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2:00 AM
Wait what
If 14.10 is minimum wage, that's double the US wage.
Also minimum wage is 14.10 USD an hour?????
For my role, yes.
In AUS, Minimum wage depends on role and age.
In US, minimum wage is just 7.25 if you're above 18 or -20% if you're under.
@Pavel more like \$4 after government takes away half
2:04 AM
Half? If you make minimum wage in the U.S, after deductions, you could easily be paying no tax at all.
Half tax is for people above the 100k a year
Income tax rate only goes up to 39.6% at the highest bracket.
@Pavel not half but still very high
But other taxes increase the total to around 50%
probably lower for someone whose earning minimum wage though yea
2:07 AM
@Downgoat Well, people at that tax bracket don't make most of their money from income tax, but from capital gains.
@icrieverytim I may have unintentionally fixed this issue at some point during other bugfixes lol. I haven't found any other issues but if you find another related issue with functions always returning functions, please let me know. Thank you for your contributions to Proton development!
(:o I have 12 stars on Proton? cool)
The capital gains tax rate is 20%.
After deductions, that comes to maybe 15%?
@Pavel you don't gain money from income tax?
I meant "Standard income" and not "income tax"
US tax rates are actually relatively low.
._. just realized how chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/40362739#40362739 sounds out of context
2:10 AM
Question: how does college grading generally work?
like in high school we can go onto website and see our grades
but how does that work in coolege
Remember Jesus saves (With Ctrl+S)
@Downgoat same way for most places iirc
@Pavel you live in washington right?
I do go to collage while doing HS and Work so I actually know that happens
2:12 AM
@Pavel do you guys have property tax
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ are your collages digital?
Income tax is a national tax rate. The state, county, city, etc. collect other kinds of taxes.
@Downgoat It is a physical collage
In WA, at least, property taxes are collected by the county.
The city collects Utility taxes, Garbage collection taxes, Gambling taxes, Cable service taxes, and Admissions taxes.
The state collects mainly sales tax.
Fun fact: Alaska does not collect state taxes, and, in fact, earns enough money from oil to give its residents a federal tax break.
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ oh, is this on like a wall or like on just like construction paper
2:15 AM
@Pavel yeah, all 3
@Christopher2EZ4RTZ collage is a collection of images
Just watch that (like the 5 seconds after where I linked)
make that 10-15
2:50 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

GryphonPrime Powers of Primes. code-golf primes sequence For the purpose of this challenge, a Prime Power of a Prime (PPP) is defined as a number that can be defined as a prime number to the power of a prime number. For example, 9 is a PPP because it can be represented as 3^2. 81 on the other hand is...

3:04 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

GryphonPerforming Inverse Hyperoperations. code-golf number math Hyperoperations are defined as repetitively applying the previous hyperoperation to a number. The first hyperoperation is addition. The second is multiplication (repeatedly applying addition to a number). The third is exponention (rep...

I'm adding list functions to ARBLE, are there any list functions you can't live without?
(Things like list.map and .reduce)
@ATaco list.where
What does that do in particular?
range(1,10).where(i=>i % 2 == 0) yields [2, 4, 6, 8, 10]
LUA pseudo-syntax may appear different.
So essentially filter
But with a slighter shorter name.
3:09 AM
I forgot how it was usually called
where is golfier.
@Pavel where(range(1,10),#(1-i%2))
Or range(1,10).where(#(1-i%2))
I feel like equa was supposed to eliminate the need for #?
Or something like that
not when you explicitly want to to behave as a function within another one.
# casts a protoexpression to a function, which means it's contents won't be substituted during the building of the new protoexpression.
If you were to do gsub(a,'(%w)(%w)',upper(c)..lower(d)) then tried to call it, it would still be waiting for values for c and d before executing the gsub, wrapping upper(c)..lower(d) in #() says that this is a function that should be passed to gsub explcitly, which is than called by gsub, instead of by the protoexpression.
3:17 AM
No no, I see.
Does Lua have a lambda syntax?
It has function()end or load"" and nothing else.
Any other list functions I should add- Oh, split.
Clear, also
To empty a list..?
Clear prolly makes more sense in a language where there's more boilerplate to create a new list though
Like python is just list = [] and C# is list = new List<type>();
Well here it's list()
So clear(a) is a bit wasteful
3:24 AM
2 hours later…
5:00 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing :'-( Your puppo was nice
5:29 AM
ARBLE now has lists. Yay.
6:15 AM
Q: An Euro-iginal Sequence

