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6:38 AM
Q: SHA-256 "midstate"

ThePiachuRecently I've been trying to implement some Bitcoin-related code, and I've stumbled upon a weird concept, a SHA-256 "midstate". Some explanation is given here. The general concept is that Bitcoin relies on performing SHA hashing of a 128 byte data chunk many times, but only the second half of th...

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9:11 AM
Q: Proof of batch RSA security

Hanisuppose we have 2 encrypted msgs with 2 different public key issued from the one server. there is a client who wants to send these to msgs to the server. in the middle there is an adversary, who eavesdrops all the communications, so he already got the 2 encryption keys and the 2 encrypted msgs. a...

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7:51 PM
Q: What is the 'Version Incompatibility" Problem in TLS 1.1/1.2 and 1.0?

Tom RitterIt's unclear to me if there are multiple problems, or a single one, (and just what that problem is) with servers incorrectly negotiating down from a client offering 1.1 or 1.2 to something they support like SSL 3 or TLS 1.0. Eric Lawrence has said that some version outright choke on TLS 1.1 and ...

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9:37 PM
Q: Stewardship of an ecryptfs tag

Dustin KirklandI am one of the authors and the current maintainer of eCryptfs, a cryptographic filesystem for Linux. It's been in the Linux kernel since about 2006. It's the cryptographic filesystem used by default on Ubuntu if you choose to "Encrypt your Home Directory", as well as by ChromeOS. I'd like to ...

@dustinkirkland Hi Dustin, ninefingers here, one of the AU mods (@@2042) suggested chat might be an easier idea - want to wander in here and we can just check about what's on topic etc?
Might be easier than doing it via meta?
Bit of a modfest in here.
Very uncomfortable.... I'm not happy unless there are at least two people I can kick.
@Oli Haha, yes, well it's quite quiet in here so I try not to kick anyone cause I want them all to stay :)
Oh great. Another one!
I'm hoping Dustin gets his ping soon - I don't think he's been in chat before but it will be much easier than meta.
9:51 PM
does that ping work?
So the topic (before I steer this too far away) here is what are we doing with an ecryptfs migration from LaunchPad? I'm going to be rude and jump in with: what are your views on in @Ninefingers?
@StefanoPalazzo Should do - he doesn't have a chat account so I pinged his user account - he should get the global inbox notification.
@Oli I personally don't see a problem with it if they're proper questions and answers - provided he understands that users may edit/alter/provide additional answers etc and that it is not a support forum (so don't tell users "post your bug reports here) I don't see any real problem.
9:53 PM
From an end user perspective, the only thing is finding the right place :)
To be honest, it sounds like he's wanting to move his existing Q&A to SE and then benefit in future from the usual Q&A process of SE, which is a win both ways.
I assume there's going to be some duality in that, based on the question. If it's how do I do X in Ubuntu, it's going to be more our thing... If it's less so, it might be more U&L or if it's underlying technical/theory, Crypto
But that he's approached Crypto (when he almost certainly knows about AU) should be some indicator (not wanting to put words in his mouth) of where he wants to go with this.
@Ninefingers We did something similar with Mythbuntu recently. They opted for Ask Ubuntu but it's all about where the maintiner and the moderators thinks ecryptfs would work best then making a policy to keep those questions on that site mainly. If dustin is willing to take stewardship of ecryptfs on AU, U&L, and Crypto then that's fine too
But I think there are a lot of off-topic posts (for Crypto) on there. It's times like these I'm sad the SE sites are as separated as they are.
@MarcoCeppi I agree. In my opinion, I think AU or UL (or both) would probably, looking at those questions, be a more likely "main page" - but there would be one or two for here.
Hence my calling all of you in :)
@Oli yep, ^^^
as long as you can find that with google, it isn't all that important whether they end up on Unix or AU
9:59 PM
@AviD see the meta Q at the top of this for where this started.
I'm guessing only a tiny number of them will be off topic on au, but on topic on unix
@Oli oo oo, me too :)
@Ninefingers reading, looks like between the q and the a, most of my issues are totally covered :)
did @Dustin pop in yet...?
Not yet it seems.
I didn't move quickly enough to catch him, hopefully he'll be back soon.
Anyway, if any of you want to answer on the meta question, or edit my answer, feel free (I can make it CW if needs be).
so, a vote from IT Security, in agreement with @Ninefingers.
I went for an update on the meta post - all ok with that everyone?
10:11 PM
as you and others have noted, the tricky part will be getting the answers to the right place (and making sure the users understand where they're getting to )
otherwise, as you said a win all around.
@Ninefingers ayup.
ah my mouse is broken :D
REPLY: yep looks good
Sorry, I was AFK. I disagree with whatever the AU mods said
Which for Dustin's benefit, means everything is fine :)
It looks like he wants to change the "ask a question" link to point to a particular site, so giving him a breakdown of which question belongs where might not work
@MichaelMrozek Hmmm, good point - I hadn't thought of that.
10:27 PM
If there's overlap there's not much choice though. I guess he could make a page with links to different SE sites depending on what the question is about
@MichaelMrozek note this answer on meta.so from the skeet:
A: Is it okay to use Stack Overflow as the support forum for a product or project?

Jon SkeetI'm going to go against the grain here: I don't like it. It's one thing for SO to be a user-to-user forum so that fellow developers can help solve problems, but I don't think it's really appropriate for reporting bugs and making feature requests for technology vendors (whether open source contrib...

he quotes the Guava's support options:
> Where-to-post summary:
•How do I? -- StackOverflow!
•I got this error, why? -- StackOverflow!
•I got this error and I'm sure it's a bug -- file an issue!
•I have an idea/request -- file an issue!
•Why do you? -- the mailing list!
•When will you? -- the mailing list!
•You suck and I hate you -- contact us privately at me@glennbeck.com!
•You're awesome -- aw shucks!
Well, he said " I don't think it's really appropriate for reporting bugs and making feature requests", which is true; I don't think anyone was arguing that that's a good idea
I think something like that could work great.
It'd be nice to avoid the problem SO has with Facebook though, where Facebook users think they should file bugs on SO
@AviD A list like that on the launchpad site would probably work well
Yes it would. It'd need to be clear - otherwise users might get a bit upset.
10:30 PM
@MichaelMrozek yes, but regardless there will be plenty of misses - there is plenty of overlap, and gre|ay areas around it.
I think most questions are going to be fine on UL and AU. I doubt many users are going to be asking about the underlying cryptography; it's going to be "how do I make eCryptFS do X"
@MichaelMrozek and I imagine there will be fewer questions asking about e.g. risk profile. Most would be "How do I do X" or "Why does Y happen"
even considering its a security product...
oh btw I'm gonna courtesy ping @roryalsop
@AviD I would have, but you were clearly active, so I thought: hey, I remember him.
@Ninefingers heh
considering that @Dustin isnt here now anyway, and that @Rory has been more active as of late than I, figured he'd have something to say about it.
though we rarely disagree. is that a bad thing?
@AviD that depends on your POV... either you're "collaborating well" or you're part of the "hive mind"...
Right, gotta sleep. Feel free to ping any of us crypto mods / carry on, I'll pick it up in the AM.
10:46 PM
@Ninefingers well, third option, he's my sockpuppet. Or I'm his, I forget.
@AviD I can never remember if I'm Thomas' or Paulo's sockpuppet. It gets confusing.
Right, I really am going now.

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