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11:00 AM
it's still hard to find a job opening though
most people here stick to decade old stuff
because it works...
learn 10 yr old stuff, get jorb
oh I do know 10 year old stuff
11:02 AM
I don't mean 10 year old frameworks etc
replacing stuff costs money.
I mean 10 year old code and software
they simply don't want changes
you realise banks run on 50yr old software, right?
because change is dangerous @Avery
11:03 AM
they're not hiring anyone.
So there's no jobs?
so no need to learn new stuff?
there are 3 jobs I can apply to right now
but they require:
You lookin for a job?
11:04 AM
1) University degree. Fuck degree requirements.
Or is this just theoretical?
I need decent food
I'm going to take that as a yes.
2) me to go through the conscription, and I need to be over 18 for that
and fuck military.
Ah, getting a job as a 'young un' is hard.
11:05 AM
3) for me to not smoke. I'm not a smoker but when you're that controlling over your employee's lives, god knows what other terribleness I'll see there
Hmmmm depending on the job, that kinda makes sense, but illegal to require that over here.
a baker who stinks of fags would be horrific, for example
I'm not a baker though.
well, what's the job?
Working on a oil rig? that'd still make sense ;D
"software developer"
Ok, that's a bit odd.
But, if everything else fits I'd apply for it
I'd also apply for stuff that requires a uni degree, just because
11:09 AM
I'll prob attend dev events
And just apply there if anyone's looking for a dev
basically I hate people interactions and people seem to love it
most devs don't love it
most tech's don't love it
I certainly don't love it
The idea of a convention to me, is the worst possible thing you can send me on from work.
turks love it
11:24 AM
recruiters especially
80% of humanity loves it
oh yes, because they aren't techs
conventions are great, especially if you get the company to pay
they are extroverted penii holes.
Re 1) Uni degree. I find that often the degree does not matter. What you learned might not matter much either. But to that that degree you usually have to be able to think. And that is important.
11:25 AM
you rock up, learn something new, don't do real work
@Burgi I learn something new every day at work
and get real work done :/
And re 3). Next they will decide if you must have children or not (birth control)
@djsmiley2k but the company will pay to send you to london or something and pay for food and beer
@Hennes that is illegal in europe
@Burgi eugh?
I honestnly can't think of something worse
a free trip to london?
i've only ever been twice
11:27 AM
I was about to type London, food or beer.
the company paid for the 2nd trip
I might have been there 4 or 5 times a year for a few years
I've been a few times
do not want.
There's people there
@Hennes I mean if they're paying I'm more than willing to take it
i got free beer, i saw all the sights, got annoyed by americans and got sharepoint training
11:29 AM
wtf am i meant to do with sharepoint training lol
dude it was a free trip to london
i wasn't complaining
I am using sharepoint atm. It is horrible.
I would lol
Slow, unly working with excel and IE (and no with other web browsers), ...
@Burgi did you come back to having no one added for the time of the trip?
11:31 AM
@djsmiley2k not sure what that means
'go away for 2 days.... came back to 40+ new tickets'
anyway my point is i'm an introvert
I'll avoid people as much as humanly possible
humanly possible
i'm an introvert too
@bwDraco :D I couldn't think of a better term :D
@Burgi Ok, I actively hate people
i managed to spend 3 days in london and not talk to anyone apart from the hotel reception and the man who made sandwiches
11:37 AM
how'd you get there?
tbh its the perfect city for not interacting with people because londoners are rude
@djsmiley2k train
i like the train
the tube... its unnatural
I spend days without talking
@Burgi "I'm the underminer! I am beneath you, but you are beneath me!"
I'm a lot happier typing
people here have trouble grokking me
11:40 AM
tube here is pain
I keep getting bag checks in which I need to talk etc
also all our malls have metal detectors and xray bag scanners
which also leads to talking
i accidentally had water in my bag at the airport
the security guy was REALLY pissed off
which pissed me off
I nearly got arrested twice in last few years
one for saying "bomb" on security (full context: I was entering a building for hundred+th time in a month and I just blurbed "jfc it's not like I have a bomb")
one for taking pics of security just to say "mall? more like airport" to a murican friend
in the UK if authority stops you you can silently judge them and bottle up your anger like a good englishman
11:45 AM
do they have AK47's at the security?
