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12:16 AM
@AlanMunn: I've updated my answer to tex.stackexchange.com/q/47467/3954 with a new approach. Your turn. ;-)
@egreg I don't know. I understand the question in the same way you have answered.
Yeah it works. Can somebody correct the text ;-) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/47532/…
@MarcoDaniel Thanks; it is clear that the OP knows about \ifxetex and \ifluatex. Well, a downvote doesn't hurt.
@MarcoDaniel Check if I understood correctly. It seems I don't sometimes :)
@egreg :-)
@MarcoDaniel My doubt was about the second key: it tells how many times you compute to find the maximum, doesn't it?
@egreg Yes. your are right ;-)
12:31 AM
@MarcoDaniel OK, good night
@egreg good night
@MarcoDaniel: nice answer to tex.stackexchange.com/q/47532/3954!
@GonzaloMedina Thanks. Now I must improve it. At the moment it works only for f(x)>0 ;-(
12:53 AM
Hi @Bruno! :)
Hi Paulo!
How are you?
What's new out here?
I'm good. Coding l3fp 24/7.
Nothing much, I guess. :)
Oh l3fp FTW!
Have you finished crocodile?
12:55 AM
@BrunoLeFloch You are implementing every known math function. I am a member of the mailing list LaTeX3 svn ;-)
The plan for l3fp is to replace the current l3fp by the code I have. I'm cleaning things up a bit, but it should be roughly the same speed, and parse expressions too :).
Not yet. :( I had to work on other projects. The year seems to start in Brazil only after Carnaval. :)
@MarcoDaniel Yeah, I'm struggling a bit with a^b, though.
@PauloCereda When is/was carnival?
@BrunoLeFloch Last week of February. :)
Oh, by the way, I found a use for eTeX's \unless: taking the xor of two \ifxyz tests. \ifA \expandafter\unless\fi\ifB...\else...\fi
@PauloCereda Did you participate?
12:58 AM
@BrunoLeFloch The first example where I can see it ;-)
@BrunoLeFloch Nah I don't like it. :) It's too much noise, too much drinking.
@PauloCereda But all the excitement! And Feynman went...
@MarcoDaniel How useful do you think it is to be complete in my coverage (e.g., sinh, cosh, tanh, coth, asin, acos, atan, acot, asinh, acosh, atanh, acoth, perhaps sec, csc, sech, csch, asec, acsc, asech, acsch)?
@BrunoLeFloch :D
1:15 AM
@GonzaloMedina :-) I give up. It was interesting learning some stuff about footnotes, though.
@BrunoLeFloch I think the elementary operations are very useful. For example to create bills or something. Most of this functions are implemented in tikz. But l3fp allows packages to compute functions. For example \FuncInput{3*x* cos(3*pi)} and the output is: 3\cdot x \cdot \cos(3\cdot \pi)=XX. I can't calculate at 2:30am ;-). On balance it offers a lot of possibilities ;-)
Q: Enumerate bullets not appearing

MattIn the past (on a different computer) I have used the beamer package to make presentations and the enumerate environment has worked fine. However, now when I use the enumerate environment, the nice little numbered circles are not appearing. Does anyone know what the issue is? I recently installed...

