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12:34 AM
Q: Can you open this lock?

Artur KirkoryanThis is part of my "guess the 4-digit number" series. If you like, you can see the other puzzles here, here, here and here. I will skip the backstory this time (or maybe add it later), just will ask you to open this lock. P.S. I will appreciate if you give me feedback in case the puzzle is to...

@Sconibulus I understand somewhat more of the alien message thing. But right now is Contact time :-).
1 hour later…
1:45 AM
@Sconibulus so, I propose the following translations: 44-48 are respectively PERSON, SAYS, WHAT?, HAS, and GIVES, and each section of the block featuring those is a little conversation.
then in the last block presumably the aliens (if they are aliens) are describing themselves and their planet, star, etc., and asking about ours.
They want to know how much we weigh (they weigh about 52kg), what we're made of (roughly the same as them, it seems), what our planet's surface is made of (very much like theirs, it appears), what our star is made of (much the same as theirs, again). They seem to be saying their star system is binary.
Then the last bit seems like it might be proposing a trade where we sell them glucose and they sell us uranium, and they want to know what we propose for the other side of each trade? But that's rather strange.
I still haven't found any binary stars with the right masses, though, and it seems like that's a crucial part of the picture.
Huh, that sounds interesting
how close are the masses to our sun?
2:06 AM
about 10 kilometers away. very close orbit. ;)
@Rubio ho ho. @Sconibulus one is about 1.2 solar masses, one is about 0.15 solar masses. Unless I screwed up my arithmetic, of course, which is very possible; you might want to check.
3 hours later…
4:55 AM
Q: What a Contradiction?

ben-Nabiy DerushThis contradiction, you must see, please take a guess, what must I be? To toss the outside, and keep the rest... but keep the outside and toss the mess!

5:11 AM
I just got a sudden idea for a simple riddle, but it still feels sort of iffy.... I wonder if it's a bad idea to ask for opinions here.... if people who read the chat room answer my question it would kinda be a bummer XD
But if you ask for opinion on an idea, wouldn't that spoil your idea? ;)
5:28 AM
Well whatever, I will trust the good people who read this to not answer my riddle XD.
Tell me what you think of a riddle like the following. Keep in mind I will probably use the riddle and lateral thinking tags.
Go ahead..
Big or small. long or short ...... yet has no physical shapes.
I would probably add a few more physical opposites in the middle.
Hmm.. Air Packet?
naw more lateral.
Or Voice
Voice fits nicely
5:32 AM
Seems pretty broad. Lots of intangible things could fit... lives, ideas, time, etc
maybe with only those 2 lines. what if I add hard or soft and roundish or squarish etc.
I was thinking of accepting an answer like "perception" or "opinion". But afraid it might be a bit iffy.
my personal opinion (and that's all it is, so still do what you want) is that it will be pretty hard to make something like that not too broad...
also, roundish/squarish opinions?
I meant like the human interpretation/opinion/perception of something. not the concept of an opinion itself.
Everything can be seen as big or small, it all depends on your point of view.
I guess I should give up. I feel like I am close to something but I don't want people to get irritated when they find out the answer.... Just want everyone to have fun.
Yeah, it's a bit abstract. And once a riddle is abstract, it's easy to find other abstract concepts that fit (which makes the answer, when revealed, much less satisfying).
Not to say you shouldn't do it, but if you do, you should try to find some more clues which are less ambiguous (maybe some wordplay stuff)
5:52 AM
What if I finish with : "what I am depends on you, yet you have no control over what I am. Whatever you make me out to be, I am sure your neighbor will disagree."
you have no control over what I am makes it too obvious
Thin line between too broad and too obvious ;)
awww, but it sounded good being the opposite of "what I am depends on you" XD
Just opinions. If you like it, you can post it :)
I wonder if lateral thinking is pushing it a little if I add these lines at the end....
6:33 AM
Q: What I am depends on you, yet you have no control over what I am.

stack reader I am big or small, tall or short, soft or hard, cold or hot, yet I am devoid of a physical shape. What I am depends on you, yet you have no control over what I am. Whatever you make me out to be, perhaps your neighbor will disagree. What am I?

