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@SwiftPushkar Yes, anyone. Btw, what FR you have in mind?
@SS SE developer/employee can also have a diamond on MSE.
@SS you can find full list of the SE team at here.
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@KeshavSrinivasan They are favorite animation movies.
> वेदाहमेतं पुरुषं महान्त-
मादित्यवर्णं तमसः परस्तात् ।
तमेव विदित्वातिमृत्युमेति
नान्यः पन्था विद्यतेऽयनाय ॥ ८॥
^^ @Tezz my one of the favorite verse from Upanishads. I quoted in this answer.
You have one more trusted user on the site.
@SS अभिनन्दनम्
@Pandya धन्यवादः मित्रे
3:13 AM
@Pandya @SwiftPushkar In Bhagavatam or any purana, Is there any mention of anyone who controls the horses of Sun god other than Sun and Aruna?
@SS No, it's controlled by Aruna Deva mentioned in SB. You may need to deeply analyze Rigveda 1.164
3:40 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan Who is the Lord Dharma? What is the relation between him and Yama Dharma Raja?
Who is the son of Brahma referred to as Dharma?
3:59 AM
Q: What is the story of Vishnu's incarnation Jayanta, son of Yama?

Keshav SrinivasanIn this chapter of the Srimad Bhagavatam, various sons of Yama god of death are described: The ten daughters given to Yamarāja were named Bhānu, Lambā, Kakud, Yāmi, Viśvā, Sādhyā, Marutvatī, Vasu, Muhūrtā and Saṅkalpā. Now hear the names of their sons. O King, a son named Deva-ṛṣabha was bor...

@KeshavSrinivasan Are you sure the word "Dharma" used here in the bhagavatam refers to Yama? ^^
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@KeshavSrinivasan I've read some portion of the article you recommend me. There's no doubt that Vishnu is supreme. The article mentions some anti-vaishnava claim like BG uttered by Shiva and SB is wrong. I also damn such anti-vaishnav agents. But I would say if one say Shiva as supreme, it shouldn't mean s/he is demeaning (word may not appropriate) Vishnu. As the article says Vishnu is the creator of Shiva/Rudra, I'm interested for scriptural source for this.
@Pandya Vishnu creates Brahma and Rudra comes from forehead of Brahma (this is only half story) but doesn't mean Brahma is creator of Rudra. Shiva manifested through Avimukta Region. You can read Pippalada story to know how 3rd eye (of any being) is related to Shiva.
@Pandya mahapashupatastra.com this site refutes that site.
5:22 AM
@Pandya Oh ok nice answer!... btw that verse is also one of my favourite Upanishadic verse...
@SS Good question, Btw, following information form Gayatri Parivar may be useful:
^^ Have anyone idea which scripture refereed in the last para? I think some Bhasya on Kathak Samhita.
5:55 AM
@Pandya I guess it is telling about Kathak Samhita Ki Sayana Bhasya (Katha.S. ki S.B)..
@Tezz oh! ok. I think Sayana Bhasya on only Taittariya Samhita is available on Internet Archive.
6:13 AM
@Pandya yes, in archive only on Taittariya Samhita is avaliable...
@Tezz You can add 26-29 verses of chapter 7 Upotghatapaada of Brahmanda Purana for this answer.
A: Shiva and some apsaras?

TezzThe story of Lord Shiva and Tilottama is told by Lord Shiva himself in this chapter of Anushashana Parva. Lord Shiva himself tells that it is just to show the power of Yoga: तिलोत्तमा नाम पुरा ब्रह्मणा योषिदुत्तमा । तिलं तिलं समुद्धृत्य रत्नानां निर्मिता शुभा ।। साभ्यगच्छत मां देवि रूपेणा...

