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10:25 AM
Woo 7000 :P
3000 till 10'000
@BeastlyGerbil Well done!
Ho hum, 2942. 58 to go till 3000....
So we add RosieF's to Beastly's and we get 10k :)
2 hours later…
12:48 PM
1:44 PM
*12 now.
The title should state "I should delete my answer" :)
2 hours later…
4:13 PM
Q: Can you identify me?

Sathi ReddyYou know who I am? If you cannot identify me, use the following pictures: I am not in an order. Hint:

4:50 PM
@IAmInPLS: Just curious, what is the meaning of your profile name ?
IAmInPLS's last puzzle is probably wordplay. The three people from India may be Dan, Ann (?); or it may be an, and, in.
Rand's comment may be right; the "brother" [??] of he may be she.
5:11 PM
@Randal'Thor You're right about the final answer, but the colors of the indian flag are orange, green and blue. Red is hidden somewhere else ;-)
@IAmInPLS So the fact that "indigo" is cognate with "India" was just a coincidence? Aww.
Nice try though! And I expect from you that you explain the riddle of course :-)
Oh, haha. It's a French/English mix: I guess you can catch "I am in", and PLS refers to this : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recovery_position. In French, it is called *Position Latérale de Sécurité*, hence PLS. It's a common joke here (in France, maybe it's relevant elsewhere) to say "I am in PLS" when something is "killing" you (not literally, obviously).
Also, my profile picture is a quite known meme : reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/3y7stx/healthism
It looked to me like it was 'I am in please' as PLS is an abbreviation for please
@BeastlyGerbil It can be confusing, and that's why I chose it :-)
@IAmInPLS Working on it ...
I always thought jealousy was green though.
5:21 PM
@Randal'Thor envy was green.. jealousy was a monster. i think
@Randal'Thor Mmh, in some countries yes, in others, it's different... @kayzeroshort came with a good answer too: he even linked the restaurant to the first part
He's wrong on red though
@Sid The green-eyed monster is a metaphor for jealousy.
Yeah i had forgotten about that
@Sid What's the difference?
I think Orange is jealousy in lanterns...
5:27 PM
@Randal'Thor Well, i have no idea. There is a subtle difference that my teacher told me once, but i have forgotten..
According to surveys in Europe, Canada and the United States, yellow is the color people most often associate with amusement, gentleness, and spontaneity, but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy, avarice, and, in the U.S., with cowardice. It plays an important role in Asian culture, particularly in China, where it is seen as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony and culture
(from Wiki)
@Randal'Thor You're on the right track with that. One sentence is enough
I associate yellow with jaundice...
5:40 PM
@duzzy That was me few months ago.
When I realised that, I did this
@manshu I am going to do that myself in a few months time...
Probably going to post some very poor puzzles and get suspended..
Can you get suspended for posting bad puzzles?
@Emrakul won't let you do it. He is making an army of puzzlers. It's hard to let go of this addiction of puzzling.
@BeastlyGerbil no
Thank goodness :P
Then why was this question posted? (See revision 1)
@BeastlyGerbil I think so.
5:48 PM
Suprised peanuts not been suspended then
@BeastlyGerbil The OP has posted loads of plagiarised questions. I flagged several of them for plagiarism myself. I'm guessing Deusovi sent him a mod message to warn him about the plagiarism policy, and he took offence.
@BeastlyGerbil He has (in the past).
Oh no suprise
Aug 31 at 21:48, by Rand al'Thor
@Areeb Peanut was suspended? :-o
That said ... we probably shouldn't keep gossiping about specific suspensions like this. There's a reason why they're temporary and leave no permanent 'black mark', after all.
what if everytime I make a puzzle I find it good and it really turns out to be bad? Will I get suspension?
@Randal'Thor There there.
Talking about green and envy, has anyone watched the series Once Upon a Time?
5:57 PM
@IAmInPLS Initial letters of words in one sentence?
@MariaDeleva I haven't, but I'm sure you'll find some people who have in Mos Eisley, the Sci-Fi & Fantasy chatroom.
@Randal'Thor it is not really that important. The funny thing is there is a Wicked Witch in the series. Her skin only becomes green when she becomes envious of another character. And her name is Zelena. Which in some Slavic languages (including mine) is the female version of green
That's a common thing for authors to do: give their characters names which describe them in a foreign language. To an English-speaking ear, "Green" wouldn't be a very interesting name, but "Zelena" is. (Although "Grina" could be a nice ish woman's name, I suppose.)
@Randal'Thor The first letters of the sentences in the first paragraph spell RED backwards.. but, that might be a coincidence..
6:33 PM
Hey all. Looking for whoever runs this place
@Topple If you really want an authority figure, ping Deusovi or Emrakul or GentlePurpleRain: they're the moderators here on Puzzling. But it's possible the rest of us may be able to help you too, since a lot of moderation stuff can be handled just by users with enough rep. What do you need?
@Community runs this place :)
Sure. Well I just want to get a run down how the advertisements work here. There's some specified page for it
@Topple There's the Community Promotion Ads page on meta, which is probably what you're looking for. That post should give you the relevant info.
@Randal'Thor Thank you very much
6:58 PM
So in theory I just post it to that page?
As an answer I mean
@Topple I think so
@Topple Yes, but you have to post it in the format specified in the question. Anything other than just a link and an image file won't be accepted, I think.
Thanks guys. Should be interested as I've had formatting issues here in the past haha.
(I'm not sure whether you need to disclose any affiliation you may have with the thing you're promoting. @Emrakul would probably know.)
Oh it's for sure an affiliation thing. I am launching a puzzle magazine soon
7:02 PM
Ooh interesting
I somehow earnt a 175 rep so far today without posting a single thing....
Might be for previous stuff
Late clickers exist from my experience
@BeastlyGerbil ten bucks says it's the Star Wars Morse Code
