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12:00 AM
@Tonepoet well consider this. i downloaded almost 18,000 doujin from Dynasty Scans. i have not even read 1% of it yet and i keep loosing track of which ones i have read
so i would have it downloaded but somewhere in the archive
this will change once i get my Database fixed up. i think i got an infinite while look when it comes to the selection of 5 random doujin
wait, my stars are back!
Starring spree.
just used up 10
@Tonepoet yep!
oh speaking of stars and starting me forgetting shoujo ai/yuri and shoujo ai/yuri the number 30, i got my birthday manga in the mail. 28 books from Rightstuff plus 1 from Amazon plus 1 i got before i was given the money to buy it. total of 30 books
~90% is shoujo ai/yuri. the remaining is K-On
So in your mind, 100% of it is yuri. =P
(like the only manga i brought that isn't explicitly shoujo ai/yuri, unlike Citrus, Kase-san, [google "manga lesbian serial killer turned hit woman"])
@Tonepoet more or less
like if the Romeo and Juliet part is in it, totally shoujo ai/yuri
Nah, I think I hit it on the dot. =P
12:07 AM
so how's things with you @Tonepoet?
@Memor-X Same as always, more or less. Nothing too interesting: I just finished watching Bubblegum Crisis:
Bubblegum Crisis (Japanese: バブルガムクライシス, Hepburn: Baburugamu Kuraishisu) is a 1987 to 1991 cyberpunk original video animation (OVA) series produced by Youmex and animated by AIC and Artmic. The series was planned to run for 13 episodes, but was cut short to just 8. The series involves the adventures of the Knight Sabers, an all-female group of mercenaries who don powered exoskeletons and fight various problems, most frequently rogue robots. The success of the series spawned several sequel series. == Plot == The series begins in late 2032, seven years after the Second Great Kanto earthquake has...
@Tonepoet i remember seeing the first episode of this back in Japanese class in high school
not sure why i didn't add it too my list *fixed*
@Memor-X They really should've designed the super weapon to resemble a cat, or a dog or anything else other than what they chose. XP
@Tonepoet lol, i have no idea what you're talking about to be honest
how did you find the series?
12:16 AM
@Memor-X Well I heard about it years ago. I just never got around to watching it, like so many other shows.
@Tonepoet no i mean how did you find it as in was it enjoyable or that
@Taisho i always liked Ancheim's giant ass clock
@Memor-X Ah, well in that case it was decent. I have trouble keeping track of who's who though. I think it would've been better if it ended on episode 6. It's not so much that the following two episodes were bad, as much as it would've been more climatic that way.
I guess that's what you get when production is cut short.
@Tonepoet looking at wikipedia the episodes got steadily longer
well, first episode was over 40 minutes then it dropped to about 20 and went up from there
Another thing is that perhaps too much screen time was dedicated to Priss, and not enough of the other Knights Saber.
12:35 AM
> Her next relationship was with Sylvie, a biker girl who actually.....
Has anyone tried Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice?
ooooo, i am more interested in it no....on wait i should finish reading the sentence
@Gallifreyan i've seen it but never played it
you want to know if the rot to the head erasing all your data is real?
12:50 AM
just realized that Rengeki (連撃) and Hangeki (反撃) are actual words not just something made up for .hack. now i don't have to think hard on a name for non-magic attacks in my works
1:13 AM
@Tonepoet Priss is cool. Does she eventually date the police guy?
sees Priss + police guy, thinks of Blade Runner
Bloody hell, they're still selling the first Crysis for 50 tl on Steam.
That's some Elsevier-level money-grabbing
> The setting displays strong influences from the movies Blade Runner and Streets of Fire.
Told ya
1:42 AM
Q: i need to find a manga about romantic historical- war genre

KurocloudI bought a manga book when i was younger, so it was published about 10 years ago, is an romance manga, i am trying to describe it from my memory, it is a historical war manga and the main lead have wings, there was a scene where feather is dropping and the main lead hug n kisses he female lead, t...

