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12:07 AM
@Novak [wave]
@BESW An archive of the original “Back It Up!” article is in the Wayback Machine: web.archive.org/web/20101215231144/http://moms4mom.com/…
@SevenSidedDie Yey!
@BESW What's wrong in "moth"? O.o
@Zachiel I abbreviated it so it'd ping only that user but didn't autocomplete the full name.
@BESW Oh ok
12:14 AM
Looking at his account, it's pretty clear he was a troll anyway.
@BESW Link to account? It may need attention.
@SevenSidedDie It's a math.se account, here.
Any idea why someone wants to reopen the presumably-trolling question d7 just closed?
@SevenSidedDie ...interesting that m4m was okay with brainstorming.
12:17 AM
@BESW It was a very early experiment…
@NathanTuggy Because they can't see the deleted self-"answer" and don't trust the moderator's judgement?
And/or it's another puppet account.
@BESW Well, a puppet account with 3k is a serious problem.
@NathanTuggy Only in this sort of case. Multiple accounts by the same user are totally legit so long as they don't use it to do things one account couldn't do (like vote to re-open their own question).
And I find it a little puzzling that someone would just distrust account investigations, which are classically one of the more critical things a mod can do and are rare enough to be carefully handled.
Well, now I feel very slightly like a twit for falling for a fake post. (The abuse story.)
12:22 AM
You and me both.
@Novak Well, you got a good parcel of fake points for it, so there's that.
Happens, I guess. Continuing/commenting on some of the discussion above, all I can say is my formative college year gaming saw a whole of lot "I can't believe this is happening," situations.
@BESW True, I guess, although I assumed those would go away if/when the post was deleted.
@Novak If it's deleted, yes. If it's just closed, no.
(deleted within 60 days, although that's hardly difficult.)
C'est la vie.
12:27 AM
Weird to have two "make up drama for internet points" trolls in under 12 hours.
Not that Nzall was intending to troll, but the effect was the same.
I seem to have missed the other one.
Oh, that one! The sister thing.
12:46 AM
@Novak Eh, you had no way to know. The only clue was material in the user profile's Personally Identifiable Info that normally nobody (including mods) see unless a mod needs to access it for a reason (like verifying that a second account claiming to be the same person really is or not).
"The Sister Thing" would be a good name for a band.
@lisardggY So, I was thinking about this, and this, and how Guam's time zone means we get to see movies in theatre before a lot of the world does, and out popped an idea:
Subject-oriented time zones.
It's a horrible idea that should never actually be implemented, but I may use it for a mad scientist in a game some day.
Instead of using different times based on geographic location, use different times zones based on what the time is related to. Physicists all over the world measure observations in the same time zone, but when they watch a movie it starts in the entertainment time zone.
@BESW So midnight releases are actually simultaneous.
@Miniman Exactly.
@BESW oh lahd -- that idea needs to DIAHF!
1:01 AM
It's the new time zones for an interconnected global civilisation! Your location doesn't matter; it's what you do that counts!
So what happens if I leave the pub and start a fight with somebody
@doppelgreener Either you or somebody ends up bruised.
@doppelgreener Well, the police report is written up using Crime Time.
But the YouTube videos of the fight are posted in Entertainment Time.
... on a channel called some variant of "Crime Time", one supposes.
And when you check into the emergency room, you fill out the forms using Medical Time.
🎶 It's so simple, so very simple, that only a child can do it! 🎵
1:07 AM
Does this mean that chronologically I could get arrested, go to the hospital, start a fight then have some beers?
Only if you're some dope who doesn't understand time zones.
Oh ok.
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hrm, I think Tiamat must have eaten @waxeagle's interwebs
wait, wrong day :P
Not his interwebs, just your calendar? ;)
1:15 AM
yeah. we'll see tomorrow night
even if you did standardize things on universal time zones, you hit the problem of "well, I start work at GMT -20, but you start work at GMT + 4; when can we actually meet?"
@JoelHarmon Wouldn't you just start work at Work Time?
Or, rather, Business Time?
(warning, slightly-inappropriate song linked--nothing in the first seconds, though, so you can see what it is)
I'd complain if sleep time was when it was dark out locally
I assume we'll build some Caves of Steel and make that whole rotation=time thing moot.
plus, the psychic robots thing could be cool
1:48 AM
@nitsua60 but business hours are over :P
@trogdor Maybe in your neck of the woods. But here it's Wednesday night. Conditions are perfect: there's nothing on TV, .... Conditions are perfect.