Why we need a tag.
My first submission to CTAN! Yay!
@AlanMunn I will vote for yes
@PauloCereda Congratulations. What is it?
@PauloCereda Congratulations. I'm still glowing from my new addition to beamer.
1:22 AM
@MarcoDaniel It's that Lua script egreg and I wrote. :)
@AlanMunn Thanks. I hope I didn't make a mess of everything. :)
@PauloCereda The first useful script of the combo ;-)
@MarcoDaniel What I don't get is how anyone upvoted it.
@MarcoDaniel Next useful package: lolcat. :)
I wanted a tag. We already have three questions.
@AlanMunn The guy wants to earn the upvote badge ;-)
@PauloCereda awesome questions ;-)
@PauloCereda I has like this package.
1:25 AM
@AlanMunn haha!
@MarcoDaniel Batman power. :)
Speaking of lolcats:
My be is calling me ;-) We will see us in few hours ;-) Or with the words of @Werner's wife: good night virtual friends
@MarcoDaniel Good night Marco! :)
It seems they chose an armadillo to be the World Cup mascot here. :)
Armadillo is not cool, I prefer our good old "tatu". :)
1:49 AM
@PauloCereda And during the World Cup people drunk on newly legal stadium beer will wake up with tatu tattoos.
@AlanMunn Ah true, our good "Lei geral da Copa". :(
There is a buzz Fifa will take the World Cup to another country.
Probably England.
@PauloCereda I really doubt that will happen.
@AlanMunn Me too. It's all part of a political move. The corruption level with money spent on stadiums is something I cannot even imagine.
7 hours later…
9:09 AM
Odd TeX fact: in a dimension assignment of the form <real><register>, the <register> needs not be a dimension register: \dimen0=3.2\count0mm will leave mm as letters in the output, and \count0 is converted to a dimension (in sp, as usual).
@MarcoDaniel Not sure about letting users define identifiers (variables) such as x to be used directly in expressions 3*x+2: you can always use a macro \x instead, that's just one extra keystroke (and potentially parses faster). Everything is expanded as we go (like in integer expressions provided by eTeX).
has just finished reading The LaTeX Companion, 2nd edition, cover to cover. While the first edition was (is) a fantastic book, the second edition overshadows it. What an amazing piece of work. Well done, congratulations to all the authors (some of whom have been known to pop up here).
9:36 AM
Some votes needed to close this one as duplicate
Q: Why am I getting errors about defined references?

KPthunderI have the following in a paper: See~\ref{fig:quicksort}. \begin{figure} \label{fig:quicksort} \begin{algorithm}[H] \caption*{\textsc{QuickSort}(\emph{Array, Left, Right})} \label{alg:quicksort} \begin{algorithmic}[1] \If{$Left < Right$} ...

@BrunoLeFloch The using of \xshould be preferred. However it's a great work.
10:17 AM
@MarcoDaniel Thanks. Wait until you see some of the crazyer ideas about supporting lists or tuples of numbers (not this months yet, and they'll have to not be vetoed by anyone).
Ah, and... don't look at the code, it's pretty ugly because I had to optimize a lot ---not yet enough :(.
Yay lists!
Q: Defining an Environment that Takes an Argument

jamaicanwormI want to define a new environment that will take a text argument, and use it as a title. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsthm} \newenvironment{titleproof} {\begin{proof} \textbf{Title of the Proof} \newline} {\vspace*{0.5\baselineskip} \end{proof}} \begin{document} \begin{titleproof} H...

Should I add an answer with environ, just for completeness sake? :)
Or even with xparse.
@PauloCereda xparse has the nice feature that placeholders for arguments can be used also in the "end" part. \NewEnviron is very useful at times, but not for general use.
@egreg Ah true. TBH I was thinking of xparse at first, but environ came to mind first. :P
@PauloCereda Please recommend xparse. Maybe in combination with l3keys ;-)
@MarcoDaniel Uh-oh, now it's beyond my limited knowledge. :)
10:30 AM
@PauloCereda In this way I learned it ;-)
@egreg: You answer was accepted ;-) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/47576/…
@MarcoDaniel But M.S. didn't revoke his downvote. The "package free" version is among the TeX Pearls for BachoTeX 2011. :)
10:52 AM
@BrunoLeFloch \unless\ifnum\numexpr-1\ifA+1\fi\ifB+1\fi=0 is another XOR test
Now I'm intrigued. What if one wants to get the content (body) of the environment?
@PauloCereda That's environ's job.
@egreg Ah! With \BODY, I guess. :)
@BrentLongborough Took you seven years to read it????:)
11:14 AM
I added an xparse answer, but no l3keys. :)
Q: lualatex error with Brazilian Portuguese babel option

RomildoIt seems that lualatex does not known the Brazilian dialect of the Portuguese language with the babel package. When compiling the simple document: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[brazil]{babel} \begin{document} Documento de teste. \end{document} lualatex gives the following error messa...

