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4:42 AM
@Brian Thank you, I'll try to understand it. I saw the same reaction mentioned on this SE as if it were a realistic reaction, although there was no answers to that question.
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7:53 AM
Can anyone tell me the reasoning behind Hammond–Leffler postulate?
Does it predict the stability of tertiary carbocation in SN1 reaction?
Damn, I'm neither getting the reason behind the postulate nor am conceiving what it has to do with SN1 reaction.
8:21 AM
@cowper o/
8:54 AM
standard enthalpy of dissociation of$ \ce{CH4=−75kjmol^{−1}}$ using thermo chemical cycle method.
Is there any differeece between normal enthalpy of dissociation and enthalpy of dissociation "using thermochemical cycle method"
@DeNiSkA Enthalpy is a state property, right?
aha! this ping pinged my mind
thanks @MAFIA36790
i think i should get some internet points on chemSE
9:39 AM
Q: Alkane deprotonation by organolithiums

SendersReagentButyllithium isomers are all stored in alkane solvents. Theoretically, equilibrium should (given enough time) lead to formation of mostly n-hexyllithium in the case of n-BuLi stored in (mostly) n-hexane, I believe. I understand that the kinetics of deprotonating an alkyl proton are extraordinari...

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11:08 AM
@MAFIA36790 o\
@PhMgBr - two days to exam. I hope you're studying! (0:
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12:53 PM
> To become a billionaire is not to make billions of dollars- but to affect the lives of a billion people.
Ultimately got what Hammond Postulate wanted to say.
But still what is the basis behind this postulate?
@MAFIA36790 common sense
!!flip/Mafia's common sense
12:55 PM
(∿°○°)∿ɯɐɟᴉɐ⅋#Ɛ6؛s ɔoɯɯou sǝusǝ
"Chemists have long been plagued by the lack of any general correlation between reaction rates and the positions of chemical equilibria [...] However, there are a sufficient number of such one-step, or elementary, processes in which a close parallelism is observed between rates and equilibria"
It's a postulate, so there isn't really much of a formal basis, afaik
@orthocresol Thanks.... though
> Your current credentials do not allow retrieval of the full text.
Can't they post at arXiv before publishing them at the journals?
fun fact: He labelled the graphs wrongly on the first page...
@orthocresol \o/
he mixed up B and C.
"Curve C represents a typical thermally balanced process in which the transition state has no close analog of conventional chemical structure."
@orthocresol noted
1:02 PM
@ortho thanks a lot.
@brian Hallo o/
Bit slow this EDT-morning
okay, arXiv is going to celebrate its 25th birthday.
There was a recent meeting at Cornell about how to introduce new features in arXiv.
Wow, I didn't realize it'd been around that long.
@Brian yeh... it's quite old.
Born about when the Internet was, I guess.
@Brian maybe
> The arXiv was made possible by the low-bandwidth TeX file format, which allowed scientific papers to be easily transmitted over the Internet and rendered client-side.
1:11 PM
Yep. (La)TeX is really nice that way.
Of course, figures are figures, not many ways around the sizes there.
Do chem guys post there?
Hmm... at the first sight, they don't seem so.
@MAFIA36790 Not pure chem, no, usually not. Quite a lot of quantum/computational chem stuff does get posted, though.
and Condition is that it must live pure with the increment in Softness.... — Farrukh Zeeshan 45 secs ago
@Brian ohh.
1:18 PM
@Loong WTH??
@MAFIA36790 Yeah, there's a real language barrier problem with that OP. I don't really even know what he means by "softness". Malleability, perhaps?
@Brian probably; but that's not our problem...
@Brian softness is clear from the context; but what is "must live pure"?
@Loong Disagree. Softness could be Mohr hardness, malleability, ductility, or some other quality in OP's mind's eye that may not even correlate strongly with standard materials properties.
I'm sure OP just posted it at random without any research... just by the by or otherwise he would be using technical words and not just beating the bush ;((
1:22 PM
@Loong Virgin ;P
But yeah, "must live pure" is ... too far out there. Google Translate output, perhaps.
@Brian ok, I wasn't too particular about this parameter.
@Brian And they all lived happily ever after.
I'm guessing he's after some sort of mechanical treatment of pure silver to make it more malleable or ductile, perhaps for jewelry making.
@Loong May Force be with you.
@Loong Gesundheit.
I'm also guessing he's in for little but disappointment.
1:29 PM
@Brian Yeh... a legitimate reason, but he can modify and re word his query for sure.
Probably the best thing is to find out his native language, ID someone who speaks it well, and run the comment thread out long enough to get him into chat.
@Brian he can't participate here.
If the comment thread on the post runs long enough, I'm pretty sure it can break through the 20-rep floor.
(The 'comments are not for extended discussion, would you like to move this thread to chat' thing that shows up)
would be funny if this would not work for low rep users :D
Lots of discussion about things related to this on Meta.SE:
A: Suggested Privilege: Inviting new users to chat

Monica CellioWhen a promising new user is having trouble making his first post and the community wants to help, we should make it easier for them to do so. I've seen chat work really well for this, and discussion in comments is not a pattern we want to set with a newcomer's very first participation on the si...