@Burgi Don't forget to make some remark out of earshot...
they have smgs here
@djsmiley2k of course
I know when my wife went to Israel many years ago, all the airport security had AK47's
I typically go "Sure!"
though I once went "yeah, we've done this a half dozen times, here's my bag"
11:46 AM
they only doing their job
that's what I do at security nowadays
and it's gonna suck to be them
because what's gonna happen if you try and open the terrorists bag :/
just walk towards them and turn my bag around so they can use the hand scanner thing
The one day they succeed in their job, maybe their last :/
though I once annoyed security who were swabbing my bag by going "Cool!"
11:47 AM
At DLP they have xray scanners
they get annoyed if you lean in to reach your bag
their job isn't to find bombs. Its to convince people with bombs they will find their bombs before they bomb their bombs.
and get a mutant green arm, and then start smashin stuff up...
yo dawg.... I heard yo like bombs?
that'd literally get you arrested
saying that
11:50 AM
Not sure if this is SFW or appropriate for chat...
sure it is
when i went to sicily the man at security said "put your kindles and ipads in a separate box". not having either of those devices i left my nexus 7 in my bag...
got a right bollocking for that
@djsmiley2k I like bom's. Especially cboms
yeah, when they said 'all metal items in this tray, all electronics in this one I ended up handing them a huggeee pile
(Configurable Bill Of Materials)
11:56 AM
I love it
Those have such explosive taste
i had my studded belt on, my shoes have metal rails in the soles, 2 rings, watch,, laptops, mp3 players, ps vita, ds', kindle, 2x nexus, amazon fire...
and then they scan my bag and see the C-PAP machine with it's facemask
they are like Sir, Do you have a GAS MASK in your bag?!
so then comes out the medication
enough tranqs to down a elephant ;D
The guy's eyes are getting wider and wider
Here, it looks as if need need at least one of these.... ;)
looks like a storm is blowing in outside.
@bwDraco it is
Thanks for clarifying.
12:16 PM
@djsmiley2k loool
yeah that was a fun one ;D
@rahuldottech Congrats and good luck!
@DavidPostill thanks!
I'm reaching the office in a few minutes
Good luck!
12:42 PM
@rahuldottech good luck
you guys might know
if there's some kind of 'virtual' cisco firewall I can just play iwth configs on?
@Dave so true
I don't wany anything 'cloud based' as I'm dealing with customer networks
isn't that what GNS do?
you need IOS images tho
1:03 PM
@djsmiley2k GNS3
1:24 PM
looks nice
My Outlook can't handle icalendar responses from people who use LTR systems apparently
Whatever the other one is :P
1:51 PM
I really really think this may work out
even if it doesn't you did good
The guys I presented to were very impressed
awesome :)
@rahuldottech great news
2:20 PM
Q: Why isn't there an eclipse every month?

Martin GaleGiven that eclipses occur, why aren't they more regular? If the sun and the moon are in the same plane, shouldn't the moon transect the line from the earth to the sun every month? I guess order of magnitude, if the moon at 10^-2 radians was in a random place every day, then an eclipse once / 18...

Q: Why don't we see solar and lunar eclipses often?

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Word for word.
yet another subpar xkcd
@Burgi you know how people link to old XKCDs as relevant?
No one will link to the ones published in the last two years or so in the future
Because, they're simply boring
but in 2090, when the next full exclipse comes round
they will xD
No puns, no jokes
2:32 PM
System Properties
Windows created a temporary paging file on your computer because of a problem that occurred with your paging file configuration when you started your computer.  The total paging file size for all disk drives may be somewhat larger than the size you specified.
That's new.
@bwDraco To you maybe ;D
is there a list of dates when the bootstrap versions were released?
Is that enough? :D
Otherwise the git log of the repo maybe
it might be
2:50 PM
@bwDraco tried to setup paging on a removable disk, and then removed it?
Actually, ImDisk virtual disk image on an external medium so that Windows is fooled into thinking it's internal media.
3:07 PM
would also work with VHDs I suspect
@bwDraco sounds like it wasn't quite fooled?
