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8:00 PM
@LeakyNun PHP, 0 bytes.
(terminates at 10)
Malbolge, 0 bytes
@Dennis You just got ninja'd
8:00 PM
@trichoplax Same here!
@IanC Welcome
@BusinessCat It doesn't halt
@IanC Hello!
@LeakyNun Actually, 10 bytes: 9uR`'**`Mi
I don't actually know much about Malbolge
8:01 PM
Thanks! I used to watch some threads here, decided to try some challenges too
@IanC Welcome to PPCG, hope you have fun.
Alternatively: 10é*9ñÄx
@LeakyNun Jelly, 7 bytes: ⁵R”*ẋj⁷
@IanC Don't even think of having fun here. Code golf is serious business.
Python (33! bytes): `for i in range(11):
8:02 PM
@Theo extra leading newline not allowed
Feb 3 at 0:03, by Calvin's Hobbies
I officially allow anyone to steal my mini-challenges for use as real challenges.
8683317618811886495518194401280000000 bytes? Looks a lot shorter.
@Theo ` doesn't work in multi-line
@Theo you can also move it to one line
@Theo for i in range(1,11):print("*"*i)
for i in range(11):print("*"*i)
@LeakyNun @flawr I don't think I'm up to some hardcore coders here, but I think I'll learn a lot here
8:04 PM
@LeakyNun Yeah
@IanC Sure, you'll learn in time.
@IanC You can test your skills in this rather simple challenge
(shameless advertisement)
@IanC You don't have to be. I was such a noob when I started here, but I had fun still.
Also, welcome!
@Theo s='';exec"s+='*';print s;"*10
@LeakyNun I'm answering this with a polyglot
just give me some time
@LeakyNun this was my first one!
8:05 PM
s='';exec"s+='*';print s;"*10
for i in range(11):print("*"*i)
@IanC Oh, nice
@Dennis Too smart for me
@LeakyNun PowerShell, 15 bytes -- 1..10|%{'*'*$_}
@IanC Upvoted
@ConorO'Brien Sure, just don't give me the hard-coded string in some cat langs
:31633503 For chat-compatible permalinks, I strongly recommend cjam.tryitonline.net.
CMC: Print a single letter of the alphabet (case irrelevant). Each letter must have non-zero probability, and all 26 probabilities must be distinct
8:06 PM
@LeakyNun no no no no XD I'm planning on doing 2D langs
@Dennis shameless advertisement again lol
@LeakyNun Foo, 4 - loud thump and muffled yelling
but my approach was terrible, just learned it after reading some other answers
@flawr I've not heard of those.
8:07 PM
CJam, 10 bytes: 10{)'**N}%
:31633522 Distinct probabilities, so that doesn't work :P
:31633522 I'll take your word for it :P
trying to understand @Dennis one, 5 bytes is impressive, all bit operation logic (which is not my strength right now lol)
@trichoplax Os.e*hkbG (Removed O to let you see the string)
Wait, distinct probabilities?
8:08 PM
@TimmyD Does that give them all distinct probabilities?
@trichoplax 7 bytes: Os*RCdG (multiplies each letter by its codepoint)
@trichoplax Jelly, 6 bytes: ØA;\FX
@LeakyNun Um, outputs a lot of as. Only one letter is required in the output
@Dennis Nice
@trichoplax I removed O to let you see the string
@trichoplax PowerShell 35 bytes -- [char[]](65..90|%{,$_*++$i})|Random
8:10 PM
@LeakyNun Over my head I'm afraid...
@TimmyD Would my approach save you some bytes?
@Dennis Seems to give a different letter every time. How did you make the probabilities distinct?
constructs an array of length $i for each code point (so, it's 65,66,66,67,67,67,...)
@trichoplax Definitely not going to win, but Python: import random,string;print random.choice(list(string.ascii_lowercase))
8:11 PM
@zyabin101 not distinct
@IanC Which answer are you referring to?
@trichoplax That's why I removed the O to let you see
I was going to try python, until I realized that just doing "import random" is already longer than every other asnwer here
@Dennis Nice :)
8:12 PM
@Theo You only have to beat the other python solutions...
