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12:09 AM
@Tristan I saw you guess like 100 things :(
@StrixVaria You have the same name on Draw Something I assume?
12:27 AM
I almost feel bad about asking Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 questions. They don't really seem to have much of an audience here.
@agent86 wibble
@Rapida Keep asking, that is how they get the audience :)
@James Yeah, I should probably look at it as saving people work in the future if they pick up the game
@Rapida I do believe that is our credo :)
Grrr @RonanForman This one is being very difficult to guess.
12:43 AM
@RonanForman Draw Something uses American English spelling....
@RonanForman Haha, I got it! But its taken me like over an hour of glancing at it :D
@Tristan I'm not sure I'm gonna get this one
Oi I got Milk Man from @RonanForman and Milk from NihilistRonin (dont remember who that is in here cause I thought it was Ronan :))
Q: How can I tell how close I am to death?

WipqoznI'm playing through Silent Hill 3 on the Silent Hill HD Collection, and although I've gathered that the "status" image in the top left corner indicates my health, the manual doesn't contain any information on how to actually read the image itself. How can I tell how much health I have in Silent...

Q: FF13-2 Monster ability question

CatatonicXSo the question is a monster has resourceful but when is it active? Is it active when it's in my pack or only when i'm using it during the final kill?

Q: At what levels do monsters get skill points?

RapidaAt what level do you get skill points in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2? I'm leveling monsters for synthesis and want to what the valuable breakpoints are as far as level.

Q: Activate the crystal from far

Fredy31When I'm setting defenses at the other side of the map, is there a way to activate the crystal from far away, letting me kill enemies at the gate without running back-and-forth?

I do some times feel @TimStone guesses just to stop my horrible horrible drawing from continuing :)
12:54 AM
@James It's @Tristan
@Wipqozn Thanks :)
1:08 AM
Hey everyone
Huh. If you get disconnected from blizzard support while on hold, it automatically calls you back and offers to put you back in the queue
(After informing you that if you hung up because you can't wait on hold anymore, you can open a ticket on the website.)
heh, how nice of them
@fae I am tharius on origin
@Stephen aaah okay
I saw you were friends with Ronan and Juan so I knew it was someone from here
@fae I sent you a request when Juan was inviting people earlier today
Q: Battlefield 3 bug. When I get in my plane in damavad peak, it keeps blowing up.

Paul TimmMy planes keep getting blown up when I take off, then the screen goes black for 5 seconds, and then it shows all the classes again. HELP!

Q: Good ways to defend against Wyverns

Fredy31I'm at the first mission where there's Wyverns and I'm getting my ass handed to me. How do I effectively defend myself against them? EDIT: I'm the very first class, the mage. Can't remember the name.

1:19 AM
@Sterno @OrigamiRobot Sorry that my flagging GS caused such an uproar. I am sorry I wasn't here to tell him that it was me, but I also don't want you guys to bear the brunt of it.
Q: Fullscreen apps restarts X using Gnome Shell

lescoI am running Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 11.10 (32 bits). When I run some apps in fullscreen, system restarts X and I go back to the display manager screen (LightDM). It happens for example with MAME games and with many other games. It happens, more or less, at the 95% of the times. In some cases, I do...

1:34 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz Not looking too good for Admiral :-) But thanks for all the help with General
@Stephen Yeah, Admiral was a push. Grats on the console!
@LessPopMoreFizz I forgot we had one more day but 7 more 5+'s is stretching it... I'm out of content :-)
I love that my first ever Famous Question is sitting at a score of +3.
Votes != Views!
@LessPopMoreFizz That's for sure ... heh. It's hard to tell what's going to attract a vote ... some off hand answer ... and a good well thought out answer sits with 2 ups on it. Oh well. I think I might have some fun with the Vita
Q: Minecraft - Offline name changer command

SerasLooking for a batch command which allows you to change name on minecraft for an "online-mode=true" server. Have tested these: java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft '"'%1'"' @SET /P IGN=IGN= ...

