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10:45 AM
Wow this was actually correct
11:04 AM
@BeastlyGerbil o_o
@Sphinx I wonder how that would fare on Literature
And wow. I got to 17k before @Rubio overtook me! :P
Haha @BeastlyGerbil That was...unexpected :)
Also, @BeastlyGerbil Todays game ruined my fantasy..I am ranked #2547 but took a risk of making Gayle as my captain..with Virat kohli, abd in as well..And look what misery!
11:21 AM
oh dear that didnt work...
Yeah...They have ruined this season to the core.
3 hours later…
2:46 PM
Q: How many silver marbles does Paul have?

Bernardo Recamán SantosPeter, Paul and Mary have between them 282 marbles. Though of the three friends, it is Peter who has the most marbles, he is the one with the fewest silver marbles, just the square root of the number of all his marbles. On the other hand, Mary, who has the fewest marbles, is the one with the larg...

3:08 PM
Q: 2 images need to find the message

user36533I have 2 images pretty much identical and there is a message or key of some sort within one of them how do i go about finding it?

3:33 PM
@BeastlyGerbil your remaining days are numbered. Muahahahahahahaaaaa.
Is that a threat?
I'm calling the Policeovi
@Rubio If I can survive till the net election, then I can have a few more months while you are banned ;)
May 2 at 19:50, by Sconibulus
"Who would you ban, and why is it @Rubio"
I need that on a t-shirt
Hahaha the best part is "Does Rubio count as a normal human being" right above it
3:39 PM
Indeed. And for the record, the answer to that is no. Though I'm not saying which word(s) make it thus.
there you go Rubio :P
Ooh, another question for the question collection
"Who would you ban and why is it Rubio?"
or "Are you a real human"?
My answers: 1.) because @Rubio is too good at Cryptics and I'm horrible 2.) no
3:43 PM
I want to know what the question collection currently contains
I think the real question is, 'How come @RUio hasn't been banned yet?' I'm saying that all the mods need to step down and we get some real mods in, our current mods clearly don't know what they are doing.
I've decided to run for Mod on the "Ban Rubio" platform. Make Puzzling Great Again!
Hello, this is Mith, running for mod! Why? To suspend @Rubio, of course! Foolish question!
@Mith are you really going to run?
I would, but I wouldn't be allowed. My nomination would be removed
Mith collects questions and diamonds :)
3:46 PM
@BeastlyGerbil dunno.
Everyone would confuse me with Emrak if I did :P
Well. I'm off for a brief while. Have fun
Oh I thought you were gunna run Gerbil
cu later
I'd run if I actually had some credibility or rep here but oh well
3:49 PM
oh sorry thought you meant run as in go there :P
I would run, but I wouldn't be allowed to
so I'll have to wait till next time
if anyone tries to run who has been suspended in the last year, their nomination gets removed
That happened to me the last time. And then ironically I got banned straight after for nothing :/
So it's like down to Rubio Gareth... maybe Sp? maybe techi.. or Scon?
not really sure who else would run and I don't actually think Gareth will
or alconja maybe
if he runs
tbh I think its down to Rubio and Gareth, and if Gareth doesn't run then I'm pretty sure Rubio wins
I mean, I'll run if I know that people would want me.
3:55 PM
but if Gaerth runs, I think I'd just back him to edge it
And also based on that, and the fact my nomination got downvoted a lot, I have a feeling not that many would actually vote for me if I ran :/
I'm going off now, back soon. Random stat: I've got around 3 and a half thousand helpful flags over the network.
I don't think Alconja would because of time, I like never see him
he's around
just isn't doing much right now
Hopefully he's working on another puzzle
Hmm gotcha
Somehow I actually managed to solve one of his last ones
Well, me and a lot of help from others
4:06 PM
I've been stuck on a couple puzzles I wanna make.. they're like half done.. :/
I've been making a puzzle since last november, but its been too much hard work and I've given up...
And I've got a couple of disjointed ideas, but end of year exams coming up, cricket season begun, not had much time
I haven't with work :/
good news for me is summer holidays coming up, plenty of time then
side note.. if @GarethMcCaughan comes around, maybe a hint for cc
GamEn folks
4:13 PM
and I have a question for him :P
Ah. Looks like the gossip session for mod nomination is on.
well it is scheduled to start tomorrow
@beastly when exactly do you have your summer holidays
4:16 PM
no idea
couple of months ?
Um.. Isn't summer holidays meant to start in summers? And am pretty sure this month is summer month.
oh god no time soon
there you go starts July 21st
to september the 6xth
Oh, election starts tomorrow? Wow. Time flies.
7 weeks holidays then. Not bad
Man, I wish codenewbie comes back and does the thing he did last year
4:22 PM
which was?
See last year's Q&A thing of mods
probably the second one
'This post has been locked while disputes about its content are being resolved. For more info visit meta.' lol
Yep. The 2nd one.
I still remember my parents coming in to see why I was laughing so hard.
4:31 PM
Hmm interesting to look back and see what people wrote and who ran sort of
i wonder if @marius will run again. or @manshu
Ah. So this year's idea is to ban Rubio. I am not complaining. :P
So much love. I'm basking in it.
The amount of love rubio is currently receiving would be enough to incinerate the sun
4:49 PM
So, @Rub - you going to be running?
(if you want me to run, leave me a note at my desk. Link is on my profile)
@mith aren't you already a mod? You want too much power. Bad. :P
in The Reading Room, Mar 7 at 12:01, by Mithrandir
in The Sphinx's Lair, Feb 28 at 21:07, by Mithrandir
in The Reading Room, yesterday, by Mithrandir
@DForck42 MY REIGN OF TERROR HAS BEG- *cough* *hack*
5:38 PM
I'm definitely going mad. Now I'm talking to myself :P
5:50 PM
gah, I thought about giving mock answers to the questionnaire but I see CodeNewbie beat me to it
I would vote for Rubio if he promised to ban Rubio
@BeastlyGerbil You're going mad
I just noticed that not seeing the CodeNewbie answer means I actually didn't read the questionnaire answers -- I already know enough from daily watching the nominees that a few questions wouldn't change it either way
I suspect the same will happen this election, depending on who the nominees are
Q: What happened to the 'How to become the president?' question?

