binks a Sith Lord?

mattiav27I have found on the internet many sites (see here, here and here for example) that "prove" that Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord. My question is: Is this only a fan theory, or is there an official explanation?

But someone downvoted all answer here and 3 downvoet on question :/
But the truth is: Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord.
@Memor-X the trailer shows the encounter of Snoke and Ray.
1:14 PM
@AJ if we do they got some serious questions to aswer like "WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE YOUR DAUGHTER ON JAKKU BY HERSELF!"
@AnkitSharma Some? that's twisted...
@Memor-X yep
@AJ been avoiding trailers
1:16 PM
@Tinkeringbell we are 8 people, I have clean pass I guess, didn't talked to my senior yet but I think I can, 2 got no
Jurassic World 2 trailer looks promising.
Jurassic Park is the first Hollywood movie I watched, so I got love for this franchise.
I bleh your meh
I meh your bleh.
1:18 PM
I bleh the meh which mehed my bleh
I just want my own dinosaur, does that count?
Those small stegosaurs in the petting zoo in Jurassic World :3
@Tinkeringbell t-rex?
@JarkoDubbeldam Yeah :-)
@AnkitSharma If domesticated, very much :D
1:20 PM
@AnkitSharma I meh the bleh which blehed my meh that mehed your bleh.
@Memor-X lol
which sounds like a steampunk dino
or a dino bot
or a dinosaur which a bladder problem
There's actually a T-rex named after me :D thenational.ae/uae/…
@Memor-X That last one sounds lame :P
It's a baby T-rex too :3
@Tinkeringbell then go for indominus rex :p
@AJ Beat this one, @AnkitSharma :P
@Memor-X sound fun
1:22 PM
@AnkitSharma That one wasn't exactly domesticated. Designed yes, but it still had some serious flaws --> Not a very nice character :P
@Memor-X holy moly lol
@Tinkeringbell that one is dead
@AnkitSharma Did I say I wanted one that was alive? :P
@AnkitSharma makes for safer petting
Got no idea? do you accept defeat, @AnkitSharma? :P
hit the rep cap too early.
there are 11 more hours to go.
@Tinkeringbell what will you do with dead pet
1:28 PM
@AnkitSharma Display? Fossils make cool room decorations :D
@Tinkeringbell We used to keep a fossil of a camel on the roof.
@AJ you are boring , bleh
@AJ so should we all downvote you to compensate ?
@AnkitSharma hmm
@AJ mmh
1:43 PM
@AJ fossil or skeleton?
Q: Does Stan Lee have any creative control whatsoever over how his characters get used?

Johnny BonesJust as the title asks; does Stan Lee have any creative control over his characters? Case in point: I was watching Iron Man 3 (2013) last night and was curious about the comic origin of The Mandarin. So I looked it up online and discovered that, as his name might indicate, he was from China (as...

Q: Are Tony Stark and Pepper Potts back together?

userLTKSpoilers ahead, so do not read if you're not up to date with Marvel Movies. and maybe this is a silly or unanswerable question but it bugged me after watching Spiderman homecoming. During Civil War, I don't remember the exact quote but Tony said she'd left him and it sounded pretty final. At t...

@Tinkeringbell skeleton actually, the head
@MovieReel it must be dupe
@AJ Sorry :D but that's not nearly as cool as a fossil. It's still pretty cool though :)
@Tinkeringbell There are lots of camels where I live.
1:54 PM
@AJ I think there's a few here, at zoo's/petting zoo's and some people keep them as pets. They're definitely not common
2:09 PM
Q: Identify a TV show/episode like 'Black Mirror'

Pat DobsonTimespan: no more than 4-5 years old Set in/Watched in: UK Watched on: internet catch-up (Netflix, Amazon etc.) Format: TV/Short episodes For ages I assumed that this was an episode of 'Black Mirror' but, after going through the episodes on IMDB I cannot find it, therefore I assume it must be...

2:25 PM
Yay, my question is starting to gain traction from HNQ :)
@JarkoDubbeldam It gave me 32nd Good Answer badge.
And 60th nice Answer.
2:41 PM
@AnkitSharma good photo! love the shirt
3:06 PM
@DForck42 not a shirt, it’s a kurta
Anyway thanks :)
3:56 PM
@AnkitSharma what's a kurta?
ahh, it's a one-piece thingie
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