7:32 AM
Agreed with Alconja that I am X / opposite of X can fit pretty much anything intangible
The facr that basically every riddle ends up having such lines is good evidence of their non-descriptiveness
2 hours later…
9:59 AM
@stackreader Was your riddle's answer stolen? :-/
10:16 AM
@Techidiot Which riddle? which answer? who's the thief? XD
I thought your riddle caught an immediate answers :) One of them is now deleted.
yeah, when I posted my riddle, I got an answer alert, but when I clicked to see, it was gone...
@stackreader Or you can reach 10K and see them.
If only I could become a MOD to see deleted answers ;P
oooh, but that will take times. Rubio is taking all the reps :P
1 hour later…
11:36 AM
I dislike the idea of guessing and back solving. :(
11:57 AM
Am I being told that I answered my own question ? Or am I reading it wrong?
I'm sorry I didn't realise you wrote this answer as I didn't see your spoilers. Do you have any proof that I looked at your answer? And I'm Gonna ask you: How you got to this level? well I think you must have "plagiarised" my answer without giving me any credit! — S. Rafael 10 mins ago
You are reading it wrong
He's talking to the guy who answered not you
(I think)
@BeastlyGerbil Yeah. I got it. Was too late to edit that. Thanks
But, quite a lot is being said in those comments.
12:56 PM
So I've got my follow on puzzle done, just stuck for a title
Don't overthink it IMO
Catchy and or related
A mysterious note has appeared, but it's not necessarily linked to the stolen car
Sphinx you're too slow
@n_palum careful when you edit puzzles :P
Ah I see.. well it's very hard to tell that the S is capitalized in the image
That's why I added it below
1:10 PM
Gotcha. Well providing text versions of content from an image is usually just done as a courtesy and not really a hint
Yup fair enough. One thing - at some time in the puzzle you are going to curse me due to text as image. Ping me, and I'll provide the text
Q: Can a note that makes no sense help find my friends' car?

CalvTSo my friend (the one who had his car stolen) just found this taped to his door. I can't help thinking that it's related. What do you think? Here is the text of the note: I just simply cannot believe that this badger just ate like 8 great big steaming Sausage rolls, what an animal

@CalvT woo a follow up! :P
@BeastlyGerbil Get to work :P
second image seems to indicate a key
1:22 PM
@BeastlyGerbil If this one is good enough, and my imagination as well, then there will be a third ;)
keep em comin :P
Yup, and for the first one my gut says FOR(E) as a 'golf shout'
four key
oh @calvt I added a link to the previous puzzle, to help people understand the backstory
idea sparks
cogs roll
give me a minute to see
Ohh we're thinking now
nope apparently not
1:26 PM
@BeastlyGerbil what did you think?
I was thinking perhaps the first letters of the message was a message, the key either being 'four/fore' or it being rot4/22
You (both) got the pictures right though
We* :P
I still think that the first letters are important because the random 8 in it seems to indicate imgur again
oh deusovi...
HA Deus
1:27 PM
didn't get here quick enough :P
@Deusovi You sneaky man
Or may be capital letters
Starting from the title itself
That clock shows 6.30 time which could be just 6(hr hand)
I've suggested an edit to the answer with the binary
17 mins ago, by CalvT
Yup fair enough. One thing - at some time in the puzzle you are going to curse me due to text as image. Ping me, and I'll provide the text
Yup figured
WFhs Q9wg WBrh MTIu SARG
sdFB gHg4 ODE0 wBrT b9pW
qYr9 NDE4 w9Gh EIrh G0w2
Ci0w ERHg J924 8Yh9 LjIy
wOHB 4WO5 8wSD NDQ4 9GH2
9G4h IBRw ClJv VWr9 5t8E
VHWE b205 fbdh WOEu HVt2
translated ^ (@deus)
they all seem like incomplete imgurs
@BeastlyGerbil How did you do that so fast?
@KritixiLithos @CalvT suggested an edit with the transcribed binary, I just converted
Not hard to toss it into a converter
I am not that quick :P
no idea now
1:34 PM
Maybe we need to try reversing the binary string
Apologies for not checking chat - I did all that from bed :P
nah, it's just base64 again - have to remove the spaces though
I've got to go out now, but I'll just say that the initial key is important through the whole puzzle
...hm, maybe not
And again - I'm impressed by how fast you guys are
No it doesn't look like base64.
1:36 PM
Reversing it and then parsing the binary leads to L.j®¢òê&Ff¬ LF¢êjP¢.¬œNêjnR6ÂîJB’,âœPLâœ,Š"r"Êî¬òê,BòîPž’V2‌​œš,LœRæJ¢î –ÂPLî âN’¢âœî,¢"rœNšŽPêœF*NBî ¢"ò,ææBb&ÎPâJ‚Ê®’*²‌​NBêæÎbê, so yeah, maybe base64
Any ideas what the second image is supposed to be?
No reason to reverse it. ASCII always starts with 0.
what at the start
Its supposed to be 'FOUR' 'KEY'
Ah, alright. I didn't get the "key" part.
it's just every fourth of that
that starts with "Had"
hm, it seems to not work past the first line
...oh, I had caps lock on and was typing things in with the wrong capitalization
that would explain why things weren't working out, but also kills the "Had" thing
I got something!
1:45 PM
What is it?
Taking every 4th set of characters of the decoded binary string and then base-64ing that gives this:
ah, every fourth set
that ending doesn't look promising
it's just

