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2:00 PM
@n_palum yes, I know it, but I haven't used it here because it isn't universally known and I prefer not to leak what might be regarded as private info.
(It is not Nathan, as it happens.)
It was common in my hometown, which is PA
I know I knew it at one point
2:00 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Fair enough, it's not like you're all witches and will use my name to control me
oh, I totally will
Wait, we're not witches? What am I doing here then?
This still doesn't help solve the joke cc! It's funny!
Be careful @n_palum, we all have your voodoo doll
2:01 PM
My name is Christine o'Donnell.
I'm not a witch.
fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself
I'm you
so if you want to be truly terrifying, put a taboo that attacks anyone who says your name
That's what the middle name is for
Nacreous Plum
2:02 PM
I'm pretty sure my name is fairly common knowledge here too.
that would actually probably be gorgeous
@Deusovi your first name and last initial are common knowledge
I don't think your surname is
I don't know anyone's name here.
@Avantgarde you might be able to guess mine
I thought that was a name yeah @Gareth
2:03 PM
I know Deus' full name because it's the same as someone at my school, in my major, but it's not him
That reminds me, the other day I was looking at your thesis @GarethMcCaughan . Didn't understand a lot, but I haven't seen many papers with that many pretty pictures.
it'd be cool if it were me though :P
Here's my hint - dcfyj just said to come up with a word to make CCs
@TheGreatEscaper Hmm, interesting solution, but it seems way more complicated than mine was :)
Yeah, that's why I liked yours.
2:04 PM
@Ankoganit Wow. I don't think it gets a lot of reading.
@Deusovi It could have been you, but you're way South
(but yes, I was pleased with the pictures)
I've worn my Puzzling shirt in public a lot - so far, nobody's recognized it :c
@GarethMcCaughan I'm in the habit of looking at the works of cool people
2:05 PM
@Avantgarde Yep.
@Deusovi Oh wow. Didn't know they make tshirts too. Is that for every SE?
I got an Arqade shirt in the Heart of the Swarm event, nobody has commented on it
I've read a bunch of Gareth's stuff, just not the thesis :P
I think they only give them out during graduation and other special events.
we should have an event for reasons
2:06 PM
@Techidiot I think the next 4C is on you btw
is the PSE shirt only available in white?
I believe so.
Rubio's a gothic who only wears bright pink black shirts.
pity. it would have looked cool on black
Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh????????????????? THere's a PSE TSHIRT
2:09 PM
Some of us have two.
Well aren't you just a special Puzzler
@n_palum I wear a lot of black from time to time. I've had a very fitting role in Spyfall a couple of times now, that matches why.
:O I am jealous
@n_palum Why yes, yes I am. :-)
2:10 PM
@Rubio You're a spy too?!
@GarethMcCaughan two?
when I get "Theater / Stage hand" I grin a little.
I've gotten that twice while we've played here
I either wear whites/black/greys or bright colors
i wear neon every day i can
Gareth, you have two? Lucky.
2:13 PM
@Rubio yes, two. They gave a bunch out a while ago to the ?10?20? people with most rep.
More than that.
Q: Puzzling Stack Exchange - Top User Swag!

animusonWe want to congratulate and thank everyone that helped this site and community grow healthily into what they are today! If you can find your name among the top 72 users in the first two pages here, we have a surprise for you! We want to send you a token of our appreciation for being among the mo...

@GarethMcCaughan Pity I missed that
I think I'm #7 now?
I was around then, but didn't have enough rep :(
@Rubio Looks like it!
And I'm a solid #170! Bus Driver Bob is takin' me to the top
2:20 PM
Still waiting for PPCG swag :P (even though I'm not as active there any more currently)
CCCC:Centre is not even bunch less than or equal to us(7)
Not sure if it means anything :p
Ahhhhhh! I'm in the first two pages :D
You are now.
Were you last August?
2:37 PM
I wasn't expecting a tshirt, just happy that there's a bit of security for whenever something happens.
2:53 PM
That joke answer on Bob the Bus Driver is amazing.
I'm mad that it was updated after. I would've made a crazy story but it was a basic picture.
oh, ha didn't notice
so many upvotes for your answer...
It's been around hnq for some reason
well, nice rep haul anyway :)
I wish the image was like that first, I would've given a short answer, and then a story. But now I'd look like a copycat
2:57 PM
true. let user#### have their moment in the sun, which as I've recently learned rises in the east
3:16 PM
yeah, HNQ happens to all the simple questions. it's annoying
SO many people are being nitpicky
and now with all the edits they're nitpicking more
If the bus is facing north, the sun would not be shining on it and the ice would not be melting there. In fact, the snow on top of the bus would be melting then refreezing as ice on the windshield MORE on the east side of the bus. The ice position on the windshield is backwards. — Keeta 1 min ago
I don't get it
3:18 PM
Not like the guy even needs to use the bus as a compass... The sun is right there!
rolling my eyes infinitely
Also that infinite bread question... like really
I'm surprised it wasn't closed as too broad.
Or opinion-based.
I'm not allowed to vote on that so all I could do was downvote
Q: How will Y lose the game?