@TheDestroyer regarding Tilottama Mahabharata says 'Except Indra and Sthanu'...
@Tezz No. In general, Shiva didn't lust any Apsara.
@Tezz ok.
But i think this general point is good.
@TheDestroyer do you have Sanskrit verse of it...?
@Tezz I think we have to search from Vedic reserve pdfs.
6:24 AM
@TheDestroyer Ok I'll search and add it...
9.9 QPD on Area51!!:
It seems first time our site is about to touch 10 QPD.
@Tezz See this page.
6:42 AM
@TheDestroyer which scripture?
@Pandya Many Puranas say that even Vedas.
@TheDestroyer Oh ok... I'm going to add it now...
@TheDestroyer which thing?...
@Tezz That chapter of Brahmanda Purana describes extensively all beings from Devas to Pisachas (origin, meanings of names,....)
in Hinduism, 19 mins ago, by S S
In that chapter, birth of Vishwakarma is described whose daughter is the mother of Yama. How is this possible. @TriyugiNarayanMani
@TheDestroyer oh! ok
6:45 AM
@TheDestroyer ^^
@Tezz This one.
2 hours ago, by The Destroyer
@Pandya Vishnu creates Brahma and Rudra comes from forehead of Brahma (this is only half story) but doesn't mean Brahma is creator of Rudra. Shiva manifested through Avimukta Region. You can read Pippalada story to know how 3rd eye (of any being) is related to Shiva.
@SS Ok.I will read those Bhagavatam chapters and tell you.
@TheDestroyer I lost many Puranas when I changed windows... (luckily I had kept Skandha in D drive so saved)... In the same process I lost Brahmanda Purana too... So I should re downlaod it...
@Tezz ohh..to which windows you changed?
@TheDestroyer haha I changed to windows 7 from windows 10...
@Tezz ohh..why?
6:53 AM
@TheDestroyer I didn't know what happened... desktop wallpaper began to show in background like image... but still I could do all things.... It changed into like classic Linux version in wallpaper background... so I changed to windows 7...
7:08 AM
@SS Haha... what if I post one more question? :P
@Pandya Our site is actually looking like graduated site only even if leaving QPD aside status aside.
@KrishnShweta post post...😁😁😀
@Tezz :P
maybe after after 2 or 3 days.
7:26 AM
@KrishnShweta believe in which thing..?..
@Tezz Nthg..
Btw, who is apsara?
@KrishnShweta Apasaras are beautiful ladies of heaven...😀😀
Oh!!! :P
@KrishnShweta like Rambha, Tilottama, Urvasi, Menaka etc...
I don't know anything about these women.
7:35 AM
@KrishnShweta they are sent by Indra to distract meditation and to seduce Rishis... eg Indra sent Menaka for Vishwamitra...
@Tezz Have you tried data recovery which can recover lost partitions?
@Tezz Why Indra do these kind of things?
@Pandya how to try it...?
@KrishnShweta as Indra he did it out of fear that sages will take his position ie. Kingdom of Heaven... as Lord Indra he did that to check the Rishis...whether they overcomed Kama or not... whether they are eligible for boon or not...
@Tezz You forgot me :(
You tagged Keshav instead of me.
@KrishnShweta haha it happened because I just typed K .. haha...
7:40 AM
Whatever, you wrote Keshav :/
@Tezz you may try icare data recovery.
7:48 AM
@Pandya ok... but I think downloading is better than these methods...😀😀
@KrishnShweta yes, btw we can get new design/look after graduation :)
@Tezz if things you've lost are easily available online, then yes.
@Pandya That's cool
First time green signal for QPD in the history of Hinduism StackExchange! :
8:09 AM
@KrishnShweta You didn't know Apsaras? btw, Many know just beauty of Apsaras. But Apsaras can teach Brahma Jnana better than others. They are knowers of Brahman.
@TheDestroyer where do you read Apsaras teach Brahma jnana?..
@Tezz I watched a Pravachanam on Devi. I think garikapati narasimha rao said that. There is Rambha Mantra, If one chants Rambha Mantra, Rambha will come to us and satisfy desires. But this Rambha Mantra should be leaned from a Guru. At same time, instead of asking idiotic wishes from Rambha, if we ask Brahma Jnana, she will teach it.
@Tezz Above Brahmanda Purana chapter also says Apsaras are knowers of Brahman.
@TheDestroyer Oh ok... 😀😀
@TheDestroyer Oh! I didn't know about that. Google Rambha mantra and look at the results.
8:25 AM
@SS Lol. I think she won't come if we chant that Mantra as we wish. But Garikapati said he won't teach Rambha Mantra if he knows, as first he needs to verify it.
9:14 AM
@TheDestroyer Oh! But how they got Brahma jnana?
1 hour later…
10:20 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan that article also says Tamasic Puranas are not authoritative. (Where can I find list of Puranas categorised in Guna?) @TheDestroyer
@Pandya They are later constructed statements to decrease Shaivaite fame (attacking Shaiva Scriptures). That claim is self refuting.
A: What is the purpose of tamasic purana if it leads to hell?