@nitsua60 well in two minutes though
@trogdor (that's intense)
A: What would an Earth with no timezones be like?

JayFor their day to day lives, people in different parts of the world would associate different times with different activities. While to someone in Greenwich 11:30 am might mean "lunch time", to people in the Eastern US it might mean "time to wake up", to others it might be "dinner time", or "middl...

(Another answer talks about the effect timezone abolishment had within China)
@doppelgreener it would be pretty freaking wonderful
2:03 AM
@trogdor well, that answer's examining what happens if you abolish timezones as a concept - without also having any effects on how time works across the globe.
and by that I mean like, if there were no reason for them, not people just deciding not to use em
the net result becomes "4pm is sunrise in Guam & eastern Australia, but 6am is sunrise in the UK".
@doppelgreener yeah I realized that after you said the thing above
I meant specifically the physical phenomenon of the Earths Rotation and the Sun's light
if those things didn't combine in the way they do that would be awesome (and probably also come with it's own set of problems) XD
2:05 AM
@nitsua60 Is that it?
I just realised, Discworld wouldn't have timezones. :D
there was also a recent worldbuilder about a flat, coin-shaped world
(complete with discworld reference)
@doppelgreener It does, because light moves slower there.
Q: What would make scientists realize they were on a flat world?

LiesmithScenario: While poking around in an alien ruin, scientists discover a gateway which offers instant transportation to an Earth-like world. The Observed World: The gateway leads to an area that is temperate (let's say it's similar to east coast of America, like Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania, for...

This one?
@Miniman Oh. Huh. :P
that's the one
2:09 AM
@doppelgreener It's mentioned in a few of the books.
Well, let's be clear in our terminology: time zones are a man-made railway companies' response to the natural phenomenon of an asynchronous sunlight experience across the earth.
in particular to synchronize activity between zones far enough apart to notice the difference, practically speaking
@BESW yeah -- the old timetable-and-train-order system doesn't work very well if you can't keep accurate time across long distances
My version of the Points of Light setting could use time zones (it's a convex shield-shape), but probably doesn't because the difference is relatively small and precise synchronisation of events across long distances isn't a priority in what remains of its organised societies.
@BESW Points of Light is a convex shield shape!?
2:16 AM
@doppelgreener The standard version is implied to be flat, but that creates a lot of "doesn't work like our world works" problems which can be fixed just by curving it a little bit.
@BESW Oh? What's the curve do for it?
The convex shield fixes horizon-line assumptions.
basically out of ignorance, hills/mountains might work just as well
A flat world sees distant objects differently than we're used to, and I didn't think that was a useful exception to add to the setting.
if all you need is to block line of sight, that is
2:18 AM
Aye, that'd work for a lot of purposes.
But the shield is a more elegant solution because it gives more geographic freedom in the worldbuilding.
fair enough
Oh, right!
This is the map I was using for that campaign:
With a slightly curved world you get a viable horizon, with a flat one you get no horizon at all, and instead things just disappear into atmosphere fog.
Wait a minute, the material planet in Points of Light is definitely round.
That's its origin story: the Primordials grabbed a whole lot of the elements, went out into that empty space way above the Elemental Chaos, and made a big chaotic ball, and they were happy with it. And then the Gods stabilised it and created continents, ocean, atmosphere, and life.
If they made something that wasn't spherical I've read its origin story wrong.
The aftermath of Nerath, however, might be located on such a small area as to be close to flat - like if Known Civilisation was spread out over an area the size of Europe.
@doppelgreener "Above the Elemental Chaos" is the key: If you start in the Mortal World and start spelunking, you'll pass through the Underdark to the Elemental Chaos, which is infinitely deep, without ever having to do anything except physically walk.
If the Mortal World is on the surface of a closed sphere, that means it's infinitely larger on the inside.
I don't have access to any 4e books, but I suspect this is part of the PoL's deliberate confundment and internal contradiction.
Just like Nerath collapsed anywhere from a few decades to a few hundred years ago, and Arkhosia and Bael Turath may have been a few hundred or a few thousand years ago.
