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1:26 AM
Q: Can you explain the various references to a certain real life actor in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

user1821961So there were many references made to (or I assume him) in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, especially at In particular I was wondering if someone could explain them all as I imagine they are not all from a single work by him, or did were there comparisons to other individuals at this event?

@steelersquirrel Sorry for the incomplete statement. You were saying you didn't find moderator tools helpful which you earned at 10K.
@AJ Obviously. She was a top heroine in south at her time(mid-late 90's) before she married a director.
1:53 AM
Her maiden name is ramya. It changed to RamyaKrishnan after marrying Krishna Vamsi. As her mother tongue is tamil, she chose krishnan.
2:20 AM
Anyway I watched her Bollywood movies. I just didn't know.
Do you know that she did a special song in one of Prabhas's movies?
I didn't watch any Prabhas' movies before Baahubali.
She is only 3 years older than Aishwarya Rai.
Q: Would James have gotten to NY some other way?

Stephen_Film_GuyIn the Disney film "James and the Giant Peach" if James had not accidentally dropped the magical crocodile tongues on the ground, causing the peach and the insects to grow, would the tongues' magic have worked in some other way to help get him to NY?

2:35 AM
@AJ Chhatrapati is an action drama movie with the same combination as Baahubali. Movie based on mother sentiment.
Mirchi is also a good movie.
Maahishmati anthem has been one repeat song since yesterday.
The lyrics are in Sanskrit.
3:08 AM
Q: Friday 1995 Ice Cube And Chris Tucker character

Trevor ArguelloWhen in the movie s Does Craig's dad say anything about the words "Flim Flam" "Gibber Jabber" or Gibberish Character

3:21 AM
Q: Viewing any movie on demand

ringøCurrently using Netflix to watch movies available from that provider (outside the US, thus the "DVD service" is not available). But most of the time, the movie I really want to watch is not part of the Netflix offer. So I'm stuck with some movies or shows "watchable" ; however this is frustrati...

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4:45 AM
> Thor can not pick up the hammer because he was stupid and started the war with the Frost Giants.
Really? Was he stupid?
@SS. more arrogant than stupid
though that reads like a troll answer
Yeah. It is kind of a troll answer.
@SS. Link
A: Why can't Thor pick up his hammer?

Booknut79Thor can not pick up the hammer because he was stupid and started the war with the Frost Giants. Odin had to come save them and as punishment stripped Thor of his powers deeming him unworthy and sent him to Earth. I think when he sacrificed himself to save the humans, he again proved himself wort...

@AJ ^^^
@SS. the answer is talking about Thor also, not The Avangers which is what the question is talking about
and you post exactly that @AJ as i post it in chat
4:53 AM
@Memor-X Well, I posted it first. :P
5:24 AM
Good morning folks
Q: Spanish/English music show

KarenI remember watching this show on a Spanish channel, where they'd play the top hits from English and Spanish songs in a countdown. I can't remember many details but it was bilingual.

@MovieReel Need Thor's Ankit's hammer.
@MovieReel Flagged already.
What is the name of @AnkitSharma 's Hammer?
Any ideas for TotW?
@SS. Ask him.
5:28 AM
The gada (Sanskrit: गदा gadā, Tamil: gadai, Malay: gedak Old Tagalog: batuta) is a club or blunt mace from South Asia. Made either of wood or metal, it consists essentially of a spherical head mounted on a shaft, with a spike on the top. Outside India, the gada was also adopted in Southeast Asia, where it is still used in silat. The gada is the main weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman. Known for his strength, Hanuman is traditionally worshipped by wrestlers in South and Southeast Asia. Vishnu also carries a gada named Kaumodaki in one of his four hands. In the Mahabharata epic, the fighters Bhima,...
@AnkitSharma Well, maces also have names...
For example, Lord Vishnu's mace is called Kaumodaki.
what about hauman's
How about Ankitmodaki?
There is no explicit reference that Hanuman used Gada/mace. In Sundara Kanda(a chapter in Ramayana an epic of India), he used a iron club which he finds in Lanka instantaneously.
@AJ ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
5:32 AM
Or Morankiti?
@AJ Kaumodaki means which is related to water lillies/aquatic plant.
@AJ better you don't try
Yeah, I should. I am not good at giving names. ;-(
6:15 AM
Only one HNQ and that's even ID bleh
@AnkitSharma What is na dit;s
@AJ what? where? I can't see it :p
@AnkitSharma What is taht's?
I can't see that either
I think you can see it now. :P
6:21 AM
Yeah I can see a crazy unicorn
You can change the link, but not the image
I still have it.
I can still ignore it
And that unicorn is a good distraction :D
@AnkitSharma You can run, but you can't glide hide. quote source :P
I think there is one question that need to be protected.
6:26 AM
Q: Why can't Thor pick up his hammer?

