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3:01 PM
Because people are mean and not linking the Direct.
Oh, that dad trading his Magikarp to his daughter.
I feel like that's something @Sterno would do.
Poor, poor @SkyDrift.
Yep, Sun/Moon officially confirmed.
Pokemon Equinox/Solstice
Windows 10 is a harsh mistress.
Red/Blue/Yellow are coming to eShop.
@Yuuki also preinstalled on some limited editions 3ds (or was 2ds?)
3:07 PM
Q: Do I get early access bonus items everytime I create a new character?

ardaozkalOn Portal Knights, you get a nice Cape and Flag for buying the game while it is on Early Access. Are these bonuses only once or do I get them every time I create a new character?

@MadMAxJr I was extremely pissed when both the Start Menu and Search stopped working.
That was it?
Chinese language options is interesting.
@Ronan Well, it was a Pokemon-only Nintendo Direct.
Win10 search I can take or leave, but start menu is kinda needed.
@Yuuki But there wasn't any pokemon.
3:08 PM
@Powerlord What is project spark and why does Win10 not allow it?
@Lazers2.0 I should ask Greg about this. He was playing the game on Wednesday because apparently one of the devs gave him a key for it (it wasn't available for purchase until Thursday)
@Ronan ... what?
@NateKerkhofs Project Spark is a Microsoft game.
@Yuuki They announced some names and the fact that they would be in languages.
Project Spark is a game creation video game for Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10, Xbox One. The game was announced during Microsoft's E3 2013 press event, and was launched as a Windows open beta in December 2013, and an Xbox One beta in March 2014. It is based on Kodu Game Lab. == Gameplay == Project Spark Is a digital canvas which can be used to make games, movies and other experiences. A player can download other user-generated content, remix that content or create content of their own. A player can use the Xbox controller, keyboard and mouse, touch-devices, Kinect and SmartGlass to build experiences...
3:09 PM
And what was the incident in November?
Probably one would have at least hoped for a silhouette of the sun/moon legendary duo
@Ronan Yes, they announced a new Pokemon game would be released this year.
@NateKerkhofs November is Windows 10's latest upgrade. One of the commands that used to fix the Start Menu not displaying now hoses all your Modern/Metro apps instead as of this update.
(Also I predict the next game to be called Pokémon Nibiru)
I vote Pokémon Potato and Pokémon Banana
3:11 PM
So, in other words, using the Microsoft Windows 10 Store to install Microsoft Project Spark caused Microsoft Windows 10 to stop displaying the Microsoft Start Menu.
@Powerlord So basically, you installed a game from the Windows Store, it broke your start menu and search, and while trying to fix it, it broke your modern apps?
@NateKerkhofs Yup.
I'm going to go ahead and predict some form of eclipse timed event.
To the point where the only fix was to "Refresh" Windows 10, which resets the registry on you, requiring you to reinstall any apps that use the registry.
At which point I said "Screw that" and reinstalled Windows 7.
Thanks for the warning
now I know to stay away from the MS Store
3:12 PM
Also windows 10
As I said to someone on Steam yesterday: Windows 7 worked for five years with no problems. Windows 10 is making me reinstall all my apps after two months.
But I knew that already (work doesn't though)
That direct literally could have just been two tweets for any country outside of China
That's not really an option. I updated on day 2
@Ronan If the two legendaries are shaped anything like horse/ponies... I am gonna laugh for months.
3:13 PM
I wonder if it's going to be a single Team Rocket or a Team Magma/Aqua deal.
@Derpy I don't follow.
and I've already reinstalled Windows since
@NateKerkhofs it works very well in my case, but it doesn't work well on some people for some reason
Fun fact: Reinstalling from a Windows 7 SP1 disc meant I had 210 Windows Updates pending. Just in the Required category.
Also I flipped some switches in Portal Knights and it is now running on 30-60FPS
3:13 PM
I actually found that many of the issues I had with Windows 10 were fixed after I did a clean refresh of Windows 10
Including some issues I didn't recognize as such
@NateKerkhofs I don't want to do a clean refresh. I might as well just go back to my old OS.
Which is what I did.
I can't find my original Windows 7 key either... I'm not sure the company that built my PC gave it to me despite giving me the Windows disc.
Luckily, I have an MSDN account.
@Ronan Simple: the games weren't even announced yet, and someone on the web was already making the connection See Here (warning: colorful ponies inside)
thing is, reinstalling Windows 10 has somehow made it so I can't log into rockstar Social club, where I could before
At least using GTA IV client
I haven't tried the GTA V client yet
