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12:00 AM
If you want to keep editing, I'll approve your edits.
Though, it looks like my approvals don't go through immediately.
How do I find "chunks" of questions
@orthocresol As of now we're not removing the tags from these questions, right? Because there are pending edits where users are removing these tags.
@pentavalentcarbon, thank you
not a problem, just ping if you think there's a backlog
okay, thanks =)
aaaahhhhhhhh conflicting edit time
12:13 AM
CLEANUP TASK: completed [reaction] co-tags with 1 question part 4, therefore completing all [reaction] co-tags with 1 question
@MelanieShebel cleaning up, just removing the tag if thats all thats needed, but if theres more stuff to be done then it should be done too
@pentavalentcarbon which one?
the sulfur one
@heather please no mathjax in titles also
Yeah, I'm seeing some language = spelling/grammar I can apply to recently approved edits. Since they're on the first page, it's a good time to edit them.
12:14 AM
@orthocresol oh, sorry.
I know physics and maths does it, but we're special snowflakes here, so.
@MelanieShebel yeah, feel free to
the sulfur one...
What on earth is going on in this question?
Q: Can carbon and titanium bond?

Ruchir BaroniaCan carbon and titanium form an ionic bond because they both have four valence electrons? Like so:

@pentavalentcarbon this one?
yeah, I got it
12:16 AM
@orthocresol, okay, fixed the mathjax in the title
@MelanieShebel looks like one of my failed cooking experiments
Looks like a graphic from one of my poster presentations.
As ugly as it may be I understood it immediately
Ok, I don't think it's necessary to have this diagram. It can be explained in words.
And that answer is not very correct.
I would argue that this history tag doesn't work either: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/34392/…
12:20 AM
depends on whether he was asking about historically how did people figure out that reactions happened
but the question doesn't seem to indicate anything to that effect, so...
Not sure what the sentence even means in his section 1.)
Q: Reaction of iron with steam

ParthWhile studying about reversible reactions, my professor stated that the following reaction is a reversible reaction: $$\ce{Fe + H2O <=> Fe3O4 + H2}$$ She also stated that the product $\ce{Fe3O4}$ is formed by a mixture of $\ce{FeO}$ and $\ce{Fe2O3}$. However, there was no mention of the typ...

I don't know what he means by that
probably means "From what I know".
Oh, I should have mathjaxed that. Good catch.
I closed it, don't bother.
was a good horrible question simply unsuitable for Stack Exchange <-- trying to be politically correct
Yeah i think I flagged it earlier
12:27 AM
I mean, that comment basically says all that can be said about this question. ._.
oh... yeah... somebody flagged a comment
which is a great thing to do as well
edit backlog @pentavalentcarbon
I love deleting comments and if you give me any reason to do so I will do so
you guys are fast...
"obsolete" flag is good, ya?
Was that you? Yeah, that's perfectly fine.
12:29 AM
By the way, if there are any questions that could do with chemdraw touchup, feel free to ping me
okay @orthocresol - what about that one with the crazy scribble diagram, linked somewhere above?
I converted it to text.
and just for that reason I'm doing the ones
@orthocresol ah, okay.
huh...i have not edited five, but i have an edit backlog again
maybe there's some delay between my suggested edits showing up in the queue or something
fun fact: i can ban you from suggesting edits
12:35 AM
am i doing something wrong? or are you just fun-facting?
Now that's interesting. One of yours had a personal Dropbox link to a video, and it isn't dead.
He's being a meanie, ignore him
One of what?
@pentavalentcarbon my edit just made the link in-line; i checked the link before doing anything with it.
Q: Melting post-1982 minted U.S. pennies and aluminum: Why does the slag turn blue?

Jeffrey T SmithAfter melting aluminum inside of an iron crucible, I tossed in a handful of U.S. pennies that were minted post-1982. The slag began to burn a brilliant blue. What caused this? (https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxsa55fyj43mqz7/Blueburn.mov?dl=0)

