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9:00 PM
@TaylorScott Just in case you didn't know, TIO has Visual Basic
it does but VBA is a distinct and different language from VB
@TaylorScott Really? I wish different languages would stop using similar names glares at Java and JavaScript
Especially Excel-VBA as it has no true STDIN/OUT so the community has essentially decided that any reasonable I/O counts as STDIN/OUT
I actually wrote up the spec for this on the VBA Tips Page
But yeah, I have been working on my Mona Lisa solution, and it worked on one computer that is not in front of me at the moment, but does not work on my main battle station with 64-bit excel and I am trying to figure out why
@TaylorScott Wow that is cool. I barely know how to add a column in Excel :P
Today is my 3 year anniversary on PPCG :)
9:10 PM
@DJMcMayhem 3rd Yearling badge?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I have to use VBA for work - like only VBA, which kinda sucks, but the ~3000 hrs that I have in it mean that I can golf it pretty well at thus point
@TaylorScott 3000 hours? I'd hate to do your job (no criticism, just my work ethic :P)
Yeah, there are days I do - but it pays really well and I am still taking classes so I do what I have to
@DJMcMayhem Dennis is approaching 4 years. Is PPCG really that old?
9:12 PM
PPCG is 7.5 years old IIRC
Wow. I've only been around for 6 months. It feels a lot longer :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I'm 1 month away from 6 years.
@PhiNotPi All of it spend on QFT? :P
I've only been around for 10
9:15 PM
QFT was a 1.5-year project
Also Dennis currently has answered 2345 times and that brings me more joy than it should
that works out to about 1.35 answers a day
that's more than I think I could do
hi there lemon
I'm around one post every two days
SE is refusing to give me a "Curious" badge, despite having asked positively voted questions for 17 days. I think I need to ask one more question that gets upvoted to receive it
@DJMcMayhem I'm around 1 post every week (maybe less), but am addicted to PPCG D:D
@cairdcoinheringaahing You probably have too many closed/negative/deleted questions to get it
Hehe, I've posted 102 times, and all of my most upvoted posts are questions :P
9:24 PM
A: How is a "positive question record" calculated?

CaiThe List of all badges with full descriptions explains the criteria: A positive question record means you don't have too many closed, downvoted or deleted questions, overall. The formula is (total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions ≥ 0.5` Questions that...

