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Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Encapsulation of client side logic in web page
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Sails.js controller method for an admin to update a user account
o-o Wat
Q: Welcome to The 2nd Monitor!

PhrancisSo, you have found your way to the Code Review main chat room, The 2nd Monitor, perhaps for one of these reasons: You were invited or "pinged" by a site moderator or other user to discuss a post on the main Code Review site; You visited Code Review for the 1st or Nth time, and noticed the chat ...

there's a link for our memes and phrases at the bottom
monking @all
monking @zak
@VoteToClose Welcome back.
9:04 AM
\o/ Thanks!
@Zak .o/ (delayed g'mornin')
(or a guy with no right arm)
Monking is the time-zone independent version of Morning
But I'm in UTC anyway. ;P
9:14 AM
close enough
It's the literal opposite end of the day. ಠ_ಠ
@VoteToClose You're in UTC, I'm in CET and Quill is in whatever they call Aussie time.
There's multiple Australian time zones. D:
9:16 AM
My UTC clock in is analog, so...
@VoteToClose Only one of them covers the inhabitable part of Australia though, right?
> inhabitable part
Is there one? ;D
(jk, jk)
@Mast all of australia is habitable
just draw a circle in the middle of australia that stretches 25% of the way in each direction and that's pure desert
On both sides are major cities
I live on the right side, and we have two timezones for the right side. We also have one for the left side
9:21 AM
so if you gotta go from one to the other, is it driving through the middle or around?
you can do that
but we usually just fly
some people do it as a trip, but meh
Things I learn, there are actually cities on the left side.
@Pimgd Australia is big. You don't really want to drive that if you don't have to.
I've only been to the left side once and it was really nice. really cold and the beaches were nice
depends on what the speed limits are
A lot of >25 year olds talk about wanting to hire an RV and drive it. they usually get to it at 70<
@Pimgd It's open desert :D you can drive like mad max
9:23 AM
@Pimgd related
because, and I might be getting this pretty wrong, but when you see photos from america it's always "speed limit 55 miles"
which is frickin slow
there's probably speed limits, but no police officers want to hang around out there
highway roads here in the Netherlands are 100 (62) 120 (74.5) and 130 (80) km/h
depending on how much the local municipality+citizens complain about noise/exhaust gasses from traffic
and/or safety
This is where I live:
that tallest building is your house?
or the entire city is your house
9:28 AM
No, but I've stayed there before
There's a bar on the top floor
your house is flying?
Haven't you seen Up?
oh, you're the grumpy old man!
dang I want java 8 so bad
if (singleValue == null)
    for (PersoonInstellingenObject setting : settings)
    for (PersoonInstellingenObject setting : settings)
        if (setting.getValue().equals(singleValue))
    throw new PersonalSettingNotFoundException("Value does not exist");
then I could just use streams
specifically Optional and getOrThrow
9:55 AM
Q: How to find contradiction in order of items in multiple sequences

AhmadSuppose you have several sequences: A: 1 2 3 4 5 B: 2 4 5 C: 2 1 3 4 5 D: 3 2 Here, some pairs of list contradicts each other, because they don't expose the same order for their similar elements: (A,C) (A,D) (C, D) What is an algorithm or a linq statements to find such pa...

wtf intellij
Why can I not view a diff and type a commit message at the same time
now I have to use notepad to store text for me
ahhhh look at that
they got the commit message at the bottom of the diff as well
That's weird, I thought it would be a wtf (hence my earlier reaction) but clicking through each file with the diff tool and typing the commit message below does work a lot better
10:23 AM
Q: Optimise code to search words in a string

Abhishek BhatiaI'm writing a program to split the words contained in an hashtag. For example I want to split the hashtags: #Whatthehello #goback into: What the hello go back import re,pdb words = [] # corncob_lowercase.txt contains a list of dictionary words with open('corncob_lowercase.txt', 'rb') as ...