Ian H.An Euro-iginal Sequence Given a positive integer n output the n-th number of the euro-iginal sequence. Calculating the Sequence This sequence is equal to OEIS A242491. A number is part of said sequence if the number can be made up by using as many different euro coins or notes, but only one ...

1 hour later…
7:21 AM
@xnor why did you delete your answer? Seems to work perfectly no?
7:43 AM
@StewieGriffin it works with indexing a(1)=1
otherwise, i have to replace all n with ~-n, which costs 8 bytes
there's probably a better way to do it then, but i'd rather not think it through if the easier indexing might be allowed
8:28 AM
Hey @LeakyNun you used Coconut before, right?
Is it possible to use the pipe operator to turn something like this: a.split() into a |> .split() or something like that using the pipe?
I don't think I've used it before
Does anyone live in Philadelphia/has experience in Philadelphia?
@LeakyNun you dropped a ´
8:44 AM
@Fatalize right
How is England btw?
not bad
Is it raining?
9:02 AM
oh lol I already forgot it
9:44 AM
@Fatalize It's my city :P sorry I'll stop
… I don't get it
@Fatalize Good, you're one of the blessed ones
Never mind
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Stewie GriffinSimple markdown rendering There are several ways to create headers on posts on the Stack Exchange network. The format that's most commonly1 used on PPCG seems to be: # Level one header ## Level two header ### Level three header Note the space after the hash marks. Also, not that trailing hash...

11:27 AM
Student-Poll: Did you go to school today?
Why wouldn't they?
11:51 AM
> Value returned from function normalizeHost() must be of type string, string given
I love PHP...
@Fatalize Because it's the international day of Education
@Mr.Xcoder ...huh?
I'm not sure how "not going to school" is how you celebrate such a day
Well some Counties in our Country had school cancelled, and we went to school.
Actually it's World Teacher's day
so teachers go on strike to celebrate it? in fact I'm curious as to why some counties had school cancelled
Not sure either. Only those from Bucharest and 2 other Counties didn't go to school, the whole rest of the Country did... Strange
CMC: Return the first N integers that have at least one digit 5 or 8.
10 -> [5, 8, 15, 18, 25, 28, 35, 38, 45, 48]
Great... Mathematica is on TiO rn :-)
12:05 PM
@Mr.Xcoder jelly, 9 bytes (full program): 5Df5,8$$#
I am really interested in a Jelly solution to my CMC... Lol
Very nice!
(hint: I can't guess if pyth would beat it)
I don't think so
12:06 PM
yeah ,5 8 is already 4 bytes
You don't necessarily need that, the +/...5/...8 is the exact same byte count as f...,5 8
10 bytes: .f@,5 8jZT
or .f@,5 8sM`
Alternatively, I had .f@,5 8vM`
@EriktheOutgolfer Do you mind if I use something similar to your Jelly approach for an answer on Main?
umm...no? would be nice if you credit though :)
what challenge?
Will give credit of course
The latest
12:12 PM
I think you'd at least need Œṗ instead of D and of course different integers instead of 5,8 :p
also I'm afraid there is already a jelly answer, although I'm not sure yet
@EriktheOutgolfer There is one, but it's bad
Oh not anymore
actually it's still bad
of course 1,10,ȷ2 can be compressed
and I'm sure there's a way to represent 4,32,256 in 1 less byte
Thanks for the -2 on my Pyth answer :-)
@EriktheOutgolfer Wait why Œṗ?
oh you have another approach it seems
Q: I don't like change!

Kevin CruijssenInput: Two strings without newlines or spaces. Output: Both input strings on separate lines, with spaces where necessary† for one of the two strings. And a third line with the characters A, R, M and , representing added, removed, modified, and unchanged. † We add spaces to either the top or b...

