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7:29 PM
@Pip 1-2 weeks for movement/combat/basic gameplay... 1-2 months to get a fairly polished game flow in with bells n whistles
@yahoo5000 What error?
Paste your actual code to a paste site somewhere and link it, along with the error info.
nah i was fucked up somewhere now its ok ty
@JoshPetrie are u into c++ programing ?
I mean, it's what I do for a job, yes.
gaming ?
i mean game develepment ?
7:44 PM
josh is a pro
Josh made Halo and doesn't afraid of anything.
@ChrisMcFarland cool, thanks
@JoshPetrie i have a question about full screen mode sreen resolutions and ect. there is a lot to ask but try to bu accurate as possible , so till now i was coding 800x600 and now i want to go into a full screen
mode but actually i know nothing about and do not really know what to look first . So till now i made all my textures sprites based on 800x600 resolution and now want to go into a full screen mode do i have to make a new sprites and textures for that resolution or how does this works i mean there is alot of resolutions so do i have to make for each of them ? cuz the game i made players will have different resolutions so how is this works i mean
if i would do everything based on my resolution they would have to by forced to switch into ?
You can enter exclusive full screen mode and set the full screen resolution to 800x600 if you want.
Alternatively, you can author your content to scale to various resolutions -- generally you do this by authoring it for the highest resolution and scaling down.
Or you can author different versions of content for different resolutions.
7:51 PM
Fullscreen on Windows sucks though
all games are in fullscreen :D
That doesn't make the default fullscreen behaviour suck less
@JoshPetrie so i have to make textures and sprites for the highers possible resolution and then just scale them to lower resolution ?
Borderless windowed is where it's at
7:53 PM
I have programmed my own borderless fullscreen implementation
I don't like Windowed most of the time
That's one way.
yeah Pip has it
Borderless full screen is definitely better, I think. Exclusive full screen is mostly a legacy these days.
7:53 PM
is it same thing with borderless ?
But, OTOH, borderless fullscreen means you have somewhat less control over the resolution unless you want to do more work to get the resolution switching working
hmm, true
"borderless" full screen is mostly a misnomer.
on the other hand you handle it all by yourself
It just means regular old windowed mode.
7:54 PM
so it might be better
Except your window is big enough such that the client area of the window is exactly the size of the screen.
can't you just render in lower res and then stretch the rendered image on the borderless window
It's often then convenient to use a borderless window style, and thus the name.
You can do it without, although you have some minor math to do and some UI issues to work around
and it looks funny on multiple-monitor setups
You can also render in low res and scale up, yes
That often looks bad. Art scales down better than up, generally
yea but isnt better to do high to low ?
But not always
7:55 PM
I render directly to screen scaled up
so no extra render texture for me :P
okay ty for info josh will go too look more info about scaling
I think I've made the saddest looking palm tree.
can confirm
@Josh How do you feel about ODST?
@Sie i like the water aspect
8:04 PM
For some reason my game isn't loading now, and I can't quite figure out why... Sigh.
I didn't even make that water. Just placeholder for now.
Yo Sie and Pearson while you're here
What I'm doing is applying a Texture2D to a Material
@Sie The Halo game?
I never played it.
That's what it looks like the next set of UVs over
which is correct
I'm almost convinced it's a unity error... Sigh.
8:08 PM
and there's no bleeding into the third set of UVs
I'm not sure if it's just me but it looks crooked.
Might be my eyes playing a trick on me though.
I'm not sure I quite understand what you are asking...
third set
what I'm asking is if you know why that's happening
the first set is supposed to be transparent
instead it's bleeding over the first pixel of the next image in the atlas
By default the transparency is turned off usually...
^ Have you messed with the shaders? You have to fiddle around with the legacy shaders to get transparency working iirc.
8:10 PM
I haven't
can confirm Alpha is set to be Transparency
So, the third set is showing up as red, and it should't be? Just trying to understand exactly what the issue is.
the first set
i.stack.imgur.com/LV3UP.png is showing up as the first pixel of i.stack.imgur.com/bOOOi.png
Try going under Shader -> Legacy -> Transparent
where is that?
For the material.
8:12 PM
oh got you
I think there's a shader option for the newer material that allows for transparent textures as well, but I'm not sure.
okay, first option looks transparent now
the lighting is different
but looks like it's working now ish
ooh maybe I fixed it
It's a different shader, the lighting would be different.
whoa this is wierd
8:15 PM
Use the default shader, I think there's a transparency option of some kind. But it sounds like you found that.
that's super odd
hey guys i have a doubt, im using unity and writting c# scripts is it possible in 1 array store the reference to an enemy instantiated in that moment and assign him a random Keyboard letter or number?