ravitejaIn The Avengers after falling from great height and blasting through the cage, Thor seems to have lost his control over the hammer, why did this happen?

Should it be?
not yet
After 3 spam answers, Community automatically protects a question, doesn't it?
I think so
Is this an answer?
A: Identify erotic movie about Lucrezia Borgia

Mauricio Arias OlaveN.B. may classify to NSFW, so please,be careful about open link or even this question in working hours. just an friendly reminder. After make another search, I found what I think it could be the movie. It's called: Lucrezia Borgia Le Castellane; But, each video result is "censored". Her...

6:33 AM
Or a new question for asking a site where OP can watch that movie?
It's a self answer ID and answer came after year
soudn fien to me
> If someone find the full movie, I'll accept that answer and even give +100 bounty points.1

"I hope watch the full movie dubbed in spanish, but if isn't in spanish, that's fine, in italian or english is also acceptable".
What 'about this?
Locating content is off topic here, that's why edited it out — Ankit Sharma ♦ 7 secs ago
You should have edited it out
I was confused between editing or flagging.
That's why I asked.
6:39 AM
Editing is better in this case
Q: What happened to Jack Swift at the end of Brokeback Mountain?

Doug T.At the end of Brokeback Mountain Ennis calls Jack Swift's wife and she tells Ennis that Jack died in some freak tire change accident. They flash to a scene of Jack getting beaten by a gang of men -- supposedly a hate crime. What really did happen to Jack? Was the scene they portrayed what a...

This one needs to be protected.
I take that yes.
7:07 AM
I am thinking to ask an ID
But it's against my moral and walt failed to answer it in chat
What was it?
Why is walt not answering questions these days?
Walt is busy
@AJ animated episode or a film
@AnkitSharma What is the time range?
GO ahead and post. What's the problem. Haven't you posted some in the past?
7:45 AM
@SS. before early 90s
@SS. Not afetr tehy became evil
@AnkitSharma Then make them good again.
Q: Looking For name of song

Joey BaseballThere is this one song, but I dont know what its called. It has no words, but its from a movie, and it goes Ba-Ba-Baaaaa; Ba-Ba-Baaaa; Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Baaaaa; Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Baaaaaa for the first part. And it continues on like so.

