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3:03 PM
woo vacation day on 11/8 planned
Hoo boy, how to fix this off-by-one error...
Subtract two just in case there's another off-by-one
@Yuuki + 1 BOOM SOLVED
I'm so good at this programming thing - look at me solving the hardest computer science problems
Kaspersky releases details of internal inv.; says it uploaded NSA files after workr got infected frm pirated softwre http://bit.ly/2yKE96D
holy shit
No ur fine
3:09 PM
Actually, I'm not sure if this counts as an off-by-one error.
But essentially the last value in this array isn't being dealt with because of boundary issues.
Sounds like a typical off-by-one error
@PrivatePansy Now write a cache invalidation algorithm pls
foreach(var thing in cache){ thing.invalid = true }
@fredley while (notWorking) deleteCache(); BOOM SOLVED
@PrivatePansy omg, it's amazing
11/10 algorithm
3:13 PM
@Unionhawk lmao nice
@Avery You know in addition to having classified malware on his personal computer in the first place
3:29 PM
@fredley dollar = hungarianPengo1946;
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
404 refrance not found
@GodEmperorDune The 1946 Hungarian pengo is the case of the most hyperinflated currency in history.
For context, Zimbabwe's highest inflation is currently pegged at 231,000,000%. Peak Month and Rate of Inflation in Hungary: Jul. 1946, 41.9 quadrillion percent
To be fair 1946 was a volatile time in history
They had a 10^20 banknote.
@GodEmperorDune tl;dr cash invalidation
/delete Yuuki
3:37 PM
@Yuuki so Hungarian pengo was an incremental?
Okay, my stat for Zimbabwe was inaccurate.
Peak Month and Rate of Inflation in Zimbabwe: Mid-Nov. 2008, 79.6 billion percent
Much higher but still not Hungary 1946 high.
4:02 PM
Cc other Ontarians
4:16 PM
So blessed to have important news delivered directly to my device daily in 2017
Technology is incredible
Hmm... food time.
Well, food decision time.
Oh yeah, I decided on Whataburger.
@Yuuki A day you dont decide to eat revolver sushi is a day you decided wrong
As opposed to fully automatic sushi?
fully automated luxury space sushi
@cazc_941 this is kinda great
4:30 PM
Yuuki mentioned revolving sushi some days ago. I misread but revolver > revolving
Yeah, if you weren't convinced yet, today's frontpage shows that /r/OldSchoolCool has become "find black-and-white photos of scantily clad women".
4:47 PM
Thank you for making that into something nobody will click now, whoever edited
Q: Street Fighter V Character Unlock with Arcade Edition free Upgrade

CarlosOroWith the update that will include de Arcade Mode and extra content, it will be necesary to buy the Arcade Edition to unlock the Season 1 & 2 characters or the characters will be unlocked for those who already have the Standard Edition with the upgrade? Just to know if I buy the Standard Edition ...