ghosts_in_the_codeIt's been over a year, but there was a simple but otherwise interesting puzzle (especially for newbies) called 'How to become the president' or something on the site. It was basically like Which of the following is correct? a) All of the below b) Option C c) None of the above d) All of the ab...

6:43 PM
@PuzzlingMeta after the election, we didn't want anyone else reading it - don't need some crackpot becoming president. So we took it down.
3 hours later…
9:29 PM
@n_palum hi. You requested a hint on the CCCC and said you had a question. I'll let you ask your question, and here in just a moment is a hint:
@Sp3000 this not-serious answer to my CCCC is less absurdly far from correct than one might think.
Hi - the question was about what email to use to send you something, wasn't sure if the one from your site works because it hasn't been updated for a couple years
@n_palum the pobox.com one has been my primary email address for many years and will probably continue to be for many more.
Alrighty then, you're see an email at some point about laptops and another question I had
but it is not for here
OK. Thanks in advance for your comments on laptops, and I hope I can be helpful with whatever the other question is :-).
10:06 PM
You don't have to be helpful XD it's a question from your site (I was reading :P)
Q: Ernie and the Optical Gyroscopes

PenguinoI almost always take up Ernie’s offers to crew on his boat, when he suggests an overnight expedition. But when he phoned last Thursday I had to remind him that it was TV night, and Acme Satellite Studios were airing the final episode of our favorite Nordic Noir series. But when he assured me that...

1 hour later…
11:28 PM
that hint makes me feel even worse about the 4C: if Gareth means that the word contains er or um, I can see no candidates; and if he meant that we should look for cow child shows, I'm even more unprepared :)
Rocko's Modern Life had a cow named Heffer I think
"cow" can mean to nag
which has an er and is a childish old cow
But how do you turn HEFFER into something like ROBBER
Heifer is a word on it's own... and is plausibly close to thief?
but yeah, it's not very likely

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