@Derpy Oh, I didn't know there were sun and moon ponies.
Yay, I have a meeting in 15 minutes to talk about everything we've done in the past few days. Except that our offices were closed for most of that.
3:16 PM
@Ronan Celestia and Luna?
@Sterno I have hears many good things about that game
@NateKerkhofs I can work out from context that those are the names of the sun and moon characters in MLP.
Doubt it's something for me though
I'll be your wipqozn until he comes by.
3:17 PM
@Ronan close. Celestia is the ponyification of the Sun and Luna is the ponyification of the Moon, to the point that they are actually considered princesses and appear in the actual world
@Ronan There was even a room pony hack of Pokemon. It was called something like Ponymon Dusk and Ponymon Dawn (which sound better than Sun and Moon btw)
Your mom is {context}.
so yeah, they're the Sun and Moon, but more than that, they actually play a large role in the story
@Derpy Dusk and Dawn does sound cool.
@NateKerkhofs Heck, they set off the entire Friendship is Magic series.
3:18 PM
Princess Celestia makes the sun rise and set, and Luna makes the moon rise and set
I really ought to start watching that series again
@NateKerkhofs Season 6 starts in May.
I watched it on Youtube, but I saw the last episode in 2011
It was the one about the winter ghosts Christmas episode
Haven't seen any episode since
@NateKerkhofs Wow, that IS a while ago.
You only missed out on tales about being a good friend, some musical numbers, some particularly angry yaks, cartoon antics, and pastel colored everything.
S2E11, I think
That is the last episode I saw
and look, the show's on netflix
I stopped watching around Winter Wrap up then just watched the occasional episode. Cheese Sandwich is best pony. :P
@Sterno Nice memeing
I'm not sure it's for me though, as I've said before.
It's more of a puzzle game. It's a really good game, I get that, but I'm not good in the genre
Actually, it's not a game I'd recommend to most people at the current price point
@Yuuki Am I allowed to flag that video as offensive?
3:27 PM
@ardaozkal That's timing out
Host it on imgur if possible
@NateKerkhofs I wanted to do a whole convoluted hidden link thing but I decided that I was too lazy.
@NateKerkhofs I always forget the port
@ardaozkal It's a png, it's not a video
Are you trying to mislead us?
@NateKerkhofs click to it.
3:29 PM
@ardaozkal I did, it's just a still image of a black screen with some text and a white arrow
@ardaozkal I know what you're trying to do, but it doesn't work.
damnit, it doesn't work on some.
What browser are you using?
of course, that doesn't work as well because the image is so big
I'll delete it though
Like, the URL is literally a png. I think pngs can't move.
huh, it worked on chrome last I tried
PNG can be animated, but not every browser support them.
3:32 PM
@ardaozkal I tried it in firefox now. Is it supposed to redirect me to Friday?
@NateKerkhofs yes.
The Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) file format is an extension to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) specification. It allows for animated PNG files that work similarly to animated GIF files, while supporting 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency not available for GIFs. It also retains backward compatibility with non-animated PNG files. The first frame of an APNG file is stored as a normal PNG stream, so most standard PNG decoders are able to display the first frame of an APNG file. The frame speed data and extra animation frames are stored in extra chunks (as provided for by the original...
also, do not hope.
I have already tried, and apng avatar are still disabled.
The only way to have animated avatars I could find is to use .gif and greasemonkey to undo the alterations stack imgur does one the imgs hrefs
@NateKerkhofs also think about the worst way you could do that, how would it be?
@ardaozkal through hijacking their DNS
so every single request is Friday
3:37 PM
that sounds like something fredley would do
github.com/ardaozkal/ConsoleTroll < this was the worst way I could do it, standalone troller
ahh yes, it was fixed on chrome 48.
@ardaozkal thing is, DNS method is not the worst way I can actually think of. The absolute worst way would be to get their ISP to do it
That way, they can't even fix it without changing their internet;
I didn't realize that image was supposed to redirect me. I just figured it was a bad joke I didn't understand.
ah gotcha
@Sterno Well it's that anyway.
they changed the accepttypes.
Got it working
3:43 PM
@ardaozkal okay, reupload and then I'll try it again
Wait, it only works on Friday and Saturday? Now THAT'S evil
What I'd do is send them a virus that replaces every single audio file on their computer with Friday, but the hashes still match
@ardaozkal That one worked
Oh, hey, it actually is Friday.
Q: How many grandmas is enough grandmas?