...and nobody can agree on where dragonborn came from.
2:28 AM
@BESW It's not Euclidean transport though, from what I've read (in Manual of the Planes and The Plane Below). The explanation I read is like this: very primal places in the world are still connected to the Elemental Chaos. Like quantum entanglement, maybe - that volcano is so ancient and untamed, the lava in it is still connected to the place the lava first came from in the Elemental Chaos. It's dimensionally tied to there. If you can survive the trip, you might wind up in the E.C.
Likewise the especially dark places, or especially wild places, are still connected to the spots where the Shadowfell and Feywild got torn loose from the World.
@doppelgreener That's definitely how it works for the Feywild and Shadowfell, and it can work that way for the EC.
But there's also clear indications in some of the material that the EC is physically, adventurer-tested and Euclid-approved, below the Mortal World and reachable by sandal power via the Underdark.
I noticed it because the Astral Sea is not physically overhead, as one would expect given its being a rough counterpart to the EC.
Yeah, the Astral Sea is... elsewhere. Out There. There's no easy direct way to get to it, because the World only has loose connections to the gods.
By contrast it's very intimately connected to the Elemental Chaos.
The sky overhead in the Mortal World is just a gauze between us and the Far Realm's baleful glare.
If you go high enough up, you're more likely to bump into Heralds of the Unspeakable than into angels or devils or gith.
2:36 AM
@Adeptus You mean, "thaaat's it," right?
@nitsua60 I'm very sleepy now
@nitsua60 "That's it!"
@BESW Aaaaaand Wizards appears to have just outright trashed all of its D&D 4e articles.
(Even this one which I originally got that picture of the planes from.)
@doppelgreener Oh, they're probably just buried somewhere deep in the re-re-re-structuring and languish, unlinked and forgotten.
@BESW Oof. :(
2:54 AM
@doppelgreener over/under on minutes 'til someone links you to wayback?
3:17 AM
@nitsua60 try it. I'm gonna mention that.
there, added. web archive fails for the page.
actually i wonder if it fails for the archive page. i'll try that when i get back to the office.
3:38 AM
"Robots.txt" would probably be an unwise name for a band.
@BESW Worse than The Internet?
@BESW Why unwise? Poor, certainly.
It's a joke about bots not cataloguing pages with a "robots.txt" file, so the band is actively telling search engines to not include pages mentioning them.
@BESW Basically, just like people might replace their real-world peer groups and interest groups with online ones, they can take the next step and replace their daily schedules, to align to their online peer groups rather than their accidental geographical ones.
3:52 AM
@lisardggY Yup.
"They called me mad, but I was the only one who showed up to the award ceremony on time!"
I'm pretty sure I knew people whose daily schedules were aligned to their WoW guild's raid times.
@lisardggY I'm positive I know those people.
...I was one of them for a while.
But these are individual schedules. What you're proposing is a universal schedule. Say, everyone who does WoW raiding gets up at 8:00am UTC regardless of where they live or whether they game together. Just because that's morning for WoWers.
That's much more interesting.
In the "oh, god, this should never actually really happen" sense of the word.
Or, differently: you don't all start raiding at the same time, but the numbers you use to describe when you raid are universal.
[shrug] I'm mostly just poking conceptual non-geographic alternatives for time grouping.
This can lead to more extreme thoughts. I read a C.J. Cherryh novel, many years ago, where a city was inhabited by two different groups of people. One active by day, one by night, and they never met each other.
Now that I think about it, I think Jack Vance had a similar concept in one Dying Earth story.
Now apply it to this. People live in hte same city, but go by a different clock and a different calendar.
Think of what that will mean to their coexistence. They'd prefer to associate with each other as little as possible, because translating time-zones would be a pain. They would want to be clearly demarcated. Different clothing?
They'd go to different shops, and different bars. (when would Happy Hour start?). One man's Sunday driving is another's rush-hour traffic. Tensions would occasionally rise.
4:05 AM
@BESW In which case, you may as well use UTC. (Coordinated Universal Time, in weird abbreviation order)
@Adeptus Unappreciated Time Clarity, obviously.
Uncertain Time Code
Urm... That's Confusing.
Unable To Clock
Unfriend To Circadians.
4:08 AM
Nah, it's Universal Coordinated Time. But the guys who came up with it were in different timezones, so the words ended up in the wrong order.
