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2:09 PM
Q: Isn't one user overseeding during the private beta?

Piotr MigdalWhen it comes to the question, one user is seeding a lot of questions. I am happy that he puts a lot of effort and enthusiasm. However, I have serious doubts if it is not overdoing. I.e. high number of under-elaborated questions posted by one individual (in my opinion) is likely to be rather a b...

Q: Meta tag for defining scope of the site?

JoshThere's a few questions on Meta already which have to do with defining the scope of this site: What is our site NOT about? What's "Too basic" or "General reference" for this site? Are questions about Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research on or off topic? I think th...

^^^ Thoughts welcomed on the above
2 hours later…
3:39 PM
@Josh I did notice we suddenly had a flurry of questions...
@BenBrocka I reloaded the site this morning and /Questions was all one user!
I downvoted and posted comments on a number of his questions, hopefully he won't take offense
Also @Ben nice work on the site so far! Your answer to my question/meta posts/other answers all show great effort. Thank you!
Thanks. I noticed a ton of new questions but didn't notice the users. I don't know anyone on the site so I haven't been watching users well yet
I just wish I had my university access to journals...several questions I could answer but can't back up
I love the concept of this site and am fascinated by cognitive sciences/psychology, however have little to no background in it so I won't be able to answer many questions. I'll probably be taking a much more active role in Meta / chat / community building
I'm from User Experience and I'm very interested in this site (degrees in Psych and HCI)
3:50 PM
Hi all!
This question I think will be a definitive one for this community:
Q: What's "Too basic" or "General reference" for this site?

JoshOne of the major downfalls of some Stack Exchange sites is a lack of quality, expert level questions. I have seen sites fail because the questions were all essentially "too basic" or "general reference", and the site ended up not adding a a lot of value to the internet, and was closed. What leve...

(I would appreciate it if someone could star my blatant self promotion:-)
@StevenJeuris Hey there!
Good to see you
@StevenJeuris hello, seen you around a bit
Since I can't really help adding content to the site, I figured the least I could do is hang around on meta a bit. I'm pretty sure in the near future I'll be able to ask some questions relating to my thesis.
But right now most questions are way over my head. ;p
@StevenJeuris similar here. You'll see me on meta a lot more than the real site probably :-)
Q: How can the automatically created beta site chat rooms get owners?

The Unhandled ExceptionI am participating in the private beta for a new stack exchange site. I entered the automatically created chat room to make myself available to help discuss site issues, flag/edit questions, help new users, etc. This room has no owner. I guess these rooms are created automatically with new beta ...

A: What's "Too basic" or "General reference" for this site?

Ben BrockaA problem with "too basic" is that often experts in a field have a much easier time "just googling" a problem than non-experts. I have for example easily found answers for questions simply by googling "Cognitive Psychology Incubation" and "Threshold Theory Creativity". The problem is no one would...

3:58 PM
@Josh: Oh, you're The Unhandled Exception guy. :) I recall seeing that name a lot on meta SO.
@StevenJeuris Bah! You caught me! :-)
I use "The Unhandled Exception" on MSO because I can get... rather snarky over there ;-)
Also, in tribute to this MSO question
@Josh Haha, yup! Browsing through my meta history you answered a few of my first meta questions. :) Guess you showed me the ropes a bit.
@BenBrocka I love your answer
@StevenJeuris Glad I could help. MSO is my favorite place these days, lol
SLightly concerning our #2 user in rep is basically spamming questions. Not entirely bad ones though, so I'm not entirely sure how to act on it.
I hope we can teach him how to improve the questions and filter what he seeds the site with a bit
If not, we can edit them / close & delete them
The community must really band together and direct the site, especially in these early days.
4:05 PM
@BenBrocka He definitely doesn't have bad intentions and seems to be a very suitable user for CGS. Scaring him away would be a loss, so I would definitely leave a comment each time you down vote pointing him to meta or chat.
@StevenJeuris I agree 100% I think his intentions are good
Should I tag this Developmental PSychology?
Q: How is a young child able to learn language so easily?