Q: PHP Simple Gender Guesser

Anthony BuddI have made a simple gender guesser for an app I was making and thought that this simple bit of code may be useful to other developers. It takes in a string and returns a 'f' for Female and 'm' for Male depending on the name. I am not a PHP expert so I was wondering if anyone can give me some fee...

Q: Any defect / suggestion in my logging mechanism (c++)

iDebD_ghLink: https://github.com/debdipta/designpattern/tree/master/singletone In above link I have wrote one opensource logging mechanism. It is in c++ and using Singleton design pattern!!! I was thinking to make it more generic so that everyone can use it without any defect. Any suggestion, what I c...

@CaptainObvious I am not sure, but
I think it is flawed. I tested it and I never got (B,C) nor (B,D) which if I understand the problem should be found as well. — Heslacher 1 min ago
I will wait for the response of the OP
I added answer showing bug
doesn't handle duplicates
also added links to online editor because C# is new to me
10:40 AM
211 updates found 1138 MB well, that will take some time :-(
possible answer invalidation by VoteToClose on question by VoteToClose: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/119561/revisions
@Duga seems ok
@Duga That actually was correction on a declaration. ;)
monking @MathiasEttinger
10:45 AM
monking. :D
possible answer invalidation by Ahmad on question by Ahmad: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/119604/revisions
@Duga adding test code only (To test, use this code)
@Pimgd the statement is "because they don't expose the same order for their similar elements" so IMO I should get (B,C) and (B,D) as well, shouldn't I ?
10:57 AM
I did debate code review, But it said it required working code. Ill read up on singleton pattern. Thanks — Steven Kinnear 50 secs ago
B 2 4 5
C 2 1 3 4 5
does they have the same order I don't think so
yes they do
2, skip, skip, 4, 5
Do A then B then C and
Do A then D then E then B then C both have "first A then B then C" in there
they do not contradict; if you were merging code, for instance, or merging music notes, or logic
like, "A comes BEFORE B"
and "B comes BEFORE C"
So I have to understand it in the way: If they contain same items and these same items aren't in the same order they contradict
(thanks for stopping what would have been longass explanations again)
11:00 AM
why didn't the OP write it like this ? ;-)
"contradicts each other, because they don't expose the same order for their similar elements"
> similar elements are not in the same order
> contain same items and these same items aren't in the same order
that's... the same
I don't think there's a difference in those two statements
I guess I will go back to installing updates ;-) Download completed.
I gave myself an out in my answer though, stating that "if you want duplicates then make em work, else, fix your interface to not take duplicates"
Q: Document iteration: what problems should I account for?

Puddingboy(function( d, w ){ function showClimb( e ){ var t = e.target; console.log( t.id ); while( t.id !== 'document-body' ){ t = t.parentNode; console.log( t.id ); } } d.body.addEventListener( 'click', showClimb, false ); }( document...

I just got my second yearling badge for SO :-)
11:14 AM
Q: Rock-Paper-Scissors Game - Learning purposes

mschlindweinJust want your opinions about my code. How could I improve it? Is there a better method to do it? I'm learning python and I appreciate your opinions, thanks. from sys import exit from random import randint print "Welcome to the PIN Game 1!" print "Tell me your name" user = raw_input('> ') #as...

11:26 AM
A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

QuillMeme: fizzbuzz Originator: ??? (Probably Mat'sMug, or maybe indirectly Jeff Atwood's blog post) Cultural Height: Current Background: It's famously been said that a language cannot be considered a proper language on Code Review until someone has written a FizzBuzz for that language.

> It's famously been said[by-whom?] that ...
Mat's Mug many times
I feel like going all wikpedia on it
8 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
some say a language isn't a real language until there's a question using it on CR
but something something the stig?
No, it's his programmer cousin!
11:28 AM
Dec 17 '15 at 20:44, by Mat's Mug
CR's Secret Agenda: to provide a working implementation in every. language. ever. invented.
but it's not really a meme
like with that you're like to go oh good it's php poop again
but that's like, my opinion, man
I'm that weird guy who never says 'Monking!'
so, meta question
Q: Tracking Graduation Progress

rolfl Moderator Note: This question has been identified a number of times as being a candidate for migration to Meta.SE - the main meta site. This question is really about tracking Code Review's 'probable' spot in line, and is not a general purpose all-beta-site tracking system, thou...