@Gao Not in Bubblegum Crisis, but I haven't watched Bubblegum Crash, or A.D. Police yet.
@Memor-X Also, you just reminded me of this:
2:11 AM
@Tonepoet would also make sense if it was Rengeki since it's a combo destruction
1 hour later…
3:29 AM
Q: Accidentally did dd /dev/sda

Baaing CowI written an ISO image to my hard disk using sudo dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sda. I meant /dev/sdc, and now running sudo fdisk -l returns only one partition on /dev/sda while there is supposed to be 6. Is it possible to recover my data? I didn't shut down (reboot) my computer yet.

3:40 AM
@Gallifreyan ubantu. very sexy commands that if not handled correctly, leaves a disgusting mess
4:31 AM
Genji and Hanzo on Goodsmile
i wonder if Blizzard actually makes the call of what gets made or if they just went to Goodsmile "here are Overwatch characters, do whatver the hell you like with them"
@Taisho huh, didn't recognize it's Mio
Kemono Friend manga look better than the anime
4:48 AM
@EarlGrey you started reading it?
not yet, just looked few pages
the art looks nice
still going to watch the anime first myself before the manga
get those voices imprinted into my mind
yay, it works!
now i just need to get the other fields to work and have a list which isn't an xdebug styled var dump
@Memor-X not sure about anime.. it's CG
and it's surprisingly fast for using this query
		dctg.tag AS 'type',
	FROM doujin_col_title AS dct
		LEFT JOIN (SELECT dctt.title_id, GROUP_CONCAT(CONCAT("[",dctg.tag,"]")) AS 'tags'
			FROM doujin_col_title_tags AS dctt
				INNER JOIN doujin_col_tags AS dctg
					ON dctg.id = dctt.tag_id
			GROUP BY dctt.title_id) AS sub1
			ON sub1.title_id = dct.id
though those sub selects would really slow it down
@EarlGrey i've seen worse
user image
4:57 AM
i've seen original Atelier Rorona on PS3
yeah and I never watch those worse cg anime either
yes, that CG image is supposed to match to the bottom one
you should see Sterk back then
his cape looked like a Poncho
oh wait, here's a better comparison of the CG
Left, original release (rated PG in Australia). Right, Plus release (rated R18+ in Australia)
@Taisho who
@EarlGrey they're not always that bad
@EarlGrey that doesn't seem to work anymore
Uploaded (UTC): 02.09.2017 9:05:25 by (132581) Gao, tag: konosuba
http://iqdb.org/?url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/Qmdqy4cPNr222MNzQEVhSYrzCzZveRLJjLmgNZCCtQTrZ6/__aqua_divine_gate_and_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo_drawn_by_ucmm__48bde105d78ca3af4021bf86a1a59d75.png | https://whatanime.ga/?url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/Qmdqy4cPNr222MNzQEVhSYrzCzZveRLJjLmgNZCCtQTrZ6/__aqua_divine_gate_and_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo_drawn_by_ucmm__48bde105d78ca3af4021bf86a1a59d75.png | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=http://gateway.glop.me/ipfs/Qmdqy4cPNr222MNzQEVhSYrzCzZve
5:13 AM
@Memor-X don't know about that. I never like CG in anime for whatever reason
but then again I never watch kemono friends
@EarlGrey doesn't Girls und Panzer have CG?
for the tank battles?
it's for tank.. not the girls
cg should never be used for human
like.. I like im@s better than love live for that reason
@EarlGrey ahhh i see
didn't know IdolM@ster didn't use CG for performances like Love Live
you know one day we'll get someone who can be pinged with @ster
and we'll all use IdolM@ster over im@s
@Memor-X they didn't that's why it's great
ddd@mem is this ping you
guess so
@EarlGrey yes
5:25 AM
so it works with prefix but not with suffix
@EarlGrey because everyone after the @ is supposed to be a name until the next space i assume
it's like doing explode(' ',explode('@',$text,2)[1])
except SE would do it the right way
not the "i'm too lazy to do regex" way
@Memor-X yea that make sense
Turns out I'm eligible for DreamSpark Premium
yay tags are wor....wait why is [Subaru x Tsukasa] blank? oh crap it's doing sub1.tags LIKE "%[Yuri]%", abort! abort!
@Gallifreyan what's that?
5:41 AM
Microsoft's program for giving out free software to students
Azure, Window... OneNote?
@Avery knows
@Gallifreyan oh that thing
@Gallifreyan yeh i remember her saying something about that ealier in the year
thank you avery for linking to that github repo
you fixed 2017
@Unihedron that's good to know when we finally start 2017
it's still 2016. it's been like this for almost 24 months
6:06 AM
sorry I think I need an IQ of over 400 to understand the levels of jokes we're on
anyone doing adventofcode?
7:05 AM
Q: Censorship in Japan