JoshIt's a well known fact that the earlier children are exposed to languages the better, as young children have a better ability to learn new languages than adults. Why is this? At what age does a human's mind start to lose this ability? What causes the change? Does this phenomenon have a name...

@StevenJeuris I haven't downvoted yet for that reason
@BenBrocka yes please!
Also, I kinda do know the answer to that, I was trying to seed
@BenBrocka Understandable, but not down voting could also potentially have the effect of him continuing posting those short questions, or worse other users doing the same. It's the questions currently visible on the site which determines for other users what is allowed and what isn't.
@BenBrocka This Charlie Rose Brain Series episode is related to the language question. And also a fascinating episode
@BenBrocka yeah I agree with @StevenJeuris. I downvoted him a number of times but made sure to leave a comment explaining why and telling him I would reverse my vote when he corrected the issues
@BenBrocka I just saw his comment:
> I appreciate your feedback. Sorry for giving the appearance of posting too many bad questions - I was in a rush in trying to move all of my open (unanswered) questions from Quora and Reddit, so I didn't have the time to put more thought into them on the first day (as I was still trying to tweeze many of them from nooks and crannies of the two places). I'll try to improve some of them today and tomorrow. – InquilineKea 16 mins ago
That's encouraging!
4:14 PM
@Josh Just saw that as well. Great to hear he's taking it positive.
Same here, I was a little worried he wouldn't. Probably because I spend a lot of time on MSO listening to people bitching about criticism, lol
someone downvoted me wtf i hate you all!!!!!11!1!11! ;-)
Working on it; I'm hesitating because I have to bring up Noam Chomsky's (ugh) language acquisition device.
Q: Lack of downvoting, and the public image of a downvote

Steven JeurisWhile searching for similar topics I found several discussions which mainly discuss whether or not to downvote in a particular situation. Usually I agree with the accepted answers. It seems to some extent the opinions on meta on when to downvote on other SE sites are in line. There are little p...

@StevenJeuris +1, also, I am sad that this was
This question cracks me up:
Q: If one implants electrodes into monkey brains, then can the monkeys move BOTH their natural *and* their mechanical arms at once?

InquilineKeaIf, say, the same signal might tell the mechanical arm to move up, and the natural arm to move down?

And now I go AFK! Wooooosh
@Josh I already had an up vote on that one. ;p
Funny How Atwood's answer has 19 down votes.
4:29 PM
A: How is a young child able to learn language so easily?

Ben BrockaIt's theorized that there is a Critical Period of language development in children below the age of five (roughly, as age ranges always are in Developmental Psychology). Probably the most significant and readily verifiable finding is that a critical period exists for the learning of Phonemes. R...

More work than I thought...
Now there is something I haven't seen often in a beta: 53 questions a day. :)
@BenBrocka Well, you are definitely setting a good standard for quality answers!
What we need now is more experts which can also verify whether what you posted is correct. :)
@StevenJeuris we're definitely in a question-focused phase. First I've I've seen questions almost always getting more votes than answers
I guess we also need a topic on where to draw the line between biology and CGS.
Q: If D1 receptors stimulate adenylate cyclase (through GPCRs) and D2 receptors inhibit it, then why do mutations in both have similar effects?

InquilineKeaD1 and D2 both refer to specific types of dopamine receptors. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that the D1 receptors are in regions different from D2 receptors. I know that adenylate cyclase usually triggers a signal transduction cascade that leads to increased cAMP+calmodulin, res...

4:46 PM
I think biochem stuff is okay as long as it's neurological in nature, all psych students learn a fair amount about simple stuff like dopamine receptors
@BenBrocka But shouldn't the question originate at least from a cognitive science perspective? To me it seems similar as asking math questions on Stack Overflow because you have to implement something which uses math. I can't be sure as it isn't my field of expertise.
If this makes sense I will turn it into a meta post.
Neurobiology isn't my thing so I'm not quick to judge those questions
Q: Are questions about neurobiology on or off topic?

Steven JeurisIs asking questions about biology without relating them to cognitive science considered on topic? Perhaps there is an overlap with Biology? Example questions: If D1 receptors stimulate adenylate cyclase (through GPCRs) and D2 receptors inhibit it, then why do mutations in both have similar ef...