@Sconibulus, yep 160 of it :P
Im a gym rat here. Low reps high weight
7:15 PM
wow, people take badges all seriously meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/335432/…
Looks like we need a meet-up
A Puzzling meet up event... sounds fun :P
Send out the time and place with an absurdly hard puzzle, see who makes it
A massive event hosted where there are ton of puzzles.... Heaven!
Well they do have those, if you go through NPL
7:19 PM
Problem of course is there are people from all over the world, so the majority of good puzzlers wouldn't make it
Those guys meet up once a year
Next one is Boston this July
This query might be a help in deciding where the location for the event should be.
Boston in Lincolnshire, or Boston in Massachusetts? :-P
Mass :P NPL is a US organization dating back to the late 1800s
@LukasRotter grouping on that looks like a nightmare
7:25 PM
@LukasRotter scroll down to some of the 1's :P
And I don't believe only 55 users live in the US
Yeah that seems low?
California and USA both have 12
@Randal'Thor there is actually a Boston place in about 10 states according to Wikipedia. You could have received a totally different answer :P
then individual cities have 10+
well, I changed it so only users that have more than 101 rep are taken into consideration. The other parts, I have no idea if they're correct :P I just searched for "countries"
7:27 PM
Earth has 7 :)
United Kingdom = 36, London United Kingdom = 26, UK = 23... such a variety of places :P
101 Reps... ah yes, the Dalmatian Threshold
@LukasRotter Queries like that are never going to be reliable, because lots of people just don't put their real location.
E.g. my location is listed as something from WoT, but I'm actually in the UK - I just don't say so on my profile.
Someone put their location as a cat emoji...
I wonder what my location is
7:30 PM
this query returns only two rows to me - one with empty location and one with United States
So, apparently I'll have a date with Stewie Griffin on valentine's day... Anyone know how to seduce him? I never watched Family Guy :/
@MariaDeleva I think you used my old link, I edited my comment here.
Matricide really gets him going from what I recall
@LukasRotter thanks
@Topple True, the wikipedia page also mentions that. Apparently he's also homosexual, judging from the quote from Seth MacFarlane on the page, so that's certainly a good sign it'll work out with us.
In my book they kind of added that in later as the show went along, like everyone hating Meg. It's not true to the original set-up for the show to me
In the first three seasons he even had episodes where he was in love with little girls
Or lusted after them
7:38 PM
@Topple Hm... So he truly has a confused sexuality. I don't know, I hope he's at least bisexual, so I don't have to dress up as a girl :P
...he's an infant
Well there's a larger issue with Family Guy where the writing failed to remain consistent. The first three seasons were written one way and when they brought the show back they focused on being over the top just because they could (less restrictions by the censors, etc.) An example would be a first three season Quagmire saying "I've never done it with a Spanish Chick before" and later seasons Quagmire having a 20 year old son in Spain
Stewie is probably gay now but it wasn't at all how he was written before. In the beginning he was just a mad genius who wanted to end his mother's life
7:56 PM
Here is a slightly improved query about the countries. Still not really good, but a bit better: data.stackexchange.com/puzzling/query/546665/…
Interesting that India is so high. Any reason?
No idea.
There are 2 people from "Here" and 2 from the "Moon" :)
India has a lot of people... I'm a little curious that the UK is so high
Fair point.
@Sconibulus both USA and UK have more entries, but that would require a very lengthy query
and I am a bit lazy at the moment
there are more from India as well. But the results now are a step closer to reality :)
according to that data, something like 10% of all users are from the U.K. though
Isnt UK big on logic puzzles
@Topple It must help that the UK is big on people who understand English.
@RosieF that is a very good argument :)
8:04 PM
if that was the reason, we'd expect U.S. to be at something like 40%, but as near as I can tell from a quick estimate, it's closer to 20-25%
and U.K. was above 10% from just their top three entries, not even counting individual cities
But Canada counts roughly support U.K counts...
maybe U.S. people are just more likely than most to not say where they're from?
@Sconibulus, there are lots of US entries in the table - some are state only, some state and country. Perhaps they add up to more? As it doesn't seem that the not-real places are too many.
oh, wait, I though 1614 was the total user count, now I see it's the count of users with blank locations
Oh is it?
so for 1614 + moon, etc. we have no info
8:21 PM
@BeastlyGerbil Oh man. Have you ever heard of puzzle hunts? They sound exactly like what you're looking for.
(Also, hi! I'm back from class!)
Hey Deusovi, long time no type at
Heh, I'm gonna have to start using that from now on.
8:39 PM
@Deusovi I've got a whole bunch of flags for you :-)
8:59 PM
how do you find so many flags with 10k privileges? I've only had one since I got Close Voting
@Randal'Thor I shouldn't have really bountied an easy question, but I guess, congrats!
@Deusovi What class? I imagined you as an older person, but it seems that you aren't. Or am I misunderstanding?
He should be a college student
Or late high school
@TheBitByte According to his post for the 2016 moderator election he was 17 at the time.
Last I talked to him he was high school but I am unsure what he is this academic year
@LukasRotter Okay. On an unrelated note, the cipher machine might potentially be fixed now.
I'm doing some renovations.
Cipher Machine v2 AI will be up and running.
Maybe not soon, though.
And this time, hopefully, an extremely hard cipher.
Or, rather, easy, but extremely confusing, perhaps.
9:08 PM
@LukasRotter Huh... that's a surprisingly sparse moderator election
only 4 entrants with a candidate score of 20+
@Topple Yep, I'm a college student.
@Deusovi Grats. It's a nice time
9:38 PM
@Deusovi What major? Puzzles? :D
Is he the next Will Shortz
Who wants to be a... Puzzler?