Some older discussion:
Q: Invite low rep users to participate in chat

shanethehatI'm aware of the preference for 'general answers to general questions' attitude on SO, and wholeheartedly agree that questions that are focused on specific, one-time issues are not as valuable to the site. However, where an issue is potentially useful but getting to the heart of it is taking som...

Q: Add "invite user to chat" function on main site

Octavian DamieanI really enjoy the chat and sometimes I feel like I'd like to invite a user to my chat room from the main site. I'm sure you know the situation where you get involved in a discussion on the main site and start commenting like crazy. I don't feel like this is a good thing; I mean discussions in c...

1:36 PM
How could we know OP is promising?
<shrug> Gut feeling.
Whether they're genuinely interested in learning something, even if they're not great at asking questions.
Presently he has no positive contribution here.
Or if they're just a question dumper or a troll.
The better option is wait.
If he is really in need, he would modify his question.
1:38 PM
But presently OP seems to be question dumper.
<nod>, <shrug> - that's a call each person who comes across the question can make themselves.
seems to be a name from pakistan ... who is able to speak pakistani? :D
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp o.O
How did you conclude he hails from Pak?
I would simply answer the question, but all silver alloys (with useful data) I could find are designed to be harder than pure silver.
1:41 PM
@MAFIA36790 was just guessing based on where this name is common
<nod> Pure silver, like gold and copper, is pretty soft already.
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp Maybe from Afghan also?
Whereever OP maybe from; he should know in which medium we interact at SE... that's English.
Mostly US but I prefer UK ;P
1:48 PM
I think, you should be a little bit more open to the world.
and obviously the language seems to be a problem, so why not try to find another way?
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp o.O
@pH13-YetanotherPhilipp there must be hands extending from other side also... i.e., from OP, first!
Then we can help.
which i'm not against any way.
1:50 PM
Farrukh, can you describe in more detail what you're trying to do with the silver, why you need it to be softer, and what you mean by "live pure"? — Brian 12 secs ago
That gives him a concrete way he can engage.
Being a welcoming community starts with us.
!!ice cream
@Brian for that, I'm giving you a humble treat...
1:53 PM
!!doubleflip/Calorie Counting
ƃuᴉʇunoɔ ǝᴉɹoꞁɐɔ\(`д´)/ɔɐꞁoɹᴉǝ ɔonuʇᴉuƃ
@Chemobot hahahaha.....
Actually they are meshed potatoes ;P
One further consideration: Farrukh did at least read the tour page:
2:18 PM
Let silver live pure!
Forever endure!
We should expand the tour page with instructions on making silver live pure, and probably on how to make gold out of base metals.
That will decrease the number of downvoted questions.
3 hours later…
5:13 PM
@Hippalectryon, l'OM du haut et du bas sont le résultat d'une interaction car elles se trouvent "tellement" éloignées de celles-ci que l'on ne peut pas vraiment laquelle interagi le plus.
En revanche celles du milieu sont beaucoup plus proches en énergie des 4OA de départ. Donc qualitativement il y en a toujours trois qui interagissent plus que la quatrième. Dans tous les cas toutes orbitales interagissent mais on trace ces diagrammes pour expliquer des choses et non pas les prévoir donc on trace le diagramme qui représente ce que l'on observe. Le but étant de faire la différence avec les molécules diatomiques genre N2 qui elles ont que des interactions à quatre OA
@Shadock: Please, speak in English ;_;
5:30 PM
s’il vous plaît
dus bahane kar k le gaye dil.
Быть может, эти электроны
Миры, где пять материков,
Искусства, знанья, войны, троны
И память сорока веков!
is kamre me sab pagal rehte hai (jisme me bhi hu) :p
no truer words were ever spoken (0:
nayaa saal mubarak ho!
@CowperKettle naya saal, abhi se?
5:35 PM
Sorry, that's all I knew in Pashto (or was it Hindi?)
That was Hindi.
As I recall, it was "happy new year!", with "mubarak" meaning "happy".
wow, those two people who starred the message "Please, speak in English", were not talking in English
I quoted a poem in Russian titled "The World of the Electron" by Bruysov, written in about 1920
It says that atoms probably harbor other worlds like ours, only smaller
Who makes these kinds of poems?
5:38 PM
> And Universe in every atom,
With fivescore planets circling round,
With all the things that here abound,
But also things we've yet to fathom.
Does it make things easier to remember?
Valery Yakovlevich Bryusov (Russian: Вале́рий Я́ковлевич Брю́сов; IPA: [vɐˈlʲerʲɪj ˈjakəvlʲɪvʲɪtɕ ˈbrʲusəf]; 13 December [O.S. 1 December] 1873 – 9 October 1924) was a Russian poet, prose writer, dramatist, translator, critic and historian. He was one of the principal members of the Russian Symbolist movement. == Life == Valery Bryusov was born on 13 December 1873 (recorded as 1 December, according to the old Julian calendar) into a merchant's family in Moscow. His parents had little do with his upbringing, and as a boy Bryusov was largely left to himself. He spent a great deal of time reading...
No, it's just a poem.
Nice. But I could never really see the beauty of poems.
@CowperKettle makes sense; the Bohr model was introduced in 1913
> Their scholars set the whole creation
Centered within their native shores,
And strive to find the true equation,
And muse aloud, like truly yours.