a suggested review
That video is neat looking.
Ultimately, probably shouldn't have that link there.
12:37 AM
Is it possible to trace it back to who it is?
pretty, right?
Jeffrey T. Smith, "Last seen Feb 20 at 0:24"
From the dropbox vid i'm unable to find out any information except his profile name, which is.... Jeffrey Smith.
What's the problem?
I accidently set my clothes on fire and they burned. How do I turn the pile of ash back into my clothes?
12:39 AM
@orthocresol Create another note in the GH Project for "Needs ChemDraw"
I'll do those
@hBy2Py i think its alright, no need to formalise it too much, i also don't want to get swamped..
That Q seems borderline not useful.
You could also create a "needs chemdraw" chatroom and post them there. Bahaha
@heather I think there is, earlier it was about ~45sec or so between when you'd post notice of a new edit and when I'd see the notification in my site header
12:41 AM
This is essentially a chat event, isn't it?
@MelanieShebel i think it's basically not useful - i think that question would be analogous to be a question on physics asking "my family heirloom watch got sucked into a black hole on accident; any way to get it out?" and i can guarantee you that question would get closed =)
@orthocresol Um, yes.
But yes
The best kind.
Does anybody vote for deletion of sulfuric acid question?
I'm going to edit the Spring Cleaning post body to notify that a spontaneous event has started
... or, maybe we shoudl keep this one just us.
More test drive?
12:43 AM
I'm actually not sure which tags they're looking at
i "vote" (without any weight) for the deletion @orthocresol - also, this might like a chemdraw answer (i think) =)
penta said he was doing physical-chemistry, which we supposedly weren't supposed to do until later ;)
CLEANUP ACTION -- Vote in FAVOR of deleting sulfuric acid question
you are in favour?
well, ok, since I am too, it will be nuked
Yeah, 'cause I haven't had a chance to write up the philosophy of the attack yet :-P
12:44 AM
this is all too formal for me...I'm not supposed to do that?
This is the problem with so much enthusiasm. :-P
@pentavalentcarbon if you want to, go ahead
yeah, it doesn't really matter i guess
Since only a few ppl are involved
I was thinking we'd start at the bunches of co-tags that had only a few instances, and work our way up
in fact, since nobody was around to delegate work, it was probbaly a smart choice to go from the back
otherwise much overlap
yep, exactly
If we have three people actively attacking questions, one should start at the front, one middle, and one back
12:45 AM
I'm in favor.
thoughts for tags (just delete reactions, or are there any others that fit)?
Ortho hammering and edit approving as needed
actually if you look at the suggested edit queue
i'm already going from the smallest up =)
airhuff is like...
12:46 AM
I'm just taking care of proposed edits and fixing grammar, etc. That was missed.,
I'm editing the edits. I'm going meta on meta.
guy seems like he has been sitting on the queue all day
In fact, I propose a meta.meta.chemistry.stackexchange
@orthocresol guy's been practically sitting on the site all day for a month-plus now
Yeah, that's true.
insane rep accumulation
12:46 AM
Not that I am complaining
Heck no, I'm glad he's here!
I don't rep from edits anymore.
He's answered so many old questions it's crazy
6.6k rep
12:47 AM
Nope, once you have free edit privs, no more rep
that felt like a bait and switch to me, too
that happened to me last summer
on PHysics?
12:48 AM
@heather Yes, since it's closed, just delete [reaction] and move on
Who is that?
@hBy2Py okay
airhuff is a semi-retired guy with a lot of chemistry experience, is about all I know
but he's been answering scads of questions, new and old, for awhile now
Flying up the charts
His badge panel is kooky 'cause he's answered so many old Q's
Yeah, I know!
sorry, got another edit backlog
12:51 AM
> few oxygen
"Please use the spacebar."
> enough formic acid in his body to kill 20 men
Them! is a 1954 American black-and-white science fiction monster film from Warner Bros. Pictures, produced by David Weisbart, directed by Gordon Douglas, that stars James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, and James Arness. The film is based on an original story treatment by George Worthing Yates, which was then developed into a screenplay by Ted Sherdeman and Russell Hughes. Them! is one of the first of the 1950s "nuclear monster" films, and the first "big bug" feature. A nest of gigantic irradiated ants is discovered in the New Mexico desert; they quickly become a national threat when it is...
12:57 AM
BTW, @heather @Melanie @penta, @ortho -- see this SEDE query and this one; they autogenerate site search links for all the various tag combinations with [reaction]
save you the time/trouble of typing in the search every time
oh, sorry - edit backlog again
@hBy2Py ah, thank you
@orthocresol Edit that to say 'Suggested Edits review queue' at some point
This is great...your rep is shooting up, and I'm getting closer to the Reviewer badge :)
@ortho @penta @heather @Melanie Please report what you're working on so I can pick something different
1:01 AM
i'm working on the 2 question tags
almost finished with the first batch
@pentavalentcarbon =D
@hBy2Py i'm not doing anyhting
Those pictures with the fire look crazy dangerous
yeah, right?
i have no idea how some parent didn't smack that chem teacher out of a job, but it looks super cool
1:03 AM
People get seriously injured/die in chemical demonstrations, specifically in high school chemistry labs.
Like the flame test/color one.
Is how many accidents happen
Everything's fine, until it's suddenly not
Yep, it's happened to me
<nod> Like that poor postdoc in Hawaii
what happened?
I'll find the link...
Case Study #1 of 'it was fine until it wasn't' (this is actually a different thing, not the Hawaii postdoc)
1:05 AM
i heard about a california accident - a student doing research in a lab w/o a lab coat, and the lab had issues, and then she accidentally set stuff on fire, and she died
(bad summary, but you get the idea)
Yes, her name was Sheri Sangji, probably the most famous recent lab accident.
Ok, I'm going to start on the 9- to 13-question co-tags
It's too bad we can't all be in a coffeeshop or something, shooting the breeze while we do this.
@ortho might be another one we should note for later cleanup?
gotta go take down the trash, brb
ah, the tBuLi incident
@hBy2Py You mean just in general?
personally.. i think after going through [homework]... most of the lousy questions will be gone
but concentration sounds like a tag that can accumulate bad questions as well
1:12 AM
Physical vs. chemical changes, ughhhhhh
@orthocresol Yeah, just in general
Mm, I'm going to have to step away for a while, too, something's come up here.
i feel like trashing this question
Q: Resonance contributors of sulfuric acid