@cazc_941 what?
@cazc_941 I mean, it's ostensibly a picture of dressed up penises. If I was posting that, I'd put it behind a text link.
Verdict: Whataburger's new chorizo burger is pretty good, but it could definitely use more chorizo and perhaps less beef.
@Yuuki Okay, yeah, if that's what that is, then it needs some sort of NSFW warning.
Maybe "Technically NSFW: ostensibly picture of dressed up penises but it's kinda hard to tell unless you read the title".
In any case, that's something that should be obvious that you do yourself.
5:00 PM
@Yuuki well I believe they're just using bananas as replacements
I need to stop thinking that the 26th is a Friday, I keep panicking because the work tech calendar doesn't show the jobs I expect (because that's a Thursday and my jobs are scheduled for Friday)
@Avery I mean, judging by the picture and its title alone, my assumption is that those are penises.
And I'm pretty sure that would be the assumption of your boss.
Yeah, considering the title in large words in the middle...
@Yuuki I mean I'm not sure how snap inc. would feel about them using real human genitalia on their snap news things, and it kinda looks too much like a banana. But yeah I did read the title.
(I'm not disagreeing that it should be behind a text link btw)
5:18 PM
watching videos on the social features of our intranet site that nobody uses send help
send heeeeeeelp
Here's a ladder.
Google Assistant (🇺🇸) vs Yandex Assistant (🇷🇺) Top: Self-explanatory Bottom: -“I’m sad,” -“Nobody promised you that things would be easy”
Steam Assistant: "I'm sad." "Get Rekt."
people who watched that ^, did you feel like he was biased too?
He hates most stuff he said that the game has and he hates ubisoft... but he loves the series and it's a review copy, and he didn't go all ranty about the game, but if it was any other game that did the stuff this game did (lootboxes with in game cash, you can buy ingame cash, repetitive "AAA" map, tiered stuff [gold edition etc] and preorder bonuses).
5:51 PM
@Avery Jim Sterling is terrible reviewer confirmed. /s
Question, did he sound more angry in his Breath of the Wild review?
nick robinson it takes a full day in any core game to shake apples from the same tree again you fucking troglodyte bitch idiot https://twitter.com/Babylonian/status/923027874616971264
If so, then yes that's bias.
1) this guy still exists? 2) yeah complaining about timers in literal animal crossing is...
Animal Crossing is technically an energy-based mobile game without the energy.
Or rather the energy refills and payments and microtransactions.
Which I guess makes Animal Crossing microtransactions more like cheat codes than they are in other games.
and random video ads about mobile strike
and 3d fidget spinner launchers
5:56 PM
I mean, there are probably things to criticize about the Animal Crossing mobile game but 3 hour timers on getting apples from trees is not one of them.
That's like
A mechanic of the game
As it has been for years
Or maybe Nick Robinson thinks the upcoming surge in apple production will result in a global crash of the fruit market and thus collapse the food commodities ending in a short-term economic disaster and that's what's bleak.
who knows
6:05 PM
I recall playing AC:NL, planting trees, making a few small developments, then inviting a veteran friend over to look at my town.
They promptly cut down most of my trees because they were 'wrong' and planted perfect fruit trees in a structured grid pattern and left letters to all the squirrels in my town that just read, "SOON."
Q: FEH: Better to unlock potential, then merge duplicate units?

tempomaxWhen you unlock potential for a merged unit, all the merge bonus stats gets lost because you reset to the base stat of the new rank. I have a few duplicate characters. I'm wondering if I should unlock potential to 5 star, then merge all the 3,4 star duplicates into the 5 star. Or should I keep ...

I really should transfer my Humble Monthly subscription over to Netflix.
netflix is good.
I used to have it but then stopped when I graduated.
Actually I stopped before I graduated.
I think it was a month or so after I finished my first internship.
@MadMAxJr I never modified other peoples town, but I used to dump crowns on them
6:14 PM
@MadMAxJr Ew, structured grid pattern.
Efficient but ugly.
Efficiently butt-ugly.
"What did my squirrels do?" "THEY KNOW."
Fuck me. Starting friday the tapwater will not be good for consumption for an expected two weeks.
The perfect fruits went for a tidy profit, I didn't mind too much.
Want to brush your teeth? go coock water for five minutes first, let it cool, and finally brush your teeth.
Anyone here have much experience with PC Parts Picker?
6:19 PM
@Arperum I'm normally not a fan of bottled water however in cases of literal tapwater outages it's a thing
@Arperum Go cock water? ಠ_ಠ
/androidhell yuuki
@Yuuki Also, there are 2 o's.
@MadMAxJr There is a point where money become irrelevant in NL. Then what gets you going are the complete and seasonal sets
And then money go out like crazy
@Unionhawk There is tapwater maintenance stuff.
6:21 PM
Not money, bells, but same thing
I got that complete set of cardboard thing
I love how hard it was to get my house to look like shit
Once you have enough money in the bank, you just let interest do its thing
bottled water very much depends on the brand. There are a couple distinct flavors here. One of them is atrocious. the other one tastes like the tapwater.
@MadMAxJr It has a cap tho
Thats why you invest in crowns
I figure I'll just get into organized crime with the Nook family.
His real-estate racket seems pretty profitable
Crowns are the Stone of Jordan of AC:NL
6:25 PM
@MadMAxJr whaaaat
Q: Getting error message on Minecraft launcher

katy HollI'm getting this: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: Using incremental CMS is deprecated and will likely be removed in a future release Error: Could not find or load main class net.minecraft.client.main.Main I have an upgraded java and it was working earlier. I have been on Mojang website...