@PauloCereda Nice one. You mentioned the special value \NoValue. I suggest to add the relevant test \IfNoValueTF ;-)
@PauloCereda Isn't polyglossia for xetex?
@MarcoDaniel Ah! I'll make some tests here and will update the answer. :)
@MarcoDaniel I don't know. :)
@PauloCereda Me too ;-)
@MarcoDaniel :P
I'm still in pdflatex. :D
@YiannisLazarides nice debugging boxes, I'd looked at the original question a while ago, but didn't get to the bottom of it. Could you see where breqn could be changed to not require manual intervention?
11:23 AM
your xelatex format appears to be outdated - wat?!
@DavidCarlisle Thanks will have a look but looks very complicated:)
@YiannisLazarides breqn complicated? no, you don't say:-)
@DavidCarlisle Piece of cake for you Dave, I am sure you can fix it in 3 minutes:)
When Michael first came up with breqn I sort of half followed it at the time, but that was a long time ago and that alignment bug I think requires more than half following it. I think we should leave it for @BrunoLeFloch, we would'nt want to spoil his fun. (I spent a lot more than 3 minutes on that question already:-)
Can this be a workaround to the language question?

(Why do they spell it portuges?) :(
With this code, the document compiles.
Hm now I'm not sure about hyphenation.
Yep, no hyphenation.
11:48 AM
@DavidCarlisle Agreed and it should all be re-written in LaTeX3, but I must say it is a brilliantly written package.
@YiannisLazarides On the long-term 'to do' list, probably as an optional add-on to basic LaTeX3 maths support
@JosephWright Long-term as in next year?
@egreg \numexpr tends to be slower than conditionals, so I'd guess the first approach is faster. Not sure, though.
@YiannisLazarides I doubt it: we need to sort the output routine, the galley and font loading, then there is the need for some basic structure. I can see us tackling the basics of display math, but not all of the complexities, over the next year.
@YiannisLazarides Re-breqn. I did, but I need to think about it more carefully to understand your answer, and I've been somewhat stuck on my fp work.
11:55 AM
@BrunoLeFloch Then don't worry:) fp is more important.
@JosephWright On the other hand, we should probably turn breqn to use the l3kernel features more properly. It currently messes up catcodes, for instance, because it tries to keep track of the catcode of _: this doesn't interact well with \ExplSyntaxOn.
@BrunoLeFloch Well that is true, but there is a lot of work just to cover that change.
@YiannisLazarides Short term yes, long term, I most definitely want breqn to work, because it would be useful for my "real-life" work.
I want to crack on with the OR: it's mainly just a formatting task, but it does need doing
@BrunoLeFloch The package at the moment is in patois some of it is already LaTeX3
11:58 AM
@JosephWright True. Well, we haven't been shying away from work too much, have we? :)
@YiannisLazarides Yes.
Hi there;
Q: Nested foreach inside a TikZ matrix for both rows and columns

haggai_eI'm trying to create a matrix using nested \foreach loops. I tried following the example I found in a previous question, but I keep getting errors. Here is the code I tried to run: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{etoolbox} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{matrix} \begin{document} \let\my...

