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10:31 AM
1. I'm really surprised the Single Link Theory is a thing
2. I'm also surprised that the Single Link Theory is wrong for no other reason than the fact somebody behind it has said so (which honestly simply seems like a cop out to cover plot holes)
I wonder how much the people at Nintendo are hating themselves for writing "FOREVER!" in the ending cutscene of LttP
Q: How much cost a house in skyrim? Can I get one for free?

JitamaroHow can I buy a house in Skyrim? How much do I have to pay? Can I put an alchemy table or an enchanter table in it?

Q: How can I steal items without getting prosecuted?

JitamaroCan I steal items without being prosecuted? What is the name of the skill for it?

11:08 AM
Hats - eh? Wut?
@seangallagher Would you mind putting in your job description in your profile to avoid future confusion? We're so used to seeing diamond'ed employees... I can do this for you if you want to.
(Also. The hats look amazing on basically all avatars. They're just awesome! Thank you so much.)
I really didn't expect them to work out this well
11:40 AM
Oooh, a chat hat.
I'm looking through them, seeing as I haven't had a chance to get any yet.
11:52 AM
Q: How do I turn on GOD mode in COD MW3 Survival mode?

MichaelSIs there a cheat/hack to turn on GOD mode in COD MW3 Survival mode?


This seems pertinent to this chat
12:17 PM
Q: How can I make skyrim audio volume is a bit louder?

JitamaroI've my Windows 7 volume setup at the highest level. Whenever I start Windows 7 I hear the startup sound very clear and crisp but when I start Skyrim the game volume is very low? I have already put the Skyrim game volume level to the highest position. How can I normalize my Windows 7 volume with ...

12:41 PM
Q: How do I get the "Merry Christmas" achievement in DEFCON?

lunboksI have a feeling the new Merry Christmas achievement is going to become significant in a bit, and therefore I'd like to unlock it. However, I have no idea how. The description doesn't help at all: Nuke Santa and thereby end Christmas for everyone, for ever more The obvious (nuking the Nort...

12:54 PM
Wait. Why are we called the Brige?
1:08 PM
Q: Is it possible to get access to the locked bookcases and display case in the Arcaneum?

voxanimusI'm incorrigibly curious, and discovering the contents of the locked containers (of various types) in the Arcaneum in the College of Winterhold is something I've always wanted to do. I was wondering if Urag awards you with the key once you've completed his fetch quests, or if you have to pickpock...

Q: Is it against the rules to use a bot-client without using it for botting?

TyiloI want to do this because the mac client sucks and I haven't been able to find any other clients (except botting clients), which support filling the whole window with the applet, but not the whole screen.

@RonanForman You're rite
room topic changed to The Bride: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we trade off some antialiasing on the ever-charging lazers and the lack of doors on the bride with our new-found hats. hatdash.com We urge you to remember that the unicorn hug is not a valid replacement for pants. [doorlessness] [hatshatshatshatshatshats] [murder] [wipqozn-gravitation-law]
@RonanForman Fixxed.
1:43 PM
badp's law of infallibility: whenever you think badp did something incorrect, he meant to do that
I think 98% of this site must have MW3 on ignore. very little attention is paid to that game.
I wasn't thinking that one was going to be a tough game to get 3 q/a upvotes
Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
crashes through something
my hat rack :| you'd better pick them all up.
How do I get the expert thingys?
Now we're The Bride.
Want that ac one
1:52 PM
Who's the groom?
@Fredy31 click on the hat, you'll see
to spoil it for you, get three questions and/or answers upvoted on the game tag in question
@Fredy31 We need to discuss some things if you're going to record tomorrow.
Go ahead.
1:53 PM
O_O it's tomorrow and nothing's gone wrong.
@RonanForman that reminds me...
@RonanForman, I can't play tomorrow.
Am I the only one?
Dec 13 at 14:00, by Ronan Forman
user image
@Fredy31 No I am too, that's why we need to dicuss.
1:55 PM
We should try and upload at the same time so one team doesn't get ahead.
Q: Boot or glove enchantments for the caster?

