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9:15 AM
Do we need and ?
As for Jenkins, there's breaking changes between the two versions, so I'd say yes
Fair enough
The version of circle CI has been part of the problem in the question as I first linked to a 1.0 documentation which obvisouly didn't answer the question
My only concern is that it's hard to find CircleCI questions if some have only the version tag, perhaps
Synonym would not be an option... I see only adding the tags when needed
9:21 AM
Yeah, it's probably not a big problem to be honest
That's the only issue with versioned tags
@Aurora0001 I'm convinced someone interested in circleci 1.0 questions would not wish to see circleci2.0, and if they wish, they just have to favorite both tags
It's more an unfortunate flaw of the tagging system
But every proposal for a tag hierarchy gets too complicated, very quickly
Q: Should we allow or ban version tags?

Pierre.VriensThe question about "Upgrade from job-dsl to Jenkins 2 pipelines" contains these tags: jenkins jenkins2 Even though jenkins2 does not have any tag details yet, I bet it has to do with some specific version (or should I say release?) of Jenkins. If my educated guess is right, then my real ques...

Related :)
Yeah... You can't really win with version tags
I don't think it's necessary for every tool/thing. But when the behavior changes enough I see it ok.
2 hours later…
11:53 AM
3 upvotes for digging into docs... I don't know how to feel toward this
If you really feel like you don't deserve it, you can always bounty an answer which you think does
But sometimes finding the right info is just as helpful as knowing it by heart, @Tensibai
Agreed - sometimes the OP just dosn't know how to use the documentation to get the solution.
@Tensibai I suspect the desire to have a and a will be a temporary thing. From what I understand CircleCI 1.0 users will eventually migrate to 2.0 at which point we can make 2.0 a synonym of the sans-version tag.
12:25 PM
@RichardSlater agree
@Aurora0001 if another answer arise, maybe I'll just delete mine
Unsure I can now it is accepted
You probably shouldn't do that... the answer is still helpful
@Tensibai You can as a moderator
But if you were a user, you wouldn't be able to
So that's probably a sign you shouldn't
Was saying this with as normal user indeed
I'm always reluctant to delete things anyway
And it doesn't feel like something which worth a community wiki status.
I'm more "concerned" by the signal that gives about the community, that's not what I had expected. But maybe that's just me :)
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2:08 PM
Q: What could be a valid definition of DevOps to introduce it to a novice?

Pierre.VriensI've done / created lots of SCM related presentations, and now I'm trying to "upgrade" to a DevOps successor of it. What I always try to do in my presentations, is to come up with an introduction slide which somehow includes the message I want to deliver (and which I then elaborate on in the res...

With the 20 to 30 seconds speech I had hope we could get the elevator pitch for the site, I don't think it is the case actually :/
The current one isn't terrible
DevOps Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for software engineers working on automated testing, continuous delivery, service integration and monitoring, and building SDLC infrastructure.
Next meta post then, I think I'll feature this one
Google first page is of no help either :(
2:59 PM
Forrester report with a long name but looks interesting at first glance (didn't read it in details yet) Master DevOps For Faster Delivery Of Software Innovation
1 hour later…
4:18 PM
Evening everyone
4:42 PM
Evening @Tensibai
5:07 PM
Q: Github deploy key on Jenkins Master/Slave Architecture

MauricioI am working with a private repository from my organization and the Deploy key approach for authentication. The tutorials for deploy key configuration are pretty straight forward. It's just there is one confusion I have. The slave instances don't actually have jenkins installed, so is not possibl...

Another cross-post from SO, stackoverflow.com/questions/43346809/…
Ohh boy. Cross-posts already? :/
Evening @Tensibai :)
4 hours later…
8:42 PM
@Dawny33 at least the second one I think

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