TezzWhat can be more ridiculous as saying reading Purans will lead you towards Hell. It can be refuted just by using common sense, common logic and simple intellect. Padma Purana itself is sufficient in refuting this statement. The verse you are talking comes in Padma Purana Uttar Khanda chapter 236...

@Pandya btw, that blog has very bad reputation among Non vaishnavas. It's better if you don't read that blog.
in Agama and Tantra, yesterday, by Rakesh Joshi
u followers should do something rather waiting for some other blog
in Agama and Tantra, yesterday, by Rakesh Joshi
you have ur legal ways ..
@TheDestroyer don't worry I recognized that that blog is intended to nothing but only Vishnu as supreme.
@TheDestroyer I found a quote in Sripati Bhasya which quotes Vishnu Purana are Tamasic... haha lol... I heard that verse is from Skandha Purana..
@Tezz haha.
@Tezz Haha
@Tezz Excellent answer!
@TheDestroyer @Tezz I think there's no problem with accepting both Vishnu & Shiva as supreme. I can't understand why people demeans one of them. /cc @KeshavSrinivasan
10:33 AM
@Pandya @TheDestroyer however my personal view is that I do not consider those verses as fully interpolations... I consider them as divine interpolations... It may be that those quotes came because 'Gods do not want that men should know this' (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)...😀😀😀
@Pandya If we analyse all scriptures as whole, ultimately they say Lord is one with different names and forms. But if we select some selective statements, we get one of them is only supreme.
@Pandya I think Shiva and Vishnu debates are features of Kali Yuga.
@TheDestroyer Haha
@Pandya Yeah one can consider Shiva and Vishnu as one in the same way as one considers for Rama and Krishna...
@Tezz Yeah. If we consider all statements of Puranas or at least majority of Puranas, we can come to conclusion.
@Pandya They are clever. Shaivites don't demean Lord Vishnu but attack Vaishnava Scriptures while Vaishnavas attack Shaiva Scriptures without demeaning Shiva.
Btw, we know that among other deities like Indra, Agni, Varuna etc, Trinity found to be supreme,
Jun 2 at 6:18, by Pandya
@KeshavSrinivasan @Tezz I thought to ask a question on site like among other Vedic deities, how Shiva/Rundra, Vishnu and BrahmA recognised as Supreme or Trinity? How about it?
10:38 AM
@Pandya See this answer of me, why Vyasa mentioned different Supreme Gods in Puranas?
A: Why did Vyasa depict different Supreme Gods in different Puranas?

The DestroyerShiva Purana says that Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra (Trimurti) rivaled one another and they propitiated the Supreme Lord (their father) and they got a boon of creating others at outset of various Kalpas. So, in one Kalpa, Vishnu creates Rudra and Brahma and in another Kalpa Rudra creates Brahma and V...

