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i need more stars!
11:30 PM
@Memor-X How many stars is the limit anyway?
@Tonepoet i don't know, i keep loosing track
30 or 40
@Gallifreyan really? must really go through them fast
just posting this because recursion :D
@milleniumbug or you're trying to be a smart ass in showing off now little number of tabs you have
11:39 PM
nah, purposefully opened in a new window
@milleniumbug sure sure, and i'm a crazy shoujo ai/yuri guy
oh wait, i am. guess you did purposefully opened in a new window
that pic of a girl and a doge under a kotatsu is getting smaller and smaller
@milleniumbug it's like when you look into the reflection of a mirror in a mirror. oddly it starts to curve down
11:54 PM
@Memor-X You're no more of a Yuri fanatic than Iono-sama! =P
Iono-sama Fanatics (いおの様ファナティクス, Iono-sama Fanatikusu, translated by the author as Iono the Fanatics) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Miyabi Fujieda. The manga was serialized between the first and last issues of the now-defunct Dengeki Teioh, a special edition version of Dengeki Daioh, from April 26, 2004 until November 26, 2006, and was published by MediaWorks. The series contains twelve chapters released in two bound volumes originally published under MediaWorks Dengeki Comics EX label. The manga has been licensed for English language distribution by Infinity Studios. The...
^ that?
Yes, that. XP
@Tonepoet i remember seeing the wikipedia page some time ago. HOW DID I FORGET THIS!
oh good Dynasty has it
hooray! yuri science babies
11:58 PM
How did you not immediately follow up upon it after I mentioned it to you the first time? XP
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