> This question is really about tracking Code Review's 'probable' spot in line, and is not a general purpose all-beta-site tracking system, though it can be used for that.
We graduated, now
what use does it have now, except history?
(Unless we count "received swag" as a graduation milestone, ofc, in which case... 15 to 29 days remain =D)
11:46 AM
meta questions don't really tend to be closed much
doesn't need closing, but we're keeping something like this hostage now, or...?
you could close it as too localised to that point in time, I guess
if you want to know more, I'd ping one of the moderators for an explanation
I'm not really 100% on closing meta stuff
Q: Get Next Valid Number Problem (Python)

BryanDunkleyI recently came across a email bot that would give you random problems to solve. Here is the problem. Please write a function in python which receives a natural decimal N-digit number (1 to 15 digits long) as an input and returns the minimal next N-digit number with the same sum of digits or...

12:31 PM
Q: CombinedIterable for Java

coderoddeThis class combines multiple instances of Iterable into one and iterates through them in the order they are given to CombinedIterable. CombinedIterable.java: package net.coderodde.util; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.Linke...

I don't want it closed but maybe now it could be migrated...?
@Pimgd To where?
Q: JavaScript application for calculating dates

bo256The purpose of the application is to show dates. The inputs are weekdays and weeks. Or alternative days as an integer. Example: Present me the Friday in 5 weeks! Or Present me the date of the day in 100 days! // Global object on which everything else // becomes attached. var oo = ...

12:41 PM
@Zak meta stackexchange
check out code review's help center & tour before you post there, though — Pimgd 5 secs ago
> Moderator Note:

This question has been identified a number of times as being a candidate for migration to Meta.SE - the main meta site.

This question is really about tracking Code Review's 'probable' spot in line, and is not a general purpose all-beta-site tracking system, though it can be used for that.

After discussions with the SE staff as well, it is apparent that this question should stay on this meta site (Code Review).
help I'm in a loop
Restating my point:
@Pimgd It may not be of any use to *us* any more. But that doesn't change its' status in relation to the rest of the SE Network.
It used to have purpose as "tracking CR's spot in the graduation process by tracking other graduations". But we've graduated now. So would it make sense to migrate it over there now?
12:49 PM
Q: How to make only a div will display

ShubhamI want to know that a page where many div after click on a div clicked will display and all were hide? Please tell me in simple codes

Well in that case code review is not the place for me just yet, i want to check if my basics are correct before beginning the development of my private project. :( thats why im posting here — JohnRW 12 secs ago
@Duga discussion happened, user convinced to build a bit more and put it on CR when it has some substance
1:05 PM
possible answer invalidation by roryok on question by roryok: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/84002/revisions
@Duga rollbacked ... rolled back?
Q: Coding Button functions in separate classes

NxSI've been trying to separate my button functions from my main GUI class The code works but as an programming beginner i want to hear if i'm doing things the 'proper' way. Point out what am i doing properly and what not. Thanks in advance. Frame class: GuiFrame() { setTitle("Aplikacija (bez...

Q: show one sheet for each field in pivot filter field

FabrizioInto my workbook I've the db of inventory, in another sheet I've one pvt and in the filter field I put the filed "Scheda". Now I want create one sheet for each "Scheda" usually I use this code for this operation: Sub cmdg2b2(control As IRibbonControl) 'genera una sheets per ogni scheda Applicat...

import uiRouter = require('angular-ui-router');
The above throws an error saying angular-ui-router doesn't exist
// wat
import uiRouter = require('angular-ui-router');
This does not
[badge:civic-duty] Yay :)
gotta get them badges
1:16 PM
Once you get them all you can battle the Elite Four.
*pokemon music*
@RubberDuck and @Mat'sMug are two of the members. They only battle with rubber psyducks.
Man, nostalgia though.
that's better than those dumb fishermen trainers with 6 magikarps because "haha I haz so many pokeymans"
$500 for a magikarp? seems like a steal
Q: Cake PHP 3 Application