Yash Pratap SinghWhy are there only four resonance forms of sulfuric acid given in textbooks? I can draw eight of them.

the answer is NAA anyway
qn asks about H2SO4 and answer is about SO4(2-)
Trash it
Back when I can...
sure, take your time
1:14 AM
I was reading it and all of a sudden two offensive red bars appeared...
hey @airhuff
oooo, fancy stuff at the top you have there...
technically, not supposed to share it, but most of the info about mod powers is documented on meta.SE anyway
i mean, everybody knows we have mod flags
Uh oh, what did I do?
Hey @orthocresol , you guys are hard at work here, just thought I'd check up :)
1:20 AM
you allowed me to delete a question
Hey hey
@airhuff Seems that some people here have been keeping you busy in the edit queue ; )
Good work lately, airhuff!
I'm about at my limit for the day on the suggested edit que though!
And the day's barely started...
1:21 AM
Now that I've attained all the rep I can get from editing, I have to figure something else out for attaining rep!
actually I have no idea when it resets, I would assume midnight UTC, but idk
I'm still well under my max.
yea, goes back to 20 at midnight UTC
yeah sorry about that @airhuff =)
Wait...there's a limit?!
1:22 AM
No prob @heather, you're the main one getting me to my next badge!
@pentavalentcarbon There is, but I'm fairly sure the last time anybody was close to hitting it was TRE I.
I believe the rationale is something along the lines of "it's not a good idea to spend too much time on SE".
You are about to hit it I think pentavalentcarbon...
@MelanieShebel, ah, beat me to the punch on one
Still nowhere near that badge!
1:24 AM
CLEANUP ACTION: completed [reaction] co-tags with 2 questions part 1
cleanup action: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/50267/… <-- deleted (ortho)
pretty blatantly homework-y
or @airhuff - i don't know who has what privileges =)
cleanup action chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/48956/… <-- deleted (ortho)
(this one untagged)
anybody in favour of deleting the two above questions?
i would be, i suppose
Yes and unsure.
Ah, hell with it.
i like that attitude
the second one though isn't even a real reaction as the second answer says, so i don't think it's worth keeping
1:31 AM
I've said I shouldn't edit and drink beer simultaneously too, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
'nother homework here
thing is, attitude towards hw here is much more lenient than on physics
The words "realistic" in orthocresol's comment and "unrealistic" in mine were there for a reason. — Ivan Neretin Jan 19 at 6:18
@orthocresol ah. physics is very strict with anything resembling a problem with no effort
generally, if it's not closed, that means we thought that it's ok to have this on the site
cleaning up though is a different thing, as we can delete stuff if we don't like it enough
regardless of whether it's closed or not
so that's why I nuked the two questions earlier
they're too localised, don't contain any useful info, and were clearly abandoned after being asked
for downvoted closed questions, is that something to delete?
1:36 AM
case by case basis
ex here is one
well, that has a decent answer, so I am leaning towards try to salvage
okay, i'll see what i can do
i do'nt think there's much that can be done thouhg
thats obviously a case of too broad
@MelanieShebel i'd also advise against changing Jan's sulphates to sulfates, as he can get a bit touchy about it
Okay, won't touch his anymore, haha.
I think the ph spelling is antiquated by now, but if he wants to, let him, I suppose.
A: When editing posts that are consistently or overwhelmingly written in one flavour of English, please do not change the flavour