See, this is the sort of thing my system would prevent.
There'd be a Time Time and everyone would use that for this kind of activity.
I thought it was Uninitiated Time Collapse.
@BESW I don't see how that works unless it still has to convert for timezones
Ubiquitous Temporal Confusion
@BESW And when you're coordinating Time Time, you work in Time Time Time?
4:11 AM
@doppelgreener I think that's what the Master did at Logopolis.
@trogdor No, there's no more time zones.
There's time subjects.
ok then,..
You only have to convert times when you change what you're doing!
When you take a break from coordinating Time Time to eat lunch, you just convert from Time Time Time to Lunch Time.
@Adeptus that'll do for me
@BESW I never thought about it before, but the plots of Logopolis and Castrovalva had a lot in common.
Given that they were back-to-back both in-universe and in broadcast order, and they featured the same villain, they were more like a two-part story than two separate stories.
Logopolis introduced the block-transfer computations which powered Castrovalva's surprise twist.
4:19 AM
I'd forgotten they were back-to-back, it's been a long time.
Please note: we just went from talking about time zones to talking about Doctor Who without using time travel as the connective tissue.
Random theory: The core engine of Wolfram Alpha is actually Adric, locked in a small room and forced to compute everything we search on.
@Miniman [takes notes for next DWFAE adventure]
@keithcurtis [wave]
@BESW Howdy
1 hour later…
5:27 AM
morning o/
@Sejanus afternoooon
happy generic time of day to you too XD
6:30 AM

Just a quick survey; was my edit out of place? And what should I read into the fact that it was re-added despite the edit being reviewed and accepted? I dont know why, but I feel this answer puts way too much personal opinion into it...
@FlorianPeschka I wouldn't have said it was out of place (and whoever reviewed it clearly agreed), but it did conflict with authorial intent (as proven by the author rollbacking it).
As for what you read into it, clearly the author likes having that in their answer and won't accept it being removed.
If you want to pursue it further, leaving a comment on the answer explaining why you think it should be removed would be the next step.
Downvoting is an option that's always open to you.
(I'm trying to be objective here.)
Okay, thanks for the input... It just bothers me so much because i believe one of the best facts about SE is that personal opinion is not really relevant
And especially so on a topic like that
Personal opinion isn't necessarily relevant, but neither is it forbidden.
Neither your edit, nor the answerer's choice to roll it back, fall into any objective category of "good" or "bad" with relation to the site's policies or goals.
6:49 AM
@BESW ok. thats why I was asking for a second look. guess i am so invested in keeping this topic clean of opinion to just overlook that part of the answer
We appreciate your dedication.
7:22 AM
half of the answers involve some sort of personal opinion :)
7:33 AM
Good morning [coordinated rpg.chat time].
@FlorianPeschka I don't think personal opinions can or should be excised. They should be toned down when they impede readability or getting the actual point across, but like personal style, should only be edited out when they get in the way.
In this case, I feel that it didn't really interfere with the answer, and was apparently important enough to the original writer.
yeah, taking away the meaning of what someone was trying to say is certainly not good,.. and if this is what said origional author feels was removed,.... well then they have a pretty good reason to want to keep it in
if it was somehow offensive, that of course is a different matter, if not then they have the ability to not keep certain edits for a reason
@lisardggY I approved the edit on the basis the opinion wasn't actually doing much, and someone felt strongly enough to actually submit an edit - the answer looked clean and good (and more "professional", for lack of a better word) without it. I was surprised by the rollback, but let it be (didn't start an edit war / flag for mod attention) because it wasn't a huge and obvious improvement, and totally had room for it to just be a matter of taste in how answers get written.
I don't think the "yuk" improved anything, but up to them if they feel strongly enough to keep it in there.
(Contrast this meta question where my edit was rolled back, and so I flagged it for moderator attention because it was undoubtedly an improvement for our site to have that edit in place. A moderator put my edit back, and trouble started when it was rolled back again. Usually in these cases, whoever's resisting a strong improvement edit has some mismatch with our site practices, and the edit war brings that to the surface.)
None of that's disagreeing or anything, I find what you said to be pretty agreeable. Good context in which to share my own 2c.