@Ixrec So, I saw Alien Covenant. What a strange movie.
I 100% see what you mean when you said that the only real link to Prometheus seems to exist to shut down that story.
And ultimately, that's my biggest issue with the film. It's half Alien reimagining, half Prometheus sequel and half Prometheus apology, and it ends up being fully nothing.
7:59 AM
I don't for a second believe that any of what we saw was what Scott originally intended for a Prometheus sequel, and as such the entire film feels compromised from the ground up.
what I read online is that this is the result of him doing a 180 after the feedback on Prometheus
That makes a lot of sense from what I saw.
hopefully the next movie is fully something
since he's quite clearly done executing the 180 as of the end of this one
Yeah, the franchise is certainly in an interesting place now. But it took a full film of course correction to get there.
Then again, I'm a sucker for f*cked up endings, and Alien Covenant certainly delivered on that front.
8:03 AM
that much is true
unfortunately I didn't find the "synthetic thinks the xenomorphs are biological perfection" idea particularly interesting
partly because it's kinda been done in the other movies already
It's certainly an anti-climax when taken alongside the creator/createe themes of Prometheus.
then leave me alone. i want to actually help me kys. — Joey Baseball 2 mins ago
@AnkitSharma ^^
I assume the statute of limitation on Covenant spoilers is not yet up, do we have a spoiler room here?
KYS => Kill Yourself.
@AJ I've been trying to explain to the guy but he just doesn't get it.
8:06 AM
Yeah, I can see that.
Only needs one more CV...
@Ixrec No idea.
@Paulie_D done
@AJ Yay! :) Poor lad....
@AJ He deleted the question once and then undeleted the question again
8:14 AM
Mornin' @JNat
@SS. hmmm
@AnkitSharma So that's a yes?
@DrRDizzle lol, sound terrible and funny at the same time
@AJ ufff, comment purged and elft my own
@Ixrec we had one in past do you want me to undeleet it @DrRDizzle ??
8:31 AM
@AnkitSharma HAVE U SAW The Great Wall movie ?

 The Spoiler room

Beware: Discussions involving new releases and spoilers
@DhanrajKumar nops
if u saw it, i posted one question here with gif, pls solve it.
@AJ I see
@SS. uhhuuunnn
@SS. Okay I will ask
But my ID will have 18+ words
@AnkitSharma Not more than mine. :P
Mine will have private parts and hair around them :P
8:34 AM
@AnkitSharma Ah! This is more than mine.
18+ means 18+ stuff?
i thought movies SE universal site not 18+.
@AnkitSharma I hope that you know which question I am talking about.
8:36 AM
@AJ No I don't
@AnkitSharma There are alternative and parliamentary words for 18+ words.
@DhanrajKumar SE site is for 13+ people only and I was joking mainly
@SS. ofcourse I am using them
Beware of Smoke detector!!!
I knwo I know
@AnkitSharma When did you learn Spanish? :P
8:38 AM
Q: Why Dave specifically asking Stanley to forget while pointing to singles party?

Dhanraj KumarIn Couples Retreat, four couples were on an island resort, but after reaching the island resort they came to know that only bachelors have the option to have singles party, which made them upset. Later in the movie, Trudy somehow escapes to singles party from Shane (one of the couples) so one o...

@DhanrajKumar Can't help with that
@DhanrajKumar which one?
@AJ So they're too chatty?
Yes. Flag them and get marshal badge. :P
Warning: Some are mine.
8:51 AM
@AJ One of them is from Ankit too. Any way I don't think mods will be partial.
Have u anybody saw nymphomanic series
@AJ I am still looking for deputy.
@DhanrajKumar I tried but got bored
movies showed little girl having orgasm, is that appropriate in movies to show girl having orgasm? because i want to ask it here.
Depends on age and country
Q: How is Return to the Blue Lagoon legal if Milla Jovovich was 15 when it was shot?

David PilkingtonIn the movie, we see Milla Jovovich topless many times. But when the film was shot, she was 15 and therefore underage. Did this not break the law back when it was made and if not, surely it does now?

8:57 AM
having orgasm is more powerful thing than topless, think about ir
there are so many movies with kids nude best example: once upon time in america extended, Captain Fantastic, good morning vietnam etc. but showing orgasm is little apportaite..... i am risking to ask it here.
@DhanrajKumar I am not comparing scenario but giving you similar example
can i ask it & will turn into duplicate to blue lagoon question?
@DhanrajKumar If she is older then certain age for the country shooting is done then it's fine but I am not sure as not seen the film or don't know where did they shoot it
@DhanrajKumar you can ask it
9:01 AM
thank u.
actually i saw this movie in feb 2015 directors cut... movie showed girl having orgasm.i can be girl not 18 not even close to it.
@SS. Then avail it. I gave you the way.
i can be sure
@AnkitSharma Done with my edits.
@DhanrajKumar 15?
@AJ re-edited too :P
15 what ? 2015 ? anything wrong
9:05 AM
As 15 age is allowed in few countries
ok then i wont be posting it here. bcoz age factor is confusing. it will be on hold or it will be duplicate to lagoon question.......
not sure about that
Penelope Cruz was 17 when she appeared engaging in sex scenes. It was kiss on chest and has also included lesbian scenes.
I hope I will be forgiven for asking an ID :D and I hope @Paulie_D don't ask me for more details
kissing oh i almost forget about this is england movie, more deep kissing of kid.... i was shcocked to view it.
9:09 AM
It can be done by editing too
I remember about reading a film where kids sex scene was achieved by mixing there scene with short heighted people
I think there is similar scene in a Kelly Brook movie, when she was 12.
Is full house being remote control science fictional enough to get that tag
A: Does Nymphomaniac have real sex scenes?