Unnamed Road, Burkina Faso
Latitude: 12.814418 | Longitude: -0.22448
so room 9 of a house there?
1:48 PM
Right but wrong
You need to land on a hotel
well, I don't know any other ways to translate between numbers and geographic locations
Not that it helps
@CalvT you sure those coordinates are right?
Swapping them round doesn't give anything
Maybe we have to add/subtract 9 to the coordinates
2:00 PM
I tried multiplying by 4 already
@Deusovi you sure?
...Yeah, pretty sure. It gets close to a hotel, but not on one
but from your message, I'm going to assume that's correct
That's a really.. random location.. a hotel in Burkina Faso
it's in England, not Burkina Faso
@Deusovi what hotel? ;)
2:09 PM
Ooo that's better then
oh nice 'four' seasons hotel
Not room 9 though @Deusovi
oh really?
the room 9 garage ?
room 36?
oh maybe
times everything by 4
@calvt any of the above ^ ?
2:18 PM
They did say they have to go soon, maybe gone
Oh, btw @Deusovi I finally caught up on SU thanks to the site you gave me.. Did you watch the newest one + the promo?
4 x 9
Sorry I'm out - on mobile
@Sconibulus you are right (paging @Deusovi)
Bleh. Dealing with chat moderation is worse than the main site, in my experience. (as a piece of advice for any candidates :P)
@Mithrandir I assume you're talking about other sites? I find that Puzzling requires little-to-no chat moderation.
@GentlePurpleRain yes.
2:34 PM
You tryna dissuade the competition?
Especially when the Shog comes in and freezes the room, renames it to call out some people, and deletes the room. For the main chatroom for the site. And now there's a hullabaloo on that meta. >.<
Anyway, how's the day going for those who didn't have to (yawn) get up at Am?
that sounds... interesting
@Mithrandir Why on earth does shog do that?:O
@Ankoganit because that room has... History.
2:36 PM
@Sconibulus you can go look at SFF meta if you're interested
Story, Story, Story
Waking up in AM is an everyday thing when you work :P
Yeah, but I usually wake up at 8.
true, it's the worst part of work
@n_palum ^^^
Anyway, yeah, that's an example of some of the downsides of having a diamond.
@CalvT - you may want to consider using the tag ?
2:42 PM
these metas seem to have no information other than 'you did a bad thing'
I realized that I left out the 5 in my message about getting up early o_o
@Sconibulus it's probably best to wait until the SFF mods turn up
A lot of the stuff has been removed anyway so it's hard to tell what happened
@Mithrandir That's only an hour ish before I get up
Yeah now I'm just more curious
@Mithrandir Also it's not an imgur maze
I'm not familiar with the room, how bad was it exactly?
Since it had a reputation
2:46 PM
This meta post has a little information in one of the answers
Whatever. It doesn't matter; I was just pointing out that mods do actually have to deal with stuff occasionally.
Hmm, so, Mos Eisley got frozen permanently.
@Sconibulus Apparently somebody did something very stupid
Anyway, didn't mean to start a whole discussion...
True, this is not really something that needs talking about here, it's SFF's job to deal with it. On to other things
2:55 PM
Eh, the discussion would have started later when we noticed :)
Before I check, did JonMark Perry respond to any of my questions yet?
@Mithrandir about...?
Questionnaire answers
Despite what people think, I believe this election would be quite close.
3:00 PM
We seem to have pretty decent candidates.
he seems to be an even less serious candidate than Rubio
and that guy's platform is banning himself
@Sid yep.
As @Mithrandir's plethora of questions implies, your answers are very terse, and don't provide a lot of information, in most cases. You might want to consider expanding your answers to provide more detail. — GentlePurpleRain ♦ yesterday