Forgot the rep cap, almost there already
@BenBrocka Nice. If down votes would cost rep I would have less than I started out with. ;p
5:04 PM
@StevenJeuris lol. They only cost -1 if you downvote an answer
Another comparison possibly relating to the biology cognitive science relation: would it be okay to post psychology/neurology questions on AI?
@BenBrocka I'm still at 101, so I guess down voting questions is free.
Is this system wide? I seem to remember down voting questions and losing rep.
Yep, to promote voting on questions downvotes are free
it's a change from the old system, over a year? ago they used to cost money
@StevenJeuris I think AI is very relevant, especially if they involve neural networks
@BenBrocka If reputation would stand for what the word means, I wouldn't cost you money but rather hurt your feelings. ;p
Er, rep, not money
don't know where that came from
probably this stupid check printing thing I'm trying to fix
@BenBrocka Well, there is a financial aspect to it. Buying attention to questions by using bounties.
5:16 PM
Behaviorism is a fair tag here, right?
Q: Are there scientific articles integrating ideas of "gamification" with applications to education?

Jeromy AnglimWikipedia defines Gamification as "the use of game design techniques and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences." Khan Academy has received attention (e.g., see this post) for incorporating some elements of gamification into its online learning system. Are there any scientific papers t...

gamification is generally more behaviorism than cog psych
@BenBrocka With my limited knowledge, I would agree yes. :)
But as in your question on meta, I guess we will need guidelines how to tag fields first. Do the tags represent the field the OP is interested in, or should every possible relevant field be added afterwards?
I think the relevant fields are most important, the asker may simply not be aware they're asking a Behaviorism question
One way to go would be to only tag the question with a related field once an answer referring to that particular subject pops up.
Unless the question specifically references a field they're interested in and/or says they're not interested in X field's explaination
5:31 PM
@BenBrocka Was that relating to my statement, or simply a continuation of yours? :)
bonk, rep cap. Earliest I've ever got to 200
@BenBrocka: How did you end up knowing so much about these subjects? You seem to be mainly a programmer? And your age seems to indicate you didn't do a different degree prior to that. :)
Double major in Psychology and Human Computer Interaction
I can see how you go from HCI to programming, but didn't realize you could get a programming job out of it.
It's a pity I only came into contact with HCI now while doing my thesis. It's a very interesting subject which combines perfectly with software development.
I wish I found it earlier myself. I also wish I discovered UX was like, a thing, earlier than summer last year
It's like everything I ever dreamed of wanting to do, all wrapped up in an employable, highly saught, business viable package. If only someone were to have told me it existed before I tried to be a programmer, then writer, then a psychologist, then finally HCI and web development
5:43 PM
Back for a few minutes before lunch
@StevenJeuris yeah, mine was one. That's one of the most downvoted answers I've seen, lol
@BenBrocka Saw your answer, will read in a few moments, thanks!
@BenBrocka I agree, have a star
@BenBrocka The experiences you got out of it combine perfectly. Now you can program novel web user interfaces, analyze and write about them! ;p
@StevenJeuris I think it's judt free downvotes during private beta, I'll search MSO later
@Josh save your upvote, my rep is maxed today :P
@BenBrocka Serves you! You over achiever. ;p Actually, it might be a good idea for a beta site to eliminate the rep limit. The last thing a beta needs is incentive to diminish participation.
Or at least for private beta.
@BenBrocka haha will do :-D Also wanted to know if that's the same as calling children "universal learners"
head that term on the charlie rose brain series
5:52 PM
Universal learners in regards to what? It's certainly true for phonemes
surprised I couldn't find an article about that though. I miss psych info
I know I just googled "universal learners" and didn't turn up much
Q: Removing reputation limit during private beta

Steven JeurisIt is important for a private beta to obtain a good set quality questions and answers. The private beta gives you the opportunity to get the site off to a great start with expert questions and answers. When we open to the public, new users will look at your questions to get an idea of wha...

