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12:00 AM
(second remark addressed to everyone)
@LegionMammal978 Oh, that's why it looks different :P
@LegionMammal978 strawpoll.com has a nicer UI...
I might need to update my userscript to support strawpoll.com
It's weird that feminism has only sprang up in recent times
For tens of centuries it hasn't existed
12:16 AM
> tens of centuries
@ATaco What userscript
My one that one-boxes Strawpolls.
strawpoll.com/37y932e ("What adblocker do you use?")
Q: Your polyglot is so meta!

programmer5000Note: this is the harder version of this challenge. Your Challenge You must write a program/function etc. that takes a domain name of a StackExchange site and outputs the domain for the meta version of the site passed to it. Examples (using => to distinguish input and output): stackoverflow.com =

Q: That's so meta!

programmer5000Note: this is the easier version of this challenge. Your Challenge You must write a program/function etc. that takes a domain name of a StackExchange site and outputs the domain for the meta version of the site passed to it. Examples: stackoverflow.com => meta.stackoverflow.com codegolf.stacke...

12:42 AM
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ ABP and add block
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Ethical add block
1:10 AM
@WheatWizard Ethics? Nah
1:34 AM
“Nkrru&]uxrj'” is the current Hello, World! in Jalapeño. “Hello, World!" also works, but it's boring.
2:16 AM
@ATaco interesting that one is better for character count, and the other is better for bytes
@ASCII-only the fifth of these
2:29 AM
@MistahFiggins It's using a special Character set, “Nkrru&]uxrj'” is better for both Bytes and characters. And I have no idea why.
I wondered
“Nkrru&]uxrj'” should be the string encoding in Base250 (Via a very particular method), but for some reason it's shorter, not longer.
Which means I did something wrong.
Q: 100 Day Countdown

NonlinearFruitIt is common to start countdowns 100 days prior to an event, probably because of our base 10 system. Examples of this can be found everywhere: 100 days until your birthday 100 days until the wedding 100 days until the election 100 days until our graduation 100 days until her due date 100 days u...

@ATaco so the source string is base 250?
Source CODE is 256, the encoded string is base 250.
2:36 AM
So compressed is base 250, normal is base 128 right?
I should reiterate that the encoded string, in this case, should be a byte longer, but there appears to be an issue with my encoding/decoding.
@ATaco Why should it be a byte longer?
The normal is base256, but cannot produce any bytes within the literal encoding range.
@ATaco Also yes testing encoding/decoding is a pain, Charcoal's took forever
@ATaco But do you really need base 256 for string literals
Yep, Because I am in fact not ASCII-only
2:43 AM
almost broke my keyboard in half playing Minecraft of all things
bedwars is insanely fun
Anyhow, that ugly looking string is encoded, not compressed.
@ATaco How often do you even need non-ASCII characters in strings
@ATaco What's the point if it's longer and more unreaable
It supports that pesky literals byte range without the use of escapes.
However, I plan to add a compressed string method as well, to cover both bases.
What language is Jalapeño written in
Fear me.
2:54 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HyperNeutrinoFind the Least Conforming Word Given a list of words, find which word follows Zipf's Law the least. For each distinct word w in this list, we know the following two properties of w in this list: Its frequency in the list (that is, the number of occurrences of it divided by the number of eleme...

