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12:32 AM
The 6:00 am wake-up time experiment was a failure, but this does not rule out the possibility of waking up this early in the future. Presently, alarms are set as early as 7:15 am, and are expected to be progressively adjusted as things improve.
May 22 at 0:33, by bwDraco
At the start of the day, things seemed okay, but wound up with a dizzy spell by about 10 am and got very cranky as I tried to do housework.
superuser.com/questions/1213314/… - How sad, he was so quick to become nasty because I was going down a path he felt was the wrong approach to solve his question he wasn't willing to even hear my suggestions or my statements explaining why he didn't have Windows Spotlight. Good news for him, while I am excausted, I am in the best mood i have been in, in well years!
Looking at the comments still live, I am a bit puzzled too. Alas, such things happen
@bwDraco I woke up at 5:30 today and it has not been a nice experience
Nothing anyone could do would kill the buzz I am feeeling from being THE guy. :-)
1 hour later…
1:58 AM
@allquixotic I went and hunted down Groovy source just to make sure ... then realised I don't really know Groovy :P
1 hour later…
2:59 AM
@Ramhound, just a technicality, you never did demonstrate that you know what a photocopier is. Just sayin'.
But don't let that diminish the buzz.
@fixer1234 Isn't a photocopier one of those espionage types that uses a ring camera to copy foreign government surveillance photos?
2 hours later…
4:43 AM
This is one of the best episodes of citation needed. And I love that show.
5:29 AM
Q: Any plans for a Documentation feature within SuperUser?

Craig SilverSometimes, I come across information that I suspect is nowhere else on The Net and I think that posting it would be helpful to the community at large. I ask because the information is more appropriate for SuperUser than for StackOverflow and I don't see any sort of Documentation feature. Here i...

5:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek I keep meaning to watch it, but I've only seen a couple of episodes...
Guess I'll watch that now
6:10 AM
@JourneymanGeek This is cool!
It is!
6:22 AM
Y Chrome takes so much space? What is safe to delete?
Getting tired of these fat apps getting larger and larger.
@Boris_yo I distinctly recall chrome keeps older versions
Where can I find optimization and saving space techniques for apps that are known to be fat?
6:45 AM
stop using them. there, done
6:56 AM
@Bob so... I mostly switched over to vivaldi.
(so far, nice. Also does chrome plugins...)
@SBM hi!
Hello rahul
4 hours later…
10:45 AM
Whoa! This room is surprisingly quiet today.
11:26 AM
Oh, sorry I killed the chat
Where do I know more about SuperUser features of operating systems?
@SBM That's a very broad question. Can you be more specific?
11:42 AM
Oh, I was looking to know more about Windows shell commands, or other things that'd be useful in automating things or rather troubleshooting
For Windows you probably want to looking at PowerShell for automation. There are plenty of site/tutorials/blogs devoted to PowerShell. Google is your friend.

Troubleshooting is a bit more difficult. It rather depends on what problem you are trying to troubleshoot.
thank you
I was interested in learning more
12:21 PM
@SBM These tend to be mostly based on experience. Trying to answer other users' question on forums (SU, bleepingcomputers, etc.) can help you learn too.
I learn a lot of odd tidbits while researching answers :P
I don't know much yet
at least I don't know enough to answer a question on the main site.
1:07 PM
Or so you think.
yes, maybe
@SBM Everybody starts somewhere with their first answer ... ;p
My first answer was a bad one.
I don't know where to start
My first answer on StackOverflow was so bad that I got banned for answering
after two more
It seems like this guy has the same problem as me.^
1:12 PM
I'd suggest exploring your OS and all the features it has. You might stumble onto something interesting that could solve someone's problem
exploring Windows? like looking at system folders?
Like going through all the administrative tools
See what settings there are, and if you find something unfamiliar, research it
@BenN Wait the answer to the problem of answering questions on SU was right in front my eye the whole time. (I have to suspend myself from this chatroom for 1 day.)
goodbye until 24 hours
1:19 PM
1:38 PM
> Now, hang up the phone. Don’t just hang it up. Slam it down so they know you are pissed.
@JourneymanGeek ^ sounds familiar, no? :P
huh MS'd get a BSOD
2:12 PM
@JourneymanGeek My question about discord got migrated to Web Apps as an untagged question...
Yeah, seems it has
dropped a line to the mod in question - if it gets rejected, let me know and I'll reopen
alright, thanks
there's really no way we can undo a migration from here
2:24 PM
@StevenVascellaro hm. I am informed we can undo a migration but you'd need to delete the question on the other side yourself
Yeah, chat thing
@Bob Slam down my smartphone? No... I don't think so.
@Rahul2001 you've obviously never called MS support before
@Bob Once... ages ago... to activate Win8.1.
2:36 PM
@Rahul2001 doesn't count. call with a non-firstline problem and report back
lol, someday
Antique? Man, I'm only 20 and this answer makes me feel old. — Tyzoid yesterday
@Rahul2001 I would recommend doing it from a slammable phone.
@Bob lol
@JourneymanGeek ok. Will do
Singapore is not one of the countries, since English is the working language and is almost 100% understood everywhere. — March Ho 7 hours ago
On the other hand according to Wikipedia, around 63% of Malaysians and 83% of Singaporeans speak English, so it's still not necessarily clear that Mandarin is more useful there. — reirab 20 hours ago
but... but... who's right?!
@JourneymanGeek, wanna chime in on that ^? :P
2:41 PM
Most singaporean natives who are not english speaking probably speak chinese dialect or something else
2:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek Deleted on Web Apps
Funnily enough, I couldn't delete my self-answered question at first because "Others have invested time and effort into answering it"
@StevenVascellaro Yeah, that happens
3:15 PM
@StevenVascellaro might be word raising a flag saying it was reopened here...
@Mokubai On Web Apps?
All I had to do was delete my answer first before deleting the question
Ah. Forgot it was your own answer. That'd do it.
There's a relevant meta for this actually
Q: Deleting self-answered question gets "Delete this answered question" warning

Andrew GrimmWhile attempting to delete a question which was answered by myself, and with no other answers, I got the following warning: Delete this answered question? We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. Repeated delet...