WaltWikipedia concludes that the actors (who actually portrayed the characters) didn't have real sex: To produce scenes of unsimulated sex, von Trier used digital compositing to superimpose the genitals of pornographic film actors onto the bodies of the film's actors. Producer Louise Vesth explai...

-1 already :(
Q: Animated film/show with man's journey of reverse civilization to an extent that he go full on nude and do hunting for food

Ankit SharmaI remember watching a animated film or a episode form a animated anthology TV show on Doordarshan in mid 90s but the movie or show appear to be little older as foreign animation take time to come in India those days, so my bets are 80s or early 90s. Plot: Main character is a man who is too dep...

Q: Is it legal to show kids reaching orgasm with cloths on?

Dhanraj KumarIn Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013), This movie showed little girl having orgasm by showing the girl flying in the sky with clothes on. By narration it says girl is having orgasm. I already viewed this question, question pointing to topless but I referring to sex thing which is orgasm. Is it legal...

9:18 AM
@MovieReel too slow :P
i know it, SE has bugs needs to fix.... only can be 80k walt.... but he gone
9:32 AM
Q: A movie with home invasion, boyfriend was tied in bathroom, girl friend fall in love with invader

DesI watched a movie before but can't recall the title. It was about a home invader that broke in to a couple's house, then tied up the boyfriend in the bathroom and cut his finger. The invader also revealed to the girlfriend about her boyfriend's scandal with her best friend. After the invasion, th...

Q: How was Supergirl able to beat up the guards?

Tolga OzsesAs some of us (if not all) know, Kara Zor-El and Mon-El are from close planets (are they?) hence the super powers. In the Supergirl episode where Supergirl breaks into the mother-ship to save Mon-El and Lena, she was able to defeat the guards easily. To my understanding, she shouldn't have been a...

9:54 AM
Q: What happens when Davy Jones drinks from the wrong cup of the Fountain of Youth?

Kerr BeeldensIf Davy Jones drinks from the cup with only water from the fountain of youth and person B would drink the one with the mermaid tear, what would happen? Would person B become the captain of the Flying Dutchman, would he live forever without the curse of Davy Jones, or wouldn't Jones die, but pers...

@NapoleonWilson can we have Alien ToW, it's US release date is 19th
10:58 AM
Hammer required.
Q: asain police movie

Mhmed Abdallahi have seen an asian movie with two cups trying to arrest some one and beautiful female hidden agent appear and one of them fall in love with her ,i can't remember the name of this movie

Q: Building number 3276

Fat MonkThis is probably a really obscure one because as far as I remember it is just two shots in the film - the film never returns to the same building or at least the shot is not repeated. Also, I have no idea what the film was about - this is the only thing I remember about it, so asking the questio...

11:36 AM
On this one...am I making sense? Does this seem to be a question about or something else?
Q: How did the policeman survive?

naturalIn Charmed and in an episode (though I can't remember which one), (my sister and mum made me watch it), there was this one scene where a demon was walking down a street and causing chaos in the process. While he was walking down the road, a police car came speeding around the corner and up towar...

Q: Guardians of the galaxy 2 original ravagers team member

ThiruIn Guardians of the galaxy 2 credita original ravagers team members get back together.. there was this woman looking very similar to Hela. Are they another species?