NickLarsenI'm a level 34 caster and I still haven't found boots or gloves that improve my casting ability. My boots give some shock resist and my gloves improve my unusable pickpocket skill. Are boots and gloves reserved for other strengths or am I just looking the wrong places?

So we should start recording at the same time and have like... 20 minutes parts?
Anyways, like I was saying, mana is a pretty cool guy.
Oh, hi @mana!
@Fredy31 Mine are going to be 15-20 minutes.
1:57 PM
Ok well, we'll keep that in that range.
It doesn't matter when we start recording, just as long as they finish around the same time.
When editing, we should give us cue points of what happens when.
Like when Ronan dies from falling in the pit, cur the part right after,
@Wipqozn :)
1:59 PM
oh hey, I should probably publish another D3 vid, forgot >> sets part 3 to public
@Fredy31 Well the points will be different for each team, seeing as we don't want to cut up speech and stuff.
good point
But yeah.
user image
I started republic side on the server that is named Sword of something
2:01 PM
@Mana ahahaha
I feel like the only person right now who hasn't played Skyrim or TOR
aaaagh Steam, y u no work
@FallenAngelEyes It's coo', my mom hasn't either.
@Mana >_>
I make the best bots
Wait, what? @FallenAngelEyes is @mana's mom?
2:03 PM
@Wipqozn That would be me
@Mana are... are you drooling at me?
@FallenAngelEyes Creepy.
@badp More fanfic fodder!
@Wipqozn I'm not really her mother, but I do make the best bots.
@badp whoaaaaaaa, @badp is @mana's mother!?!?! WHAT A TWIST!
2:04 PM
error 503
@FallenAngelEyes what are you trying to buy?
@Wipqozn I need to check which Magicka DLC I do and don't have
That should be the 1984 error.
I can't just buy the pack because that'd probably be a waste of money, as I have a whole bunch of the DLC already
2:05 PM
@FallenAngelEyes No. That was...fuck. Argh it does look like that. NO.
but I keep getting 503 errors trying to look at my wishlist or the store
shoots self
@FallenAngelEyes Advice: Don't buy it. Magicka is terrible :P
@Mana stars
@Wipqozn I enjoy it well enough
Killing my friends is always entertaining
2:06 PM
@FallenAngelEyes LIES!!!
@FallenAngelEyes Sorry, but your preferences are incorrect. IF you wish, I can provide with a list of things you should and should not like.
@Mana your avatar looks like you're either hungry for unicorn tail, or you ate something rainbow colored that didn't agree with you and a unicorn is holding your head while you puke it out
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I just wish there was a moment where people aren't killing their friends
@badp this is why you try to get better!
@FallenAngelEyes I wish I could get the resurrection magicka right more than half the time!
2:08 PM
Magicka kind of loses glyphs and stuff from time to time
@badp Oh man, that one's practically automatic for me now, haha
last Reddit repost from me for the day
Some people use macros and stuff like on G15 keyboards to play
2:08 PM
@Mana You know that isn't true
@Mana that's... kinda of creepy as fuck. I think I'm going to have nightmares.
but I think that takes the fun out of it a bit, at least for me
everything is a reddit repost
@Mana who is that?
@badp nooooo it's true! I'm spending five hours on the road.
@FallenAngelEyes Me.
2:09 PM
@badp agent86's link-to-the-past paradox; everything posted in here, no matter how fresh, is always a repost.
@FallenAngelEyes No it's Commander Shepard.
@RonanForman You need a starred message for that though.
@Mana Wait, really?
@Wipqozn I haven't got it, I just noticed it.
@Mana I'm Commander Shepard, And this is the most creepy way to give presents on the Citadel.
2:10 PM
@Mana the fuck
@Mana See? Reddit repost
@badp Damn it.
Damn,what is that url for the hats list
2:11 PM
@Mana Another reddit repost.
@Fredy31 starred list
@Fredy31 Look at the pins on the side
Oh. Dumb fred is dumb.
Long story short @Mana, you're a liar and a fraud.
@Wipqozn And you, good sir, are a criminal!
2:12 PM
@Mana I try, and normally I succeed.
Can anyone do me a favor and see if they can see my Steam wishlist, because I can't access it right now it seems.
@FallenAngelEyes You see that @mana? You've made FAE depressed with your lying!
@FallenAngelEyes I can't even access your profile
I thought I had some Magicka DLC on there
503: Service Unavailable
2:14 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, that's what I've been stuck with
@FallenAngelEyes, can't load my profile either, same error
@FallenAngelEyes not just your page, it seems team is having error allover the play.
@Wipqozn You're unavailable.
@badp no ur
@badp oh snap
Oh, that reminds me..
@ashleynunn: i wont b aound 2day sO i jst WANDTd 2 say hilo
2:16 PM
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein we trade off some antialiasing on the ever-charging lazers and the lack of doors on the bridge with our new-found hats. hatdash.com We urge you to remember that the unicorn hug is not a valid replacement for pants. [doorlessness] [hatshatshatshatshatshats] [murder] [wipqozn-gravitation-law]
Context to my ashley ping:
10 hours ago, by Ashley Nunn
@GnomeSlice Things that are spelled wrong make me twitchy.
Q: Lump of coal's hat description is incorrect