Can anyone tel me how to send the argument of foreach \i inside the matrix contents macro?
Should I \def it before the \gappto ?
1 hour later…
1:24 PM
@YiannisLazarides LOL, no, that was Real World Haskell. TLC2 just took me 7 years to discover.
I just noticed this: Why doesn't LaTeX (article class) place a period after a theorem name/number? If I load amsthm, then the period is there.
Hi all!
@PatrickGundlach What is lua REPL?
Hi! :)
I take it back: LuaTeX seems to hyphenate Portuguese.
2:25 PM
@PauloCereda I've posted a comment and sent mail to Khaled Hosny. I think this is a bug. Nothing should fail that inelegantly.
@AlanMunn Ah thanks! Great comment, now I understand what's happening. I've never used LuaTeX, so I was lost (I even got confused babel with polyglossia). :)
You should post your comment as an answer. It's really great and explain the odd behaviour.
@egreg: Do you want to answer this question? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/47616/…
@PauloCereda The whole polyglossia vs. babel is confusing when it comes to LuaTeX. Generally we think that most things that work with XeLaTeX can work with LuaLaTeX, but that's not quite true, and polyglossia is one of them. But at the same time, it's often said that you must use polyglossia with XeLaTeX and not babel, but that's not quite true either. See tex.stackexchange.com/q/30684/2693
@MarcoDaniel It might take a while. :) We are watching Juventus on TV. :)
2:40 PM
@AlanMunn Ah I see. :) I thought XeTeX and LuaTeX were (pardon my naivety) almost exactly the same. :)
@AlanMunn Thanks, I almost forgot the new house rule! In another news, that trophy could be used as a cricket bat! :)
@egreg: Marchisio almost scored. :)
@PauloCereda It's a question to earn the macro badge
@MarcoDaniel Tough. As Paulo says, there's the match which is more important. :)
@PauloCereda They're playing well.
@egreg I would work with a simple clist and the current mapping function.
@MarcoDaniel yes, the tricky part is the mapping function. I've some ideas.
Not solvable during the intermission, though. :)
@MarcoDaniel Ah. :)
2:54 PM
@egreg ;-)
@egreg Juve's defensive line is giving me shivers. :)
Chapters/sections have a long title and a short title. The short title is shown in the page header and the table of contents.
I want to show the long title in the contents but keep the short one in the header.
Is this easily possible? If it's not easy, I don't want to bother.
@Szabolcs It's easily available in the memoir class: \chapter[toc-title][head-title]{title} but I don't know if there's a package that modifies the standard classes this way.
3:09 PM
@AlanMunn Thank you for the hint, I am using memoir fortunately!
@Szabolcs Good. For book length documents it's really a great class.
I'm ready to pop my \expandafter cherry. How many \expandafters are needed to fully expand a counter, as in etextools's \ExpandAftercmds\macro{\@arabic{\c@unter}}?
@Szabolcs KOMA provides a similar solution.
Thanks, that's good to know. However I'm already using memoir (which turned out to be fortunate). Maybe I'll look at KOMA (I don't know what it is) next time.
3:27 PM
@MarcoDaniel I don't want to start another memoir KOMA battle, but IMO anyone can't read German shouldn't use KOMA. The English documentation is both terrible and out of date.
@AlanMunn Unfortunately you are right. The English documentation has beta status and is only available on (or at ;-) ) the KOMA website
Ich spreche kein Deutsch :-(
3:48 PM
@Szabolcs No problem. I can't speak English and we still able to communicate ;-)
4:31 PM
@MarcoDaniel No, just after the match. :) 0:0, by the way. :(
@egreg Will you provide a LaTeX3-solution? (0:0) is boring
@MarcoDaniel Already done
@egreg "already" = 3 min . q.e.d. ;-)
@MarcoDaniel The "classical" one took about five minutes: it's really easy. Get an element of the list; check if the next character is (, otherwise check if it's [. In the first case call the macro that manages the (#1) case; in the second case call the macro that manages the [#1]#2[#3] case, providing a dummy first pair of brackets if necessary. :)
@egreg You use the argument specifier w and the peek functions. I have never been noticed the peek function ;-) Very interesting
4:51 PM
@MarcoDaniel: I love your comment to egreg's answer. :)
@MarcoDaniel That's a friendly version of \futurelet; \peek_charcode:NTF is the analog of \@ifnextchar
The :w is necessary because the argument is "weird".
@egreg Wow.
@JosephWright I realize that my pull request was based on a slightly earlier of version of the repository. Is there a simple way to make my fork match the main repository?
@AlanMunn You need to pull across, which I think you can do from 'compare forks'
@AlanMunn I think it's easily done, but I can't remember how. I only use the basic stuff.
4:57 PM
It was not an issue, anyway, as I did the merge manully on my system
@PauloCereda I guess that your comment to the "Brazilian" question might be an answer. The question should be raised on the "tex-hyphen" mailing list and probably also on the "tex-live" list, as it seems that the language.dat.lua file is generated automatically from language.dat
@egreg TBH I like Alan's comment. :) Maybe the answer would be a merge of those two comments. Alan explains why and I tell how. :)
@egreg I sent mail to Khaled Hosny who maintains luatex-hyphen; depending on what he replies, I'll raise the issue on the tex-live list. (I had no idea there was a tex-hyphen list.)
Let's post in c.t.tex! (granted, I began to like that mess of messages) :D
@egreg And language.dat itself is generated by tlmgr. So probably this is a TeX Live issue.
@PauloCereda I think the mailing list is a more appropriate place for the issue, actually, since we know the relevant people are reading it.
5:04 PM
@AlanMunn Indeed. :) I was just kidding. :)
@egreg But there's also the fact that LuaTeX shouldn't fail so badly when there's missing information in language.dat.lua; that's not a TeX Live issue.
@Alan: I'm scared of mailing lists, see my quoted message in Norbert's reply: tug.org/pipermail/tldoc/2012q1/000425.html :)
@AlanMunn Someone must have told Karl Berry how to generate the file. :)
5:21 PM
@egreg I've just posted a report to the TeX-Live list.
They have restarted the "n questions with new activity" stuff
@egreg That's a nice featurer
I love it
@egreg futurelet is friendly ;-)
@egreg So maybe my cursor arrow will start disappearing again. It seemed to before when that started, but I couldn't replicate it. Are you using FF or Safari?
5:37 PM
@AlanMunn Safari
@egreg So it may not happen for you. (I use FF).
@egreg I tried Safari, but I can't get used to it. :)
@PauloCereda I am using FF and it works too
@MarcoDaniel Oh it works for me too, but for some unexplained reason, just when the feature appeared, by cursor arrow would intermittently disappear. I don't know if it was a coincidence, and some other page I visited caused the problem. I hadn't noticed the feature was gone for a while, so now I'll be on the lookout for the disappearing cursor again. If it happens now, it's unlikely to be a coincidence.
@AlanMunn It requires Lion. :P
5:47 PM
@PauloCereda What does? The new activity banner? No it doesn't. (I don't think @egreg is using Lion either.)
@AlanMunn I'm just kidding. :) I don't think any Mac users here already migrated to Lion.
@PauloCereda I seem to be not getting any of your jokes today. Sorry.
@AlanMunn I'm making bad jokes today. :)
@AlanMunn That's really curious. I am having no trouble. I am using Ubuntu and sometimes Mac ;-)
Q: Using beamer \visible command inside a table, without adding vertical space