1:48 AM
Tada, Jobs Done
Only just noticed the image is in two parts :)
@FAE I do.
2:03 AM
@James I read this in the Warcraft 2/3 peasant voice.
maaaaaan, whenever I type out "man" with a lot of extra a's, like in "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" I want to add an a on the end so it becomes @mana.
Q: Victus and Wrex have disappeared

PShooter1337I just finished the turian platoon mission on Tuchanka, and then the bomb mission. Then, I did the prothean DLC mission. Now, when I return to the war room, Wrex and General Victus are no longer there...and I even talked to both of them right after the tuchanka bomb mission. Are they supposed t...

Q: How can I view my progress on bonus levels

Eat the RichIn Angry Birds Space there are some bonus levels that appear when you hit special rocks. The birds get sucked into a mini black hole or something, you do the bonus level, and then they pop back out and you complete the original level. I guess this is to replace the golden egg levels, but I don'...

126 rep left to go until 10k...
@Wipqozn I'll go up vote 13 things if you want, but you'll lose it in a few hours
I was just about to say the exact same thing
2:12 AM
@Sterno Let's both up vote 13 questions each instead.
@Wipqozn That's like, Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeegaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
You upvote 16 and I'll downvote 16. Then it balances out but he gets rep!
@Sterno But that's only 80 rep and he needs 126
Isn't it -2 for a downvote?
2:14 AM
@sterno Yes
@Sterno Not on questions!
Oh, right, I was thinking answers
@RavenDreamer Then you sir, read it properly! :)
Oops... yeah
2:16 AM
So in Realm of the Mad God, is it supposed to have a lopsided gameplay curve? Takes an hour or two to get to 20, then it seems like it'll take ages and ages to make any dent in the fame requirements for quests. Seem to only get 5 or 6 fame an hour
@Wipqozn Great. Now I'm listening to Blizzard Sountracks for the rest of the evening.
@MarkTrapp That was my experience with it, but I quit pretty quickly. The pain train or whatever the heck it's called ruined any fun I might have had
@Sterno Yeah.
2:17 AM
Whenever I can look at a game and say "Yup... I'm mindlessly grinding", it dies quick.
The train was weird.
Hrm. Took too long to type this answer up and there's an accepted answer already. :(
@FAE Post it anyway! You'll get pityupvotes!
@FAE Add freehand circles.
@RavenDreamer I don't want upvotes out of pity, I want upvotes out of pwning the accepted answer. :3
@Sterno I do have freehand X's!
2:19 AM
That's worth an upvote right there.
I am going to post it anyway though because I just spent like the last 45 minutes writing this up.
@FAE Yeah, but "pity" is faster to type than "knocktheacceptedansweroutofthewaterupvotes"
I really like the one answer I have that's got like 15 upvotes to the accepted answer's -3
Makes me feel warm inside
Can anyone write blog posts here as long as they pass through editorial review?
2:20 AM
A bit more than that.
@FAE Yeah, pretty sure that checkmarks gonna move.
@Sterno Prettymuch.
@Sterno Anyone except for you.
Ouch, -6 now? Poor guy.
maaaan, I just got really excited for Kid Icarus Uprising.
2:20 AM
The Gaming.SE Blog has a strict No Sternos policy.
I can't wait to play it tomorrow.
@Sterno ?
@LessPop_MoreFizz That is a wise policy.
@Sterno Both the asker and the accepted answer are suspended to boot. You're really the only one who made it out of that question alive.
I'd count my lucky stars.
@Sterno Yus. You need a WordPress account set up though.
2:21 AM
I think I have one
@LessPopMoreFizz FYI: My Digital Synthesis professor thinks you are a wise man.
As much as I'd go for a pity vote, that +20 answer is excellent
@RavenDreamer Plus my answer got ripped off and pasted verbatim on some game guide website with any link back to Gaming.SE :P
@RavenDreamer Why's that?
@Sterno Was the asker and the answered the same person..?
I don't understand why the users were suspended.
2:22 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz He agrees with your suggestion about jobs which require a lot of travel. (I.e., do it when you're young, get out when you're bored)