12:22 PM
:'-( I cannot get mine to work properly
12:34 PM
@Mr.Xcoder PowerShell, 47 bytes -- param($n)(5..(5*$n)|?{$_-match'[58]'})[0..--$n] -- Try it online!
@Mr.Xcoder I think your jelly answer is going to be 11 bytes
@EriktheOutgolfer How? Help
just making a guess
Quite precise for a simple guess :P
@EriktheOutgolfer I think you already know, but just in case 0Dḟ4,9$$# wouldn't work
yeah I'm not posting mine because I know you are going to
@Mr.Xcoder of course not
12:39 PM
Ok :-)
@EriktheOutgolfer :'-( Help I have 21 bytes: 888RµD4eµÐḟµD9eµÐḟµ³ị
try again lol
I am incapable of using your work to my advantage
it's really just an :p
@EriktheOutgolfer Is that mean't to be a hint?
@someone Nope, Logical Not
yes, I looked in the wrong place.
12:43 PM
Well 20 bytes now: 888µD4eµÐḟµD9eµÐḟµ³ị
remember the cmc?
I do.
Trying to figure it out with smth similar to yours
the answer is 5Df5,8$$#
so to negate just add an
yes, I do not really know how to combine ¬... Dangabbit
@Mr.Xcoder not ¬
12:45 PM
I know
@EriktheOutgolfer Thanks a lot!
@EriktheOutgolfer so identity? (:P jk)
Posted. I just don't understand how I was that dumb
Mine is 0Df9,4Ṇ$$#Ṫ
Thanks Erik!
(how I constantly forget the thing about $)
mine was
An alternative :P ®Df9,4Ṇ$$#Ṫ
I posted my first challenge to the sandbox, and I'd like to get more feedback on it codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/14004/57013
12:50 PM
Well mine was 59$Ṫ,D® ;-)
@AdmBorkBork huh?
I just wanted to be a part of things ._.
that's an error btw :p
like, leading 59$? something isn't right...
Every single piece of Jelly code I've ever written has been an error, so I'm not too surprised.
@EriktheOutgolfer Dennis got 7 bytes. RIP
12:58 PM
again, maths
The only thing I understand that he is doing repeated base convertion
I don't have a clue how it works though
I see divmod in there too
@Mr.Xcoder Which challenge?
Q: An Euro-iginal Sequence

Ian H.An Euro-iginal Sequence Given a positive integer n output the n-th number of the euro-iginal sequence. Calculating the Sequence This sequence is equal to OEIS A242491. A number is part of said sequence if the number can be made up by using as many different euro coins or notes, but only one ...