7:50 AM
@doppelgreener Exactly. The edit was fine. The rollback was fine. No-one needs to take anything too seriously. :)
@lisardggY mmhmm
@Sejanus Well, yes - but none of them are expressed in such an explicit manner, bordering (in my view) on disgust/insult
oh, it was definite and not at all borderline disgust
@doppelgreener thats why im saying it may be my exaggerated view
7:55 AM
@Sejanus did you see SSD's comment too?
I did and I totally agree with him
or her
Which other accounts was this linked to?
this so never happened, probably the most never happened story ever
@lisardggY There's a deleted "answer" from a same-named account.
@Sejanus i am glad it was not just me having that gut feeling
8:04 AM
I think everyone who has spent some time on internet should immediately recognize this as trolling
[shrug] I've seen some ridiculous [snip] that's actually happened, and it's not in my temperament to assume bad faith at first blush.
well there might be a miniscule probability this really happened, but too small to even consider
I've known people who could easily have become that GM.
considering the weird stuff happening in the real world, it would not surprise me that that story was real
there are exceptionally strange people out there
So, yeah, lots of warning signs for Never Happened, but not definitively impossible, or even necessarily implausible.
@xChapx Hi!
8:06 AM
Do you know vegans who would eat steaks for their character xp?
The whole vegan scenario's the biggest red flag (it doesn't actually seem very plausible...) but the whole thing had a vague sense of plausibility to it. Like, it's extremely unlikely, but it could have happened. Mostly my gut was suggesting it was a sensational story fabricated for internet points, but I wasn't sure how to extract proof of that. Luckily they gave it to us on a platter.
the thing that puts it off is a vegan eating a steak for real
I know people who make horrible decisions for very poor reasons under social pressure.
maybe she was newly vegan and doesnt have that inherent thick headedness yet :D
8:07 AM
@BESW Likewise.
It's definitely easy to become a GM who's a total [bad words] like that, and it's actually very easy to exert real life power over people in certain oppressive ways through in-game threats. It's kinda bad how easy it is. But... people going with it in the ways described is the implausible-sounding part.
And seriously, the Internet needs to stop with the vegan prejudice. It gets in the way of actually helping people make healthy diet choices--like understanding what veganism actually is.
[was raised by someone who was vegan in the days when that meant nutrient-counting]
@FlorianPeschka that one's a pretty bad stereotype, and like any stereotype, not a very accurate one.
there's a small vocal minority, just like there's people who'll harass and insult a vegan for their choices about what they'll eat and not eat.
Yes but making a joke about vegans is not necessarilly harassing and insulting
(Also, I was surprised that a troll who exploits vegan prejudice knows it'd actually cause major gastric distress for someone to change their diet that drastically that suddenly.)
8:11 AM
@doppelgreener i agree - thought the emoji would mark it as a jest enough
@FlorianPeschka well. it was a jest. that's the problem.
because making the same joke reinforces the stereotype?
if it helps: imagine making an insensitive racial joke about coloured people instead, and imagine it with/without a :D at the end. not to say that's equivalent to what you said, but that will put into light what difference a :D makes - not much!
@FlorianPeschka what kind of stereotype is that?
@Sejanus Certain portions of the Internet have latched onto the notion that vegans are self-important, pompous, braggart bandwagoners who self-identify purely as vegan and insert their diet choices into irrelevant conversations at every opportunity.
8:14 AM
@Sejanus that vegans are "generally" thick headed and want to force their nutritional choices upon other people
like always, the most vocal ones form the opinion about the whole group...
I personally do not care about stereotypes much. They are not that important imho
On the other hand, I've actually known someone who, because dialogue about veganism tends toward rhetorical posturing without specific information, thought she could remove meat from her diet without replacing those nutrients by adding other foods. Malnutrition ensued.
@doppelgreener i understand what you say, but i do not agree with it on a more fundamental level. heres not the place to discuss that... so lets leave it at "im sorry for offending"
one of my friends is a vegan and I didn't learn that until about a year after we first met, and I only learned it because we were having a conversation on different issues with ordering food abroad and she mentioned it's hard to ask for "no meat" if you don't speak the language
but I also used to know a guy who tried to choke a girl because she was putting chicken into her salad. Well not choke to death, just choke to teach her a lesson.
even in your own language its hard. brother-in-law is a vegan and he continually has to make exceptions just as to not inconvenience everybody... its really frustrating
8:28 AM
Aye. One of the reasons my mother eats fish is so there's something she can eat at the fiesta so she doesn't insult the hosts.
with time it will change i hope. i am no vegan and will probably never be one, but i do believe we should strive to reduce meat production drastically
Not to change the subject, but--I'm tempted to start a bounty on this question. Think it'll do any good?