I'll post more relavant info here later, about to head to a lunch meeting
Sorry @StevenJeuris :-)
@BenBrocka Hmmm sounds promising, will check that after lunch!
I upvoted two of your MSO questions to compensate for my -1 @StevenJeuris ;-)
6:06 PM
@Josh Haha. I've been on meta long enough to not care about rep (on meta! ;p). ;p I often post questions knowing there's a high likelyhood of them being down voted. But that's a good thing. ;p Thanks anyhow!
Just remember that MSO rep is a precious commodity and totally different from rep anywhere else :-D Your thinking is sound, downvotes on meta are not a bad thing
At some point, idk exactly when, I just suddenly started accruing massive MSO reps, lol
Okay, lunchtime!
1 hour later…
7:26 PM
Hmmm, I made an edit to a question, but it needs to be peer reviewed. Who can do that at this point?
Uhhh...no one? There aren't private beta mods, are there?
Q: Should private beta users be able to edit all questions

BitOffCurrently you have to have a high reputation to edit someone else's question. I think this is great most of the time but during the private beta it seems like the limit should be lowered quite a bit to allow users to edit questions during the private beta. Maybe 150 or something would make sense....

Once somebody has more than 500 rep in private beta they can edit posts. Doesn't answer whether you can review edits though.
Yeah I forget if the two are linked or not...
When does the private beta go public?
@StevenJeuris I was wondering this myself! I have many suggested edits
@Josh Meta question it is!
7:36 PM
@BenBrocka I think 7 days later if it's healthy
Well if 500 rep is what it takes to approve, I should be able to approve in 1-2 days
LOL, at the rate you're going, sure!
@StevenJeuris Link us after posting.
/me goes AFK
Q: Who can 'peer-review' suggested edits in private beta?

Steven JeurisI know you need less reputation in order to do edits during private beta (500), but you can always suggest edits. These suggested edits need to be peer reviewed. What does it take to be able to peer review edits during private beta? When flagging, apparently the SO staff are moderators at the s...

7:58 PM
Hey @Steven and @Ben, just an FYI, I'm not going to be accepting many Meta questions until they get a bit more views. Both of you have given answers to my meta questions which I want to accept, but feel I should give others more time to voice descent. I mean, I don't want anyone else thinking us three have take control of the entire site ;-)
(Even though we have, mwahahahahaha! I mean, um... I said nothing!)
@Josh Haha. :) No, I'm also all for a proper democracy, and we especially need to get professionals to participate on meta as well.
I suggest linking to meta often, e.g. when suggesting a tag to a question, linking to a meta post.
That seemed to do the trick to involve our problem poster on meta before.
Very good idea.
@StevenJeuris Unfortunately I don't know how many professionals signed up for the beta; the seeds of any SE site are usually Stack Overflow users mostly
8:05 PM
Yeah, I think you're right @Ben. However, we should be trying to bring professionals into the beta, and comments we post now will still direct them to meta later
I want to revisit the issue with my mother at some point, but need to wait for more psychology questions to appear, assuming the site allows them
Q: We're scaring off professionals who don't have doctorates. Is this our intention?

JoshProposal: Cognitive Sciences My mother is seasoned school psychologist, now retired and running her own private practice. I have been suggesting she commit to the Cognitive Sciences proposal since, well, actually, I suggested she commit to the Psychology proposal which is now merged into Cogniti...