nrbX and Y are playing a game. There are eleven coins on the table and each player must pick up at least one coin but not more than five in a turn. The person picking up the last coin loses. X starts. How many should he pick up to start to ensure a win no matter what strategy Y employs? Is there a ...

3:22 PM
This guy....
All his comments
I don't the point in trying to poke so many holes in it..
shrug ignore, move on
@Deusovi puzzling.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5966/… Been featured for a month now, I think it's good :P
True. I unfeatured it.
3:25 PM
On a side note, I'm pretty sure that bus driver drove over (at least) one of the kids he was supposed to pick up.
Details details
"I drive a bus in Michigan" @_@
Exactly, there's red stuff on the tire, probably blood.
If you look close it's a person
I removed that answer. It was clearly not serious, and didn't even use information from the question itself for the actual direction.
3:33 PM
@n_palum yeah, kind of, also kind of disturbing.
@Deusovi ? Did they actually answer?
@Deusovi what answer?
That is someone
What even
like I said, kind of disturbing lol
That one.
3:35 PM
Aw. It was a fun read.
Oh? I didn't dislike that one... It was a funny lateral thinking bit and OP didn't seem to mind
And that got 12 upvotes? what?
My issue is with Mr I'm a bus driver this is realistically wrong, your puzzle's wrong
The only thing it has to do with the question is the fact that it has a guy named bob and a bus in it.
It was very self-aware in it's irrelevance and irreverence.
3:36 PM
By that logic of removing it, the other two 0/-1 answers are irrelevant too
Okay. That doesn't suddenly make it relevant.
(It doesn't; you're doing a good job as a moderator)
( I can still be sad about seeing it go )
@n_palum Like I said in my comment, that's ok, because it's a puzzle, ergo not real
@TheGreatEscaper That's ok, it will live on in TSL's transcript.
Yeah I know
I just get irked by needless nonsense like that
4:30 PM
Should a puzzle that is extremely tedious to solve without any programming knowledge but contains a hidden link to a JSFiddle be tagged ? I'm not sure, since you don't have to have programming knowledge as long as you find the link...
Hm, I don't think so. It's up to you though. If it's expected to be solved with programming knowledge, then use the tag.
I'm pretty unenthusiastic, though, about a puzzle that you're supposed to solve by finding a hidden link. Unless it's explicitly a stego puzzle or something like that.
Well, if you treat the puzzle as completely self-contained, it would definitely require programming. The link is more of a bonus for lazy/unexpierenced people :P So in that sense it's kinda expected to be solved with programming knowledge.
I mean, is it meant to be "about" whatever-it's-actually-about, or is it meant to be "about" guessing that hitting the edit button might reveal something useful? (Or whatever the mechanism is by which solvers might find this hidden link.)
The puzzle itself is meant to be about whatever it's actually about. Finding the link is an "easter-egg" which will save you a bit of time.
(It's simple code, so the required knowledge for solving it without the link would still be reasonable IMO)
4:42 PM
Definitely not keen on puzzles that do that. But obviously it's up to you :-).
Yeah, I don't see a need for the link to be hidden.
As long as it's not python
isn't JSFiddle necessarily JavaScript?
(personally I prefer Python to JS for most purposes)
You can put a few things in Fiddle I think
Ditto, but JS can be handy when you need to visualise something quickly on a canvas or if you need a quick-and-dirty interactivity.
4:48 PM
Fiddle, reminds me of a game I used to play
Apparently it supports JavaScript, CoffeScript, TypeScript, Babel + JSX - Pretty much the same thing as far as I'm concerned :P
yeah, those are all Javascript, with more or less of a light disguise.
it could be a JS interpreter of some other language!
I'm hoping for ProLog
5:01 PM
@Techidiot NUCLEUS is Centre; not apparently gives N; even bUnCh; less than or equal to (LE); US
5:28 PM
if any of you are having a bad day, look at this dog
you are no longer having a bad day
Cute, but I'm not much of a dog person
I don't really have a preference between dogs and cats. As long as they're friendly, I love them both
@Deusovi Is that even real!?
yup! golden retrievers are great
Is that a Golden or a Lab?
it's a little hard to tell when they're that young :)
5:32 PM
No I mean like, it looks like it's lower half is smooshed
oh, I think that's just a weird perspective thing or something
That's just the camera angle
Do you know this pupper
unfortunately I do not
What a shame
5:36 PM
"Psychologists hate him! One weird trick to ward off depression!" lol
to make up for that, here's a picture of my cat
Is your cat missing a leg?!
5:38 PM
:O they look so happy though
I'm debating adopting a cat next year since a dog is too much during school
her name is Nala, but we sometimes call her Tripod
that's amazing
my girlfriend's dog is named Nala
:O Deus is your gf
in disguise
5:41 PM
We didn't play spyfall even though a few were up for it
I need to get a puppy soon
@Deusovi There's a website called tri-pawed
for pets with a missing limb
I miss having a puppy
oh my god
5:46 PM
er sorry tripawds
@Sconibulus everyone needs a puppy (or a cat if a puppy isn't feasible for their living situation for some reason, or if they just prefer cats)
I have two cats, but bought a house in march and now have puppy-space
I stumbled across it looking for info on the lymphoma my resident furry friend has in his tarsus
so sometime before the end of the year I hope to get a puppy
Get da pupper and share them with us!
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
What do our British residents call Subs(Submarines?), Hoagies, Grinders, etc? (Long sandwhich roll, like subway)
I don't think we have a widely used special term for them. We have Subway over here, and I expect they call their products subs or submarine rolls or something (I don't know; I don't think I've actually been in a Subway), but the term doesn't seem to have spread.
Is it just a sandwich then? Or something else?
7:19 PM
Sandwich, I'd guess
yeah, I think I'd just call it a sandwich. No more need for a special word than there is for (say) a sandwich made with brown bread, or a sandwich containing mayonnaise.
Well subs can contain all sorts of stuff!
8:20 PM
I agree with the no need for a different word camp
we have too many already
We have three words - subs, hoagies, and grinders. I'm fine with one, but three is too many.
8:38 PM
Hoagies is the right one
Q: What is a corny word?