Ciphertext: WHAT. KNOW. MAKE. THIS.
A million Puzzling Currency™ reward for the answer!
9:55 PM
I'm really tempted to make a meta.se post about a missing full stop in a bullet list in the help center and make a big deal about it :P
@LukasRotter Two million Puzzling Currency™ now.
2 mil?
@TheBitByte What's it worth in USD/EUR? Is there a currency converter for it?
10:10 PM
@LukasRotter Don't ask. Just solve the puzzle, if there exists an answer.
Okay, four million Puzzling Currency™, and counting!
Is that not enough of a hint?
Okay, another hint: a million Puzzling Currency™ can buy ten houses
What are you going to make of this?
Each house has a key.
Too many hints.
Fine, Puzzling Currency has many patents.
This is the largest hint I could possibly give.
An enormous hint, clear to your eyes. Solve the cipher, and win the surprise.

Another hint: WHAT. thIS NOT.
One more hint: IF. NEVER. DONE. THEN. WHAT. MAKE. NOT.
Okay, the ultra huge hint you all have been waiting for: Puzzling Currency has a limit of 22 trillion.
Is that not enough of a hint?
10:31 PM
You need to realize I am dumb
If it's not in my wheelhouse I can't do it. Cipher applies sadly
11:29 PM
@Sconibulus Lots of comments, lots of bad answers (VLQ/NaA), and the occasional custom mod-attention flag.

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