@Dennis 5 bytes
I outgolfed Dennis \o/
@LeakyNun o_o Almost done...
@LeakyNun Mmm, yeah, a couple -- [char[]](65..90|%{,$_*$_})|Random at 33 bytes
8:13 PM
@IanC that's a language he designed, specifically to be used in golfing challenges
@LeakyNun Oh! If I'd thought to scroll right I would have realised what you meant. Nice work :)
We can help you if you are interested in that language
@El'endiaStarman I definitely recommend looking into SVD/PCA (almost the same), it reall isn't difficult (with some linear algebra). Basically SVD is just another matrix decomposition that let's you do cool stuff, like PCA=)
@TimmyD nice
@trichoplax What does this mean?
@LeakyNun "Over my head" means roughly "beyond my understanding"
8:15 PM
@trichoplax I see, thanks
Sometimes used for technical descriptions, other times used when someone doesn't get an obscure joke
I must be crazy, it's 4:15 AM here now
@LeakyNun FOG, 16 bytes:
damnit too slow
@LeakyNun bai
@LeakyNun cool, didn't know he designed it! I'll probably just keep trying make the challenges on C since I'm focusing on getting more solid at it lately
8:17 PM
@trichoplax import random,math;print(chr(int(math.sqrt(random.randint(1,676)))+65))
holy damn that's long
but I think I'll benefit a lot from learning the logic behind those challenges
@trichoplax Actually, 2 bytes: úJ
I was so impressed with the other C answer on your challenge @LeakyNun, how modulus was used in such an odd way to get it done!
Oh distinct probabilities
@Mego You're the 3rd person to say that :)
8:19 PM
@Theo might be shorter just to do random choice of the string
This feels like one of those challenges on main that would have like 10 deleted answers with "oh distinct" in the comments :P
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Has to be distinct probabilities
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ But how would you do that while making sure to have distinct probabilities
CMC: approximate a Riemann sum given:
1) code written in your language of choice that takes in a number and returns a number, in the form of either a string or a function named `f`, if the concept of function exists
2) a beginning point (number)
3) an ending point (number)

You may use any form of Riemann sum.
8:19 PM
I'm half considering posting it on main. What do people think?
In mathematics, a Riemann sum is an approximation that takes the form ∑ f ( x ) Δ x {\displaystyle \sum f(x)\Delta x} . It is named after German mathematician Bernhard Riemann. One very common application is approximating the area of functions or lines on a graph, but also the length of curves and other approximations. The sum is calculated by dividing the region up into shapes (rectangles, trapezoids, parabolas, or cubics) that together form a region that is similar to the region being measured, then ...
Then it's 10 bytes: ú`;Oi*i`MJ
@trichoplax go for it
@StevenH. How many subdivisions?
Seems good to me. Would be careful of what counts as "distinct", though. Should clarify that the pseudorandom inconsistencies of most RNGs don't count.
8:21 PM
@StevenH. minus won restrictions on code
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Thanks! The solutions here seem just long enough to leave room for the possibility of golfing
@flawr Mind giving a flawr-summary? :P
I need a title though...
I'll sandbox it first in case Peter knows of a duplicate target
@Mego Minimum of two
"Give me a C, give me an O..."?
8:22 PM
I want to steal Calvin's Hobbies' challenges for use as a part of a real one under the Calvin's Hobbies Public License.
@zyabin101 0/10 link to license?
Feb 3 at 0:03, by Calvin's Hobbies
I officially allow anyone to steal my mini-challenges for use as real challenges.
@El'endiaStarman That was my first announcer badge too :P
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ How else would I supply a customizable mathematical function that doesn't restrict the code?
8:23 PM
@zyabin101 minus won not in gist form
@StevenH. why do you need a official mathematical func?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Helka is not in the room. Not going to annoy him to make a Gist with the license... until he's in the room.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ It's a guarantee that the program doesn't hardcode for a specific function.