MMAdamsThis is based on the What is a Word/Phrase™ series of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles, started by JLee. If a word follows a certain rule, then I call it a Corny Word™. Use the example word lists below to find the rule. Each word can be tested for whether it is a Corny Word™ without depending on oth...

9:11 PM
Q: "Bus Driver Bob's Dilema" answer deleted by Deusovi

user1717828I put a bit of work into answering a picture based question based on details in the drawing, and it was deleted by a moderator with the comment Since this is not a serious attempt to answer the question, it has been removed. Could Deusovi reconsider? If you have questions on the story illustr...

if anyone's in the mood, there's a Contact game in progress which would not be harmed by a couple more attackers.
(It just finished and it's possible that Contacters will reconvene in half an hour to an hour.)
@PuzzlingMeta @Deusovi you'll have to write up some sort of response
9:30 PM
Arriving late to the sandwich party, but parts of the US also calls the same thing a hero, so we're up to at least 4.
That's almost as bad as grinder
9:55 PM
Q: Ogres Are Like Onions

boboquack link if needed Code for stand-online capability (WARNING - CONTAINS SPOILERS): title Ogres Are Like Onions author TheGreatEscaper flickscreen 12x12 ======== OBJECTS ======== Background darkbrown brown 00000 01000 00001 00000 10000 Special1 darkbrown darkgreen 00000 01000 00001 00000 10000 ...

10:09 PM
@n_palum Wow, I'd've thought it was obvious why that was deleted.
Meh guess not
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