Q: Someone forged my resignation letter

Kumal JSo about six weeks ago, my mother’s illness took a turn for the worst, and I took some time off work to take care of her. It was all very rushed because we never expected her condition to worsen so quickly and things were just very messy. I was also pretty stressed at the time and perhaps I didn’...

3:37 PM
Huh. Despite having a score of 0, my question about deleting messages in Discord is my second most viewed on the site
Always amusing to see how score and view counts differ
viers == more downvoters :(
@djsmiley2k I just assumed it meant more people found the question through Google
People who likely aren't voting
that too
which means it's likely a good question, if others are thinking the same
4:01 PM
@JourneymanGeek and once again I'm looking at rss :P
could you remind me what decent (self-hosted) web ones exist?
any you've used and not hated anyway :P
4:20 PM
@Bob games? Monday is a Federal holiday in the US, where we honor our military, so basically that means I can play into your Monday too, up until, uh, your Monday night -- probably can't do your Tuesday morning/night because work will have started
technically I could also play on my Monday night / your Tues morning, but it'd have to be about 3-4 hours earlier start than usual or I'd be a zombie at work on Tuesday
and after a nearly month-long reign, Bob's preference of using macOS over Linux as a desktop OS is gone off the star wall :(
5:08 PM
@allquixotic right now is a "hmm. it's late...", in ~12-13h is a "probably, but isn't it late for you?", in ~20h is a "ok!", in ~44h is a "ok!" :P
what do you guys play again?
i always ask, almost immediately forget
yall should play on ps4
that way I'd know yur playing, and still not play iwth you
@djsmiley2k stuff, though mostly strategy games with quix these days
he's trying to get me into hearts of iron iv :P
we played sins of a solar empire last
also been through ... uh. ashes of the singularity. payday 2. iforgottheothers
i just wish i had more time :/
5:26 PM
the room name is root access, is it linux / android specific? Is Windows discussion allowed
This is a room about all technology :)
Why is having running shoes in multiple different colors is a trend today is beyond me! Don't you hate it?
And also a room about basically anything else
@BenN thanks to confirm
@BenN lol, boris's message was perfectly timed :D
5:32 PM
@Bob Sorry I didn't see your reply
you still surprisingly unsleepy enough for sins?
@allquixotic ya :P
ok, switching PC
or should i say switching Mac
lol I remember a time when I wouldn't touch Apple
@Boris_yo No :)
6:07 PM
h oy the mouse pad has crashed again
and its back lol
soooooooo guys, originally windows 7 on this laptop, upgraded via the free upgrade to win10.
I have a new HDD (well, old one from a ps4) that I wanna swap into it...
@djsmiley2k hmm, do I have you on steam or anything?
i.e. for licencing, what do I need to do?
@Avery I don't really use steam
or any kind of messaging thing anymore
smiley on freenode
just realised ur prob messaging me right now
and i don't have putty oopen on the laptop
/me connects
6:35 PM
Well, goodnight
I have a flight to catch in a couple of years
This idiotic keyboard
6:52 PM
Pffft, planning ahead
7:37 PM
dr who
last week
why only 1 email recieved...
@Rahul2001 Where are you going?
@Avery Whoops, your ping woke me and sis up :P
Uh, hometown
Anyway, back to bed, ttyl
Heh, I'm not very sleepy anyway
And neither is sis, so it's cool
8:14 PM
has no one watchd dr who yet
i'm wwatching it atm
cept the stupid thing didn't record fully to catching the end on catch up now
@djsmiley2k I gave up on Dr Who many years series ago ...
Well I wasn't enjoying them any more ...
that's a fair enough reason
9:13 PM
Just factory-reset my printer :(
9:26 PM
be lame.
Looks like it's been fixed.
Shor's beard, I hate resetting a device and reconfiguring it all over again.
9:42 PM
Q: Can't access Embedded Web Server on HP Officejet Pro 8630: "System Error"

bwDracoMy HP Officejet Pro 8630 has started giving me this error when I try to access the Embedded Web Server (EWS): System Error An error has occurred. A network reset did not help, Furthermore, the printer hung while I ran a factory reset from the Settings menu, forcing me to manually pow...

@bwDraco i'd remove those last two lines tbh @bwDraco
they don't help anyone, are just you ranting
Rather tell you than just edit them away tho :)
10:01 PM
@bwDraco Removing the rant is nice, yet it might not hurt to have a note for others that all their settings will be lost. Reset should tell them that, but Semi-full reset does leave doubt. A word to the wise never hurts, and often helps.
10:47 PM
Q: Changing the default ANSI to unicode in Notepad

Ahmadi follow this article Changing the default ANSI to UTF-8 in Notepad the problem is i don't have this folder 'shellnew' its possible to apply the steps with windows 8 pro?

The question linked already has answer, but the difference is this user don't have shellnew folder. I wonder what is the appropriate action?
11:19 PM
@Bob I've been running ttrss for years
Will be offline for around four or five hours, flight...
@Rahul2001 have fun!
@Bob I run a modded night theme (so the images are not monochrome - fox is odd), its probably better to run it on postgres over mysql...
has a cheap (not free) official webapp, since there's no decent official mobile view, tho 3rd party ones exist

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