@Wipqozn I have no idea. Maybe caught up in the Paralytic sock puppet business from earlier today that you'll be able to read about on a deleted meta post in 126 more rep?
@Wipqozn I suspect they are Paralytic sock puppets.
@Sterno I couldn't find that, actually.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ah, okay.
I went a googlin'
2:23 AM
@Wipqozn That's one you want to jot down to check later, I caught it before delete
@Ravendreamer I had to tell google to include omitted results
I think I linked it in a comment on my answer
@RavenDreamer Yup.
Though for all I know that site will give you STDs
STDs of the eyeballs.
2:24 AM
Alternately, do it when your young, get stuck on inertia driving to Chicago and back on no notice at all.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Couldn't find the video, but I was going to link to a clip of the "No homers club" scene from The Simpsons.
That background was not designed for my resolution.
Oddly their website admin did not approve the comment I left on that article!
@Sterno Eugh, that sucks. :/
I think my drink is trying to talk to me.
2:26 AM
@Sterno I am going through the site trying to see if there's other scraped content.
@FAE I forgot what I drew for you...
Doesn't look like it for ME3, but I am skipping posts about games I know nothing about, which is most of these
Ha. That's hillarious. The CO2 buildup was enough to turn the cap juuuuuuuust enough so that it could leak out.
@Sterno Yeah: the game is marketed as "you will die a lot" which to me suggests a gameplay style of taking risks since you're going to die a lot anyway. But the in game incentive structure rewards staying alive as long as possible (to collect enough fame to unlock stars), which is a much more conservative play style.
So, I just downloaded Angry Birds in Space, and it's actually quite fun
2:27 AM
@Sterno Pop into the Blog room and ping @Ivo to get you set up with blogging permissions. When you have a draft up, feel free to ping anyone who's about in there to give it an editing passthrough and schedule it for posting. You can feel free to ping me for the editing if you like.
@MarkTrapp And the stat potions that are the main means of progressing.
@FAE What happened to the Strict No Sternos Policy?
@RavenDreamer Which I have yet to see too
Are you just going to throw away all those No Sternos t-shirts we had printed too?
@FAE Thanks for the info. It'll be a while though. Wanted to find out how it worked, first. I'm considering doing a game diary or something like that for Wasteland, since the Wasteland 2 kickstarter is making gaming news right now
2:27 AM
So wasteful. :(
Although the idea is hardly new. Gravitee's been there before
@Sterno Game diaries are always welcome!
@MarkTrapp Ayup. I died from something that came off the screen. I said "this is lame" and stopped.
@FAE What would you think of a blog post about Suikoden? Also, what did I draw for you?
@LessPop_MoreFizz shhhhh
2:29 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz Maybe we can scrape the lettering off the t-shirts and use a magic marker to put "me much pro" on there instead
I would buy that t-shirt.
@Tristan You got Pegasus too fast. You didn't even see the beautiful wings.
@Tristan We've got plenty of blog posts covering games that aren't brand new. If you feel you've got something interesting to say/write about, go for it! Also a werewolf. I eventually got it, but I had to use a bomb. It was parsing more like a fox or something. You should've thrown a moon in there!
I would have drawn Fluttershy again but I didn't have a reference image in front of me this time.
@StrixVaria I do what I can...
@FAE Oh right.. I wasn't proud of that drawing...
@Tristan I just finished up a game of Solium Infernum where my avatar name was inspired by all the pony talk in here
I've never seen MLP, nor do I plan to, but something amused me about naming demons in Hell after ponies
2:41 AM
@StrixVaria I think I found you.
Q: Does the red bird have a special ability?