11:57 AM
Q: Identify this movie

user51407The lead actor is male and has a husky body tupe from what I remember. He then meets his son who he never even knew he had, but I think this movie was a comedy and didn't really focus much on this. Then, his son is pretty smart and even quotes Leo Tolstoy. The boy sort of stutters in his speech t...

@AnkitSharma Did you watch it on DD1 or DD2?
12:21 PM
@AJ Doordarshan is DD1 only
Doctor Snuggles is an animated television series created by Jeffrey O'Kelly based on original artwork by Nick Price, about a friendly and optimistic inventor named Doctor Snuggles who has unusual adventures with his friends. The show featured fantastical scenarios which usually involved Doctor Snuggles inventing something outlandish such as a robot helper or diamond-making machine, and had a variety of supporting characters who were mostly anthropomorphic animals. == Production == The show was a co-production between British and Dutch producers. The animation was split by two studios: Topcraft...
See if you can recall anything.
I don't think so
Doctor Snuggles seems too yellow and off beat to my memory
Exactly when did you watch it?
mid 90s as I said
must be 95-2000
12:29 PM
Doctor Snuggles seems to always have supporting character but the show/film I am looking for have no supporting character
And I think it was one off episode or film
Well, it sounds like I also watched that show, but I think all that happens in his dream.
Q: Which horror movie is this picture from?

Karol The Demonic Angel Does anyone know where is this from? I think it's from a horror movie. This is a screenshot from the video clip of Celtic Frost's Procreation of the wicked. The clips are for a movie though and I can't find it.

5 Uv for my ID, I suppose no one hate me yet :p
@AnkitSharma IIRC, the reason behind this was that power goes out.
@AnkitSharma haha
12:36 PM
@AJ Ohh yeah I remember first he dropped the remote and then power goes out, maybe I should add that to question
What a coincidence.
Added little more too
Did it appear to be a Disney movie?
That I can't be sure of
Walt even suggested long back then that it can be a Canadian stuff
Two favorite already and it's not terrible ID, so it's not Napoleon I suppose ;D
One favorite is mine.
12:48 PM
I can't say about the other one.
Why we have no Favorite Question badge holder :/
Stellar Question seems impossible for now
Even SFF have no one with Stellar Question badge
I can make one user get Favorite Question badge.
Q: How do they film the mirror scenes in movies?

Vijin PaulrajIt always makes me wonder how do they place the cameras and crew members while filming a scene which is opposite to a reflecting object, such as mirror. Because, when filming the reflected objects we should see the camera and cameraman because of their reflection. But this does not happen in th...

12:54 PM
How to sort by fav
@AJ I answered it , so I take the credit :P
Uff I am on 4th numebr for most upvoet answer, I think I can neevr cross 200 mark of wad
@AJ {"captcha":true}
@AnkitSharma Solve it.
@AJ working now
Anyway, how do I save this query?
12:56 PM
Thsi oen have 22 now:
Q: How can I find tv shows/films similar to one I like?

user209As a general case, how can I find movies or TV shows similar to an existing movie or TV show that I like?

Q: How machines know exact location of Zion?

GomesIn Matrix Reloaded movie, they saying that machines are drilling on top of Zion. Smith in first part was trying to find location of zion, he fails. So how come machines have found location of zion?

@AJ click fork query and then premalink
@AJ What is this query about?
@SS. Most favorited questions.
1:08 PM
@AJ neat
@AJ great
I am featured on today's starboard.
1:16 PM
@AJ 2nd oen is 2 user behind
@AJ What is a star board?
@SS. The board on the right side of your screen, if you're using a PC, where you see 5 starred messages.
OK. Two of your messages are in the list.
Will the answerer get half of the bounty if an answer has an upvote?
Steeeler is the star of star board mostly
1:21 PM
Q: Married man and salesman have very pleasant conversation after marital argument

poriI've been looking for this movie for a long time. I watched the movie with Turkish dubbing in 2005-2007. This must be a TV movie. Might be an American or British film, I don't know. The film takes place in one room. A married couple have an argument at home. The woman wants to divorce her husba...