Welp, I have to post 9 questions that aren't closed, deleted or negatively scored to get a bronze badge. Too much effort :P
CMC: Given 2 integers, p and q, increment them until p÷q ≥ 0.5, then output the difference between the new values and the original input. Example: 16, 41 => 25, 50 => 25 - 16 => 9
I have 14 bytes for Jelly, working on golfing
Make that 11 bytes :P
9:43 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Actually, 12 bytes: ╗1⌠╜+i/2ì≤⌡╓
Read: first i in [0..] where 1/2 ≤ (p+i)/(q+i)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Dyalog APL, 14 bytes: ⊃1∘+⍣{2≥÷/⍺}-⊢ (takes input in reversed order)
Explanation: first of 1∘+ increment until {2≥÷/⍺} 2≥ratio of the current value - minus the original value.
Ooh, reversed order of input would make things shorter
11 with reversed input order: ╗1⌠╜+i/2≥⌡╓
9:54 PM
@Mego p#q=... is even shorter=)
@flawr Oh right, defining infix operators
Hmpf, Jelly isn't nice enough to let me shave bytes by reversing the arguments
@Mego What about p#q=[i|i<-[0..],i>=q-2*p]!!0?
or even p!q=filter(>=q-2*p)[0..]!!0
Those are both better, and led to an inspiration for golfing the Actually program
Also ! uses only two lines, while # needs four :)
10:06 PM
Wait what
Also the Actually program is still 11 bytes with the multiply-by-2 formulation :(
secretly fist-bumps Jelly. "We're not losing yet"
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jelly just wobbles
@flawr ಠ_ಠ <insert "Jelly is the best" statement>
When it comes to programming I think I still prefer Haskell
But as a snack...
10:18 PM
Y'all know why APL is called APL right?
Apple Programming Language /s
@PhiNotPi Missed opportunity for APL Programming Language :-)
Is it just A Programming Language?
@FunkyComputerMan Yes, named after a paper, "A Programming Language", which proposed a theoretical programming language (quite different from APL actually).
Adám's Personal Language?
10:23 PM
Ah that's pretty funny
Anyway, what I wanted to get at is that I thought that was the silliest reason for a PL name until I heard last week why its daughter J was named J (and hence Jelly, Jelly).
Any ideas? For a clue, look down.
Is J the average position of APL
@FunkyComputerMan Wow, that's neat. I never noticed. But no, that isn't the reason.
It might not be for all or even most keyboards though
@FunkyComputerMan Not all, true, but certainly most.
10:28 PM
@Adám APL Juice?
@flawr Me and my family are the APL Jews.
haha :D
Do you really have APL-affine family members?
Hehe, time to mess with TIO's automatic post formatting :P
@flawr My father was a very good APLer. I'm teaching my son…
Oh cool!
Unfortunately I don't have any programmers in my family.
I've tried to convince some people of the advantages of being able to write programs, but it seems I've failed.
10:32 PM
@flawr Right, if they were computers, you could just have programmed them to want it.
I don't think they are, but even if they were my programming skills are not that good:)
So the reason J is called J is that Roger Hui was touch typing the C source and needed to name the file. He's a righty and his right index finger was of course on the J button. Hence J.
Could as well have been an ö if he was using a swiss keyboard:)
@flawr No, how? Almost all layouts have the touch typer's right index finger on J.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Have you considered the possibility that Dennis will disapprove of this and just not add it?
10:35 PM
@Adám ah no it is the right pinky, but why using the index finger:)
could as well have been the pinky
@Pavel Yes, but there is also the chance that he will add it, and that'll be fun :P
@flawr Which finger do you use to press arbitrary buttons?
My left index finger^^
@flawr I wrote that he is a righty.
@Pavel He disapproved of ⎕R and ⎕S as language names.
Just tried to write with hands switched
(to justify getting to the ö with my left index finger:)
10:41 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing On the subject of brainfuck derivatives:
Jan 2 at 5:49, by Mego
> A friendly message from The Name of All that is Good and Holy: Hello! This is The Name of All that is Good and Holy. Before you think of making your own extension to this language, here's another idea for you to consider: Don't! For the love of me, please don't make another derivative of this language! Unless you have something truly new to contribute, it's been done a million times before and will probably make it worse than the original.
@Pavel Well, clearly, mine is new and innovative :P
Has anyone made an esolang that looks like SQL yet? (Shakespeare/Chef/TrumpScript/ArnoldC style)
Not I
I just discovered that this page exists and I'm not sure how; it's kinda funny though.
> Yes, we do look at every error. We even try to fix some of them.
@Pavel So that's who Shog is!
10:45 PM
@TaylorScott Is that an affirmative answer of a language called "Not I" or a negative answer about a specific author?
negative about a specific author, as in me
esolangs make things confusing
@Pavel Hang on, need to check all 200 of these to make sure mine is unique :P
\o/ today is my one-year anniversary of joining PPCG
Got the yearling badge
happy cake day
10:51 PM
@Pavel That's hilarious:
2 hours ago, by DJMcMayhem
Today is my 3 year anniversary on PPCG :)
Wait a second, I actually bought a cake earlier today! :O
@DJMcMayhem Cool!
I want to setup a linux host that shares a read-only directory. The contents are not private so encryption doesn't matter. The whole host size is a few GB with tons of small files that are accessed rapidly, but in short bursts, by many clients. Right now NFS seems to work fine, but I wonder if there's a better option performance-wise?
So tempted to improve it now
@Pavel Your first post was a challenge?
And my second, and my third, and my fourth
10:55 PM
@Pavel Wait, is there a pattern there?
I never got to answer people's questions clarifying my restrictions on Prime builtins, since I asked the question, went to sleep, and woke up the next day with 20 answers already there.
@Adám ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like writing challenges more than golfing code
My first challenge: Bob the Bowman
10:56 PM
I don't actually like golfing code, but answering challenges is fun. Then I have to shorten variables and remove whitespace so it qualifies.
11:08 PM
@Mego And then you go back and edit it!
@Mego Oof, that's tough
@Adám I just realized applied :P
Are there any languages that have a built-in tree structure?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Still easier than some others I've written: 1, 2
11:13 PM
@Pavel Like JSON objects?
Yes, like JSON objects. That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks.
@Mego Bloody hell, those are difficult. Only 2 answers each :P
@Pavel JavaScript has. Dyalog APL has.
@cairdcoinheringaahing The ASCII art one only has one. The other is deleted. And the 2 on Syzygy are both from Dennis :P
My hardest challenges: 1, 2
11:28 PM
My hardest challenge: this. I'm the only person to answer :P
yow that looks ridiculous - how long did it take you to write that up?
@TaylorScott about a week to code and golf it.
that looks about right
is there a right word for what I am trying to say>
anyways - +1
And, about a month ago, I revisited it and golfed 120 from it :P
11:37 PM
Has anyone seen any interesing challenges in the last week or so? I need something to answer.
any idea what y'all's best improvemnet on a single question is?
and funky - this is old but super cool - and a pet project of mine
@FunkyComputerMan Something simple or something hard?
Simple and hard are no mutually exclusive ;P
I'd like something simple though
Q: Dizzy integer enumeration

PavelYour challenge today is to output a given term of a sequence enumerating all of the integers. The sequence is as follows: If we have a 0-indexed function generating the sequence f(n) and ceil(x) is the ceiling function, then f(0) = 0; abs(f(n)) = ceil(n/2); sign(f(n)) is positive when n and ceil(...

Q: Add an array with itself

PavelYour challenge today is to take a an array, split it into chunks, and add those chunks. Here's how this works: Your program or function will be given an array of integers a and a chunk size L. The array should be split into arrays of size L, if the array length is not divisible by L then the arr...

@FunkyComputerMan Still aiming for your gold badge? ;P
11:42 PM
@Pavel Thanks! I'm going to try the Dizzy integer enumeration
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