Eat the RichSome of the other birds are different in Angry Birds Space but does the small red bird have a new ability? When I tap while it's flying it sends out a little red shockwave thing but I can't tell if it does something (maybe I'm not timing it right).

@FAE I see it!
@StrixVaria Now I want breakfast
@FAE I always want breakfast.
Breakfast foods are the best.
@StrixVaria @FAE @Tristan LoL?
2:52 AM
@OrigamiRobot Yeah give me a minute
@OrigamiRobot 4am, I'm finishing this drawing then need to go to bed :(
@FAE I assumed as much. Figured it was worth a shot.
ok, sleeptime
Good luck though!
You too
With the sleep
haha thanks, g'night all
2:53 AM
g'night @Fae
@OrigamiRobot Meta love you
@OrigamiRobot Narcissist.
@StrixVaria I know you we are.
Q: Minecraft - Offline name changer command

SerasLooking for a batch command which allows you to change name on minecraft for an "online-mode=true" server. Have tested these: java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft '"'%1'"' @SET /P IGN=IGN= ...

Haven't we seen this before?
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, I thought I recognized it
@OrigamiRobot Are you getting on LoL or not?
3:00 AM
@StrixVaria Are we waiting for @Tristan?
@OrigamiRobot He didn't respond, but you can still get on in the meanwhile.
@OrigamiRobot If you can wait ten more minutes while I finish my cigarette.
@Tristan :(
3:02 AM
I know the Hitler-rant videos are a little old, but this ME3 one was funny
It is true though, the ending is awful, and to make it worse, an alternative ending is gonna be in a PAYABLE DLC
@Portali5t That's not been confirmed.
@StrixVaria @OrigamiRobot Updating.
@Tristan Ok.
3:46 AM
@AnnaLear I swear, I must be oblivious today. Totally should have gotten that one too. >_<
4:03 AM
@StrixVaria Thanks for the game!
@OrigamiRobot too!
Q: How is the Space Eagle Highscore calculated?

Doozer BlakeUsing a Space Eagle, the scoring on a level changes from points to a percentage of a feather. It's unclear to me exactly how the scoring mechanism changes. With the few Space Eagles I've received, I ran 5 tests and got varying results on Level 1-1. I destroyed everything: the bird, and the 3 pi...

4:32 AM
Q: Is there only do much you can do with dragon remains in skyrim?

user22009ok do I have a huge HUGE supply of dragon bones and scales is armor the only thing you can do with them? don't want to make over 9000 sets of dragon armor.

@Lazers Close it!
4:47 AM
Any mods around?
> I don't like other people my friends and family drive my compassion for hate therefore I self reliant
@MarkTrapp We were just discussing that. We being myself and @OrigamiRobot
in Summoner's Rift, 9 mins ago, by Tristan
@OrigamiRobot "I'm self-reliant." So I go to a site to ask other gamers for help.
@MarkTrapp I'm trying as hard as I can...
I'm kinda interested in his passion for hate
@MarkTrapp Bet he cuts himself...
4:49 AM
@OrigamiRobot My natural language parser just broke down
And listens to Linkin Park
@MarkTrapp Cut my life into pieces. This is my plastic fork!
That's Papa Roach!
@Tristan Well, there's your problem.
@MarkTrapp Oh yeah. <.<
4:50 AM
Heh, I figured there would be chat about those recent closes
Hi @Rapida
I stopped listening to that crap in high school, yo.
@Rapida Good day, fine sir.
I just got trolled so hard in LoL
but that's nothing new
4:51 AM
@Rapida I played with a Ryze who bought nothing but Sorcerer's Boots...
Literally. 1 pair of boots. Then nothing else the rest of the game.
This alistar constantly said "men" "shh" and decorated the fountain with wards while calling people bad
@Rapida Fountain?
Thing behind the nexus where you buy
@Rapida How nice...
@Rapida I... never knew that was a fountain...
4:53 AM
I don't even know if it is a fountain, that's just what it is called. With LoL could be an inherited term from dota or something.
Did they ever announce who won the LoL contest?
@Rapida Don't think so. As far as I know, it's not over yet.
Thought it ended midnight of the 21st
"The first round will go from March 17 at 12:01 am until March 21st at 11:59 pm "(UTC)."
@Rapida Oh. Well... I haven't heard anything yet.
@OrigamiRobot sigh, you beat me to that edit
@Rapida This guy is now my pet project :P
4:59 AM
That's a big project
I expect it to go unfinished.
@Rapida I thought it was the "Summoner's Platform" or something.
It is widely referred to as the fountain, regardless of its real name. Just google for fountain dives and the like
Though Summoner's platform sounds very official.
@Rapida Yeah, that's good to know. I just finally started playing a couple days ago despite installing it last year.
oh cool
It is a pretty fun game just frustrating sometimes
5:06 AM
@Ullallulloo LoL? Or Dota?
To all whom just got pictures from me.. I am sorry, they all seemed easy to draw until I remembered I cant draw what I picture in my head :)
@Tristan Sounds like LoL... unless there is a Ryze and Alistar in Dota too
@James Huh? O.o He didn't mention either of those in the post I replied to.
5:23 AM
It is what led to the fountain discussion
Q: Does accomplishments progress carry across multiple playthroughs?