@TheDestroyer yes, Btw, considering "Shiva is Jiva" is directly demeaning Shiva.
@Pandya Yeah. This is direct attack on Shiva.
@Pandya the thing isn't 'Shiva is Jiva' but the thing is 'Jiva is Shiva' ... haha... (Deho Devãlaya Prokta sa Jiva Kevala: Shiva)... 😀😀
@TheDestroyer actually I want to know statements from Veda for this.
@Pandya what i observed is, most of the people follow philosophies in which they are born. They might feel going away from is insult to their Guru or expounders of Philosophies.
10:42 AM
@Tezz Haha, exactly
@Pandya Did you see Tezz's answer on Trimurti?
@TheDestroyer Yes, that's why I want to ask question that can throw light through Vedic interpretation.
@TheDestroyer Yes, but I think it was based on Puranas (or something form Brhamanas) let me find & read it again.....
@Pandya many people interpret Vedas with help of Puranas which i feel is very bad. in interpretation, we shouldn't bring puranic perspective to Vedas.
@Tezz Yeah. Ayam Atma Shiva..Shivoham.. :P
@TheDestroyer Yes, it's also clear from difference in philosophies of Upanishads vs Purana.
@Pandya Upanishads are also classified as Shaiva, Vaishnava and Shakta.
@Pandya I think Upanishads are transition points to elevation of Shiva, Vishnu and Devi. what do you think @Tezz?
10:47 AM
@TheDestroyer but not major Upanishads...
@TheDestroyer how?
@TheDestroyer I don't think it is true... mostly Upanishads focus on philosophical matters and they call by name 'Brahman'...
@Tezz ohh.. Why only three dieties are given Supreme status or why only 3 attributes (Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti) are given importance in Puranas?
@Tezz Verily true.
@TheDestroyer it maybe because they are Superior to other Gods.... or it maybe impact of Bhakti of specific Gods etc...
10:50 AM
@TheDestroyer Have you read Upanishads?
@Tezz ohh ok. It is ok to think they are different attributes or names of Brahman but still Puranas mainly highlight three dieties or at least they look like that Superficially.
@Pandya No. I will start after sometime.
@TheDestroyer Hmm... that's why you tried to classify them as Shiva, Vishnu, etc... :P Haha
@Pandya haha...😀😀
@Pandya I didn't do that. there's already such classification.
@Pandya Lol.
@Pandya Btw, who is your ista Deva?
@TheDestroyer even Adi Shankara doesn't quote Puranas in BSB...
@TheDestroyer I think Puranas became famous in recent times... during Bhakti movements... I do not find most of ancient commentators quoting Puranas...
10:55 AM
Oct 9 '16 at 6:38, by Keshav Srinivasan
@TheDestroyer "ok. What is your view on "interpreting Vedas with help of Puranas"? interpreting Sruti with help of contents of "changing" Smriti?" This isn't something that different Vedantic philosophers disagree about. Adi Shankaracharya's Brahma Sutra Bhashya is filled with quotes from Smriti which he uses to interpret Shruti.
@TheDestroyer Shiva & Rama.
@Pandya Ok. For me first Shiva- Shakti, then Rama.
By Smriti he is not quoting Puranas... he is quoting other Smritis like Bhagavad Gita, etc....
@TheDestroyer and what about Tezz?
@Pandya I have complex system regarding this.... Shiva, Ardhanarishwara, Harihara... among incarnations of Vishnu I like Lord Rama the most... however my most favourite deity is Lord Dakshinamurty...
11:00 AM
@Tezz I think Shiva and Rama are most liked dieties.
@Tezz Yeah. Me too. I like Dakshinamurthy aspect more.
@TheDestroyer maybe.. I become very emotional when I read Ramayana... especially the parts where Rama searches for Sita... I literally cry sometimes seeing pain of Rama... I sometimes think if I get time machine then I would reach that Place and help Rama... haha...😀😀
I found from @Tezz 's asnwer: Taittaiya Aranyaka of Yajurveda declares both Narayana & Rudra as Brahman.
@Tezz Yeah. Ramayana is good scripture and we can follow Rama's actions in our daily life. He is best incarnation of Vishnu among all Avataras as per me. Dharma = Rama and Rama = Dharma.
@Pandya yeah Narayana Sukta there declares Narayana as Parabrahaman and Rudra Suktas there declare Shiva as Parabrahman...
@Tezz Yes, that's why it is said we should see no difference between Hari & Hara.
11:06 AM
@Tezz If time machine is there, i will see Krishna and Rama and as i want to know how God looks in human form.
@Pandya yes... and also you already know what Shankara quotes on those who see difference...😀😀
@Pandya many Puranas have those quotes.
@TheDestroyer Btw, I think one can never know Brahman in spite of having time machine since Brahman is beyond Time. Haha @Tezz
@TheDestroyer Imagine that I ruined the plot of Ramayana by travelling through Time machine and giving book of Ramayana to Sita before Sita Harana...😀😀
@Tezz Vishnu is clever than us. 😀
11:09 AM
Btw, Though I've read some portions from SB, I've started to read complete SB (since you know I've not read any Puranas yet) for two days.
@Tezz Then Rama and Sita Devi will say, "kid, we know all this. This is our leela".