orthocresolRevisiting this there are two things that I would like to comment on and perhaps draw others' attention to. 1. It is true that Google and other search engines do automatically search for both BrE and AmE variants. Therefore, the argument that using AmE draws more traffic is wrong. However, Stack...

In mathjax how do I do
Figured it out
Just do the thing, you know...the thing?
1:43 AM
How would I search for questions that attempt formatting by doing something like: <sub>3</sub>
I'm not sure if it's possible, as SE search probably cannot search for symbols.
We need to recruit more new users.
Most new users are here to get homework help.
^ Fact
More like alternative fact.
1:47 AM
Fake fact?
i joined last year, but i've only started looking around here recently
because of a recent interest =)
Professors should force their phd seekers to join.
There is a new "me" and I am very pleased.
tags every known professor on Chem.SE
@MelanieShebel no, it's not true, I was being facetious
1:50 AM
It's sort of true.
But then they never come back and then become old users with 1 rep.
ack, got the cursed edit backlog again
Then again, we cannot do anything about such people; they come here and see that it is a place to ask chemistry questions, so they think that they can ask homework here.
I think about this quite a lot, since I despise seeing the front page flooded with low-quality Q's.
i think many of the science/math sites have the same problem
math.se has embraced homework
Yeah, and I think it is something that will always stay, unless...
1:52 AM
I think the only real way to discourage such questions is for people to submit enough high-quality Q's, so that when somebody visits this site and sees the average quality of stuff, they will realise "oh, this isn't the place for me to dump my homework".
I feel like this question is really specific.
Q: Why do cookies prevent toothpaste from foaming?

ntoskrnlIf I eat cookies and subsequently brush my teeth such that there is still small amounts of cookie material stuck to my teeth, the toothpaste will not foam as well as usually, making the process less enjoyable. This effect is consistently reproducible with most (sweet) cookies but any not other fo...

We are fantastically bad at self-answers.
That's gross.
Yeah, I think so.
Not only that; the other thing that I feel discourages people from asking questions here is that the high-level ones often go unanswered.
The really interesting ones, that is.
I'm not even talking about my own questions, because those are probably mildly interesting, but nowhere on the level of the sort of Q a PhD might ask.
I feel that it is improving, slowly. But smart people will come and go.
And you already know why those kinds of questions aren't asked here.
1:55 AM
i'm kind of sad this hasn't been answered yet.
@pentavalentcarbon Why not?
Or questions that require really intense answers like this: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/40612/…
+8 is hardly enough for the ChemDraw effort!
There are a lot of really cool questions that don't have answers. They'll be bountied, but still get no answers.
Does anyone know the stats on what time of year gets the most answers?
@orthocresol It's in the "job description" to do your best in finding out the answer on your own. You learn more that way. Especially so because those questions are likely within your personal "research wheelhouse".
@MelanieShebel Winterbash.
If I absolutely needed an answer to a question, I wouldn't ask it here.
1:58 AM
A professor and I were talking that they schedule ACS national meetings at literally the worst time of the year for anyone in academia... nearish to the end of the schoolyear and at the very beginning of the semester.
Not even kidding, I just checked the stats, and there is a huge peak in late Dec-early Jan.
@pentavalentcarbon Oh, yes. I agree.
I wonder if ACS meetings give us a lot of questions.
get out of here with your US-centrism
I would totally sit at a Chem.SE booth if they paid for me to go, haha!
Well, it's a HUGE meeting!
Everybody knows this place is dominated by germans and indians
1:59 AM
I imaging the Royal Society's is enormous too!
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