@BESW it certainly wont do any harm i guess?
I've got the rep to spare.
but, doesnt google drive support collaborating on images as well
8:42 AM
I really should hand out more bounties.
@BESW what about Roll20 made it hard for you to use? From what I've seen/done with it, I woould have thought it would be ideal
@Wibbs Feature paralysis.
understandable... ^^
From memory, its pretty easy to set up a map that all players can edit
The reason I haven't attempted to answer the question is because I haven't done it recently enough to be sure of the details, and I certainly haven't done the kind of thing you are specifically asking for
8:45 AM
I'm open to testing setups with someone in order to figure out what works, and then that person writes the answer.
Don't really have time to do that today - I'll see if I can look into it over the weekend
Yeah, right now I'm about to start making dinner.
[sigh] This is a "looping Can't Feel My Face" sort of evening.
@BESW should one know that?
9:07 AM
The song? It was recently a popular radio song in the US, by a relatively popular artist. It's the only one of his songs I like at all, and its primary virtue is in its wistfully tragic portrayal of drug abuse.
It's one of my Songs For Certain Moods.
Ah okay. Never heard it, but then again that doesnt say much about the song itself
9:33 AM
hi :)
9:53 AM
@FlorianPeschka sure, all good
@doppelgreener I think a lesson here is that emoticons are insufficient to guard against Poe's Law.
...how should I decide how much rep to offer as a bounty?
I have enough to hand out 500-rep bounties as fast as possible for two solid months without losing any privileges, so my sense of scale is kinda warped.
10:09 AM
yeah, that's about what I figure.
@BESW the first 500 rep bounty I give out would wreck my rep XD
Bounty offered.
10:51 AM
@Momonga-sama Are you familiar with DFRPG city creation?
11:13 AM
Is it enough?
Faces are described in detail here.
I assume that's the phrase you're confused by.
So basically you want to make it in a group?
I don't really feel like I should have to explain the mechanic I'm asking for expert help with; someone asking about combat in D&D shouldn't have to explain what an attack bonus is.
Make what in a group?
Like all of you were in front of a whiteboard?
The city :p
Collaborative setting design is the thing I'm asking about, yes.
11:16 AM
Have you tried collaborative whiteboards such as flockdraw.com?
Okey, problem solved then.
@Wibbs I have not.
have a quick look - free, no signup
That might work.
@Wibbs Problem is, that third parties are unwanted.
Since everybody could join...
11:19 AM
you need the precise url of the session to be able to join
or whatever the session is called
@BESW there's a whole raft of online tools like that, each with different pros and cons - I'd suggest that might be somewhere to have a look
Yeah. I'm hoping the question will draw out people who've done the stabbing in the dark themselves, so I don't have to.
ah - that counts me out then :)
@BESW never heard of that "law" before. interesting read
@Wibbs I deeply appreciate the chat-wise support, though, as I suspect it'll be about all I get.
@FlorianPeschka Aye. The use of irony punctuation to indicate satire is, however, a constantly-evolving form. It's often difficult to distinguish between "I think this thing and find it funny" and "I find it funny people think this thing."
should start to use those sarcasm signs from BBT
11:29 AM
@BESW I seriously don't understand what is wrong with my answer..
A question like this generally seeks answers from places of expertise and experience. Since you didn't even know what the thing I'm trying to do is until a few minutes ago, it's hard to take seriously your unsupported claim that you know "everything that could possibly needed" to do it.
Well. I have been creating a few things with my friends.
Systems/settings etc.
Your opening point about Roll20 is useful.
Useful for gaming.
Not development.
there is an argument with dresden that gaming = development :)
11:37 AM
Then back up your solution by saying what you've used Deekit for, and explaining how your experience has crossover with my needs.
although in this case I think Roll20 is overkill, so agree broadly with your point
A good answer doesn't leave anything as an exercise for the reader to complete or infer or assume.
"I have used tool X for task Y, which seems similar enough to your task Z in ways A, B, C, that tool X will probably work for task Z too."