@Moacir I always wondered why Stones of Jordans were used as currency if they were so easily and often duplicated.
Also I need to log in on my town but I fear that Olivia may have moved out
It's like basing your currency on bits of printer paper.
@Yuuki Same reason as crowns
It basically allows you to carry more money at once
Even tho it may be duped, the value is the same
Now, if you mean like "How SoJ didnt lose its value" I have no idea
At AC:NL you can sell them to vendors for its price, but SoJ was totally player based
6:28 PM
I mean, the difference is that crowns can be vendored for a lot of money, right?
@Yuuki Yep
Even more if you go to a town that is buying hats
Or have a good streetpass setup
(Or homepass)
Question, what is the season in a game's season pass?
Like for an amusement park or sports, a season pass is typically a year.
Whatever the developer decides
6:41 PM
A season pass for games is around 3 dlc's
But what Dan said
Its like labeling a game as GOTY
Usually, but not always, "until we stop releasing DLC", "the first year of DLC", or "some specific set of high-value (i.e. plot) DLC"
But it's not a well-defined term.
At least shadow of war called it "Expansion pass"
Yeah, most often it's all DLC, but like Elite Dangerous: Horizons is just 2.x content
(presumably there will be 3.x stuff but idk)
@USATODAY I'm excited to watch the 2030 Netflix docudrama about the Amazon Key murders
@Sterno Oh hey, another service that I'm not signing up for.
In any case, the US seems like the wrong country to public beta this.
Maybe Canada would work better.
@Unionhawk Delivery [of your body] straight into your fridge.
I would rather build a delivery room
Aren't all the doors in Canada unlocked anyway?
Like an outhouse but for packages
@Yuuki There is no way in God's green earth I'd let a delivery person into my house
6:46 PM
Leave it unlocked, when the delivery guys come, they lock it
Like a glorified mailbox
@Moacir Except if this is intended for like perishable groceries, you'd need a fridge or whatever in it
@Ash I would rather have a fridge outside
But I dont see me buying perishable things via internet
@fredley :(
Not yet at least
Like yes there is a use case for paying somebody to buy groceries and put them away for you and such, I do not trust Walmart for these things
6:49 PM
Tbf, I did stop using it somewhere last year I think, since it bugged out with the version of firefox I was using, and the firefox dev console did all the things just as good.
@Unionhawk That's because you're somethingist
I'd just be hella uncomfortable with anyone going into my house without me there but I am hella uncomfortable with people in my house that I don't know well even if I am home, so.
@Sterno classist, would be my guess
Plus, they'd totally put the eggs in the wrong spot. TOP LEFT, NOT TOP RIGHT, WAL-MART GUY
6:50 PM
@Sterno I am against megacorps being in my house
Honestly it's just as bad for delivery people in this scenario
I would not want to be the female who is supposed to go deliver stuff inside a strange house
I mean, the guy either, really
I wonder if Arqde might have an election soon or not...
@Moacir I mean, the impending threat of the Fallout series becoming reality means that technically everything you buy is perishable.
@TheMattbat999 Hihghly unlikely.
@Yuuki That's planned obsolescence, right?
6:51 PM
They only happen as needed.
@Ash I mean, I'm uncomfortable with people I know in my house.
@Yuuki stocking up on bottle caps
Sometimes, I'm uncomfortable with myself being in my house.
@Ash ok
@Yuuki I am getting better at that but since I have a small basement apartment people don't generally want to come over :P
6:52 PM
Although that last part has only occurred when there was three inches of water in the house.
So I guess technically not really a social anxiety thing.
@Sterno Yeah, the whole thing is uncomfortable no matter what side you're on
@Sterno I have enough ammo and weapons to survive 2 fallout ganes
Q: What is the range of the target decelerator?

l IThe target decelerator simply says "reduces your currently locked target's speed". What is the effective range of this effect? If I lock a target that's 5km away, will it reduce their speed at that range?