Tried that, didn't work.
@djsmiley2k That's because the volune disappears on reboot. I have to manually remount it.
Ok I think I won the star wall.
It's friday after all \o\/
I appear to have bellyflopped....
3:36 PM
bruce forseyth has died
yeah someone just said at work
BBC confirms.
y'all need this in your life.
a kebab?
3:53 PM
but oh so good.
4:39 PM
@djsmiley2k What? 2090? There is one every year or so ...
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I have symmetrical 150/150 Mbps FiOS and tomorrow I'm upgrading to Gigabit :D (they just need a day to process the change)
it's "gigabit-ish" -- about 980 down, 800-something up... but still blazin' fast
@allquixotic At work, I hope, or either I envy you so much...
@ThatREDACTEDGuy home
at work we already have gigabit shared across an office
which isn't too terribly fast with so many people ;(
this will be gigabit all to myself
@allquixotic 940/880.
@bwDraco yeah, that
@ThatREDACTEDGuy So is my personal self from the year I realized that Internet speed matters (maybe 1995?) til today
Yesterday I had, at the very best of times, 50/20
and usually around 15/5
I'm not sure I need gigabit. I don't saturate my 100/10 link at home all that often.
@allquixotic Dude, at home I have 5/0.5, and that on good days (which are most days, actually).
> On November 8th of 2016, half the country learned that everything they believed to be both true and obvious turned out to be wrong. The people who thought Trump had no chance of winning were under the impression they were smart people who understood their country, and politics, and how things work in general. When Trump won, they learned they were wrong. They were so very wrong that they reflexively (because this is how all brains work) rewrote the scripts they were seeing in their minds until it all made sense again. The wrong-about-everything crowd decided that the only way their world
5:02 PM
@DavidPostill Maybe the 2090 thing was in the UK? I dunno
wp Scott, wp.
But the truth is, things in america have been bad for a long time, and getting worse
5:18 PM
Q: How can a race of eldritch abominations help humanity?

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Q: How would Facebook Sysadmins prevent the summoning of Cthulhu?

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I know this seems kinda silly, but I need the absolute highest resistance to EMI possible. I have one of these (from another product) but it's well-worn.
(braided shielding)
s/need/think I need/
unless you happen to be working inside a nuclear reactor's containment building, no, no you don't
It's very application-dependent, but I have the occasional situation where the slightest bit of interference will cause problems.
you're probably more likely to have interference from a stray cosmic ray than anything a "triple shielded" 15cm cable will help over a standard unshielded (TP data) 15cm cable
anything that cares about "the slightest bit of interference" needs checksums
which it probably already has
just to put things into perspective - you're more likely to have interfere from the >15cm of traces on the motherboard than the 15cm cable
5:40 PM
@Bob I think I'm going to switch out my OVH dedi for a home-built Micro ATX "bro" server :P
now that I have gigabit speeds
if FiOS goes down... oh well
might keep a small dedi around
More like Giganip, amirite?
@varfirstName like catnip? :D yes
exactly like that
@allquixotic :S
5:43 PM
So I was helping this guy make a script for changing a string into a custom link
so I thought I would write him an AutoHotKey script
@allquixotic one more year and I might be able to get 100/12 (minus HFC congestion so more like 5/1 during peak)
I ask him if he's ok with AHK in lieu of the Outlook-only solution he's wishing for.
give it another decade and maybe gigabit will be possible
He basically says "Meh, sure.."
then I post an AHK script
he posts his own ahk script
@Bob I'll test it during peak and see how much of that gigabit I get, especially upstream
if it's good I'll have to think long and hard about what specs to get for the server
5:45 PM
and then I realize I can use VBA to search for the string by regex
want to be able to host game servers so probably high single thread perf
7740X? :P
@allquixotic downside is you can't upgrade easily
or would threadripper be more affordable and more bang for the buck
@varfirstName That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
5:45 PM
oh ffs
## s/threadripper/threadnipper/g
@allquixotic ##s/threadnipper/threadnipper (source)
@varfirstName That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
5:46 PM
@allquixotic who were you using for vpns again? :P
1. Missing space after ##
2. don't need opening slash
3. need closing slash
## s/threadripper/threadnipper/
@varfirstName That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
see 3
@varfirstName ##/s/threadnipper/threadnipper (source)
5:46 PM
I just set up something on nordvpn ... it works alright but mildly disappointing
@allquixotic i7-7820X?