@Pandya however there is also quote 'yedã charma vadãkãsham' ... so one may reach close to Brahman through Physics also...😀😀
@Tezz I didn't know it.
Which is your favourite Purana? @Tezz @TheDestroyer @SwiftPushkar @KeshavSrinivasan
@Tezz I think those events are independent of Time travel. But, why no one is coming from furture?
@TheDestroyer I'm not sure whether Sita will tell that or not... as per Valmiki Ramayana she might not know in human form.. as per Adhyatma Ramayana she knows all in human form too... however the most probable thing is... Indra will stop me...
11:13 AM
@Tezz Then you might be mentioned in Ramayana!
@TheDestroyer Noone is coming from future so that you may ask this question 'why no one is coming from future?'... this time..
@Tezz lol.
@Pandya Hmm... if you see clearly I might be hidden there... as the ancient sage Vamadeva realised 'I was Manu and I was Sun".....
@Pandya btw that verse was one of your favourite verse from Upanishad... however you have forgot it now covering yourself in Maya...
11:20 AM
Good answer. That (Svetasvatara 6.20) is one of my favourite verse from Upanishads! — Pandya ♦ Jun 26 '16 at 4:29
@Pandya haha... having contemplated on comment you through your effort removed Maya...😀😀😀
@Tezz Haha. from words, "charma vadãkãsham" I just remembered that it might be talking about verse from ShvetaShvatar.
@Pandya haha...😀😇
After reading Brihadaranyaka I'll think for making a list of my selected favourite verses from Upanishads.
@Pandya Oh you haven't read Brihadaranyaka yet..?..
11:30 AM
@Tezz no :( otherwise I update it.
@Pandya Oh ok...
1 hour later…
12:46 PM
@Pandya The Srimad Bhagavatam.
@Pandya For reasons that I mentioned to you here, I'm somewhat reluctant to discuss this subject here. I would again just refer you to that website. And let me also make clear that while I don't think Shiva is supreme, I don't believe in demeaning him at all. I have extraordinary respect for him; I consider him to be the greatest of all Vaishnavas.
@Tezz There is a part in the Padma Purana where someone narrates to Rama, after he has become king of Ayodhya, a version of the Ramayana from a previous Mahakalpa.
1:36 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan I think you are talking about narration by Jambawanta...
@Tezz I don't remember who narrated it.
1:52 PM
@SS DJ song still has "Namakam and Chamakam" in it.
@TheDestroyer I heard it. What do you think about those lines?
@SS I think it's not good use those words as they are Veda Samhita mantras used for Shiva.
@TheDestroyer Yes. I was offended when I heard those lines. Dislike straight away.
Don't how is the character is depicted in rest of the movie. Telugu movies generally make fun of Brahmins.
@SS It's actually bad to say "namakam and Chamakam are used in puja of a "Girl" "
@SS I think this movie won't depict Brahmins in bad way.
@SS But i like NTR's comedy in Adhurs.
@SS Harish Shankar is Brahmin. Also, it looks like he wants to show, a brahmin can become Kshatriya.
2:13 PM
Yes. They are veda samhita mantras. Lyricist would have used other words. Brahmanandam role gave chance for controversy in adhurs movie. @TheDestroyer
Funny part in trailor is that Hero a brahmin says Buddham saranam Gachhami. Writer wrote dialogs for rhyming. R.I.P. logic :D @TheDestroyer
@SS Yeah. But i think NTR's family is staunch Venkateswara devotees. He is the only hero who has good command on Hindu mythology and Sanskrit/Classic telugu.
@SS Yeah. They could have used some better dialogues. I think they are more concerned with Brahmin caste rather than Hinduness.
@TheDestroyer No problem if any character is shown positively.
@KeshavSrinivasan I slightly remember it might be Jambavanta who was telling who heard from Brahma... btw in that Ramayana Rama doesn't build bridge... Shiva places his bow in between Lanka and India and all Vanaras cross by riding in it...
@TheDestroyer But Denikaina ready was a bad movie. There are many scenes which are bad towards Hinduism and Brahins
@TheDestroyer which movie you are talking about?..
2:25 PM
@Tezz New Telugu movie of Allu Arjun.
He is Brahmin in that movie.
Duvvada Jagannadam (DJ)
@TheDestroyer Oh... is it released?...
No. It will be released on june 23.
@Tezz In a song, hero says Namakam and Chamakam did puja for heroine.
@TheDestroyer oh so you are talking about trailer?..
@Tezz Many Brahmin organizations opposed this line.
@TheDestroyer for heroine might mean for the sake of herione... ie. Worshipping Shiva for well being of herione...
2:28 PM
They said how can one use words like Chamakam and Namakam in romantic song
@Tezz No. Not like that.
Hari ॐ
@ABcDexter Hari ॐ
How are you?
interesting discussion in the group,
how are you @SS ?
@Tezz AshagA nIku pUjale cheya, AlakiMchiMdi A namakaM…
pravaralo praNaya maMtrame chUsi, pulakariMchiMdi A chamakaM…
agrahArAla tamalapAkallaె tAkutoMdi tamakaM…