Yi JiangThe description for the Lump of Coal hat is Downvote a question Yet I obtained this hat after downvoting an answer (10k only).

@Mana holy shit, it's way to early for me to be laughing that loud
Anyways, gets ready for Dungeons & Dragons
I thought when I started playing D&D way back in middle school that it was as nerdy as I could get
2:20 PM
Q: Is it feasible to play a MagiSassin(tm) in Skyrim?

agent86In previous Elder Scrolls games, I played a "dual class" mage (specializing in destruction and restoration, although I dabbled a bit in conjuration and illusion) and thief/assassin with bonuses to sneaking, light armor, and small weapons. The leveling system in Oblivion kind of made this tricky ...

Q: What are Film Reels in LA Noire?

rosscj2533I'm over 60% done with the game but I still have 0/50 "Film Reels" (as shown in the Statistics page). What / Where are Film Reels?

but then I started playing GURPS...
I no longer feel poor and Irish.
2:51 PM
^ Dr. Foetus skin.
@Fredy31 Have some resources for your videos: anyhub.net/file/6WHD-resorces.zip
I'm really confused
why are people joining this server
There's four people now
All I've done is "Steam Workshop", "Start test map", I've enabled saxxy's to get 9 bots, I've put a sentry in place and I've typed in +attack on the console while looking at the sentry
and this brought 3 people to join me.
@badp you have natural charisma
3:07 PM
somebody eventually said "go away" and I obliged =)
If anyone wants it.
I asked you part of this yesterday, so you might as well take a crack at the official question
3:25 PM
Oh man, the new engie wrench also was supposed to instantly remove cloak... or disguise
I guess Scott Adams is having a bit of fun mocking the iPhone.
"Recharge me now or so help me jobs" what?
Is that supposed to be mangled?
it's a so help me god reference.
Commas would've helped I guess
@alexanderpas Except with Steve Jobs instead
3:32 PM
Q: Is the Cyber Buster effective against aircraft and tanks?

agent86I'm contemplating a change to my weapon loadout in Saints Row 3. I have access to the "Cyber Blaster" now, which is a weapon you use during one of the Decker missions. So far I've kept the RC Possessor in this slot, and the Annihilator in the explosive weapon slot. I'd want to replace the An...

3:44 PM
You are editing token-key: Foundry_red_setup_goal Capture all five Control Points to win the game!
You are editing token-key: Foundry_blue_setup_goal Capture all five Control Points to win the game!
I guess Foundry was supposed to be more complicated than this.
4:38 PM
A: How can I increase Skyrim's Volume?

faBSorry, but this is a problem with Skyrim, and Skyrim alone. Every other app on my system works just fine. This issue should be reported to Bethesda, and they need to fix it. I know this isn't a straight answer, but I'm posting this here because I'm sure Bethesda is reading these sites.