Any final thoughts on this?
Remember, No news is good news.
@ATaco You mean for the challenge? Or were you talking about something else
3:02 AM
Well I was just worried that it had been buried by all of the sandboxed posts
3:19 AM
I feel really good about making bash work where the challenger thought it was not going to work. codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/115036/14306
3:38 AM
some music I wrote tonight: soundcloud.com/phinotpi/flutehornorganstringsorgana the music is broken up into 3 or 4 unrelated chunks, almost all of it (spare 3 measures) is written in 5/4
3:50 AM
Conjecture: @DJMcMayhem used to be called @MyHamDJ?
And a lot of DJ and ham related things in between.
4:15 AM
@HyperNeutrino Yep. And DrGreenEggsAndHamDJ and DrGreenEggsAndIronMan and DJMcGoathem and probably some other things that I've forgot
4:48 AM
My code output ÅD¢-¦»d^+mtMSÝTÕ‰cùbU//ÛåÌ×Á*NíPfºSà7ÔeÎÙóÔÏdŒ‹4‘(þOM©“ôP±‡©Fkuk.2ð?š5¿‌​±;ÜQ¹î&}PçŸØPÚ#Pv²N …l½¥`
I'm not sure what I did, but it was wrong.
should we open up that koth bots tips question?
I would like some tips :P
nominated for reopening
Q: Tips for King of the Hill bots

mbomb007What general tips do you have for creating a bot to participate in a King of the Hill challenge? What strategies do you use to go from considering the challenge to creating your bot? What data structures do you find most useful? Please post one tip per answer.

5:12 AM
I fixed it! Now f?Ã͌РÀB/žf_ is the Hello World! (In Win-1252, as the custom encoding currently lacks characters for bytes 47 and 95.)
There's an ETB at the start and a CAN at the end.
@PhiNotPi is good
@PhiNotPi Nice! You might even be able to pass it as a Bach piece
(I'd probably appreciate it more if I could listen to it properly but that'll have to wait till later)
@PhiNotPi do you have any music making tips?
Well, maybe not Bach. Bach used multiple melodies on top of each other.
it's genius!
5:20 AM
Nah, Bach's pieces had a mathematical structure. The same melody played with different instruments with a time delay and a key shift, and such.
I feel like the first chunk ends too abruptly, though
5:35 AM
6:11 AM
@ASCII-only You might be interested in this!
And everyone else who is interested in ASCII Art!
2 hours later…
7:42 AM
Q: Mapping between integer and pronouncable word

dimPurpose The idea is to provide the code necessary to map a 32-bit integer to/from a pronouncable word of 9 characters maximum. That could be useful, for example, to make a serial number easier to remember, or type in a form. Both the method for translating an integer to the corresponding word a...

hi @betseg
and all
7:58 AM
8:27 AM
ok our logo is full glorious again for now
8:51 AM
Changed my name and profile!
@mbomb007 oh hey, congrats on the PPCG's first Archaeologist badge!
9:20 AM
@Lembik hi
10:12 AM
what the heck
And I really want to use a lot stronger words
My sister just told me "Some lady passed out" and got mad when I pointed out that I had no idea where or when it happened
And she got mad that I pointed it out and claimed it was obvious
10:30 AM
Q: Explain this please

sadaiyappanIn Java: TVset Sony=new TVset (); TVset Samsung=new Samsung (); What is the difference? Constructor difference? The book I'm reading doesn't specify.

10:49 AM
Just realized that a single IPv6 /64 block contains (~2^64) more addresses than the entire IPv4 space
Also, what happened to IPv5?
11:08 AM
Q: f(g(x)) decreases while g(f(x)) increases

Martin EnderFor this challenge you need to implement two functions, f and g, on the integers, such that f ∘ g is a strictly decreasing function while g ∘ f is a strictly increasing function. In other words, if you take any two integers a < b, then f(g(a)) > f(g(b)) and g(f(a)) < g(f(b)). There are no restric...

11:56 AM
To put it in perspective, if a population of 7.5 billion humans grew by 10% per year, and they built a factory per 2 weeks per 500 people, and each factory produced 4 networked devices per second, and each device was assigned an IPv6 /64 block, then it would still take over 19 years to exhaust the address space
Unless they used self-replicating nanobots, of course
12:08 PM
Q: Is this number an exact power of -2?

Toby SpeightThere are clever ways of determining whether an integer is an exact power of 2. That's no longer an interesting problem, so let's determine whether a given integer is an exact power of -2. For example: -2 => yes: (-2)¹ -1 => no 0 => no 1 => yes: (-2)⁰ 2 => no 3 => no 4 => yes: (-2)² Rules ...