Ravi BechoeThis question is purely out of curiousity and based on some ecchi/borderline hentai shows. As a fact we know that plenty of japanese content gets cencored in japan, but why is this applied to adult content? Such as a hentai manga. Once someone purchases it the final goal of the user is pretty s...

that tags
user image
7:16 AM
@Unihedron ♥
@Gallifreyan premium has windows etc too I believe
Basically like a small msdn
@Unihedron you need to watch rick and morty and earn some extra IQ points
let us have an in-depth discussion about net neutrality instead
8:12 AM
@Avery that's cute x3
@Avery also, I've read the original manga, and contrary to what's implied by the repo name this is not a girl x)
and hi everyone :D
8:58 AM
@Morwenn in animu you never know
In irl you also never know
so that's what Socrates meant when he said « all I know is that I know nothing »
9:19 AM
#footer-legal, #footer-logo {display: none !important;} #input-area {   width: initial !important; }
@Hakase I don't know how to deal with this message.
sorry my dude this isn't meant for your brains
user image
9:30 AM
that filter on Planet Express made it really quiet
Q: Why does Windows 7 Update fails with error code 0x80248015?

magicandre1981When I try to check for Updates I get the error message 0x80248015: How can I fix it?

9:54 AM
@EarlGrey coz it's never good
faces always look unnatural
there was some comparison of what a 3d projection of a certain head position would look like in 3d and it's never drawn like that in 2d
@Hakase i know. i check the anime tag and i have the story identification in the ignore and there is this huge block of slightly transparent questions at the top for the past couple of weeks
@Unihedron after the US election we've been in a perpetual "2016 sucks"
@Unihedron lets have an in-depth discussion about net neutrality in Rick and Morty
@Hakase you know you keep suggesting me this and i keep saying i'm find with them
10:33 AM
well I'm not find with them
it's like you're one of those people who doesn't use adblock coz you're fine with animated ads on your pages
you're like a grandma to me
why don't you embrace the technological advancements!?!?
@Hakase aside from the fact that i'm too lazy to get rid of it the sites i visit which have ads aren't intrusive and even when they are they also have other glaring problems which are fixed by turning javascript off
how do you turn off js on specific sites?
@Hakase in chrome, you click where the padlock would be and the dropdown list has seperate options for a per site basis
firefox it's all or nothing but i rarely use it
10:41 AM
"allow scripts on this site : yes (default)"
also noscript mode
not in firefox my friends
@Unihedron that firefox?
I'm on chromium
there is allow and block mode
FireFox is da best browser there is
@Unihedron so yeh open source google chrome
10:44 AM
good for firefox
it doesn't have flash so no way for me
memes aside what do you do with flash
watch videos and livestreams
on what sites
@Hakase Online TV Broadcasting
niconico douga
10:45 AM
@Unihedron niconiconii?
icon icon i
are you sure it doesn't have some other html5 mode when it doesn't detect flash?
sites using falsh deserve a special place in hell
@SaitamaSama i've been to that place. got some good coffees and wifi speeds for newgrounds
10:49 AM
@Hakase html5 mode for new videos only. and definitely not for livestreams
@SaitamaSama humanity already firmly has a special place in hell
@Unihedron been to that place too.....it smells bad
i almost made a deal with satan to get out of there until Hitler showed me the way out. surprising how nice the guy is when he has a pineapple up his butt
@Unihedron :P
so how are we all this morning/afternoon/evening/night
11:08 AM
I'm fine
11:27 AM
doing adventofcode :p
I'm still stuck at day 3 :P
good luck!
is there a leaderboard here?
no, I don't think so
11:54 AM
I'm full on tea but out of food, so gonna be going out in a bit
> [WP] Microsoft Water, Google Earth, Amazon Fire, Apple Air. Long ago, the four corporations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Amazon attacked store-based retailers. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.
12:44 PM
I should buy a whip.
what for?
no answer