Anyways, got to run, so...
thanks dude
8:26 PM
Seems like what I want isn't transparent mode, it's Fade apparently
can random class be used to get an random keyboard input like a letter or a number?
Do you need a keyboard enum or a string with a letter or a number?
A: How can I generate random alphanumeric strings in C#?

dtbI heard LINQ is the new black, so here's my attempt using LINQ: private static Random random = new Random(); public static string RandomString(int length) { const string chars = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789"; return new string(Enumerable.Repeat(chars, length) .Select(s => ...

i need it in a way that after i can do like Input.GetKeyDown(RandomKey)
And you've just pissed of every gamer ever
I would hate totally random keys but whatever you need/like
its like one of those reaction games u know i assign what hey will that object get and then i will show to the player and he has a couple of sec to press it
im new to game dev
8:41 PM
You'd more likely want to use a limited number of keys there for quicktime events
Maybe like four keys that the user can remap
That way you can port the game to work on controllers too!
If you want to go with any key
im still trying to see what is better but i will try ur suggestion too so i can see what should i really do
ty for help
9:05 PM
this part "Select(s => s[random.Next(s.Length)]).ToArray());" adds something to an array right?
No idea
hmm thanks anyway
Plenty of others here use C# though, they might know
@AndréMarques that looks really screwy to me
C# <3
9:14 PM
Arrays can't be resized. If you want a changing-size container, use List<T>
i just wanted a string :s
i have this but not working
that is 100% never going to give you a string
string RandomKeycode()
const string chars = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789";
return new string(Enumerable.Repeat(chars,1));
whoo time for the fun stuff now that rendering works
9:16 PM
Pip given the trouble he's having, that solution doesn't generalize well to his need for numbers and digits.
eeh, true enough I guess
try using this:
in your RandomKeycode function
thats seems simple if i put like random numbers between my 1 and my string lenght
i can use random range
wait just realized that wont work since i just want like one digit of that string
if you want one random character from your string, Mid is your guy
return Mid(chars, randomNumber, 1);
return chars.Substring(randomNumber, 1);
my previous example was VB example from MSDN, got confused
oh nice
so i can use random range between 1 and chars lenght to get a random char
thank you !
9:30 PM
yup, that's it
@AndréMarques actually, you use a number from 0 to the string's length - 1.
like an array?
starts in 0
string chars = "ABCD";
string var1 = chars.Substring(3, 1);
// var1 now contains "D"
Instantiate an gameobject that has tag "Enemy" and i use enemyObject = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Enemy");
it should find my intantiated object right?
what if you have a bunch of enemies
9:38 PM
i would use and array?
FindGameObjectsWithTag returns GameObject[]
but i didnt got to that part something in my code isnt working on this part
Vector3 spawnPosition = new Vector3 (Random.Range (-spawnValues.x, spawnValues.x), spawnValues.y, Random.Range(2,spawnValues.z));
Quaternion spawnRotation = Quaternion.identity;
enemiesInstantiated[i] = Instantiate (enemy, spawnPosition, spawnRotation);
keysAssigned [i] = RandomKeycode ();
Debug.Log (keysAssigned [i]);
10:00 PM
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
(wrapper stelemref) object:stelemref (object,intptr,object)
is it because im using array
Guys anyone know something about a online game development ? i have a question about winstock , i have heard that use a winstock for server side is a bad idea is it true ? and if so what should i use for server side then ?
@Pip That's right, transparent will still reflect light, like glass. Fade is an overall dimming.
10:15 PM
@yahoo5000 Just a quick glance told me the following things: 1.) If I'm correct, then Winsock only works on windows, while I'm 99% sure you want to target other platforms. 2.) Why would you use winsock, if you can just use TCP?
In the last 2 days, I said "I don't know why, but it works" like 6 times. Android is awesome
actually i want only windows :D but i heard that server side its better to have a linux and thats why winstock is bad
and i am not much advanced in all that networking stuff i only know a winstock so far and have doing everything with him , i always looking for the best way
10:30 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto thanks
10:54 PM
@yahoo5000 It's winsock
yea sorr :D
And because you're doing web development, you should aim for the most amount of OSs
i am not doing web development
do or do not, there is no try.
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