haggai_eWhen using the beamer \visible command inside a tabular environment, beamer adds an extra vertical space before the text. For example, in the following code, beamer adds an empty line before the word World in the second row. Can this be avoided? \documentclass{beamer} \begin{document} \begin{fra...

The question is why do the answers in the comments work?
6:01 PM
@AlanMunn Oh. :)
"Herbert You could draw the arrows with TikZ" is a good start to a fun conversation. :-) tex.stackexchange.com/a/47615/2693
@AlanMunn Uh-oh. :) It's like telling @egreg to use parskip in a document. :)
@AlanMunn But Herbert puplished 2 month ago a new book where he is describing tikz, too.
@AlanMunn because you should never try to do anything fancy as the first thing in a table cell, I don't know exactly what visible does but tex is in a rather unstable state at that position
6:42 PM
@cjorssen when you run Lua without arguments, you get a prompt and you can type in Lua commands. Each line is a block by itself, so you can't save variables that way
@AlanMunn Indeed, if you write \hspace{0mm} \visible<2->{Hello World} it doesn't work as expected. I mean an extra whitespace in between
I learned that trick from Stefan's answer to Question 45517 by the way.
@DavidCarlisle @egreg Can I ask about your opinion how to make \i in this question be the argument of foreach instead of the \i being greek iota letter?
Q: Nested foreach inside a TikZ matrix for both rows and columns

haggai_eI'm trying to create a matrix using nested \foreach loops. I tried following the example I found in a previous question, but I keep getting errors. Here is the code I tried to run: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{etoolbox} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{matrix} \begin{document} \let\my...

I know I have asked it before but still I can't get my head around it...
@cjorssen but your problem was a different one. You need to provide a chunk for loadstring(), but you provided only an expression. See the Lua grammar lua.org/manual/5.1
@PatrickGundlach I just posted a conference report. Perhaps you have something to add, regarding the meeting or the evening chats?
Stefan Kottwitz on March 11, 2012

The 46th general meeting of the German language TeX users group DANTE e.V. (DANTE 2012) was held in Leipzig , from March 7 until March 9. It was hosted by the HTWK Leipzig, the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, and supported by le-tex publishing services.