for whipping people
I have a whisk for that
@milleniumbug y es
12:47 PM
please don't whip me D:
why would I?
I don't know, but I'd rather be sure I'm safe x3
use a safe word then
12:50 PM
@Morwenn accurate
I'd totally yell « safeword » before the whipping even starts xD
I think that if I get one it'll be for mostly getting used to it
1:25 PM
I just bought this box of chocopies and it's already making noises
@Taisho noises?
inside your digestive system?
it's just cold and I brought it into my oven home
and now check out this proper link cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/9809901/…
2:18 PM
zsh doesn't play nice with konsole or something
that vi-mode package messed up a lot of things
weird syntax for arrays
i think i'll stick to bash, or maybe try out ksh or dash
I use bash and traditional vim with a beefed up dotfile
I tried zsh but tbh I'm not good enough to care about making good use of it
awk is all I need
grml defaults to reverse-i-search, so hitting up arrow when your prompt has e.g. curl will go back to the last curl commands, totally not what i'm used to
@Unihedron awk is the essence of bash scripting
yeah if you know awk and a few utilities like sed and bc you don't really need the fancy stuff
zsh not enough improvement to justify change i think, and not fully posix-compliant is also a minus
too bad people stopped using emails and awk kinda lost popularity as text-parseable stuff got less popular
2:25 PM
sed is horrible
bash ftw
linux is horrible
i hate all those sed commands in makefiles, totally write once script
I miss freebsd
you miss jon lin
bash is slower than even csh, should be ashamed of iteself
2:27 PM
bash isn't there to be fast
if you want something fast use C or Rust
it's pessimistically slow
I did a small project where I tried to solve a pathfinding problem and it timed out even with a full second
from there on I gave up using it for anything serious
fortunately, when I'm on the terminal, I usually don't need anything serious. just a while loop, sleep 3, curl ... -w status code != 404 repeat...
@Unihedron or assembly
oooor... binary
i mean, just look at this:
A: Is dash or some other shell "faster" than bash?

mikeservSHELL SEQ: Probably a useful means of bench-marking a shell's performance is to do a lot of very small, simple evaluations repetitively. It is important, I think, not just to loop, but to loop over input, because a shell needs to read <&0. I thought this would complement the tests @cuonglm alr...

> 0dash5dash10dash15dash20

real 0m0.909s
user 0m0.897s
sys 0m0.070s
> 0bash5bash10bash15bash20

real 0m3.966s
user 0m3.907s
sys 0m0.213s
2:31 PM
4x slower
bash is good at job control
i just rewrote a bash + python script of ~60 lines in less than 10 lines
well, usually what you'd want more often is making things work rather than perf when doing bash or tty scripting in general
@Gao use bash to run a python script ezgaem
python -e "code here"
Uploaded (UTC): 14.08.2017 5:51:12 by (228525) Gallifreyan, tag: kuvshinov
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://i.imgur.com/lyjl6Mn.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://i.imgur.com/lyjl6Mn.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://i.imgur.com/lyjl6Mn.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://i.imgur.com/lyjl6Mn.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://i.imgur.com/lyjl6Mn.jpg
bash is still nicer than Python for basic file and process manipulation :p
2:37 PM
and even nicer than perl
nah perl is nicer than both bash and python
on the other hand you can type ls and a few other commands in ipython x)
-Larry -Wall
@Morwenn you can do that with tclsh
2:39 PM
@Gao how do you even pronounce that?
it's a nice little language where placing a comment 'command' can "sometimes" fuck up the whole script and you won't learn that from the error message
@Sam how do I enable own messages tho? the property is in some class which is never used in any of my code
I can't create an instance of EventManager
and I don't see where else it is used
ok I'm dumb nevermind
I downloaded the source and looked up all references and it's in the room class
2:56 PM
ok everything's back to how it was
3:12 PM
Q: Inter-Clan Marriage?