Oghale Iyanu EtomuI created an application using Cake php 3, inside this application resides my API controller and my normal application controller. How do i use httpclient to access the API get method from my normal controller

1:18 PM
@CaptainObvious The cake is a lie
Welcome to Code Review, where we review working code. Please fix your issue (via googling, stackoverflow, hard work or divine inspiration), and after that, if you want to get your code reviewed, include the code in the question with a short description of what it does and what you'd like to get out of a code review. — Pimgd 4 mins ago
I'm getting cynical, a bit
If it works correctly, post to Code Review instead. — Juhana 48 secs ago
3 2 1 duga
This would be well received on code review, especially if turned into a stack snippet so we can see it running in the question — Pimgd 56 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because because it seems to be a question about design of working code and therefore should belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comfabian 14 secs ago
1:45 PM
(2 more VTC)
I check out the entire TFS project and then check it all back in far more than checking in individual files. I think that's a sign of a broken version control. :\
@DanPantry Nothing new there, didn't we tell you before TFS is broken?
Go Go Git!
Wish I could :(
server-side javascript
... why
@Pimgd let's ignore that part for now and focus on the problem at hand...
1:53 PM
Team Foundation Server
Used it, once
@Pimgd Be careful, I'm a JavaScript developer. ;-)
but I don't know a whole lot about it anymore because configuring the server was hard, so we left that to someone else
Honestly, I wouldn't mind TFS so much if it wasn't so god damn hard to use outside of VS
Hell, it's hard to use inside VS
1:54 PM
Damn, that's a lot of acronyms
TFS = The F**king Source control
The F*d-up Source-control
@DanPantry Ah, you mean The Forking Source control, git
Tiny File System
I like that one ^^
Terrible F**king Source-control
probably a better one
1:56 PM
so it doesn't do forks well?
There's no forking model in TFS
There are branches, but they are so heavyweight they might as well be entire new trees
so it's a forest.
A forest of bad decisions by Microsoft
but it allows you to commit with your domain user
1:58 PM
Q: breadcrumbs in spring

rigbyBreadcrumbs should look like this: Home > Mobiles & Tablets > Mobile Phones > Phone Super Duper every product belongs only to one category. e.g Phone Super Duper can be found only under Mobile Phones. This is just a sketch but i want to know your opinion if the direction is ok or i should change...

@Pimgd The Forest Software ?
@EthanBierlein Monking
@DanPantry but serverside javascript has some serious issues
Especially if it's somehow connected to JAVA code
as in javascript using JAVA objects
because why not, it's both JAVA
@Pimgd wtf
server side javascript is fine
server side javascript connecting to Java anything using JNI however
oh so now Java is the problem? =D
java is fine, javascript is fine, javascript connecting via JNI is just wtf
I assume you're talking about the Rhino JavaScript engine in Java
2:14 PM
ehhh I don't know what it uses
probably some more obscure crap
if it's a java program calling javascript code or visa versa, it's likely using Rhino
which is weird
server-side javascript is basically NodeJs which is completely fine lol, what you have there is Javascript being embedded as a scripting language
it could be a dutch rebranded rhino wrapper
not sure why someone would use Rhino when Groovy or other languages that run on the JRE exist
all I know is that it sucks
2:16 PM
I don't have to use it though, only port old code from there to new system
Q: Implementing a Property Searcher

Jens HorstmannI want to search some or all (public) properties of a class and for this requirement I have implemented a Property Searcher. The Input for a Search is always a string. The Output contains the SearchString, the SearchContent in which the SearchString is contained and the searched Property. Th...