KeineMasterI am currently over 450 million CpS and I now have access to the portals and time machines. I have bought, over the course of this cookie clicker game, around 150 grandmas. Considering their upgrades and number, they have provided me with a lot of cookies since they were there from the beginning...

I've missed so many trolling possibilities today
3:47 PM
The mouseover still clearly shows it's a png
change it to ip, change receiving port to 80, and good to go, except that it still says png
Also I just pushed it, with the update.
Why do so many people feel compelled to start threads on the Steam forums when they think a game is too expensive? Like, their own personal thread about it, nested among the other 37 threads about it.
(except me, because I enjoy reading drama)
me: excuse me but is the pilot vaping? flight attendant: no there’s a fire in the cockpit me: oh thank god
@Sterno Try reading the 'VAC Discussion' board.
@MadMAxJr I used to be subscribed to that.
Drama, delivered to my steam inbox.
3:50 PM
@NateKerkhofs Trust me, if the pilot was vaping, he would have told you
The ways in which people try to justify their cheating amuses me. Even more, the ones who claim they did not cheat when a quick google of their alias will show them boasting about cheats on other forums or asking where to buy hack subscriptions.
The pro-mlp vs anti-mlp drama is the best.
Too bad I didn't see much after the best TF2 item release.
One friend of mine just asked for some suggestion for a quick flash game to play while he has to wait for a delivery. He never actually reads in-game text or explanations, so I sent him to play... Tower of Heavens....
should be fun...
3:54 PM
I prefer the fairy princess set for the Heavy, if only for the audio lines he gains from it.
@Sterno I might think a game is too expensive, but I'm not gonna start a Steam thread about it.
Speaking of, I should write up a review for Firewatch.
Q: Plugin Suggestions - Minecraft

LandonI need some help with plugins (I know how to use them and I have lots of plugins) but I am having trouble with finding "cross platform" plugins. You see, in order to ban someone, I need to ban them in the lobby. (so that when they re-connect it won't let them back into the lobby) And in order to ...

4:09 PM
@Sterno You'd think your work would keep you too busy to read drama. :P
Drama is a full time job. @Sterno is supported by the Dr. Plote Drama Foundation
Ask your doctor if Drama is right for you.
everytime i see the TNT slogan "We know drama" I think of @sterno
Great. I get swarms of bikes driving past really fast tomorrow. Stupid cycle races.
Q: Would WiFi work at Hogwarts?

the_SeppiA friend and me recently found this link: http://imgur.com/gallery/7a2S1, the important parts shown below. It's about an IT-Guy who works at Hogwarts to install WiFi and stuff. But WiFi and computers require electricity. Would it be possible to install power supply at Hogwarts, since it is invis...

^ some redstone expert here?
Somebody that can elaborate what will happen when the chunk gets unloaded?
4:24 PM
@Derpy No. It's mentioned in the books that electricity does not work at hogwarts. Because too much magic.
@Arperum that was a joke, read the full question.
Q: Is the annexation of a vassal giving you the control of its colonial nations?

GalabycaI vassalized Portugal. Ten years after, I can annex it. I must choose to wait or not for Portugal to make some colonies before to annex it. In case I will gain its dependencies later, I will wait. Else I would annex it now. Is the annexation of a vassal giving you the control of its colonial nat...

Q: Where can I find Copper Ore?

ardaozkalTo make a door, I need 2 Copper Bars, and to make them, I need Copper Ores. How can I find some Copper Ores? I had some in my inventory so I don't think that it is a quest reward etc. but I think that it is a drop from monsters or a spawn underground as an ore. Does it drop from monsters or d...