It doesn't appear that he answered them, but I didn't look that closely
No he didn't answer them, the last thing said on there was Techi agreeing you could ask him questions.
3:02 PM
I don't think he cares all too much considering his initial response. I found it interesting too that someone pointed out he went badge hunting
Side note, @Sconibulus your 4C is still bugging me
I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be there when I woke up this morning :)
@Sconibulus I hope my in-depth questionnaire answers are clear indication that I'm a serious candidate (whose ostensible platform is a running meme here, for some unknown but amusing reason)
You gunna build a menagerie for PSE if you win Rubio?
@Rubio This may be a problem, since probably 10% of the votes will come from denizens of TSL
Wouldn't PSE have to have animals to require the need to build a menagerie? (@BeastlyGerbil doesn't count)
3:09 PM
I did think you were being serious though, but the joke presentation may end up costing you
@dcfyj :P
I'm a Gerbil summoner!
yeah, we've got a rodent, a marsupial, and a dog
Well. My plan actually was to change my intro text before the election proper begins, so there's that. The 90% who don't know what it's about are probably the ones not following the elections all that closely (yet) either.
what more do we need?
3:11 PM
I know the second (although I don't think it really counts) who's the dog?
There is also a cat lurking and Emrakul is kind of an owl no?
@n_palum His picture maybe, but Emrakul is a MtG card
And I assure you, it looks nothing like an owl.
Emrakul is an eldritch horror from beyond space and time
Okay well going off of pictures then
as for the dog... well, it's the internet, so I don't want to unmask them without their permission
3:12 PM
@Sconibulus do you want to get banned? You can't say stuff like that about mods :P
@BeastlyGerbil In this case he just has to hold out for a few days and he'll be fine, right?
I didn't say they were a bad person or anything, this is just backstory, right? :)
Isn't Rubio a dog?
I see no d or g in his name
Not to mention his picture is a coke can (since you're going off of pictures)
I think Gareth might be an octopus considering he can solve so many puzzles simultaneously
3:15 PM
May 8 at 15:49, by Rubio
That was a bad fur day
Did someone say cat lurking?
@Mithrandir heh
I'm trying to find the "on the internet nobody knows you're a dog" he has posted
So I had posted that dog with a diet coke saying I found him on the internet
in Contact, Apr 27 at 16:24, by Rubio
On the Internet, nobody can tell you're a ... um, ... hydrogen atom.
in Contact, Apr 25 at 19:20, by Rubio
Of course, I'm a dog, so that's not that surprising
There we go
Is it acceptable for me to edit the answer on my question to point out all the clues? I add in too many, so it's possible to solve it without using them all, but I'd like them in the answer
3:27 PM
If his answer is correct (and you've marked it as such) I see no problem with that. Alternatively you could ask him to hunt down the rest (although I don't do that one very often)
just right under his answers in italics 'OP clarification: ... and thats fine
His answer isn't quite correct (yet). The right room is in the comments below. But apart from that it's fine
@Scon I don't think there is any issue with Rubio's words. Precisely because I feel anyone and everyone knows it is a joke to just lighten up the mood. (Besides, some guy recently won an election on that platform. It's not a bad thing to copy a winning formula. :P)
I think I agree for everyone in chat
I am less certain for those who don't have much experience seeing him talk
3:48 PM
@CalvT - fixed!
@n_palum Nope, not yet!
Q: A warning to the wise - What am I?