@Mr.Xcoder JavaScript (ES6), 57 bytes: f=(n,i=5)=>n?/[58]/.test(i)?[i,...f(n-1,i+1)]:f(n,i+1):[]
1:13 PM
ಠ_ಠ I have 71 bytes in Python
@Mr.Xcoder Thank you
1:28 PM
@HyperNeutrino Just an observation: I tied ya' again :P
I am happy with 28 in Ruby and being first to the base-8 idea.
@Mr.Xcoder nice :P
1:44 PM
@Mego interesting way of saying JavaScript :P
1:56 PM
CMP: Should the expression "I'm shook" (using the past tense as a past participle) be acceptable?
I vote no :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing what happened to your profile picture
@HyperNeutrino I changed it
well that was obvious ._.
but like the dog was cute :3 why did you switch back to identicon
(if you don't mind me asking, of course :P)
Did you see the one directly before my identicon?
like the picture of another dog?
Yeah. I changed it to that, then went to bed, was on mobile and really didn't like the new one, couldn't change it back to the first dog, so put it on identicon until I got to a computer
2:08 PM
ah ok :P
oh mhm yup
(forgot to scroll down)
The massive outgolfing :P
but yeah rip my 20 byte solution :P It was intended as an alternate approach off of totally human's and I made my solution with the intent to outgolf him and then xcoder came along and then dennis came along and everyone lost to him lol
Also, totallyhuman had one directly above that, but my browser didn't zoom that much
> But -1 because this is the first time ever a Jelly answer is longer than my Java answer.
2:11 PM
Nobody here works in Microsoft, right ?
I am 100% sure that even the folks at Microsfot don't use Windows Edge, they use Google Chrome.
I use Edge at home, Chrome at work
I wonder how many Microsoft employees have apple devices...
I used to use Firefox until it started bugging out on me (on Linux) so I switched to Chrome. It's still bugged out in another way but it's better than Firefox :P
they have a bunch of Mac programmers, they'll all have Macs
@HyperNeutrino All of them
I use Chrome at school because chromebooks use chrome :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing lol
2:16 PM
CMC: Interpret Deadfish
Edge is the stupdiest browser even made. It even doesn't have a in build full screen feature.
Hi @Downgoat
@cairdcoinheringaahing (attempting to make an interpreter in Jelly lol)
@HyperNeutrino Yeah, I was going to post mine to the challenge, but it needs to be interactive, which Jelly doesn't do
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly has STDIN
@HyperNeutrino ಠ_ಠ Yeah, I know, but it doesn't do well handling interactive inputs and outputs. It would probably be a long as the rest of the program
2:26 PM
it would be a pain but it is possible
does our interpreter need to be interactive for the CMC?
@HyperNeutrino No
is it just me or is the "correct answer" the same as what you wrote
@HyperNeutrino Yes, that's why it hates me
2:28 PM
ok so i am not confuz
rip your homework :P
> However, due to the limiting features of the language, programming in this language became like eating (and having to smell) dead, rotting fish heads, an experience not often generally considered pleasurable.
> not often generally considered pleasurable.
"not often" - really? I thought it was always considered so! :P
A better question is: why do you even have to learn "youth hostel" for homework? That seem like a worthless word
@Fatalize Because its part of the module we're doing
I have no control over it
Compound nouns are great
@Fatalize Is it more or less worthless than "launderette"?
2:31 PM
TIL launderette
@Fatalize It's a useful word if you're a student touring Europe and hotels are too expensive.
CMC: Given two positive integers, determine if the first occurs in more than one partition of the other
2:40 PM
(It's a trappy question) - CMC means Chat-Mini-Challenge
Okay, lemme post one:
Oh well nevermind
@Mr.Xcoder can you give an example?
(converts to Jelly code and evals :P)
2:44 PM
@flawr 4, 6 -> partitions of 6: [[1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1], [1, 1, 1, 1, 2], [1, 1, 1, 3], [1, 1, 2, 2], [1, 1, 4], [1, 2, 3], [1, 5], [2, 2, 2], [2, 4], [3, 3], [6]] -> True
5, 6 -> False
@HyperNeutrino Wouldn't y be a shorter way of translating it?
3 bytes in Pyth.
@cairdcoinheringaahing hold on let me look at that
:I there is a translate atom
I never knew about that 0/10 me
And it doesn't use the partitions built-in, since I just wanted to post a very trivial CMC in a fancy manner
You can assume that both integers are positive. And the second is higher than or equal to 3.
If I understand the trick, 3 bytes in Jelly
2:46 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 6 bytes
@cairdcoinheringaahing hehe I think you used my initial approach xD
wait no my initial approach was 9 bytes 0/10 me
2 bytes.
If I can take the arguments in reverse, I can have 6 bytes, otherwise 7
Using my assumptions above.