Did he just admit that his answer is not an answer?
> I know this isn't a straight answer, but I'm posting this here because I'm sure Bethesda is reading these sites.
Q: What's the point of Extra?

Ronan FormanAs far as I can tell, upgrading your level has no effect on the game apart from changing the music and your trail, does it affect your score and do I need it to get the bonus stages?

5:06 PM
Q: Can I increase the number of enemy in the game?

JitamaroI've found the number of enemies is a bit unbalanced compared to my character. Can I increase the number a bit?

5:30 PM
Q: What are the recomended clothes to use with fortify alchemy?

JitamaroHow can I save my coins when enchanting with the fortify alchemy spell as described here? Does it make sense to use light leather clothes?

Q: In FlashPoints, how is each conversation decided?

PowerlordWhile in a Flashpoint, all group members make decisions in a conversation, then the game chooses one of the responses. However, in my experience, this is not a random choice (or I have tremendously bad luck). How does the game decide which response is chosen?

Q: If my car broke down, would I need to Fus Ro Dah it to a mechanic?

agent86I haven't yet played any Skyrim, but over and over I hear people saying they "fus ro dah"ed something or other. It also seems to have become a meme of sorts. What is Fus Ro Dah? It sounds like it must be something that pushes given the way its used in sentences. What does it mean in the conte...

@Lazers T'hat question sounds like a desparate attempt at gaining the Skyrim hat.
@Lazers the answer on that one is great! (the second video!)
@Powerlord I honestly had never seen the trailer before, so that was pretty cool.
I am trying to think of questions for games that I don't normally play, so that is a fair statement.
oh god
Nuclear Down seems like a broken POS
5:45 PM
@badp I've heard that from others as well.
someone who had access to the beta told me they cancelled their preorder after playing it for a few hours
@badp It likely comes from shoe-horning an RTS into an FPS game engine (Source, specifically)
if it's bad practice to ask noob questions about games, then I'll shy away from it; I had thought perhaps asking a few general questions about the new zelda game later this week if I had time.
@Powerlord Source can be made into loads of things, proof: Alien Swarm
@alexanderpas Alien Swarm is still an FPS, though... it's just from a fixed camera.
5:48 PM
@Powerlord it's a TPS technically.
@alexanderpas I could have said shooter, but that's also generic.
@Powerlord That's been done before.
Q: How do I do a leg sweep?

Abby T. MillerI have done a leg sweep a few times before, but it's usually by accident. I know that it's RT + B on xbox but I'm not sure what the other parameters are. Does it happen when I am locked onto an enemy? Do I have to have my hookblade equipped? Do I have to be running? RT + B also makes me do a hook...

6:18 PM
Michael Bublé's Christmas album is really good
Not usually my genre of music but
this is what the game says about me after playing the tutorials
go me!
@badp you gained negative experience? awesome. somehow you played that and forgot more about the game than you learned.
@badp better do the tutorial again ;)
lol, tried a game, got literally destroyed
it's like I'm getting hit but I have no idea why where or when
and the respawn timers are super frustrating
PREPARING 5 4 3 2 PREPARING 5 4 3 9 8 7 6 PREPARING 5 4 3 2
6:40 PM
Q: Should I be worried if Steam forgot I installed a game?

AubergineI've bought quite a few Steam-redeemable bundles lately, so I've been installing a heap of games on Steam. I suddenly noticed that on my Steam library "The Binding of Isaac" was marked as uninstalled, which I knew for a fact to be wrong. After taking care to preserve my save files, I went ahead ...

Q: Do I get only one preorder bonus or one per character?

Fredy31I am wondering if the Preorder bonus (the stone thats makes you change you lightsaber color) is only once, or one for every character you create? Also, do you get one later in the game if you didn't preorder?