indubitablee I begin with deception in the way that I act Then grow in obsession with only the facts I sometimes yell loudly and sometimes I whisper Some things may confound me but don't let me wither For if I'm neglected in present or past Your life is affected and peace may not last What am...

@Deusovi :O At least watch the promo, it's like 10 seconds but :O
Well that is awkward... the answer I checked as selected got deleted by the owner...
4:01 PM
@stackreader I saw that, was odd
Idk if anyone else is getting this, but I'm getting random upvotes on old answers over the past hour or two
nope just you
they'll get reversed some time soon
@n_palum how many?
They only get reversed if at least 3 from same person I think
its only been 2 hasn't it?
It's been 2
I think the algorithm for detecting vote fraud is actually very complex, and depends on all kinds of different things (just going on hearsay -- I don't know what the algorithm actually is...)
4:04 PM
@n_palum then thast not serial voting
They've been spread out
The reversal thing is a mysterious beast but the general conscientious in SOCVR is it has to be 3=<
I wasn't implying it was serial voting.. but was just curious if anyone else had gotten some
@n_palum I've had that happen before. Sometimes it's someone who sees an answer of yours and likes it, so they click through to read some other answers and end up upvoting some of them.
They were older answers.. like a word search from a month ago
Yeah maybe
4:05 PM
it could just be two completely different people who hapoened to see them
I had gotten serial downvotes once. They got reversed. But I still lost like 10-15 odd rep.
happened to me before
While perusing around old stuff, I came across this: puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/51376/…
Gerbil you're better than that /s
what did I do?
Read the comment you made
4:06 PM
'Emrakul your welcome! Someone had to do something related to your name!' ?
uh hum
that won't be the first or last time I make a typo
Just teasing since I came across it
4:08 PM
searches n_palums posts for revenge typos :P
Hey all, it's been a while
Haha you'll probably find quite a few
@n_palum What are you talking about? It looks like "you're" to me... :P
Any feedback on the puzzle btw? Do/don't that I did/didn't etc
@GentlePurpleRain You went and changed it!
4:09 PM
I prefered the first, but I thought the four them was good
@n_palum I didn't I can't GPR did probably :P
No, it was actually me that changed it. You can't change your own comments after a given time (I think about 5 minutes).
Agreed on first being better
What a nice mod :P
Maybe the spelling was part of a puzzle...
@CalvT general advice: Don't have massively lengthy strings of binary or stuff which we need to transcribe, and try not to use the same cipher twice or have too many ciphers. Mix things up like you did in the first puzzle
One thing to note about editing other people's comments: if it's a reply to you, it won't show up in your inbox anymore.
And editing typos is generally discouraged, but in this case it was funny...: P
4:12 PM
@MikeQ Hey. You hadn't been here for a long time.
@MikeQ ✋
Trying out the latest CCCC. Any meaning to the difference between semicolons, colons, and commas?
Rubio's advice- Step 1: Ignore punctuation
Scon was supposedly trying to make it read theatrically
@Mithrandir What's wrong with editing typos? Shouldn't we try to make things as readable as possible?
@BeastlyGerbil @n_palum Found one!
@Techidiot sorry, still newer to the site and not familiar with every single tag.. will make note of that for future riddles... All feedback is welcome! I'm not sure if this one was bad or something since it took a lot of push to get some anwers — n_palum Mar 2 at 13:14
(the last word)
4:16 PM
@GentlePurpleRain dunno. That's what Meta.SE says.
hehe :P
@Mithrandir Is that in posts, or comments? I could understand the argument for not editing typos in posts, because they maintain an edit history, and get bumped to the top of the list, but neither of those apply to comments.
@GentlePurpleRain I've been found out!
@Mithrandir This is what I found on the topic, which seems to contradict you:
Q: Should users edit other users' posts to correct grammar and spelling problems?