@MartinEnder For your latest challenge, we can consider calling separately f and g right?
i.e. I don't have to fuse their code into one
12:23 PM
Q: Changing the spec

G BHere we go again: This question has 22 answers already, most of them (including the most upvoted) are now "wrong" because something was missing from the specification at the beginning. This is just annoying. Somebody now will start downvoting and commenting on some answers, and somebody will comp...

1 hour later…
1:25 PM
I saw the 1/x question and want to award bounty for a languag
How do i do that?
Also i'm not really sure if it counts as a language, There is only 1 answer on ppcg with it and it's pretty limited to begin with
Shenzhen I/O Assembler
Can someone help
@sagiksp You can't while another bounty is on the challenge. You'll have to wait until that one has been awarded.
But still does it count as a language?
As for Shenzhen I/O, if you use standard Shenzhen I/O then its data types don't have sufficient precision to correctly represent the inputs and outputs of the challenge.
I'm looking for a challeange that can be solved with it
the divmod challenge seems doable
1:29 PM
Kickstart Shenzhen I/O Golfing scene :-)
Yeah divmod could be easy
with integer division
Q: Division and remainder

LeoThis challenge, while probably trivial in most "standard" languages, is addressed to those languages which are so esoteric, low-level, and/or difficult to use that are very rarely seen on this site. It should provide an interesting problem to solve, so this is your occasion to try that weird lang...

I'm on it
you should probably ask on meta about program formats and byte counts first though
I don't remember, does Shenzhen have a way to export solutions as ASCII files?
Q: Tips for writing quines

ais523A quine is a program that produces output that's identical to the program's source code. On this website, we generally only care about proper quines (at the time of writing, the current definition is "some part of the output is encoded by a different part of the program"). What advice do you hav...

Slightly related to that 1/n challenge, I have some questions about what counts as a duplicate on PPCG. Specifically, I want to know why the coin flipping challenge is a duplicate but the hotdog challenge and the 100 day countdown are not.
1:40 PM
Mar 9 at 21:07, by AdmBorkBork
@JanDvorak http://archive.oreilly.com/pub/post/what_ever_happened_to_ipv5.html
Q: Shortest Swear Filter

Mike159Say we have two (ASCII) text files s.txt and t.txt, s contains a list of swear words separated by a new line and t contains text we want to clean up. Create a program which can search t for words listed in s and replace each character of the word with a * Note, swear words only count if they are...