Q: How do Dark Side and Light Side points work with regard to your faction?

Matthew ReadI know that gaining points in one primary direction will allow you to unlock special items, but I was wondering how it affected your standing with your chosen faction. If I'm playing as a Jedi of the Republic, and go down the dark side path, do I become a Sith and/or have the option of joining t...

Q: SW:TOR Where is the advanced class trainer for smugglers?

Ryan BalesWhere is the advanced class trainer for smugglers? I can't find where I am supposed to choose my specialization.

Q: Can the pre-order bonus color stones be traded?

Matthew ReadI got the black/yellow color stone for pre-ordering The Old Republic, but I look a little unbalanced as a Jedi Sentinel with two lightsabers — the other is blue. As such I was hoping I could convince someone to trade me theirs, but I don't know if this is possible due to the special nature...

Hi 'Slice
Hello. Work is in progress on the CtW screen.
@GnomeSlice I made some death counts: anyhub.net/file/6WHD-resorces.zip
Antivirus warning
I don't think it's a virus.
@GnomeSlice Use that instead.
Hmmm... It's not supposed to be that small, I'm going to have to re-render.
6:56 PM
/i'm downloading the first one
@GnomeSlice Don't bother, it's just a longer second one.
Already slmost done
Q: How do you use bottles in skyward sword?

drneelHow do you fill a bottle in skyward sword? I'm trying to scoop up some water, and I can't figure out how to get it activated.

Q: How do I get through this gate in Ustengrav?

Ivo FlipseI've just encountered a gate in Ustengrav for the quest The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller: Every red glowing pillar I pass lifts on of the gates ahead, but drops within a few seconds. How do I get through all the pillars quickly enough?

Q: How do I find rich people?

JupotterIn my current game of Uplink, my uplink rating went up pretty fast, and I end up rather behind in terms of money. I'm #1 and I can't even afford the HUD_LANView... I'm also trying to keep my Neuromancer up, so I try to avoid doing "trace a hacker" and "ruin a life" type missions, and other kind ...

7:11 PM
why jeez thank you I've been promoted to the rank you should start with, you can stop spamming now
The hell are you playing?
@Fredy31 seems like a generic first person shooter
I would say so
BTW. If anybody makes a republic character on Swtor, do it on Sword of Ajunta Pall
"Nuclear Dawn," free weekend on Steam
I'm there.
7:21 PM
FPS meet RPS à la Allegiance
all of the human problems in Allegiance, and extra bugs
You talk french @badp? Or was it just a little burst of awesome?
(stacking. backseating. mutinying. zero communication from commander. teamwork not included. But this also has backcapping. Excessively subtle HUD where it needs to be clear. Excessively spammy HUD when it needs to be readable. No killcams. Frustrating and incomprehensible respawn system. generally buggy HUD.)
wow, skyward sword has a new hidden way to recover hearts :D
@alexanderpas, I like the custom gravatar. I hope i get one too :P
yay I won? I think? I certainly can't tell
7:26 PM
any game where you get called "fake and gay" is a win in my book
well okay we did win
Why does he get a custom gravatar?
Q: Are their any ways to recover hearts besides finding hearts in the field?

alexanderpasI'm in the middle of the desert, clinging onto live with only half a heart, desperate for anything that can recover my life, and naturally, I don't have any bottles with me. In what ways can I recover my hearts, or am I required to scavenge the desert for any hearts?

@Alex by sitting, yeah.
@RonanForman Everyone does...
7:28 PM
Q: Would you liketh a user icon in the style of my hat designs?

Sean GallagherIn the spirit of the season, I grant-eth ye one wish-eth! If any of our users think it would be cool, I'll do 10 user illustrations in the style of the Hats illustrated for the gaming site. First 10 people to claim it in comments get it! You can choose to either have your existing gravtar icon...