I don't know when, because he isn't in the timezone census
If I supplied y = 2*x with starting and ending points a and b I don't want the code to return the human-integrated b^2 - a^2, but rather to actually calculate the sum
8:27 PM
@zyabin101 i'm PDT, i think 3 hours behind conor
Well, I gotta sleep...
but something borked
In other words, I think I might have accidentally submitted a Chat Mega Challenge. That's what CMC stands for, right? :P
@zyabin101 Can you add me to the timezone census?
See you around.
8:28 PM
downgoat is same as me
@zyabin101 bai!
@Theo What is your timezone?
@zyabin101 You can look at his activity graph. Looks like he'll be active over the half day.
@zyabin101 UTC+6
@zyabin101 UTC - 5
@LeakyNun Also 5 bytes: ØA«ẊX
8:30 PM
@Dennis How does that work?
> Not going to annoy him ... until he's in the room.
@NathanMerrill Added!
@Theo Added!
@Theo It takes the minimum of each letter of the alphabet (in order) and a shuffled copy. Afterwards, it applies random choice. Lower letters have higher probability.
@trichoplax ?
20 bytes in Actually: ╗╜i@-½╜d@X╜ækp@paM*Σ. Expects the input in the order [function, [a, b]]. Since there's no easy way to give a function literal as input, I assume that it is already pushed to the stack.
8:32 PM
although, I do have to say, that activity log is much more useful than timezone
@Dennis how does TIO encode the code? I don't see the relationship between ØA«ẊX and #code=w5hBwqvhuopY
@zyabin101 Just amusing myself with quotes out of context :)
@zyabin101 are you taking dst into account for that chart
@StevenH. Base64 of UTF-8.
8:33 PM
Ugh, I have to wake up very early to reach Helka's activity peak at 3:00 AM.
@zyabin101 You can put me down as UTC. Technically the UK is on UTC+1 during the summer, but I keep using UTC regardless
@zyabin101 You don't have to hit peak activity, just have some degree of overlap...
@zyabin101 Alternatively, stay up late. (Which may not be desirable either. :P)
@trichoplax define "use"?
@zyabin101 Just don't ever sleep. Easy
@NathanMerrill Er, something vague like "think in"
8:35 PM
@Mego Well played. Never used Actually, so I have no idea how to test it, but I sure'll try
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplaxA distinctly random letter code-golf random Input No input is taken. Output A single letter of the alphabet (case irrelevant). Each letter must have non-zero probability of being chosen, and all 26 probabilities must be distinct. Scoring This is code golf. Shortest code in bytes wins. ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NonlinearFruitChuck Norris vs Travelling Salesman Introduction Almost everyone is familiar with the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). The task is to, given a list of N cities, find the minimum Hamiltonian cycle which is to say the shortest path that visits each city and comes full-circle back to the start. ...

Hmm, 18:00 might be easy.
ok. Just FYI, if you don't use the same clock as everybody else, you're going to end up wondering why nobody makes your appointments
With closely following the user list and messages, we'll serve an ace in two counts.
@Dennis feature-request: show lang version number on TIO
8:37 PM
@NathanMerrill I keep appointments in local time, I just don't have many :)
Q: firefox browser

Fons Weijtensthere is a little problem with the firefox translation of Dutch I think. When I open this site[Genneperparken tennis)] everything is in Dutch exept at the bottum the Login section. This is also the case with Chrome browser. Also sign-up forms from this site are Dutch/English. Strange.... A few d...

@LeakyNun ><>, 37 bytes:
|>  :0)?vao~1+:v>1:!
 ^o"*"-1< :;?)a<
@Downgoat Probably with additional versions of the same lang kept online, which is in "To Do" but never "Done".
@NewMainPosts 4 minutes. Good work team!
@ConorO'Brien +1 for ><>, -1 for saying "fish". Eh, have another +1 for using ><>. :P
8:38 PM
@Downgoat How would that work?
@El'endiaStarman so that goes to +2? :3
@ConorO'Brien Nope, +1.
@zyabin101 I didn't say fish tho :3
@El'endiaStarman Do you call it ichthus by any chance?
@ConorO'Brien Well played
8:39 PM
Now you have @ConorO'Brien
@ConorO'Brien No, just +1. I -1'd you for saying "fish" instead of "><>", and no, your sneaky edit doesn't count.