@MikeBufardeci My understanding is that with the coin flip, you could take a solution to the other challenge and hardcode a 2 instead of the input, but waiting for a specific amount of time and waiting until a specific point in time are different problems
@MartinEnder What's the process on a situation like this? There are unanswered questions in the comments, some submissions are thus "bending" the rules, and, as manatwork pointed out, the OP has left (deleted account).
@BasicSunset There are other challenges that ask you to count down to a specific point in time and wait a specific amount of time though.
That whole tag is just just countdowns, waiting, and giving the current time (sometimes with an offset)
@AdmBorkBork Feel free to adopt the challenge and do the edits yourself. Depending on the nature of the required edits you could also just close it as unclear.
1:52 PM
Most challenges accept input and produce output... guess they're all duplicates
in all seriousness you need to boil down a challenge to "what is the interesting part of this challenge"
sometimes this is difficult to do
@Poke If changing your code from accepting inputs to having a hardcoded value is "insignificant enough" to be grounds for being marked as a duplicate I'd say there are a lot of duplicate challenges on here
other times you run into scenarios where two challenges are similar but neither of them are generic enough such that one is a duplicate of the other
my point is that it's not a cut and dry definition of what's a duplicate
@Poke I mean the "interesting" part of any date challenges is one of those three things I listed off and they're all fine
theoretically people should be making their challenges generic
I feel like there is a cut-and-dried definition of duplicate and it's "if you can copy an answer from one to the other and it's competitive then it's a duplicate"
1:57 PM
it's not all encompassing
@Poke The two date challenges are pretty generic. The amount of time is arbitrary but necessary
@Poke How is that not all encompassing? What scenario won't that work for?
i don't have a specific example for you. just going off of the other arguments i've seen
as i recall last time we had a discussion about this all the other people left the chat so i don't think we ever came to a conclusion
I haven't seen people argue against that policy, but I have seen people argue that changing a program from requiring input to having a hardcoded constant falls under the umbrella of "copy and pasting" which is ludicrious
Yeah apparently last time we made the mistake of discussing it in the chat room for that question and not here
Any big ppcg meta people or mods have input here?
What constitutes a duplicate question
define "big ppcg meta person"
2:01 PM
someone who is active on ppcg meta
/me shrugs
@MikeBufardeci Challenges are considered duplicates if answers from one of them could be trivially modified to be competitive answers in the other. Source.
Changing a program from param($n) to $n=2 is a trivial modification.
I always thought score would be ‎¥/Power/Lines, Just like it is in the game and the Steam forums
@AdmBorkBork So those date challenges I linked to should be duplicates then. And possibly also the highly rated vanilla hello world challenge
@sagiksp that doesn't really make sense here. if challenges are scored by bytes, submitting an answer that is scored in cost, power usage and lines is meaningless.
But it's assemblera
It it were real it would have been compiled
You don't measure it by the length of constants and keywords
Also some circuits require Other parts other than a processor
2:11 PM
Is there a standard way to express the circuit as text?
Like my divmod circuit requires a storage unit to store the remainder while the divisor is being incremented
You could use game saves i guess, but it's not very readable and very verbose, Most programs would be 500 bytes or more
Can we get some delete votes for the only answer on this question, please? It's spam.
Q: Print a Sorry Board

MaltysenI was just playing the board game Sorry! with some people, and I realized that I could base a few interesting challenges off of it. This one is pretty simple. You task is simply to output an ascii-art version of a sorry board, placing pieces where I tell you to. Specs First, here is an image o...