TawiskaruAlthough it's never a rule, it seems the standard throughout Naruto that Ninjas married within their own clan so as to preserve their Kekkei Genkai (Hyuuga) or just to preserve the blood lines (Uzumaki). (This can still be broken as is the case between Minato and Kushina.) It seems though, that...

3:41 PM
Q: What does the 8 inner gates require to use?

Sphinx the riddle masterIt seems that Lee could only open the 6th gate even with the training that Guy did with his dad. So why can't Lee open the 8th gate yet? He said when Guy opened the 8th gate, "AMazing, I can only open to the 6th gate."

4:01 PM
y are there so many naruto questions? :/
5:01 PM
people love naruto, he's a cool guy
5:35 PM
Q: What does it mean when Pride mentions about Edward turning into a philosopher's stone to infiltrate him?

user123In episode 61, when the fight goes on between Edward and Pride, Kimblee interferes with the mind of Pride. Edward uses this moment to attack Pride by getting into his mind (or body maybe). However, as this occurs, the dialog of Pride to Edward is this: he turned himself into a philosopher's s...

user image
I drew that today :P
1 hour later…
6:43 PM
7:25 PM
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
@Taisho what
Uploaded (UTC): 02.09.2017 9:05:25 by (132581) Gao, tag: koutetsujou-no-kabaneri
http://iqdb.org/?url=https://u.teknik.io/lCjtM.jpg | https://whatanime.ga/?url=https://u.teknik.io/lCjtM.jpg | https://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=https://u.teknik.io/lCjtM.jpg | http://tineye.com/search?url=https://u.teknik.io/lCjtM.jpg | http://saucenao.com/search.php?url=https://u.teknik.io/lCjtM.jpg
That's not the same image at all though
@MadaraUchiha hak posted it by hand
just do #id
Q: What explains the garbled message "Start Wandows Ngrmadly" in text mode?

Andrew Grimm http://imgur.com/M3sni When booting up Windows, why would it say "Start Wandows Ngrmadly", instead of "Start Windows Normally"? I tried googling for an explanation, but came across too many hits of people merely ROFLing at it.

Q: What song plays at shippuden episode 119 15:20

Indy Naessensespecially at 15:28. Sounds like lightning speed (Denkousekka) but with another instrument and another song playing over it? I can't find it. Hope you guys can help me out

Q: Moe manga/anime with very high quality and polished design

GillianI am looking for a romantic moe manga or anime with a polished design but I can't find any! I am thinking about something like this Or is this type of neat design impossible to reproduce in manga/anime due to its complexity and costs?

9:27 PM
just how quite Planet Express is going to be now that it doesn't post
have to count 11 questions down to the start of november to get a non id request
@Taisho oh hey it's working now
@SaitamaSama who is it? or is it original?
2 hours later…
it's Natsuki from DDLC; one of the in-game art
@EarlGrey i was goint to do that after this phone meeting
doki doki literature club
looks like it's a screenshoot
@SaitamaSama kewl. who is this
never knew moetan anime exist ._.
11:41 PM
@EarlGrey likewsie. seems like it was a new series tag that was created when the site first started
thought it was like
was expecting the manga. there's no manga :(
and found this instead
moe cockroach
she went nyaan
@EarlGrey i'm not a fan of cockroachs but this is fucken cute!

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