@Yuuki No, not really, but totally understandable
@TheMattbat999 but can you drink bullets
6:54 PM
@quartata no but we have a well
mmm irradiated water
@Unionhawk exactly. We mainly got it because the tap water we get is white
Like the color
@Unionhawk hey, there was a time when delicious radium water was the thing to do
And trepanning was also a thing that was done
@KevinvanderVelden technically sometimes we still do that for things
6:58 PM
Yeah and eating cinchona bark to cure malaria was a thing that was done.
I mean, I think we still do that.
But we used to do that too.
@Ash I mean, we sometimes have to make a hole in a skull to do surgery, not to let the bad humors out
@KevinvanderVelden well, yes
@KevinvanderVelden Well, sometimes it's to let the bad tumors out.
So close enough?
Like the holes in my skull!
(okay no not tumors but still there are holes)
7:00 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Come on, it's a letter off.
@Ash yes but they're not for letting bad humors out =p
(the holes have tubes and valves in but they're holes)
It's like the difference between "Waters" and "Watters".
@KevinvanderVelden it depends what you think of my sense of humor I suppose
My skullholes are for looking and breathing, and nerve endings I suppose
> Humorism, or humoralism, was a system of medicine detailing the makeup and workings of the human body, adopted by Ancient Greek and Roman physicians and philosophers, positing that an excess or deficiency of any of four distinct bodily fluids in a person—known as humors or humours—directly influences their temperament and health.
And no, spinal fluid is not one of them!
cc @fredley I guess
@Unionhawk too ™ for me
@Unionhawk No
Yeah you're right
This is one of the more inexplicable commercial products I've seen
7:04 PM
@Unionhawk I don't imagine that this is enough coffee for the people who like coffee.
@ave I've found something to surpass metal gear fidget spinners google fixie:
And perhaps not enough vapor/smoke/whatever for the people who like smoking pipes.
Because using a french press while camping is too normal
@RedRiderX nice.
7:07 PM
Google Fridge. Soon to be full of Google Drink.
@Unionhawk Who wants to drink coffee through a straw? That's basically what this is.
The two guys promoting it
That's who
Everybody else uses a french press and a cup or something
Well, they're idiots.
like a civilized human being
@Unionhawk No, those don't drink coffee, those drink tea.
7:10 PM
I'm probably going to switch to an Aeropress. I haven't really enjoyed any of cups I've made with a French press.
We usually use a percolator camping but a french press backpacking
they launched a turkish search engine apparently.
it's based on bing data
although one person has a portable espresso monstrosity that he brought backpacking so that's also a thing
I like the smell of coffee, I have yet to find a cup of coffee that I'm willing to drink without two creams and like three sugars.
7:15 PM
This is why I do black coffee becuase it's easy to calibrate the right cream and sugar: 0
And even then, I feel like my lungs are collapsing or my heart is going to explode.
That's how you know it's working
@Yuuki You should look into cold brew.
@Nzall Looks like the bans were legitimate bans. Bungie says every ban is handed out after a manual investigation. So the people claiming they were banned for no reason are lying, according to Bungie.
@Fluttershy Based on the amount of news about it that's a lot of manual investigations...
7:21 PM
@Arperum It's also possible Bungie is lying to cover up an embarrassing launch bug. But my tinfoil hat is in the washer today. :P
@Yuuki same, but I also am really caffeine sensitive so maybe finding more ways to enjoy coffee is not a thing I should be doing
@Fluttershy your poor washing machine
@Ash I mean, supposedly tea has more caffeine than coffee but I don't have the same problems with tea.
One possibility my friend suggested regarding this Destiny 2 issue is that it may actually be code in Battle.net and not Destiny 2 that is doing this
@murgatroid99 Or Battle.net and Destiny 2 interacting.
@KevinvanderVelden grins Alright, alright
7:22 PM
Because Destiny 2 is not a Blizzard game.
@Yuuki I don't drink a lot of non-herbal teas lately
And Blizzard originally made Battle.net as a launcher only for Blizzard games.
@Yuuki But it's run from the Battle.net launcher, right?
@murgatroid99 Exactly.
7:23 PM
There's Bungie's official response.
Does Destiny 2 on PC use Battle.net for multiplayer?
@murgatroid99 The client, not the servers
Blizz does the authentication/validation and pass that to the server afaik
So, what if these people aren't getting automatically banned from Destiny, and instead they're getting automatically banned from Battle.net?
@murgatroid99 I think blizz has no power to ban people. Just like "Hey, this is one of your guys, do your job"
And then bungie servers"Hey wait a minute, this guy is doing SOMETHING, banhammer applied"
7:31 PM
cc @GodEmperorDune @Wipqozn @Ash
I'm missing something here
It's a stop sine.
@Moacir When you say they have "no power" to ban people, do you mean that they don't have the authority to ban people, or that they are actually incapable of making specific users unable to use the Destiny 2 client?
@murgatroid99 the later
On theory at least
7:32 PM
@Ash :D
@murgatroid99 For example, if I issue a chargeback, I think I get banned from battle.net
So, I may never get banned on destiny 2 but yet have no access to it
@Moacir Which means they do have that power
They have a different power
They have a roadblock, and bungie has the speed limit radars
Its not the one people are complaining
7:35 PM
@Moacir The whole point I'm making here is that this problem may be caused by Battle.net putting up those roadblocks incorrectly
@murgatroid99 You are not understanding my analogy
Q: Badges In Destiny 2 Crucible