@Dennis @MartinEnder Help? codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/115553/42649
@mbomb007 that should arguably have offensive flags rather than delete votes
but I'm not quite sure enough to red-flag it
@mbomb007 just flag it as abuse
2:13 PM
I'll happily cast the delete vote on it if we decide red-flagging isn't appropriate though
@ais523 despite the n-word?
Flagged it for abuse
@ais523 I already flagged as not an answer. But "nibba" isn't a bad word. Those are b's not, g's
Yeah nibba is not a slur
but it should be deleted anyway
well, it's blantantly not-an-answer, and is deletable on that basis, the question is is it offensive too?
2:14 PM
I flagged it for moderator attention because this is the second time and it may require more action. Also, I'd like to see this question protected.
there's more than one sort of deletion
TIL @mbomb007 gets thrown off by a well known obfuscation technique rated for automated scripts
Yay! Thanks!
2:15 PM
Hopefully none more appear.
knowyourmeme.com/memes/b-button-emoji-%F0%9F%85%B1 proof that they were not trying to say "nibba"
ooh, was red-flagged into oblivion
So many downvotes...
and deleted via votes
2:15 PM
@JanDvorak Don't be mean.
it got like -12
not sure I've ever seen that happen
The sad thing is that one of my recent challenges got that many downvotes...
I commented on it with a python recursive (0_0) generator
s = lambda n:"(%s_%s)"%(((s(n-1) if n>0 else "0"),)*2)
I'd protect the question if I could, but I still have a while to go before getting enough rep.
2:16 PM
@sagiksp Yeah, I saw. You should delete your comment.
Sep 25 '16 at 4:06, by Dennis
@nimi @DJMcMayhem @ConorO'Brien Please don't cast regular delete votes on spam. Six spam flags do more than just deleting the post; they replace the post with a stub, lock it, and tell the system to watch out for spam from that IP.
@sagiksp downvotes don't delete a post ever (unless it's old, unanswered, and only being saved from Community's delete-old-questions purge via a positive score)
I protected it.
The entire thing is deleted
How can i delete it
2:17 PM
@AdmBorkBork Like I don't want to start going through the entire date tag and start voting to close them all, since the changes for a lot of those challenges are just as "trivial" and the change for the coin flip
Should we make an online bash on ba.sh?
I'm not sure the question is worth protecting
I guess if you can't see it, then you can't. But otherwise you could.
it's not like it's attracting answers from confused newbies
Looks like a good question
2:17 PM
@ais523 This question is protected to prevent "thanks!", "me too!", or spam answers by new users.
Actually, just one flag suffices to turn the post into a stub. Not sure about the rest, though
@mbomb007 @ProgramFOX @WheatWizard see my last message
@MartinEnder I'm aware. Although I wasn't sure if this would classify as spam/abusive. Therefore, I delvoted it.
@MartinEnder I flagged AND voted to delete.
@mbomb007 I interpreted that as "unwanted/useless posts from people who don't know what they're doing here", not "intentionally offensive posts"
2:18 PM
@ProgramFOX the n-word made me pretty sure it is
@mbomb007 the point is that's unhelpful
i.e. the problem is that the question attracts confused newbies, not that malicious people are attacking it
Ok thanks for the heads up
This chat is like discord #programming but less toxic
it's awesome
if it gets deleted before it accumulates the required number of spam flags, then some mod will have to go and undelete it and then spam nuke it, so that the body actually gets removed
2:19 PM
I think the stub appears after a single flag + deletion?
no, which is why we need the answer to be able to accumulate enough of them, before it gets deleted
but yes, one common issue with Stack Exchange's moderation is that even when it's obvisous that a post needs closing, deleting, etc.
closing or deleting it the wrong way can cause further problems
sometimes leading to a race between various moderation mechanisms
@MikeBufardeci Sorry, I got confused as you linked several. Are you saying that Brexit and Legen...Wait should be considered duplicate?
@sagiksp I tried to run your program with 10 but I accidentally typed 100... had to restart
2:23 PM
@AdmBorkBork I'm saying by the logic that got the coin-flipping challenge closed, most of the date challenges I've seen should be closed as duplicate. In that case, waiting until the next hour and waiting until it's been 100 days are close enough
s(10) has like 8000 chars
@DestructibleLemon To be honest, the keys are practice and experience, nothing more. I don't have any training in music composition or music theory, just performance (through public school). That's still important because it's given me exposure to a lot of stuff. Regarding music composition, I've been writing music (digitally) for about 6 or 7 years.
From your perspective, you just see me drop a track every month or so, but what you don't see are the hours of other junk that I write but which never sees the light of day.
There's a slight problem with having 2000+ rep (before design): I see a bunch of deleted answers that I don't want to see (like the two recently deleted ones). Is there a way to hide those?
no, I have a problem with that too
in the end you just have to get used to it
(I guess you could hide them via user script)
2:26 PM
Oh okay. Thanks.
Wait, I might be able to do that.
that said, sometimes they're interesting
you get a lot of answers deleted because they don't quite comply with the specification but still had unique ideas
Sometimes. I want to potentially figure out how to hide specific ones. Maybe I could design an elaborate userscript to do it but I might just get used to the trash ones.
bear in mind that red-flagged answers are redacted by default, so you don't see the content
although that isn't an excuse to red flag answers you don't like just to hide them!
What does red-flag mean?
2:29 PM
a "spam" flag or a "rude or abusive" flag
@DestructibleLemon Regarding my "compositional style" or "how I write music" I take it pretty much one measure at a time, and don't look back.
they show in red on flag reports (like moderators can see, or if you have a look at your own flagging report by clicking on the count of flags in your profile)
"six red flags" is one of the methods of deleting a post
Oh okay. So not-an-answer, mod attention, and the other ones don't count as red flags?
also red flags are kind-of a big deal, you should only use them if the post is completely inappropriate for Stack Exchange, as they (indirectly) configure the spam filter, etc.
Oh okay.
2:30 PM
right, the others are either mod flags (handled by mods) or review flags (handled by the review queue)
Okay, thanks.
So does the spam filter use machine-learning?
@MartinEnder meta.stackexchange.com/questions/131026/… . I would be surprised if that got loosened.
@MikeBufardeci Possibly. The logic is similar, but the implementation of calculating time remaining until the top of the hour versus checking until a particular date has occurred could be the same but in many of the two cases they aren't trivially modifiable into one another.
2:32 PM
inappropriate mod flags are next-worst because they create extra works for the mods
95% of the time I hit a wall, where I can't think of anything that feels natural to come next, but every once in a while I come up with something I don't hit a wall on and just churn stuff out (see: the last chunk of that music).
review flags (NAA / VLQ / should-be-closed / duplicate) should still only be cast when you're sure they're correct, but they tend to be fairly easy to deal with, as you only need a moderate amount of rep to handle them
A: Definitive policy about answers not meeting the challenge specification

