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approach0 search engine

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A post about the above project has just been made on meta:
Q: Announcing a third-party search engine for Math StackExchange.

Wei ZhongApproach0 is a math-aware search engine. “Math-aware” means you can add math expression(s) as some of your keywords to have search engine help you find similar expressions. Check out here: https://approach0.xyz This is my side-project, hopefully it can be useful in some cases to help Math SE use...

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9:00 AM
Maybe now with the new thread launched, you should accept an answer? — Asaf Karagila 2 hours ago
@AsafKaragila That sounds reasonable. I also thought that link to the thread might be edited either into your answer or into the question. (Maybe we should wait a bit before that, to see whether the newly created thread is closed/deleted...?) — Martin Sleziak 2 hours ago
Yeah, I think that giving it a couple of weeks to see how it goes is probably the wiser idea. — Asaf Karagila 2 hours ago
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12:16 PM
Is there a way to copy comments to chat manually that preserves their author attribution? — Henning Makholm 2 hours ago
@HenningMakholm You mean that the author of the comment is the author the same as the chat user posting the message right? I am unaware of such possibility. And the meta.SO posts mentioned here suggest that there isn't such thing. (One of those posts is feature request with score over 100.) — Martin Sleziak 31 mins ago
x @Martin: Yes, that's what I meant. Your suggestion that one "doesn't have to wait" until the site offers to move the conversation sounded like one could manually replicate this effect of the automatic move too. — Henning Makholm 27 mins ago
@HenningMakholm Well, you don't have to wait. But the comment will be posted with your name. (And the MarkDown code for the comments But at least the text of the comments is there) I guess the example I linked shows what I meant. An I'll add these comments as an example here. It is not the same thing, but the best I can think of. — Martin Sleziak 2 mins ago
This is what I had in mind in my answer and what I sometimes use in such situations.
In the scenario described in my answer, we could continue the discussion here in chat. We would have the comments providing context of the discussion. And the comments would be archived here even after the deletion on the main or meta.

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