ParzivalWhile playing the Crucible PvP in Destiny 2, I keep getting these badges in the top center of my screen. They're obviously for doing things, like getting a double kill. But some of them are quite confusing. Ones such as, "I Live here Now", and, "Wrecking Crew", confuse me. Then there's also the y...

Or I made a bad one
either way... Battle.net can ban the access to battle.net
Battle.net cannot issue bans to bungie servers
Bungie apply bans to bungie, not battle.net
However you need to use battle.net to access bungie
So technically you can be banned at 2 places
The bans people are receiving originate from bungie
@Moacir how do you know?
@murgatroid99 people can still use battle.net
7:37 PM
(from what I'm getting from this conversation without knowing any details of the actual incident)
So, battle.net has no per-game ban functionality?
I'm not certain Battle.net has a ban functionality.
@Chippies murgatroid9 has a theory that battle.net is in the wrongs here and its the responsible for all the bans
@Yuuki I think you get your access revoked if you do a chargeback on a credit card or something
@murgatroid99 destiny is not a blizzard game. Blizzard owns battle.net. Battle.net is only used as a launcher platform for Destiny 2
7:39 PM
While its technically a ban, its not the same ban
kinda like Steam is the platform for all non-valve games
@Chippies Which for the future of gaming is all games.
Well, it looks like people are generally accepting Bungie's explanation, so I guess the point is moot anyway
huh, just found out that the long edges of ipad mini 4 are magnetic
I wonder what the purpose for it is
I'm still not in favor of blanket bans
7:41 PM
I for one cannot believe that somebody would just go on reddit and lie about a popular AAA game
If you are banned, a reason must be provided
@Chippies apparently it's for magnetic cases. TIL
And "we do not discuss bans" policy is bullshit
@Moacir I can see both sides of the argument
by providing a reason you can look for/find loopholes and/or make up lies to get around the ban
so not providing a reason is good for the company
@Chippies The right for defense is a thing. May not be applied to online games, but it should
7:43 PM
Correct. Blizzard Support has been directing banned players ticketing them to Bungie, because they have no power over Destiny 2 bans.
welp, I'll go play some more Destiny 2 before I gotta have a nap before work
my work colleague is already lv20 ._.
Btw, they say the bans are applied for players that were banned during beta
Which they could have worded better. "They cheat in beta so when they buy the game they are banned" or "They cheat in beta and tried to cheat again after buying the game"
@Moacir I can't say I totally disagree with it, but they should at least offer a refund for those who preordered after the beta
@Chippies yeah exactly
They did say they have lifted 4 beta bans
idk how many beta bans there were total
7:46 PM
@Chippies How are you enjoying it, btw?
But if you're going to cheat and get banned in a free beta, then buy the game expecting to be unbanned, then uh
my friend
@Fluttershy it's quite enjoyable so far, although it's not super amazingly fun, but good nonetheless
The beta is there for beta testing
I'm lv11 and on 3rd planet and it seems like it's all the same
While I wouldn't cheat on an online game, I get why people would try it on a beta
7:47 PM
like, there could be more mob variety at least
@Fluttershy when do I unlock the 2nd subclass?
@Moacir Public beta these days is almost never for bug testing.
At the very least, that's not the primary purpose.