I could seed a bit about Activity Theory which I read pretty much about. Still no 'professional' experience though. I still need to motivate why I'm using Activity Theory over Cognitive Psychology while designing my user interface.
(She declined to commit)
Activity Theory is psychology. :)
I'm honestly really stumped how she got that impression
no professional experience on my end at all. It's unlikely I'll be able to fulfill my commitment, which is why I'm here in chat and active on Meta, to compensate :-)
@BenBrocka So am I, but IDK
8:08 PM
@Josh Why are we talking about your mother?
Even after I asked that question and the answer basically said, "No, come on in, you're welcome here!" she was still nervous
@StevenJeuris LOL, because she's a child psychologist who (I think) would be a good "professional user" of this site
@Josh Did you tell her that most people here are most likely programmers?
Oh, IC, I actually have to read what you linked to. I'll be damned. :) Just a second.
Er, what is the commitment anyway? 10 Q or As?
@BenBrocka haha, yes :-) I also told her I'd send her to the beta after it was up. Waiting for the right time
@BenBrocka Yes, 10 questions or answers
8:10 PM
I think I can fill that. Not sure why I can't think of any questions though
You're our #1 user and are 40% of the way there already @Ben. I think you'll have no problem, LOL
Well I only have 5 days left right? Didn't realize private betas were so short
no, no, 10 questions or answers during the entire beta, public beta included
so you probably have at least 3 months, lol
Oh, wow, that's pretty easy then
@Josh ... and the public beta can be extended.
8:15 PM
3 months would seem to be the waaaaaaaaaaay low end of the spectrum though, UX was in beta for like 400+ days
emphasis on at least :-)
I think most sites are well beyond 90 days
Code Review has been going for 365 days now. Also kind of lost interest there. Giving clean code pointers is only fun for a few times, then it starts to feel like you are just rephrasing yourself over and over again.
It's hardly a 'knowledge base' either, and practically every question is in essence 'too localized'.
@StevenJeuris I noticed that was a problem. It's way too specific
Code Golf is the same but it's for fun
It's still changing the default Q&A format and using it in a different way than it was intended, which I don't find that bad of an idea by the way!
Agreed... I loved some of the "famous" Community Wiki polls/fun questions, but, it seems I am in the minority and the community has decided against them
8:23 PM
Actually I feel it's an area worth exploring for SE. Why limit themselves to Q&A? There are plenty of other concepts which can benefit from the gamification/community format.
like "Favorite Server Names" on ServerFault
I sorta miss the crap like "weirdest language feature"
I agree it's 'way out there', but thinking long-term it might be worthwhile considering to make the SE system more modular, and apply it to other concepts.
LOL. Nice try though!
The community can sometimes be... unresponsive... to new ideas, lol
Or, not unresponsive, but... close-minded :-)
That's the thing, I am certain the end result of that proposal would be better than the current alternative. :) Agreed, if you want to stick strictly to the Q&A format of course it doesn't match. But then why do Code Review and Code Golf exist?
8:26 PM
beats me, lol
The Stack Exchange Community has stopped responding. Abort, retry, fail?
Just look at this garbage alternative to my proposal. :)
Libraries & Information Science

Proposed Q&A site for librarians and library professionals.

Currently in commitment.

500 committed and it hasn't launched?! Are they all new users or something?
@BenBrocka Check more info in the right side column.
68/100 committers with 200+ rep on any other site
So yeah, seems like it.
8:32 PM
That's what I mean...how the hell did they get 500 users and only 68 with 200+ rep? It must be mostly people that are new to the network, and I hate to disapoint them...
What the hell is information science anyhow? I figured science was information?
... sorta
It's more library science. I initially thought they meant informatics, in which case I was going to join, but apparently not
I still don't get it, looking at the questions the topic is actually just 'libraries'.
Hm, I can approve edits on my OWN posts apparently but I don't see the review tab that lets me do it
@BenBrocka Can you see/approve cogsci.stackexchange.com/suggested-edits/15 ?
8:38 PM
No approve button, my guess is users can always approve edits on their own posts
I could see the suggestion tho
Wow, okay, given all those example questions that's too much of a niche to create a SE site out of. Why the hell did Jeff commit to this?
Oh, I see what you mean, yeah
Also no one can make tag wiki edits at ALL until someone reaches 750 rep
@StevenJeuris Yeah...I was going to pity commit until I read the examples...eh
I still hate to leave 500 people hanging, but I don't see a good future for the site, or Books
Sci Fi has been very successful though it seems
Well, there is a lot more to discuss. Those library people are possibly better of on a central 'Organizational' site or something.
(I'm trying to get actual paying work done... if I am not responding be sure to @Josh me :-)
8:45 PM
@Josh So what, you don't get paid to be here? Poor you. ;p
LOL, nope, sadly enough!
2 hours later…
10:29 PM
@StevenJeuris looks like no way other than to wait for Ben to reach 500 :-)
@Josh Yup! Just accepted that as an answer. ;p
Meanwhile I've been pondering on how to make Code Review useful. :) Think I've got an idea.
Q: Making Code Review a resource for examples on software design issues

Steven JeurisI'm having difficulties staying interested in Code Review. I don't feel like I'm participating to anything 'grander' than just stating the same design principles over and over again, hence I started participating less and less. I can't speak for others, but I feel this is a real issue if Code Rev...