DennisScope As I see it, there are five types of invalid answers: Answers that produce incorrect results. This is the most common type, and usually an accident. Answers that produce correct results, but break a rule of the challenge, ignore parts of the spec or violate a loophole. For example, ans...

@JanDvorak hmmm, I'll look into it. It's a bit hard to tell as a moderator, but I think for spam there is usually an indication for us, and that answer didn't have it. I'll look have a closer look before spam nuking it next time.
@AdmBorkBork I mean, it would only require changing a few bytes, like with the coin flip example. Sure it could be non-trivial but the consensus is that if you can copy an answer over it should be removed. As the coin-flip challenge has established, this copying allows for modification, and since modified versions of answer for one question will work with the others, they are duplicates.
2:36 PM
@MartinEnder my understanding on the moderator views of flags is that they can see flags whenever they want, but are only alerted to them if it looks like normal community processes either aren't handling or can't handle the flags
@SIGSEGV Paraguay
ik but It is somehow amazing
@MartinEnder Should I provide some 10k screenshots for a post of your choosing?
@DestructibleLemon My first step in getting good at music composition (after I decided that I wanted to get better at it) was to get some nice software with good sound fonts and stuff. I use Finale, but there's several options out there. (sorry for multiple pings, I figure you might not see these messages otherwise)
2:39 PM
Please help defend out logo: pxls.space/?x=680&y=160
@ais523 no, we're alerted to them. it's not about the flag, but whether we can tell if an answer has been given the spam treatment or not (since the original answer body isn't removed for us. there are other indicators though).
oh, I see
Interesting. I thought that stub was there for everyone.
Software really lowers the "barrier" to writing large quantities of music. I'm not limited by how well I can actually play in real life.
I know you aren't alerted to VLQ flags for a set length of time (can't remember whether it's 1 hour or 24 hours), because I looked into that a while back
but that's a different situation as they're much less time sensitive
(exception: if the post's already gone through Low Quality review)
2:41 PM
That's one hour, and I think it's only the case on some select sites
@MikeBufardeci Little or no modification. As-is, the answers to Brexit cannot be (trivially) modified and be competitive to the answers to Legen...Wait, nor vice-versa. Legen 1, Brexit 1; Legen 2, Brexit 2
@AdmBorkBork Counterpoints: 1/n 1, flip 1, 1/n 2, flip 2
2:58 PM
@MikeBufardeci The MATL is a trivial modification. ir*1< vs rEk. Instead of i * you've got E (random multiplied by input vs random multiplied by two) and instead of 1< you've got k. The flip version could be 1< and would still output the same, just that k is a golfier way of doing so because the range is guaranteed to be between [0,2].
@JanDvorak it'd make sense for it to be there for everyone, it's not like the content of the post isn't one click away
@AdmBorkBork So a one character similarity is all that's needed?
No, that's not at all what I said

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