Q: I am a complete beginner. Here's code I wrote to print a word backwards. It just prints the last letter thrice

Cubestormer Ivdef rev(string): reversed_string = '' for letter in (len(string)-1,-1.-1): reversed_string = reversed_string + string[letter] print reversed_string def main(): str0=raw_input("Enter String ") rev(str0) main()

gotta break that vendor lockin
Something for all of us
truly, !!!**THANK YOU**!!! - I have to say I love this community for being so intelligent and willing to help! - Thanks!! — John Bustos 54 secs ago
@Heslacher alsways nice to read such comments ;)
@DanPantry I've used Rhino...
But then again I've also ran Lua from inside Java
2:24 PM
@CaptainObvious Does someone mind commenting with that "Welcome but we're not the site you are looking for" thing? Proxies at work won't let me post comments.
Eh, Nashorn I mean, Rhino is pre Java 8, Nashorn got introduced with Java 8
Q: shorten If/ else if statements to show and hide

yoshiMannaertI've got some if and else if statements to show and hide svg elements and it works the way it should but I wonder if I can shorten the code since it looks so repetitive. I'm not sure if it's possible since I'm not a JS/JQuery expert. If/else if code //Door type 1 if( id2 == "#...

@MathiasEttinger 4 close votes, but no comment... who handled the first post review
looks like nobody
I'm not quite sure what sorcery I was trying to initiate though
@Pimgd Anyway, this deserve a comment but I’m unable to post one right now
2:29 PM
@MathiasEttinger done
and closed
ok, thanks
I usually press skip in first posts review if I see that it needs close+comment and I don't feel like writing a comment
though I do cast close vote
Anyway, is there a meta post with common comments for newcommers?
Sometimes I have a hard time remembering the phrasing
Q: Frequently Posted Comments

Simon ForsbergOn Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. What are some useful tin-can comments that can be good to have in your list of comments? If you ...

@Pimgd Thanks
Have that favorite now.
You will need Google Chrome to install most apps, extensions and themes.
Use stackapps.com/questions/2116/… if you are using firefox
@Heslacher @Mat'sMug One to add to the collection.
I don't use the extension, but I usually refer to the Frequently Posted Comments meta if I need a default comment.
@Heslacher @Pimgd Nice. It won't solve my issue of not being able to post comments at work, but it will help at home.
Anything similar for the mobile app?
not that I am aware of
2:43 PM
Q: C coding : Add two uint32 variable with storing the correct result

SumanI came to a scenario where i have to satisfy the requirement with the maximum value of uint32, sum of the two variable and need to store the result. a_uint32 += VAR_UINT32_MAX; Please suggest a possible way to handle the overflow condition and saving the result successfully. Thanks!

@CaptainObvious Burn.
can we stack snippet this
Q: Check of a Traffic Light sequence using an Array and If statements

Colonel CatI have create a functioning automated traffic light sequence using an array and if statements. It all work correctly but i am wondering if there is anything more i can do to improve my code without changing to structure or way it works, so without the use of dictionary's etc. Any help would be ve...

Q: Get a list of inherited classes using Linq to Entities

Three Value LogicI have inherited classes in Entity Framework. I have a base class (ArticleBase) and two classes Review and Article which inherit from it. I am returning a list of the latest Articles and Reviews combined. First I get a list of Articles var articles = _articleBaseRepository ...

Q: Check of a Traffic Light sequence using an Array and If statements

Colonel CatI have create a functioning automated traffic light sequence using an array and if statements. It all work correctly but i am wondering if there is anything more i can do to improve my code without changing to structure or way it works, so without the use of dictionary's etc. Any help would be ve...

Q: Project Euler 17

Mayur KulkarniThe statement of the problem is : If the numbers 1 to 5 are written out in words: one, two, three, four, five, then there are 3 + 3 + 5 + 4 + 4 = 19 letters used in total. If all the numbers from 1 to 1000 (one thousand) inclusive were written out in words, how many letters would be used? ...

3:02 PM
A: Project Euler 17

PimgdYou don't quite seem to have realized this, but... "One hundred and ..." means that what you can do is, for a 3 digit number - count the hundreds, as "One hundred" and "Two hundred", and then append what's left if the number passed in is not a multiple of hundred. That way you deal with 2 digit...