@BESW This is why game-recs ended up banned.
11:40 AM
Yes. Yes, it is.
The formula above seems very difficult to embrace for a large segment of the site's users.
@BESW haven't heard of that one before, I agree
@doppelgreener See also: A Modest Proposal, The Onion.
@BESW How is it now?
Would you like some samples?
Give me a little time to read it, at least.
Your sentences are not always easy to parse on the first read.
@BESW a modest proposal was a good work. The Prince on the other hand should have included some winkies.
11:51 AM
Yeah, not native english speaker. Sorry for creating misunderstandings :/
(assuming it was satire. Bah! Clearly well before Poe's law.)
@Momonga-sama It's just a thing. We've got lots of ESL users on the site, and it just slows me down a little. I'm also experienced with ESL writing in my non-Internet life, but there's noticeable differences between European ESL and Asia-Pacific ESL.
@Momonga-sama I think some examples of what Deekit can do that are similar to what I'm looking for would be very helpful.
Also I'm confused by this line: Commenting feature allowed to improve the content that was not troublesome for the creator, but was for everybody else.
It sounds like the commenting feature is troublesome for everyone except the creator.
But I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant to say.
Right, I shouldn't make overcomplex sentences :p
Convoluted, over-punctuated compound sentences are a bad habit of mine; in my formal writing I work hard to edit them down into pithier chunks which use phrasing rather than punctuation to shape their flow, after the style of Brenda Ueland.
(Notice that, for example, in this comment each sentence is divided into two parts by a comma.)
12:12 PM
Racism in china is a real deal...
<sarcasm>How could they omit Chewbacca!</sarcasm>
Silly Eimyr, he's name is Finn, not Chewbacca!
12:28 PM
For the first time in possibly ever, I'm watching a film purely because of where it was filmed.
@BESW I will assume it was filmed over the rainbow.
My Weird Stuff campaign currently has the PCs headquartering in the hotel Chateau Marmont.
It's a super classy celebrity hideout in Hollywood.
@BESW I will also assume you got the pun.
@Zachiel "The Wizard of Oz was a fairy story about an old man who frightened people with a loud voice and a big mask."
@BESW Right-o
12:37 PM
And for anyone who got that reference... I'm sorry.
> Um, it was the 70’s, and I was doing a lot of drugs. Frankly, even I’m not entirely sure what parts of the movie are about. -John Boorman, according to the wikipedia page.
It shows.
I mean, it's a film where the big twist reveal is spoiler.
I have heard about Zardoz, but I never watched it. I'm not a great film conoisseur - or watcher. No, sir, not at all.
I'm proud someone is still using the spoiler system I once suggested :)
If you want to familiarise yourself with Zardoz without inflicting it on yourself, try to track down the Brows Held High review.
@Zachiel I've also started using mouseover tooltips on it.
@BESW Good! Is there something special to do for that to work? You know, I'm using Chrome and the link's target is shown on a corner of my screen, so I don't really felt the need for it, but not everyone uses Chrome.
Conversely, I'm not proud of my brain today.
12:48 PM
> [spoiler](http://type-spoiler-text-here-with-dashes-and-no-punctuation "Type mouseover text here with capitalisation & punctuation")
I use it in the Cool RPG Stuff pin too.
I have these concepts about things I'd like to do with my D&D characters that I can't really clearly define. They're more like a byproduct of reasonings that come up and dissolve as soon as they're formed.
"A Byproduct of Reasonings" would be a good name for an album.
Like, I'm thinking about the trope of the hair witch, which has a class representing it in Pathfinder, but not in D&D 3.5e. So I'm all "well, let's make a wizard with thematic spelss: hair, and let's have her unseen servants be just her hair serving tea, and her magic missiles be her hair leashing out". But then I need to go great lenghts to hide the fact that it's done through spellcasting, and I end up being weaker than a character that does not care about how it looks.
And then there's this quirk I have where if the character is not the best, the character starts feeling like she has made the wrong choices in life (when confronted with people who are stronger because of their choices)
It is why I can't drive myself to play a monk. I have seen people play like "yeah, you can do that with a weapon, but what can you do without it?" while I'd be "I can't do that, except if I switched to a weapon, why the hell don't I learn using one?"
But I alredy know the answer: wrong game.

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