I do find Cayde-6 a fun character though, I hope there's more of him in the future missions
Public beta is for two things: 1) marketing and 2) load testing.
@Chippies Nessus, right? You'll meet a new one on the last planet. As for the second subclass, you'll find a sort of token that will grant you access to the shard again. I got mine from an event chest.
7:49 PM
Bugs are gone by the time public beta exists
Bugs are never gone.
But all the bugs that they feel like spending time on before release are gone.
@Fluttershy a new one? You mean a new character? I'm guessing the warlock-lady
7:50 PM
I think beta's should have its own database that is PURGED when they launch
That includes ban
@Fluttershy so, getting the subclass is sort of a random drop?
Any bugs reported during public beta won't push back the release date unless it's majorly gamebreaking.
And I think that if you cheat in a multiplayer game you can get rekt forever
@Moacir on the other hand, if you were trying to ruin other people experience in a beta, you probably will in the full game as well
especially considering how there was pretty much no single player content in the beta
I find it annoying that I have to repeat the tutorial for the other two classes. Can I please just skip ahead to the Farm?
7:53 PM
@Chippies The point is: It is not clear if they blanket ban those players or not, because there is no appeal on bans
Why not a strike system, even with only one strike
How do you know there isn't one?
If you cheat in a multiplayer game you deserve to be permanently banned with no appeal, period
@Yuuki Because they do not discuss bans
Some games get this right
Other games do not
@Moacir Maybe it depends on the offense?
Also, just because they don't discuss bans doesn't mean there's no strike system.
7:54 PM
Does it matter if there is a strike system if you never know if you have a strike?
I'm pretty sure we (read: SE) don't discuss bans and I'm also fairly certain there's a strike system.
@Moacir There's a difference between discussing bans publicly and contacting the person being banned.
Look, I didn't even have plans to get destiny, I just think its shady
I'm not saying that all the ones that "claimed" to be banned were really banned
Or if they are actually cheaters and are trying to make a fuss
@Fluttershy speaking of subclass token - I just got one
I don't think it's shady at all. Not discussing bans publicly is a good thing. Because I don't think it helps anyone if I know exactly why <certain person> was banned.
I just think a "We do not discuss bans" a stupid policy. It has its reasons, I get it, but the customer has the right to do what caused it
7:57 PM
"We don't discuss bans" is also an SE policy.
So if you think it's shady, maybe you should bring it up on Meta.SE.
They do not discuss it openly or with the person?
Because there is a difference there
If tomorrow I get banned, will I know why I was banned?
@Yuuki Slightly different - user knows why they got banned, generally, we just don't announce it all over
Thats the key point
Bungie do not discuss bans at all
If Bungie is banning people without telling them why, there's a secondary reason for that.
If someone is told that they were banned for cheating, then the cheat makers now know that they need to fix something.
@Yuuki What if you get banned and dont know what caused it?
You are saying its ok to arrest everyone because some people are criminals
7:59 PM
When you get banned in Overwatch, Jeff actually comes to your house and says "get out of my game" before throwing you and your computer out a window

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