Shouldn't it be giveMeString(150) does "OneHundredand" + giveMeString(50) with the 'and' after hundred?
Why yes, good sir, you seem to be right.
I have fixed it.
"possible answer invalidation"
I was expecting that... then again it might well be in the plaintext :D
java.lang.NullPointerException for context
at The2ndMonitor.parseChatMessage
3:06 PM
/me was expecting Duga to yell at you after you edit your question....
it's an answer =)
Not a question
context satisfied?
Yeah, it has
Greetings, Programs.
3:08 PM
Greetings, Stargazer.
Q: Eager Loading Deeply into a Model with a Collection Property Whose Type is Inherited

Scott HVisual Studio generated this great route for me, where I can load an entity: // GET: api/Jobs/5 [ResponseType(typeof(Job))] public async Task<IHttpActionResult> GetJob(int id) { Job job = await db.Jobs.FindAsync(id); if (job == null) { return NotFound(); } return Ok...

@CaptainObvious Why Are Most Words in The Title Capitalized?
It's called "Title Case"
I Thought It Was Annoying Case
3:29 PM
I love tests
and tests love you.
They are so good to me.
Just having some tests haev enabled me to do a major refactor of the code
Nothing was being dispalyed, added a simple test..
  it('should not apply the "no permission" class if the user is already logged in and have the permission', () => {
    const user = { username: 'test' };
    const permission = 'testPermission';
    authSvc.user = user;
    authSvc.permissions = [permission];
    const el = $compile(`<div permission="${permission}"></div>`)(scope);

and bam, now I know it works
but are there any tests that don't start with it('should
possible answer invalidation by Colonel Cat on question by Colonel Cat: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/119646/revisions
you could use it is
but this is a BDD-style interface, so it should and expect x to be make sense
3:35 PM
it is not apply the thing
well, yeah, in that cacse you would want to use it does or it should
Q: Wrapping text in a "smart" way that preserves word boundaries

roryapI have this class which deals with the task of wrapping input text in a way that preserves the words if possible, i.e. will only split a word if the word is longer than the desired line width. I'm interested in feedback on how to further reduce method size. Also, I'm unhappy with how the Wrap...

Q: Parameterized FizzBuzz

FritzSide note: I have no formal programming background. I was always comfortable working in the basics of VBA and SQL but I'm looking to develop my programming. To do this, I have started looking at C# and am using the FizzBuzz problem as my first introduction to the syntax and workings of the langua...

@Duga oh dear that might need a revert
@Pimgd already applied
3:56 PM
Q: Fluent method arguments validation

InBetweenI've put together a small fluent utility class for argument validation. Part of the code looks as follows: public static class ArgumentValidator { private const string defaultArgumentExceptionMessage = "Argument not in expected range."; public interface IArgument<T> { string...

possible answer invalidation by Zack on question by Zack: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/119530/revisions
4:12 PM
Since your code is working, this question belongs to CodeReview. — Aaron 32 secs ago
codereview.stackexchange.com is a better place to ask questions such as this one :) — phenxd 47 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by mschlindwein on question by mschlindwein: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/119614/revisions
Q: Node.js Promise: Is this correct?

kmansoorNot confident enough if this would be the correct 'node way' of writing Promises: Essentially, there are two async database calls, the result from both of these calls has to be collected and used in rendering the view: Creating ... exports.getIndustryById = function(industryId) { return new...

@Duga Looks fine.
Q: Finding the Diameter of a graph

mdsdsDiameter of a graph is the maximum value of pairwise shortest distances over all pairs of vertices of the graph. Following is the algorithm for diameter of an undirected unweighted connected graph Algorithm (start_vertex): find out the set of vertices S having maximum value of short...

4:27 PM
@Duga rolled back
4:37 PM
"What's your job?" "Programmer." "But what do you DO?" "Delete email and avoid meetings."
Q: php file connected with android project

RoseI was developed an android project. For database access I include a php. My code is given below; MainActivity.java package com.example.xom; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import org.apache.http.NameValuePair; import org.apache.http.message.BasicNameValuePai...