@Bob Yes.
(I have like 10 VPNs)
(maybe more)
how u sed a certain message?
@allquixotic ...any particular preference?
@Bob none I'm willing to discuss here :P evades
5:48 PM
I mostly got it for public wifi
## s/varfirst/noobfirst/ 39491164
@allquixotic @noobfirstName github.com/allquixotic/… (source)
but it turns out most of the local public wifi doesn't work anyway
5:50 PM
## s/e/ALL THE THINGS/g 39491076
can you make an entire message into caps using sed?
## s/./$U$1/g
5:52 PM
@allquixotic also look at the platforms
I'm moving to sandbox
makes me wonder... would the huge package size of threadripper be a problem on mitx? :P
@Bob I never overclock and always use impressively compact heatsink/fan combos (air cooled) so, probably not
I thought you already use the sandbox daily..
@Bob only would be if they don't even sell mitx motherboards for threadripper CPUs.
ooh, I could also do GPGPU on my server this way :D
5:54 PM
@allquixotic entirely possible if the package size makes the mobo itself too hard
GPGPU hosted on some provider is like, $999999999999999!!!!!!!! (each ! is a factorial) per yoctosecond
even for like a GTX 510
@allquixotic maybe intel + thunderbolt? :P
omg take away is here but 2.1 is going to sleep on my lap so i can't move and now i'm gonna die
@Bob so what, like a thunderbolt-enabled NUC with... what, a quadcore laptop CPU with eDRAM?
could be faster in some benchmarks by having a big L4$
5:56 PM
@allquixotic not great for game servers... I was more thinking next imtel gen that's supposed to have thunderbolt as standard
or maybe some amd oem will add it
well I don't need over 9000 GPUs making all the rooms in my house 100 Fahrenheit
@allquixotic but you don't have properly redundant power at home :P
I was thinking just one GPU for maybe some future game server that depends on, like, GPGPU for physics (or at least benefits from it)
@allquixotic I meant the cpu in a nuc isn't too great
not even for mining; I can do that without a server
@Bob I don't have redundant power, no, but I have incredibly reliable power, and can get a UPS to tolerate flickers
6:00 PM
you could always get a bigger case and just attach a gpu normally :P
MicroATX is enough for a full size GPU
if I said Micro ITX I misspoke; I meant MicroATX
basically another of what my desktop is
or even yore igpu could help if you aren't getting a server class cpu
liftable in a pinch by a single person without injuring the back
weigh-in around 9, maybe 10 kg
the PSU is the heaviest part of my desktop I think :P
I own cases that weigh more than that, pfttt
that sucker has some seriously heavy power electronics inside I guess, and the chassis is physically solid
also it takes up every last millimeter of space they allot for the PSU in an ATX12V chassis, which surprised me because my previous PSU was slightly smaller than the allotted space
6:02 PM
@allquixotic oh yea, want a bmc? :P
@Bob you mean an out of band IPMI?
gonna need a server mobo
you're also right about the cost of having obsolete crap around in 5 years
it's not quite as necessary since the hardware is at home
depends how much you need urgent remote troubleshooting
@allquixotic I suppose if it costs under $5k you're still coming out ahead
since that's how much you'd pay for a dedi over 5yrs
(though, power costs?)
@allquixotic supermicro does atx boards with ipmi, e.g. m.newegg.com/products/N82E16813182831
oh maybe not that one
6:26 PM
@allquixotic GPU size has nothing to do with the boards size
for example NCase (which is one of the smallest mITX chassis), can house a 310mm+ GPU
6:58 PM
The negative connotation associated with "feminism" pisses me off
7:13 PM
@rahuldottech Size matters!
@CircusCat what, what?
@Bob They said that last generation
@allquixotic Actually GTX 1070 hosted on OVH is borderline cheap enough to make profit$$$ doing Ethereum mining
@Bob Fucking hell, you just made me realise how much money I'm wasting on a dedi...
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Yeah, stop bothering my bot and go get your own
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