Interesting. I'll read that in a few minutes @StevenJeuris. Sending emails out to customers about version updates, yey for being productive \o/
11:24 PM
Welcome @JeremyBanks!
@Josh With any luck that will be tomorrow :P I marked a couple questions I believe I can answer
May be off topic / not a good fit for Meta, but OTOH may become a great resource. Feedback / suggestions welcomed:
Q: Useful references for Cognitive Sciences

JoshI figured this might be useful, espescially during the beta while we define what is on- and off-topic and seed this site with initial content: What are some useful references for us to use in asking / answering / researching /questions?

I figure Meta may be more forgiving for poll-type questions
Also, I have used all my votes on the main site and I think voted for every single Meta answer
Remember: in the early beta voting is super important!
11:42 PM
Where can I find the rules for fulfilling your commitment?
@StevenJeuris I was going to link you to area51.stackexchange.com/faq
If those answers don't need to be up voted, I already answered 1! :)
@StevenJeuris this seems... incorrect?
@Josh Couldn't immediately find it in there.
@Josh Beats me, ... that's why I asked.
LOL, sec
11:47 PM
A: Where can I follow my commitments?

Jeff AtwoodWe are intentionally vague: we don't want people gaming the fulfillment metrics. So the Area 51 faq is canonical here, and already correct. Not reaching commitment? Ask and answer a few more questions, then! :)

A: How to "follow through" on an area51 proposal

TroyenIf you weren't active enough during the private beta, you will need to post at least 10 questions or answers to fulfill your commitment. Once you do that, you can commit to another proposal. The threshold is lower if you are very active during the private beta, though note that the earliest you...

Makes me want to backwards engineer it! :) Oh well, better go to sleep instead. Hopefully I'll make it here tomorrow as well, but have quite a bit of work to do.
have a good one @StevenJeuris!
Is a "must read" question something we should have? every SE site seems to have one of them as a community wiki post
@StevenJeuris I just realized what it is, based on Jeff's comment:
> if you post "enough" during the private beta, you indeed will fulfill the commitment immediately after the site goes to public beta. If you don't, you have to post more. So to fulfill your commitment, either do the work during the private beta, or do even more work later. – Jeff Atwood♦ Aug 21 '11 at 4:40
11:50 PM
Wait, do I actually have to post 3 questions then, regardless of answers?
So, 3 questions now. If you don't do that, 10 during the public beta
Crap, I'll have to think of some
@BenBrocka uhhhhhhh, you're testing me now :-)
Testing my ability to understand Atwoodspeak ;-)
I think you've already fulfilled your commitment @Ben. We'll find out tomorrow -- if you have you'll get your commitment back
11:52 PM
A: Commitment - What do I need to do?

bdonlanYou can see the text again by clicking the commit link (but not confirming) on any other proposal. Here it is for reference: I commit to participate actively in (insert name here), to visit at least three times per week, to ask at least three questions during the beta phase, and to answer as ...

4 posts fullfills a commitment? No way
LOL, classic. Some places it says "3", others "a few" that one says "4", sometimes it's "10", LOL
@Josh At least that gives a range. ;p I'm still wondering whether they need to be up voted or not though. But really off now, cya!
I think this is Jeff's "We don't want to give you too many metrics" syndrome @Ben :-) He doesn't want us to know when we're done, LOL
Q: What's the psychology behind Trolling/Flaming?

zergylordFor those new to the internet, trolling is an activity were one person intentionally tries to upset other members of the same community, presumably for entertainment. This has been informally addressed in the media, normally positing that the anonymity of the internet gives rise to more extreme...

lmao at your comment @Ben!

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