Stu ThompsonQuestion says it all: Should users edit other users' posts to correct grammar and spelling problems? I've seen arguments both ways, and lean toward yes...but...

we're not supposed to edit typos? I thought those were the main things edits were for
4:22 PM
@Sconibulus According to what I could find on Meta, Mithrandir is mistaken.
Probably incorrect:
BUMMER, def = tragic
wordplay = "western" (left) letter of Bare (open), U-Hauls (lorries), Mechanized (unmanned), Marred (wrecked), Endless (countless), Rusty (rust-laden)
I think we are not supposed to do mass typo edit sprees, or minor ones. On arqade there are always newer or anon users that submit edits for like one word or a period but those are usually rejected (at least I do) because it doesn't improve the post and only really earns them their 2 rep and a bump to the top of active.
@MikeQ :
18 hours ago, by Sconibulus
'Countless Rust' is an... atom for lack of a better word, it joins together to make one thing, which may or may not be operated on by other things
That's not a bad find @MikeQ - but yeah what GPR just linked ^
@n_palum If you don't have enough rep to make edits on your own, you have to make a change that meets a certain threshold (I think at least 6 characters or something). But once you have enough rep, you are able to make even one-character changes unilaterally.
4:28 PM
Yeah I know, but I find that those little, 6 character minimum edits for things that don't improve the post are unnecessary
I'm passed the threshold over there :P
@stackreader No, not by the owner. The account was destroyed.
If the solution to the CCCC is in fact something like what MikeQ proposed, I would argue that it is very much like an indirect anagram. If "Western" is cluing the first letter of a bunch of words, I would expect it to be the actual words in the clue, not synonyms (since that would present so many possibilities as to be insoluble).
its more likely to me that the def is 'Tragic Western'
^ I've been googling dramatic westerns but nothing helpful comes up (that are 6 letters)
4:32 PM
and also note that after those two words, there are 6 other words
Or 6 and a possible indicator if we count rust-laden as two words
This obviously refers to the little-known Western Oluwcr
Yeah, it's the tragic story of a collapsing hrung :)
wrecked could be anagram indicator
I was wondering if the words could be consecutive instructions for manipulating a word. Start with (maybe) OPENLORRIES, then remove a synonym for "man" (unmanned), then anagram (wrecked), then...
What would "countless rust" be as an instruction though?
4:37 PM
Taking PERSON from OPENLORRIES leaves you with LORIE.
@ffao Hence my "..."
remove rust ?
If countless rust = atom, laden could mean put that in whatever other word we have
can't watch now - on mobile
planning to watch the episode as soon as I get a chance
Rust is a general term for a series of iron oxides. Rust may also refer to: == Science and technology == Rust (color) Rust (fungus), fungi of the order Uredinales Rust (programming language), a programming language created by Graydon Hoare and Mozilla Research Soybean rust, a disease affecting soybeans == Places == === Europe === Rust, Burgenland, in Burgenland, Austria Rust im Tullnerfeld, in Lower Austria Rust, Baden-Württemberg, a town in Germany Europapark Rust, a theme park in Germany === United States === El Cerrito, California, formerly known as Rust Rust Township, Michigan R...
That's just the promo
For the 1 hour special in a couple weeks
4:43 PM
so part of it is (((open lorries) unmanned) wrecked) = anagram of LORIE
@MikeQ If we are correct (which is uncertain).
Rust= Fe2O3.xH20 If you remove the numbers, possibly FEOXH.
Which makes zero sense.
@Sid It's arguably "countless rust"
All words that are anagrams of LORIE + 1 letter:
4:52 PM
and def is laden or tragic or tragic western...
none of those seem likely....
Maybe start with "countless rust" and then move backward? With the def being "laden"?
Yeah @Sid what does countless rust mean to you as an atom
In a nutshell, Iron. So, FE
rust laden could just mean F----E
iron is not the only thing in rust.
4:54 PM
But rust is iron oxide, not just iron. So countless would be FEO, FEOH, FEOHO, or FEOOH
is iron the only thing that rusts?
Open Lorries could just be L
@manshu "Rusting is the common term for corrosion of iron and its alloys, such as steel. Many other metals undergo similar corrosion, but the resulting oxides are not commonly called rust." - wikipedia
then it is just for iron :p
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