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1:09 AM
why does the travel tag exist?
wouldn't that apply to every question here?
3 hours later…
4:01 AM
I can't believe I've omitted that relevant tag on so many of my questions!
4:58 AM
if we all work hard, we can work together to add it to all the questions
5:15 AM
ok the travel tag is now unused
3 hours later…
7:49 AM
You'd think somebody with 1k rep over at SE and similar at mathematics would no better than to ask 3 questions in one question
also, better than to ask a question which I can't decide which reason to close vote, as there are so many
Q: Cost of summer backpacking trip in Western Europe

René GMy friend and I are seniors in high school and want to go backpacking across Western Europe (continental) during the summer before college. We want to start saving up for it now, and are wondering about how much we should expect to need assuming we use couch surfing as much as possible, eat relat...

3 hours later…
10:31 AM
@ZachLipton Shouldn't that tag be blacklisted? Also, lol at adding it to all the questions :)
1 hour later…
11:50 AM
@Willeke so was your rep from yesterday corrected ? did you get to keep them ?
3 hours later…
2:54 PM
interesting Q here (read the comments)
A: Turkey visa refused. How to re-apply?

blackbirdIt seems you're going to have to wait out your ban. India is on the list of visa countries, and isn't on the list of visa on arrival ones. This means you have to have one, whether an eVisa or a sticker. Having a Schengen visa makes you eligible for an eVisa but doesn't exempt you from needing one.

anyone care to pick at my answer ? I can't see a way for the OP to go to Turkey except to wait out his ban
3:39 PM
how do we blacklist a tag? I'd be in favor of that
3:54 PM
A: How should we make tag blacklist requests?

Shog9The procedure is as follows: First, burninate the tag, if there are currently questions tagged with it. If there aren't currently questions tagged with it, you probably don't need to blacklist it - but see Step #2. Once the tag is gone - no longer used on any questions - decide if it needs to ...

tl;dr: moderators need to ask for cavalry.
4:07 PM
come people, ask more [air-travel] questions, i just need one more for silver :P
I need four more for bronze :p
4:38 PM
@blackbird, I think I still have all the rep. I broke through the 13K mark two days back, yesterday I got 55 and I am on 13063 now.
I was just above the 13000 before I got yesterday's rep, so if I lost any it can not be much.
That Paul Morphy guy keeps answering the Cyprus Q, so far I have not seen one single link and no indications why he thinks he knows what he claims here.
The account I checked was even unregistered.
4:54 PM
he keeps repeating the same thing too
Looks like he is either from Cyprus or Greece or very much influenced by people who are and is on a hunt against the occupier of the other half of the island.
5:08 PM
yeah I was thinking the same
5:47 PM
got my k :D
10k :)
thanks :)
hm, what's that indicator on top ? looks like suggested edits but takes me to the review page and there's nothing pending
yeah I get the indicator sometimes too
5:59 PM
I asked a meta about it, thinking it is a bug, but they call it a feature.
It is there when there are any reviews still to be done, even those you and I can not do.
thanks @ZachLipton
Mine says 7 right now, while I can only do 3 close vote reviews.
yeah I have 7 too, but nothing in the review queues
rather confusing if you ask me
Rather useless as well.
Maybe a mod may find it useful, I rather have a marker when there is something I can do.
I used to have it before the 10K marker, but only for edits I had done but needed review.
I am a bit slower with close vote reviews, as I am well beyond the gold badge there.
yeah close votes are slower, especially dupe close votes
6:11 PM
it really makes it worse, because before I would click on the review badge immediately, and now I ignore it because half the time there are no reviews I can do
I don't really care how many reviews other people can do
6:26 PM
@ZachLipton my point exactly.
7:03 PM
These custom rules are so confusing
where would a charcol bbq kettle going to come ?
cooking range, professional tools ?
I always had a good protection against customs rules, I just do not bring anything that can be charged on.
Buy in the country where you want to use it.
@Willeke these bbq I am after are not sold in pakistan
Then change your expectation.
Having a bad day ?
No, fed up with BBQ problems where I do not see the need to buy a BBQ for Pakistan/India at all.
Cook the way the locals do, they have done it for centuries, must be alright.
7:17 PM
@Willeke do you know how they cook bbq ?
No idea, not interested either.
have a look then
you will understand how difficult it is using local methods...
if you are still fed up, you can put me on ignore :)
How do people there do it then ?
Surely there must be some simpler type that people buy
I have seen tandori ovens on TV, maybe that is an option for you.
@blackbird for past years I have been there, I couldn't find anything like weber there, otherwise why would I put myself into all this trouble at all
7:20 PM
I have learned to cook on a BBQ made out of 4 bricks and a rack, without cover. And I have also been cooking over open fire, scouting style. I do not think a $$$$ BBQ is needed.
@Willeke did you watched that video I shared
the mess this person is creating and you can't control temperature which leaves meat uncooked from inside
No, not going to either, good bye
@Willeke I am still not sure why you are getting on fire for :S
7:49 PM
counting stars...
8:16 PM
@user2262511 What's up?

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