JohnoBoyMass Effect 3 has several "Do X Y times" accomplishments for example, the "Bruiser" accomplishment which requires a certain number of melee kills. Do these accomplishments require me to complete all of these action on one playthorugh or does it stack between multiple saves? If progress does car...

@Tristan I just read up the discussion they were having
@James Ah, gotcha.
5:56 AM
Q: How can I have different Audio output for Steam Voice chat?

FoxtrotI was playing Portal 2 today and I wanted to have in-game audio (environmental sounds) through my main desktop speakers, while having my voice chat output to my headset. I couldn't find the setting to change my default output speakers for voice-chat... I ended up having to put all audio through...

6:09 AM
Well this is really bumming me out. I've shared 9/10 links for my new keyboard, and I have no way of knowing which of the 10 links I shared wasn't viewed, so I have to ask everyone to click all 10 links again, which I don't know if will happen in time.
@MrSmooth Not sure where they are but the stat tools that @agent86 made might be able to help you find which links needs to be promoted
I LoL'd for reals when I read this comment: Asking "What else can I do?" is 100% encompassed by "What can I do?" That makes it a duplicate. And don't call me a website! :P – @OrigamiRobot 1 hour ago
7:17 AM
@MrSmooth share an eleventh new one?
Q: Prothean rifle in Multiplayer

Adalante K'LanIf you have the DLC 'From Ashes', is it possible for you to get the Prothean rifle n one of the multpack or no? In other terms, is the prothean rifle can be only used in the solo mode? (Also if you can get it in the multy, is it considereed as a rare item, or a uncommon one?)

Q: chat on kinect with call of duty

JCBMe and my boyfrind are playingCOD online with two other friends and he is using the kinect to chat but as soon as i turn on the second controler and sign in the mic get turned off and we went to chat and im and and it says the mic is on? what is going we can here our frineds but the cant hear us ...

7:38 AM
morning people
@badp Nah, that seems too logical and easy. Probably best to just spam all 10 links all over again.
@MrSmooth I know where you're coming from.
@MrSmooth i would just take a totally new one
8:00 AM
@FAE I must have clicked the wrong word, the one I was supposed to be drawing was 'vaccine'.
8:23 AM
@MrSmooth i shared a post for you, so grats on Captain
8:49 AM
@Blem Thanks, but sharing doesn't work like that. It's not based on whether or not it was my post, I have a specific share link. I actually got Captain through bugging my best friend to go on his mother's computer and open all the links. :) Thanks anyway.
@MrSmooth i made a link to one of my posts with your id, so yes i did share a post for you
and you also needed 2 upvotes
@Blem I didn't even think this was possible. Oh well, I have no way of knowing whether it was my friend or you so I'm going to assume you helped me out, thanks.
@MrSmooth already helped 2 other people who had 0 shares get to there goal
@Lazers Ugh, the OP's spelling is atrocious
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
10:35 AM
Q: Similar heroes/champions to Kennen (from League of Legends) in DOTA2?