@El'endiaStarman aw
@trichoplax Haha, well, no, I'm not Greek... ;)
@StevenH. of course I have now, but the validity of my statement still holds, being anchored in the past tense.
@El'endiaStarman So that goes to +1.
8:40 PM
@Theo bows
Aaaaah, it's 1:20 till midnite and I'm still awake. See you around.
@El'endiaStarman It's the one Greek word I know, thanks to GCSE RE...
@El'endiaStarman Speaking of which, I recently started going to a Bible study where the guy that's leading it started studying Greek and attempting his own translation of parts of the New Testament. Whenever I see the original Greek text, I keep thinking some variation of "That's like Greek to me!". I don't say it out loud because it's such an obvious and lame joke... :P
@ConorO'Brien reticular also?
8:43 PM
working on it
turns out I have a bug somewhere
@El'endiaStarman lol
@El'endiaStarman I'm really not a fan of personal translations. I'd rather depend on community of experts
@ConorO'Brien oh noes
that's totally not FOG in it's entireity
@NathanMerrill Oh, sure, I'd think he would too. You do tend to gain a bit of additional understanding from trying it yourself though.
even if I was learning greek, I'd still try to put my personal translation below others'
8:44 PM
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ nevermidn it's just me being stupid
@El'endiaStarman I've heard that Greeks say "that's Chinese to me" instead.
@Zgarb I want this to be true so bad I'm gonna be like [citation needed].
@El'endiaStarman yeah that's true. Especially with words that don't have a good translation to english
@El'endiaStarman My source is a Greek person.
8:46 PM
@Zgarb .....I guess that's good enough. :P
What about people that are trilingual in English, Greek, and Chinese?
Also interestingly, Finnish people say "that's complete Hebrew to me"
Imagine an m x n matrix A, as a transformation transforming a n-dimensional hypercube into an m-dimensional parallelepiped. (Or imagine spheres/hyperellipsoids e.t.c). A = U*S*V^t is the decomposition. U and V are orthogonal matrices (U*U^t=I_m, V*V^t = I_n) and S has the same size as A, but S is zero except for the diagonal.

So the values on the diagonal (the *singular values*) are all nonnegative and ordered from the largest to the smallest (by definition). They are almost like eigenvalues but in the direction of the vectors in U/V respectively. The number of nonzero singular values is o
@flawr Well, that'll sharply skew your average wordiness upwards... :P
@El'endiaStarman Sorry
8:47 PM
@flawr Geshundheit
@TimmyD That was creepy. I just coughed my lungs out.
@El'endiaStarman Even if you don't read it, you know now that I think it is a super awesome thing=)
@flawr Whyever would you think that I wouldn't read it? :P
@LeakyNun reticular, 24 bytes: 0>1+d["*"o]~*52*dcoZ?;$!
@El'endiaStarman You asked for a summary, which are usually short.
@flawr Well, compared to the typical length of Wikipedia articles on similar topics....
8:51 PM
or papers
or even your average PPCG challenge
><> + reticular polyglot, 62 bytes:
|>  :0)?vao~1+:v>1:  !
0^o"*"-1< :;?)a<
@Zgarb nice source
The Chinese apparently say "this is chicken intestines" :D
@Zgarb Oh wow, I had no idea there was this much variety.
8:55 PM
@Zgarb "It's aramaic to me" in yiddish.
@ConorO'Brien Which CMC?
@StevenH. same one
56 mins ago, by Leaky Nun
Print exactly this text:
55 mins ago, by Leaky Nun
@El'endiaStarman why is l 10 in minkolang?
@ConorO'Brien I think that was one of the few remaining characters available.
8:56 PM
@Zgarb Not sure whether germans should be proud.
@El'endiaStarman oh, cool
@El'endiaStarman For further reading: a visual explanation, and an example of image compression
> These are chicken intestines.
TIL english is called chicken intestines in cantonese.
@El'endiaStarman D: Multi-duplicate; pops n and duplicates the top of stack n times. well, 41D. seems to duplicate it 0 times
@ConorO'Brien Weird. Works for me.