> And when through self-destroying fusion
Their tiny world new force emits,
They see, in cruel self-delusion,
Lord's lantern shattered into bits.
I have some variations in my translation of the final stanza.
"sacrificial fusion" and "God's lantern"
@Loong Yes, it was all new and interesting, and he was apparently interested in reading that.
5:41 PM
@MAFIA36790 when I speak to a french I speak french, I make less mistakes.
If you have trouble with french you can learn it ;)
capitalize French (0:
I guess everyone should know there are not only Englishman in New York...on the Erath :-)
Q: Why Balmer series exist?

user5281300I was reading about Bohr's atomic model in our textbook when came up with this question: Since the electron in hydrogen atom is most stable in the first orbit, why should it descend from higher orbits to any orbit except the first orbit(that means balmer series for example)?

I'd like to answer why not
Yes, that also came to my mind instantly.
One of my favourite song
In english
mine too
Mine favorites are mostly by Bob Dylan
Which one I prefer is Everybody gotta learn sometime, I'm so much romatic, french lol
6:02 PM
like a rolling stone @CowperKettle
@Freddy Yes, a great song.
@cowper Do you use instagram?
@Freddy nope
oh never mind
6:03 PM
I love The Beatles
Me too
The Beatles loved Bob Dylan (0:
@Nick, chemistry (especially at school level) very rarely answers "why" questions. It is almost all about remembering answers to "what" questions, i.e. what happens when A and B are mixed together. What do you want me to do beyond that? Do you want me to calculate Gibbs energy for this reaction and show that it is negative so the reaction is favoured and then (somehow) estimate the reaction rate to show that it will indeed proceed in a reasonable amount of time? — Wildcat Sep 19 '14 at 15:57
Still I wonder how that reaction proceeds.
Busy watching Flash... bye comrades o/
6:21 PM
A "non-oxidizing acid": is this a widely-used term?
I understand that this is an acid that only can use its proton moiety to oxidize anything.
An awkward name, because the substrate gets oxidized still.
> Beryllium dissolves readily in non-oxidizing acids, such as HCl and diluted H2SO4, but not in nitric acid or water as this forms the oxide.
I can't even find "non-oxidizing acid" in Russian. There are only 7 results on Google.
So this is a common term, Freddy?
Wikipedia says: "An oxidizing acid is a Brønsted acid that is also a strong oxidizing agent." -- but aren't all acids oxidizing? O_o
nope. I have not heard about it.
An oxidizing acid is a Brønsted acid that is also a strong oxidizing agent. All Brønsted acids can act as oxidizing agents, because the acidic proton can be reduced to hydrogen gas. Some acids contain other structures that act as stronger oxidizing agents than hydrogen ion. Generally, they contain oxygen in the anionic structure. These include nitric acid, perchloric acid, chloric acid, chromic acid, and concentrated sulfuric acid, among others. == General properties == Oxidizing acids, being strong oxidizing agents, can often oxidize certain less reactive metals, in which the active oxidizing...
That's odd then. Nobody has deleted that page since 2010.
I can't find good page explaining non-oxidizing acid
HCl is example of non oxidizing acid. I have never read that in any school level book
6:46 PM
Maybe I should start a question on main site.
"What is exactly a non-oxidizing acid?"
Maybe later.
yes, you should.
Q: What is a 'non-oxidizing acid'? I would appreciate a clear definition

CopperKettleFrom the Beryllium article on Wikipedia: Beryllium dissolves readily in non-oxidizing acids, such as HCl and diluted H2SO4, but not in nitric acid or water as this forms the oxide. I think it would be helpful to have a definition of 'non-oxidizing acid'. Is it an established term in chemist...

Wikipedia was edited in jan 2015
@manshu But that definition seems a bit faulty. Isn't H+ reduced? It was part of the acid, and it is reduced.
@CowperKettle If it was part of the acid, then it was not H+. It was just H.
And H got oxidised coz it lost electrons.
@manshu Ah, so when hydrogen was torn away from the overall molecule heterolytically, it got oxidized in that instant.
And then it gets reduced.
I understood it to be part of the acidic molecule. Okay.
But wait..
What is oxidation?
It is change in oxidation state.
giving away of electons
7:11 PM
I am talking about the modern definition.
However I am not sure if it's modern enough
Is there any change of oxidation state?
Wow. A guy on a Russian chem forum just quoted a textbook that has "non-oxidizing acid" in Russian.
So it must be a proper term.
I've got to add it to Multitran. (0:
ah, it already exists, only as "acid that is not an oxidizer"
But that's a weird name.
It's not name that's weird. It's the definition
or can we say acid that can not be reduced? 0_o
non-reducible acid
gag me with a spoon
7:35 PM
Good night
good night 0/

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