davidsleepsThe character Kennen really agreed with me in League of Legends. Now that I'm starting to play DOTA2, are there any equivalents? There are a lot of heroes/champions in both games and I (not through lazyness) generally aren't able to commit long periods of time to the game to try them all out.

@Lazers :(
10:46 AM
@StrixVaria I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with that question, though I don't play DotA 2
@YiJiang It's a recommendation question. "I like x. What else would I like?"
11:13 AM
I think I may have to open up my computer.
Well, there's been a lot of "ports" of characters between those games in the past, like from DOTA to HoN, so it's a pretty answerable question if that's the case here
@StrixVaria How is that functionally different from "What weapons should I be using as a Soldier in ME3? In ME2, I was fond of the Mattock."
game recommendations are off topic, as well as recommendations of things that are like games (i.e., Mods.). Last I checked however, recommendations of how to go about playing a game, including aspects like character, item, or weapon selection, are kind of the whole god damned point of our website.
11:29 AM
Q: Questions about characters across similar games

davidsleepsI can't seem to find anything in the FAQ that prohibits this style of question and it can have a definitive answer and isn't lengthy...but I'm seeing close votes on a question I asked (even though no feedback has been left as to why it might be/will be closed)... Is it too close to "Identify thi...

11:42 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Let me sit on this and digest it for a while. I may need to adjust my perspective a bit.
I was trying to think of a question like, "I like Kennen in LoL; who else would I like in LoL?" but that's really answerable too.
I did read the FAQ before posting...(and generally have a good feel on how SE works)...are questions relating style of game play ok? (should I have removed any reference to LoL and just asked using the particular characters attributes?)
We wouldn't prohibit a question that asks which items to get on a champ, and there are a whole ton of options for that too.
@davidsleeps Yeah, I think people are just jumping the gun a bit. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
@davidsleeps If this kind of question in general is ok, then referencing Kennen is ok.
Maybe though the "content" would be better as a Wiki lookup style...you could have a cross reference table and put a bunch of the Dota-esc games...
11:46 AM
@davidsleeps Sounds like a fairly strong project for someone with the time to build it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz seeing how big LeagueCraft is...I think you're right
@davidsleeps in general, yes, but by asking a question about your specific case you can also add a bit about your own play style, getting even better answers
They should just softlink meat.*.stackexchange.com -> meta.*.stackexchange.com
I keep typing it wrong
@fredley meat.*.stackexchange.com should redirect to a special version of meta that is full of Bacon.
11:53 AM
A: Where does the phrase "meta means murder" come from?

badpMeta is Murder by Jeff Atwood. This is likely the original source of the phrase and of the image. As Shmork writes in a comment: I just spent 10 minutes looking for a "META IS MURDER" T-shirt before I realized that you had modified a "MEAT IS MURDER" one. D'oh.