(Hero sings) When am i doing puja for you (heroine), Namakam is listening. Seeing Love Mantra in Pravara, Chamakam felt happy.
I am fine thank you @ABcDexter
2:34 PM
@ABcDexter Hari ॐ
@TheDestroyer Is it Telugu ?
@ABcDexter Yep.
And how are you ?
I don't know about South movie much, but what are your views on the recent cruel acts of public killing cows and mob lynching revolving around BEEF ban ?
2:38 PM
@ABcDexter I think both are bad. We should stop killing of cows but at same time cow vigilantes shouldn't lynch anyone in name of Cow protection.
@TheDestroyer It is Chamakam felt happy when it has seen Love mantra in Pravara @Tezz
Yes, that is a good opinion.

meanwhile, i have been reading a lot of stuff :

@ABcDexter And Public killing of cows in protests is very bad.
that is very sad :(
@SS Yeah. Sorry wrong translation.
2:40 PM
people have forgotten the Meerut mutiny of 1857, which was trigerred by guns' bullets greased with Beef and Pork.
@TheDestroyer Have you seen the Rajnikanth movie Linga? In that Rajnikanth says the Shiva Tandava Stotram in kind of a comedy scene.
@TheDestroyer Here:
@KeshavSrinivasan At least he unintentionally worshipped Shiva on Masa Sivaratri i think.
@KeshavSrinivasan Rendering of Shiva Tandava Stotram is somewhat good.
It(the Shiv Tandava Strotram) is in both Bahubalis too...
2:43 PM
@KeshavSrinivasan BTW, because of this song, Baahubali film makers didn't put Shiva Tandava Stotram in Tamil Version of Shiva Linga Lifting song.
@TheDestroyer Yeah, in that scene I especially liked the rap version of the Shiva Tandava Stotram that plays in the background before Rajnikanth starts chanting it.
@KeshavSrinivasan Yeah.
@TheDestroyer I don't know that Shiva tandava is not in Tamil version
@TheDestroyer Beef slaughter should be banned. Atleast the illegal ways. Cows and buffaloes should be treated equally.
@TheDestroyer What are you talking about? In Baahubali they do chant the Shiva Tandava Stotram in Tamil.
@KeshavSrinivasan When?
@KeshavSrinivasan Did they translate Sanskrit to Tamil?
2:48 PM
@TheDestroyer In the carrying the Shivalingam scene.
@TheDestroyer Yeah, they translate it into Tamil.
@KeshavSrinivasan Could you tell me from where I can learn Tamil, any good sources online ?
@Tezz Btw, i sent you a mail long ago. Did you see it?
3:08 PM
@TheDestroyer Oh ok...
@ABcDexter No, I'm not aware of such resources, but I haven't looked for them. By the way, I can only understand Tamil, I can't speak it and I can't read it. That's a consequence of being born and raised in America.
@KeshavSrinivasan That's okay. At least, you haven't forgotten your roots (which is a good thing)
please take time to read this :
4 hours later…
7:33 PM
@all @KeshavSrinivasan @Pandya @Aghori @SS @LakshmiNarayanan @SwiftPushkar another sapmmer look at the profile and edit history of the question hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/18846/… first I left a comment on it saying that there is no such specification as he mentioned in question title but now I deleted my comment as I don't want to interact with fools.
Here is the relation of preordainment with religion of peace knowingallah.com/en/articles/…
@KeshavSrinivasan The Divine Preordainment suggests that there is no free-will in that religion.
@KeshavSrinivasan Also when he Mahendra Baahubali smears ashes on his body after Bhalladeva tried to pierce his chest like Bheema.
8:31 PM
@Yogi Even we believe that all things are divinely pre-ordained; the Brahma Sutras discuss this. But that doesn't mean that we don't make choices.

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