starred and pinned messages
Answer to this question might get 250 within 5 hours eventhough it is a wrong movie.
@Ixrec nothing to pin for now
@SS. ohhhh
@SS. Also I am in one message as well.
@SS. No. It won't. It is at zero score.
4 hour passed, 7 upvote and no answer for my ID, I am being AJ impatience
@AJ It had one score before
1:24 PM
@AnkitSharma LOL :P
@AnkitSharma Ohh. Someone DVed it.
@AnkitSharma Thanks for your -1. It saved 250 from being awarded to an answer which don't deserve it.
@AJ Isn't that you?
@SS. I did that but nevermind :p
1:39 PM
Q: Gotg2 terraform in earth

ThiruWe see that the terraform plants explode in Earth damaging a big area. given that gotg2 happens in 2014, it would have impacted in mcu right ?was it reversed?

Movie of the day: The next three days
Nice movie if you want to see good actors acting, and you love Catch me if you can.
1:55 PM
@MovieReel not really sure what this question is about
gonna let them try and edit, otherwise gonna vtc and unclear
2:10 PM
Answer of the day:
A: Sandbox archive

Alex CoplanFATAL ERROR: <kbd> overflow

2:47 PM
random floof of the day courtesy of ankit
user image
3:02 PM
@Riker lol
Uff too much deleted stuff can't check from mobile
@DForck42 I know what he is asking but still bleh
Arrested Development season five officially announced.
3:42 PM
Q: What is meant by "Dying is the day worth living for"?

LeonWhen I heard this "Dying is the day worth living for" quote from Hector Barbossa in "Pirates Of The Carribean: At Worlds End", somehow it moved me. I found inspirations in it. But what it means truly? What is meant by this great quote?

1 hour later…
5:09 PM
Argh! Why is it so difficult to get Google playstore on my kindle?
2 hours later…
6:47 PM
Q: How many of the 66 Jedi were saved?

ShalConsidering this movie was all but purging the Jedi clan, by the later second half, Palpatine orders all his followers/Stormtroopers to execute all 66 of the Jedi (so i understand). Of the 66, how many were actually saved/rescued?

7:21 PM
@AnkitSharma Well, you could just propose it.
8:05 PM
Woot! Alien on TV soon, right after Prometheus. \o/
Not that I haven't seen it a million times already, but it's always nice to have running, especially after getting in the mood with Prometheus.
8:47 PM
Q: How does Gazerbeam find out the password to Syndrome's plan?

Satan's SonIn The Incredibles, Mr Incredible finds out what Syndrome's plan is by logging on to his computer with the password "KRONOS" which he discovers with a little post-mortem help by Gazerbeam: But how did Gazerbeam find the password in the first place? Did he do the same thing as Mr Incredible (ge...

9:03 PM
Q: Last Crusade motorcycle

Adam MillerIn Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, what motorcycle did he drive around with his father (Sean Connery) in the sidecar?

9:41 PM
@steelersquirrel More ridiculousness. Was suspended when you sent me that, a day long suspension by a blue for a deleted message.
10:41 PM
Oh, apparently it's even the Director's Cut with Dallas in the cocoon.
11:02 PM
@AJ That's not actually the source of that quote.
11:27 PM
Q: What would they have done with the maze if all the immunes were all gone?

naturalThis is a basic question: If all of the immunes in the Maze Runner movies and books had done the maze trials and possibly died or moved on to some new resort where they could have restored humanity, what would WICKED have done to the maze or what would the Right Arm or even the Immunes have done...

11:56 PM
@Axelord Oh my. I'm sorry. I'm sure that nobody wants that drama in here, but there are other places to go to chat with all of us. Unfortunately, I can't do it while I'm at home because I can't seem to download Google play on my kindle. Don't let it get you down. It's just a chat room at the end of the day. Keep your chin up, buddy :)

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