@fredley I can totally relate to that! I used to type things myself, before the invention of bookmarks. Ahh, those were the times :)
(actually I do still type. But the address bar gives me the right address after just one character, so...)
@Oak To be fair Chrome usually gets what I'm going for
still irritating though
@LessPop_MoreFizz Bacon-lazers are a must
Hi everyone, just a quick appearance this morning, how's everyone?
@Stephen Metay, as usual
@fredley Oddly Metay is appropriate ... in a strange way
29/35 and a busy day ... I don't think I'm hitting fleet admiral ... close though.
11:58 AM
Pronounced meh-tay or meta-ee?
@LessPop_MoreFizz @davidsleeps I think asking rec questions within a single game (possibly series) is fine, but cross-game recs can get iffy. I think it would be infinitely better if he described what he does like in DotA and said "In LoL, I liked Kennan" as supplementary information, but having that as the sole fact is bad.
@fredley Meta-ee
@OrigamiRobot You mean what aspects of the character in particular he likes?
@OrigamiRobot I think you're right...and the answer sort of really helped in that regard- e.g. a definition of Kennen...
@RonanForman Or just playstyle in general like the comment asks.
12:00 PM
@OrigamiRobot The main thing I'd be concerned about in that question is the answers becoming stale because of new champions being added to both games all the time.
@OrigamiRobot agreed- although I do struggle with the lingo across some of the games...
@FAE I'm not worried about that because if we worried about that all the time we would never get any content.
@davidsleeps Yea me too "bot" can mean a couple different things...
We'll just have to keep an eye on it and poke the answerer if there's an update.
@FAE Localized in time is the most overblown concern on our site. Content changes. Big. Freakin. Deal.
12:02 PM
@FAE if Champions were being removed from the games, that would be more concerning...or perhaps renamed even.
Localized in time is a close reason for questions about pre-order promos and limited time contests and such. not for games with dynamic content.
I am currently editing the ME3 LP 10 episodes ahead of what has been released.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Was going off the precedent set by closing these two questions, which were closed based on the dynamic content issue.
In addition to this one.
@FAE Both of these are by a RL friend I recommended to the site x.x
I also don't see why the second one is closed.
@FAE The first of those... ummm... WHAT? @RavenDreamer why was that closed exactly? Six months after you yourself answered it? Is the answer just out of date or something?
12:07 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz First is, yeah.
Oh yeah they removed dodge.
Forgot about that.
@FAE Okay, so that's why it's closed, and it has nothing to do with the dynamic content issue per se.
As for the second, the problem is that it's a poorly bound list question, not that the question is about dynamic content.
List questions + Dynamic Content are generally a bad mix.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Well he couldn't keep up with the patch changes I guess. :/ He said he was going to nuke and rebuild it but he closed it.
Since by their nature, a list question about dynamic content is probably going to be poorly bound - certainly, the fact that the content is subject to change has a significant impact on my own test of 'Am I personally willing to put in the sort of effort required to answer this question?'
At least that's what his last comment on the answer said.
12:12 PM
Third one shouldn't be closed IMO. Certainly not as Too Localized, unless, again, the question itself is just so out of date as to no longer be relevant, but again, I'm not convinced that that's the appropriate way to handle obsolete questions like that, and more importantly, there are plenty of other reasons that people might vote to close that question that don't have much to do with dynamic content.
Again, if we vote-to-close something as 'too localized' because 'this game gets frequent patches', we nuke so much of our content as to render our entire site worthless.
People need to chill about the use of that close reason in a big way IMO.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Should we bring it up on Meta?
@FAE It's been brought up a few times, I've been meaning to write up a Big Manifesto On The Subject, but I just haven't had the time.
The most recent discussion I can find is this one, which asks specifically about Patch Notes. Here's another, with an answer from Jeff.
@FAE The one with an answer from Jeff really doesn't address this issue at all
I thought editing a post is supposed to automatically remove low-quality flags from the community user?
Or was it only a planned change?
Q: Is it possible to charm/intimidate The Illusive Man on Mars with only an imported ME2 character?

MBraedleyI just started my second playthrough of ME3 with a second ME2 imported character, and on Mars, I still didn't pass the rep check for The Illusive Man. My Paragon bar was basically full in ME2 (I passed the Morinth check). I started with total rep slightly below the first tick, which I assume is...

@FAE As someone who isn't a LoL player: in what way is this question 'no longer applicable'?
Q: What is the best character to summon on League of Legends if you prefer a ranged attack?