@cairdcoinheringaahing You can take args in reverse
2:47 PM
oh yeah 2 bytes if we're allowed to output any positive number as truthy and 0 as falsy
Spoiler for 2 bytes
@Mr.Xcoder Jelly, 6 bytes: ŒṗFċ’
@Mr.Xcoder wait what :I
oh yeah I completely failed lol
I had {gcd} (decrement) but that's completely off
If the integer to be partitioned, B is higher than or equal to 3, then the other one appears more than once in its partitions iff it is ≤ B - 2.
lol that's true
2:50 PM
ಠ_ಠ My German homework is very weird. This is an example of the next task
Maybe my answer fails for some cases? I don't think so though
@cairdcoinheringaahing Huh? ಠ_ಠ
@Mr.Xcoder I have to copy the first word. That's it
if you have A and B where B > A + 1 then you have at least two partitions: A, 2, ... and A, 1, 1, ...
Crappy homework
@HyperNeutrino B ≥ A + 2
2:51 PM
@Mr.Xcoder s/crappy/easy
@cairdcoinheringaahing Actually I'd keep crappy
@HyperNeutrino @cairdcoinheringaahing JHT?
@Mr.Xcoder Give me 15 minutes to finish my homework
yeah I should do mine too.
But I have time nevertheless. Ping me
ಠ_ಠ My homework was wrong.
> an der Ecke rechts
Left at the corner
@cairdcoinheringaahing well the germans do everything the opposite way around, didn't you know?
2:55 PM
@flawr ಠ_ಠ That doesn't help :P
but what kind of shitty learning aid is that?
@flawr The textbook provided by the exam board
@Pavel Everything is zero bytes, because he already foresaw the challenge and made a language with the answer built-in
@mbomb007 So does Jesus break the standard loopholes?
@mbomb007 so metaGS
2:59 PM
You're not allowed to use knowledge of an upcoming challenge (because it's being discussed or because it's in the sandbox) to help you with the challenge. Practically this didn't really work out, bit yeah.
@cairdcoinheringaahing no because the language came before the challenge idea
but at the same time, like Pavel said, he's using knowledge of the upcoming challenge (though it's just through his future seeing abilities)
Which is just a different standard loophole
> standard loopholes
opens meta question to add time travel to standard loopholes
@Pavel oh
3:05 PM
CMC: Given a chat message, check it for common clichés (Italics, puns, oxymorons, sarcasm, jokes) and approximately output the number of stars it is expected to have.
VTC as unclear
@cairdcoinheringaahing 😑
public static int f(){return 4;}
For example, `
public static int f(){return 4;}` should return around 2~3
3:09 PM
still unclear
shouldn't that be int getRandomNumber() { return 4; } // chosen by fair dice roll. guaranteed to be random.
@HyperNeutrino Hmm...okay, the code should analyze, and predict the message "shouldn't that be public static int randint() { return 4; } // chosen by dice roll, guaranteed to be random.
" would fetch arund 2~3 stars.
I know what analyse means ಠ_ಠ but your question has no specifications
Ok too many stars
Ok , "Ok too many stars" should have around 4~5 stars.
3:12 PM
I should have just googled xkcd 221 in the first place
@Pavel A few days ago you were complaining about a lack of stars, now you're complaining about too many?
@AlexKChen so essentially just a random number generator
No I can predict it with +-2 error beforehand.
so, when you say 4~5, you actually mean 2~7?
3:13 PM
SOGL, 4 bytes: 1L«/ according to TNDBE this has 98% accuracy
@cairdcoinheringaahing imagine you received no water for two days, and were near drowned on the third. You would complain, right?
OK, I generate the expected stars from the code algorithm described in this video by Steric Leya
looks like AdmBorkBork is winning
@Poke In starred messages?
3:18 PM
in the cmc, yeah
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's not a loophole
@Poke What about this?
@cairdcoinheringaahing that doesn't seem to have output
it's a static string
Yeah, but it has the most stars. Are we talking about the same winning criteria?
I'm talking about this CMC
3:21 PM
@HyperNeutrino "What! A language has existed for 50 years, and it happens to play Tetris for zero bytes? And nobody knew about it? Amazing!"
mhm :P
@Neil Careful, anyone who can time travel will have to take you out if you open that meta question.
what do you mean if? wait, what happened to it?
Maybe a mod can time travel. :O
They went back in time and ran for moderator
ah yes, that would do it
are there any moderators who've suspiciously been here all this time?
3:25 PM
@Neil glances at Dennis
there's probably a time travel atom in Jelly we don't know about
@Neil I hope not. If there was, I'd be failing at learning it :P
time travelling atoms? :o
anyway gtg o/
28 stars in the past half hour :\
@Neil I wondered what 🕑 meant
3:29 PM
@AlexKChen s/25/28
@cairdcoinheringaahing Eh ?
@AlexKChen Its a regex replace. It means replace 25 with 28 in the message
Oh it averages to around 1 star per 1 minute

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