I was referencing the whole way redstone works on great distances / when the player isn't in the same chunk... :P
> If he sets up the WiFi routers in there, what's gonna happen to all the PC stuff when he leaves/the room disappears? Would the signal vanish right after he leaves the room or would it, like in the post, hold on until the room takes on another form?
^ this one begin the point.
@Derpy They won't even start working. because having electricity in a high-magic enviroment is not possible. And the room of requirements is pure magic. So nope, server room is not going to happen.
@Derpy <late>Good luck convincing browser makers to agree on a motion PNG standard</late>
Neither MNG or APNG managed to gain enough traction to get included in IE, for example.
or Edge
4:28 PM
@Powerlord at least firefox does display the apng there. And about IE, give it time... it just reached v.1
@Derpy APNG has been around for like TEN YEARS and it's just now reached .1 ?
(it is a know fact that IE releases number must be divided by ten to make sense)
@Powerlord I was talking about IE, see above.
The problem is that you have one browser that supports one format, one browser that supports a different format, and two browsers that support neither format.
Those would be Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE/Edge respectively.
Wait, no, apparently Safari actually supports APNG now.
That still leaves you with a standard not supported by Chrome or IE/Edge
4:35 PM
This games sounds feels way more like minecraft now
I will wait for Dragon Quest Builders
@Derpy niiiiice
@ardaozkal Haha, first thing I saw when I saw that screenshot, too
@Derpy I thought Dragon Quest Builders was already out.
@ardaozkal there are some "let's play" lingering on youtube from the Japanese demos
4:41 PM
Oh wait, only in Japan apparently
@Derpy is it 3ds only?
(and wiiu)
I seem to remember it was a ps4...
oh wait
yep, it is sony
That character looks too much like link that I derped.
4:42 PM
ps3, ps4, vita
Vita. Hah.
oh, well, I think I will have to go for now.
@Sterno was it you talking about that dream where you are in school but you can't find your classes and stuff?
Because I need to know who to blame for me having that dream last night.
4:45 PM
@Derpy cya
So, my possible promotion just got a lot more interesting.
@Fluttershy how?
Promoted from Flutershy to Fluterextrovert?
@ardaozkal It went from a few dollars an hour more to, possibly, still waiting on confirmation, salary and a move to St. Louis.
4:51 PM
@Fluttershy Whoa, nice!
It's all still very, very tentative, but it'd be pretty much perfect if it came to fruition.
Hell, even if it's not salary, and just a larger bump in my hourly pay, that'd work for me. But I'd love to live in St Louis.
Well St.Louis recently got the underground fires under control so they wouldn't spread to the underground nuclear waste storage, so it's not a bad place to be.
Just don't be near Ferguson or east St. Louis.
@PrivatePansy you around?
or someone who's into webby stuffs
4:56 PM
I need something that does a ludicrous amount of stuff with dropbown combos or popups or something
I need to really stress test the browser and xorg
@badp for browser testing, there's always Selenium
It's a one off
Haven't used it yet, but I think it might do what you're looking for
I'm running in a live vm
4:58 PM
Im now on chat on a touchscreen rpi
the problem is that anything else would either have to be manually developed, or be extremely flexible to allow for wide support
@ardaozkal does it work properly? I can't imagine replying to a post working well
@ardaozkal Are you using the mobile chat interface?
@NateKerkhofs I guess I can
@SaintWacko nope
Damn, LotRO does have some fair amount of grinding
I need to kill 35 more slugs before I can finish the Shire
why is this page constantly loading?
5:01 PM
And the only place with any real amount of slugs is 10 levels below me
And the slugs share spawns with fly swarms and frogs
@Dragonrage idk, happens on my end too
Slugs feel like a step down from rats, even.
Alright, beat Axiom Verge! Neat game
It must be really demoralizing to roll a miss against one.
@MadMAxJr Yeah. I live about two hours south of St Louis already, so I know about that stuff. But the majority of the city is great. Traffic sucks, but... So did Seattle's when I lived there.
5:03 PM
Q: Needs email and usernames Xbox Live

Joseph SmalleyNeed email and username and password for the Xbox Live how can I send it to my other email address

Q: Is there a lead into to the Assassins Creed 2 statues?

Willshaw MediaI've just finished the game's main story, and along the way I did all the viewpoints and found all the Codex pages as I went along. Occasionally you get a bit stuck and have to wait for the story to enable new locations or techniques. I found the statue podiums in the Villa but didn't know what...