ArtemisI'm a pretty low level summoner on League of Legends, but I'm willing to spend a fair amount of IP to buy a good character. What is a good ranged character, not too squishy, that's pretty easy to handle? (I'm often holding a small baby when I play, so I can't use any hotkeys.) Ashe seems to be...

Well crap.
More ruined footage.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I wouldn't use that close reason for this question.
Looking back on it, it makes perfect sense why fraps wasn't recording mumble, but I was too stupid to realise it before hand.
12:31 PM
I assume it's closed due to necessitating constant answer maintenance every time a new ranged AD champ is released.
@RonanForman Ruined?
@FAE It hasn't recorded any of Blem talking, so while techinially it's perfectly fine, there's a lot of me talking to myself.
@RonanForman ...whoops
@FAE Why does a new ranged AD champ invalidate the old answers? None of the existing answers is a comprehensive list, but they look pretty useful.
The question explicitly doesn't ask for a comprehensive list, but rather a specific, justified recommendation.
@FAE I had set the game to play through a different audio device and then merged them afterwards so Blem could hear the game sounds without hearing him, but then fraps only records the default audio device, which mumble wasn't on.
@Lazers Answered!
12:35 PM
I'm still not sure all this trouble is worth 10 views.
That was mostly just to clear my old pings from being logged in at work...
You know you can press Esc to clear them too, right? :P
My chat-fu is weak.
You should get @Wipqozn to install the chat-fu hardware upgrade.
You should probably also figure out why Gravatar is conspiring against you.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Neither of them are complete given the current roster.
12:38 PM
@TimStone I can't figure out why other people see my gravatar incorrectly.
Yeah 10 seems like the the average number of views for this series.
You're supposed to be green, right?
@FAE Neither of them were ever complete, and neither ever set out to be.
It's not a list question. Treating it like one is missing the problem.
@OrigamiRobot Commented!
And now I am off to work!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't mean complete in that they need to list every ranged AD champ ever, but incomplete in the fact that there have been champs released which fit the OP's specifications well and/or better since those were posted.
Oh, right, work...hrm.
12:40 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Replied :(
@FAE Okay, the answers are out of date. That is not the same as the question being no longer relevant.
A question about a game mechanic that has been removed should be closed.
Every Friday I get depressed, I need to think of a way to get more views.
A question about a game mechanic which has changed in such a way that the answers are no longer correct should have those answers edited, receive a new answer, or have a notice added to the post regarding the date of the post.
@RonanForman Easiest way to cope with depression every friday is to take part in the millennia old solution of large amounts of alcohol every friday.
I recommend it highly.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't know man, I didn't close it or VTC it. This pretty much boils down to "ask @Raven" because I don't know his justifications for closing it and trying to assume what they are isn't very constructive or helpful.
At least for me.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have to go to school later, and I'm not old enough.
12:45 PM
@FAE Right, I'm not asking you why it was closed, I'm telling you that I think it shouldn't have been closed - at least, not for that reason - and if @RavenDreamer were here I'd be haranguing him about it, because it makes no sense to me. And on that note, I need to get to work.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Preferably with others. I find doing it alone exacerbates the condition.
I feel like playing Sonic CD
@LessPopMoreFizz By "bulk" I mean like 80%
@LessPop_MoreFizz And I don't disagree with you, though I think it should be edited less into something focusing on specific champs and more into something asking about general qualities/characteristics of straightforward ranged AD champs on the "teach a man to fish" principle.
This question here is a pretty good example of that, as it gives an objective list what makes a good roamer/ganker as opposed to getting into listing champs.
Though I see Evelynn's on that answer... yeah, she should not be there anymore...
Q: What shops should I upgrade first?

EBongoWith balanced demand amongst all shops, some shops run out of product before others because of inventory quantities. I see that I can pay to upgrade inventory, but I don't know whether I get more bang for my buck starting with shops that have the largest inventories already, or starting with the ...


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