9:01 PM
well, it leaves n duplicates on the stack, but actually duplicates it n - 1 times
As the "distinct probabilities" requirement was often overlooked here in chat, I've added emphasis for the sandbox post. Just wanted to check it isn't too much/aggressive/patronising?
@ConorO'Brien It makes sense if you consider the fact that the top of stack is popped first...
@El'endiaStarman it does, but the description doesn't say that :P
Minkolang, 14 bytes: l[l"*"i1+D$O].
@ConorO'Brien Er whoops. I don't think that what I said was correct anyway... :P
And ><> + reticular + minkolang polyglot, 96 bytes:
|>  :0)?vao~1+:v>1:     !
 ^o"*"-1< :;?)a<
@El'endiaStarman oh haha
BTW layers are useful again!
9:05 PM
@trichoplax I think it's good, not too in-your-face.
Thanks :)
It's the main point of the challenge, after all.
@El'endiaStarman when was the last time Minkolang was updated on TIO?
@ConorO'Brien It's been a while.
@Zgarb Yes, and more people overlooked that requirement than I expected in the chat mini challenge, so I thought I'd better emphasise it more
9:08 PM
@El'endiaStarman when was the last time Pytek was updated?
@NathanMerrill That's been a little while too. A few weeks.
@trichoplax I think the current level of emphasis is perfect.
Wow. Thank you!
@flawr Very cool stuff.
@El'endiaStarman hm. my program doesn't work on TIO :P
@El'endiaStarman =)
I hope you did not feel compelled to read it all.
9:14 PM
@flawr I mostly skipped over the math-dense stuff. :P
@Dennis perhaps useless but interesting feature: have a subdomain polyglot.tryitonline.net that allows you to select multiple languages, use a common code box, and shows you the output for each language running the program.
@ConorO'Brien This would be a rarely-used-but-pretty-cool feature for sure.
@ConorO'Brien I've considered that earlier and it has been suggested before, but I'm afraid running 70+ programs at once could be a problem.
oh, true...
9:17 PM
@Dennis Maybe instead of running them at once, run them in sequence?
^, get out of my head XD
It doesn't really matter if you get all the results back at once or in sequence
Or maybe limit it to 2-3 programs running at once, and do it in chunks
@Mego That would take some time to finish, but it's definitely doable. I'd still add a CAPTCHA or something though. With these auto-TIO userscript floating around, it would be too easy to lock up the server for no good reason.
@Dennis Please for the love of golf use reCAPTCHA and not one of those crappy "what do you see" CAPTCHAs
9:22 PM
I don't really like the auto TIO scripts. The idea is cool, but they always give me the wrong output
@DJMcMayhem They don't properly encode non-ASCII characters
@Mego Definitely reCAPTCHA. Don't worry.
9:40 PM
Huh, I wonder if Umwelt oneboxes properly
Fun fact: In C#, Ͼ钐ౠᕛ is a valid identifier
I think he used JavaScript to do the location detection so I doubt it
Let's find out I guess?
Yeah, it doesn't work. That's the comic you get when an error occurs I think
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ Java too. I don't understand why they allow Unicode...
Oh, apparently you get that comic when using the xkcd JSON API. Makes sense...
The hovertext is right though
@quartata So α, θ, etc. work
@Doorknob Yeah.
9:43 PM
^ my version
Live in a tornado zone eh?
I get the snake one
@quartata nah, just Georgia
I'm disappointed that the Umwelt comic isn't different in different browsers. I checked in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge. On the other hand, I had no idea that people in different places saw it differently. I get the Aurora one.
@El'endiaStarman I would have that badge if I didn't strip my user ID from shortlinks for golfing purposes
@El'endiaStarman It is, actually.
It just depends.
9:47 PM
The best thing is, that's accurate
When Umwelt came out I booted up my O2 just to see the Netscape one
Now I just need to get on a military base to see the Military one...
@Dennis Please pull MATL when you have a minute. The new release includes the negative-integer bitwise operations (I hope I did correctly), along with other improvements
in MATL CHATL, 6 hours ago, by Dennis
I was wondering why it didn't work on Tio! Then it hit me...
Pulled after that comment.

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