@ardaozkal it says waiting for arda.eastus.cloudapp.azure
@Dragonrage lol
Also it doesn't say waiting on my end
at least PC
ok, well i refreshed the page and its no longer waiting
Considering I last used it a while ago and not visible without loading old messages, Id recommend refreshing
Hm, some of the trophies for Axiom Verge are really annoying. Don't think I'll be grabbing those
5:09 PM
is twitter down?
Nope, loads for me.
hmm, maybe the status that is starred got deleted then
just really slooow
@ardaozkal Use the mobile interface
5:10 PM
@MBraedley how can I?
just saw it
@twobugs Is it otherwise good? I've been thinking of getting it.
Yeah, I enjoyed it. Finished at about 10 hours played, not bad for $20. One of the better Metroidvanias in that in actually innovates and tries new stuff
there seems to be a lot more things in the vlq queue than the other queues
I got the Axiom Verge OST Vinyl <3
Love it.
The OST is great
5:15 PM
@AshleyNunn Yes
I've heard really good things about Axiom Verge. I picked it up a while back, but it's been sitting in my backlog.
Now that Axiom Verge is done I'll apply for some jobs and then more video games. Having Friday off is nice
hey look, only need 13 more followers on domestic chores.
29 more 10+ questions though
its better on mobile
5:22 PM
AAAAAH. I got my brain stuck on the question "what is the most intelligent thing a person can possibly say?"
@Arperum Hm, how are you defining intelligence?
@Arperum 42
I think broadly "I don't know about that, can you tell me more?" is one of the most intelligent statements, but that might not satisfy all criteria or situations
5:24 PM
or better yet, "What is love?"
Example: If someone is telling you 9/11 never happened, you wouldn't want to ask them for more info. You'd want to run.
@Dragonrage "Baby don't hurt me"
@twobugs Yea, that's one of the problems.
The most intelligent thing for someone to say is nothing. Any person can blabber like a fool, but it takes an intelligent person to listen.
Also, it doesn't help that I'm abstracting before I even have a concrete thing.
5:26 PM
@Dragonrage That's... basically what I just said, but rephrased...
@twobugs i was helping you to phrase what you said as something that sounded profound
If you're using the word "profound" to describe something you said, it probably isn't
@Arperum "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real?"
@murgatroid99 i didn't say it was profound, just that it sounded profound
Just do not use 'brofound'.
5:33 PM
@MadMAxJr That's like pointing out Pandora's Box and saying "Don't open it, ;)"
If you use words like that one, Mountain Dew and Doritos marketing reps start slinking out of the shadows like creatures in Bloodborne. Crawling on all fours, lifting up on their hind legs and sniffing the air.
Is beginner-friendliness quantifiable enough to be the subject of a question?
Reason I ask is because the X Franchise is on sale on Steam and I'm wondering which of the series to start with
Terran Conflict or Albion Prelude
so after you get to 2k rep, you dont get rep anymore for edits do you?
3 vanilla is probably too archaic, Rebirth is bad
5:37 PM
Q: What's the difference between "Bug" and "Glitch"?

JohnI heard about 2 terms defining a game error: "Bug" and "Glitch". What's the difference between them?

And between TC and AP, which of them is more polished? I mean better performance, more options to tweak, better explanation of what to do, that sort of stuff
I believe that's Albion Prelude, but whichever one came out later would be the more polished in terms of basically everything
Note that you'll probably want to read guides for any of them that you try to get into, as even the more accessible ones are opaque
@Lazers2.0 as usual, these are mostly interchangeable but the language pedants will descend upon any answers and pepper them with downvotes
@Lazers2.0 One is what Vanelope is, the other is what ate Sugar Rush
@twobugs I see. I remember reading that you almost need to be an economics major to understand them.
5:41 PM
@Powerlord i mean in EE glitch has a very specific meaning
@NateKerkhofs Hah, not exactly
But you do want to have some idea. For the economics aspect, you'll want to do some supply runs to start out (e.g. buy power cells, deliver them to production plants, sell there and buy goods to sell elsewhere)
Eventually you can have your own production lines
Win 10 is nicely boring \o/
The king of feel-good edm
idk where he gets all of his quotes/samples from
I recognized a few in other tracks as Alan Watts but otherwise no idea
Q: What's the damage dealt by a lightning?

JohnWhat is the damage dealt by a lightning? Can it kill me by a direct hit?

5:55 PM
Holy crap a valid minecraft question.
I bet i's a dupe :D

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