I asked on our meta site, who would like to to go to DANTE 2012, and four of our fellow site members told they would go. So I decided to go as well, and Stack Exchange confirmed that they would cover travel costs for me, as they sponsor speakers at conferences. Luckily that’s not very much, as I did not need to fly and neither to b …

7:03 PM
@percusse I guess you have to expand \i during the \foreach, otherwise when \mymatrixcontent is expanded TeX uses the current value of \i (dotless i).
@egreg I've tried \expandafter\def\counterval{\i} and plug \counterval into the matrix content but then still it says undefined control sequence.
  \foreach \i in {0,...,5} {
    \edef\x{\noexpand\gappto\noexpand\mymatrixcontent{\i \&}}\x
You're also missing some \expandafter: \expandafter\def\expandafter\counterval\expandafter{\i}
And it's easier \xdef\counterval{\i}
I see let me try...
Thanks a lot by the way :)
But the problem is always the same: you end with \counterval in the replacement text, which is wrong
Yes, I get A5 six times.
I meant this code

  \foreach \i in {0,...,5} {
\xdef\counterval{\i}\gappto\mymatrixcontent{A \counterval \&}
  \matrix (a) [matrix of nodes,ampersand replacement=\&]{
    \draw (a-1-1) -- (a-1-5);
7:25 PM
I have to leave now. But thanks again for the hints :)
@StefanKottwitz Awesome blog post!
@PauloCereda Thanks! Hope you had fun
@percusse I'm passing on tikz questions at the moment not looked at it at all yet (Id never heard of it until last month when I started hanging around here:-)
8:12 PM
@PauloCereda Good news!
@egreg Yay! :)
8:54 PM
@egreg: wow, 2:6 Palmeiras. :D
@PauloCereda Final?
By the way, how's the training of the Brazilian cricket team going?
@egreg Yep. :) Good game. Finally Palmeiras has a nice team for this season. :)
@egreg Oh... the... the team is doing fine. :)
@egreg I thought this would resolve to nothing, but there really is one: brasilcricket.org
@AlanMunn Here's another
Hi again!
Can someone remind me how to activate pretty printing for lua code in code blocks? Thanks.
@PatrickGundlach Thanks Patrick. That's indeed clearer.
9:15 PM
A: Syntax highlighting language hints

Jeff AtwoodNote that this question is a bit obsolete, because we now infer prettify language type based on the tags. See more: Changes to syntax highlighting This is now implemented. In addition to tag inference (a recent change), you can manually specify the language as a hint to Google Code Prettify. T...

@TorbjørnT Thanks it worked :)
9:46 PM
@cjorssen Very nice answer!
@egreg Thanks! l found it very hard to start learning lpeg, but what an amazing tool :)
10:25 PM
Q: Fontspec transparency problems on TeXLive 2011 MacOS Lion

ipavlicI'm using this minimal document to test transparency: \documentclass[11pt]{article} \usepackage{xunicode, xltxtra} \defaultfontfeatures{Mapping=tex-text} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage[usenames]{xcolor} \begin{document} \fontspec[Color=red,Opacity=0.1,Scale=12]{Helvetica}Test \end{document} ...

Does this document compile for you?
@AlanMunn The usual problem that calc is not loaded any more by expl3.
@egreg Yes, I just figured that out. But surely this is a bug in fontspec then?
@AlanMunn Of course it is, as it relies on \real which is provided by calc
@PauloCereda You'll like the bib entries in this answer
A: Make one author's name bold every time it shows up in the bibliography (continued)

egregThe following modification of this answer seems to work if you use the plain bib style: \let\originalbibitem\bibitem \def\bibitem#1#2\par{% \noexpandarg \originalbibitem{#1} \StrSubstitute{#2}{Hans M{\"u}ller}{\textbf{Hans M{\"u}ller}}\par} Example \begin{filecontents*}{\jobname.bib} @a...

@egreg LOL awesome! :D

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