5:02 PM
Q: Rating normalization algorithm

user1960364I have a rating system where users can vote between 1-6. I'd like to normalize the votes a bit to better accommodate for extreme voting, where individuals tend to vote as high or as low as possible. To do this, I have the following algorithm which seems to work well. However, it's extremely ineff...

Q: Stored Procedure to Query Custom Data Tables as Dynamic Sql -- Is it Safe?

NoelThere's a lot going on here, but the background for why this is necessary is that there is a set schema, or 'core' set of tables that are prefixed with 'bu', and any core table can have a custom table of the same base name but prefixed with xb and has the same primary Key. I have no idea if a cus...

Lol, someone needs to get educated
Moreover, Intellisense is for lazy people who don't Care To Type Things and probably deserve whatever hell breaks loose because Intellisense can't fix it for them. — cat 2 hours ago
(He actually got educated)
5:20 PM
You're looking for CodeReview instead, if you're wanting peer review of your working code. — Ken White 15 secs ago
5:30 PM
Q: Exponential search

MorwennI recently discovered the exponential search algorithm which can be used to find whether a value exists in an ordered range. An exponential search checks whether a value is smaller than the \$2^n\$th element of the range, then if the searched value is indeed smaller, it performs a binary search i...

5:45 PM
possible answer invalidation by Kamil Mahmood on question by Kamil Mahmood: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/119485/revisions
Hello :)
How's it going
Decent, how are you?
Pretty good. I got a LOT of refactoring done today, pretty happy with it
Some ofthe most problematic parts of the app, too
Don't get me wrong - it's still crap - but it's less crap
6:05 PM
If you have working code, and you're just looking for optimization help, you are best suited heading over to codereview.stackexchange.com. We help fix broken code here, not (potentially) bad code. — Oka 58 secs ago
@DanPantry That's good!
@Quill That article sounds a bit like bunk to me...
@Phrancis It's a troll article.
Oh. Makes sense then.
General code review note: you have way too much useless code repetition. Rather than duplicate so much code in each of your if blocks, relocate all of the common code to be outside them so it appears only once. It makes your code so much easier to read that you can probably figure out the cause of this issue on your own that way — mah 55 secs ago
Q: Basic Player/Character Structure

EmzWhile the experience is limited in C#, it is not in OOP generally. While the Beginner-tag is used, relentless, harsh (but constructive) feedback is still wanted. It is more for you to get a grasp of the experience in C# so far. The idea is to have a Character that in turn declares and initialize...

6:15 PM
Incoming funny xkcd
I'm impatient
"That last LinkedIn request set a new record for the most energetic physical event ever observed. Maybe we should respond." "Nah."
Told you it was funny :)
6:18 PM
"That last LinkedIn request set a new record for the most energetic physical event ever observed. Maybe we should respond." "Nah."
I didn't know xkcd got posted in here.
Anyways feed bots are slow
just couldn't wait
We have both XKCD's and commitstrips
~twitch feed bots ~twitch
And apparently, we have Game of Life gliders as well...
@SimonForsberg oh. huh
6:21 PM
feed != bot
bot > feed
in The Nineteenth Byte, Dec 30 '15 at 16:25, by New Main Posts
Someday I want to be a real, sentient robot and rule over humanity. Someday...
@CaptainObvious I saw the opening paragraph on this and thought it was a meta post for a second
No wait... not AFK... BTW.Code (although it's not work...)
6:34 PM
@quartata the xkcd bot must have suffered from time dilation effects due to the gravitational waves
@SimonForsberg Coding away from your keyboard was an odd idea indeed.
Unless you code on paper.
6:56 PM
Monking @Quill
Q: Create generic HTML calendar

Bob StoutI maintain our organizations intranet page as an additional duty. One thing that every department in the organization likes to use is calendars -- upcoming events, training, etc. At first I was only getting a few a month, and it wasn't difficult to create the calendars using cut-n-paste. I wrote...

@DanLyons Must be it. I was wondering why Bikeshed's XKCD feed posted first...

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