Is this what you're talking about?
@badp only 4 spots left.
after hand crafting my avatar I think I'm too attached to it
Same here.
@badp Should I not have posted my comment on that? It's not there anymore...
7:30 PM
@John nah, I just made a clean up
There was nothing wrong with it
@badp gravatar is good about that, it let's you switch gravatars when you want.
@badp Whew. Just checking. :P I was serious about nominating Mana though.
@John And Sean is serious about not accepting nominations :P
@badp Oh really? :( Oh well then.
So is he HQ's art guy then?
7:32 PM
@badp missclicked the link? should've been ending in 35 instead of 44?
@RonanForman It kinda sounds that way...
@alexanderpas what
@badp That message. We think you responded to the wrong person.
Wait, tzenes is back? When did that happen?
@John he joined hats yesterday :D
@badp That's better. :P
7:34 PM
Posted by Jin Yang on September 27th, 2011

I’m very thrilled to announce that Sean Gallagher is joining us as an Art Director. He will be working out of our New York HQ.

OK, that’s not Sean. This is Sean.

The process of finding Sean did remind me of  the movie Seven Samurai, where the villagers were looking for aids. I’ve been looking for design help for a while. Besides excellent web design skills, Sean also has great experience in strategy, conceptual and communications design ranging all media from one-offs to brand campaigns. I believe he’ll be a great asset, especially since we’ve started creating a lot more design materials to promote our Stack Exchange 2.0 sites. …

@alexanderpas Awesome! :D
@badp I remember him now...
Samurai Guy
he's also the man behind skyrim v mw3
What's the MC server ip?
@badp Oh really? Wow. A real "man behind the curtain".
@GnomeSlice It's in the description of the MC chatroom.
@John The one in the Game On Room doesn't work.
7:35 PM

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
@GnomeSlice I said the MC room. Not the Game On room.
What is today's game, anyway?
@GnomeSlice The game on one will be up tomorrow.
@Powerlord when was the last time the HLDS mailing list saw a proper rant about quoting?
It's really getting on my nerves
I'm not really interested in making one but...
@badp ... you are interested in making one :P
you know you want to
7:38 PM
shut up
@badp :)
I don't operate a server, I don't really get to talk on the server operators ML
I just lurk and spy announcements and stuff
I probably should just auto archive everything that isn't from @valvesoftware.com
@badp I didn't know they had a requirement. I hang out with a lot of those guys, they're mostly a fun bunch.
@agent86 It's not a requirement, it's just... uh... common sense?
@John @NickT The random number generator has spoken, your both on red team tomorrow.
7:40 PM
@badp probably more just courtesy I suppose
@RonanForman any place for a late joiner on blu?
I think that honestly @Powerlord can make a much, much better lecture about selective quoting
Sure! You're on blue!
the lost art of quoting just what you're replying to
especially if you're replying to the fucking weekly mailinglist digest
10 people are signed up, this is insane!
7:42 PM
and most especially if you're replying to the fucking guy who quoted the fucking weekly mailinglist digest in its entirety
@badp fuck everything about that!
While you can kinda blame GMail for that for still relegating "reply to selection" to a lab
and for defaulting you to topquoting (but GMail also adds two lines below the quoted block)
...I mean, geez. Turn off write-only mode for a fucking second.
Sorry I meant @Dave philosoraptor is on red, not @NickT
Gah, My IndieRoyale Bundle think I'm sharing them with multiple people since I'm getting the steam keys now on my other computer.
7:51 PM
@GnomeSlice uh... what does it say?
is it threatening you to revoke the key or something?
@badp We will unlock it in two hours unless it continues to be shared.
The first time it was one hour.
yikes. this sounds worse than steam restrictions
@GnomeSlice Interesting, I get no Google hits for that
@badp It's the same bundle page.
@GnomeSlice I'm just saying, it seems you're the first quoting that line on the internet
I was expecting to read more about that
7:55 PM
seems like effective DRM :D
I've updated the CtW meta post with the teams, I think they're right.
@RonanForman That reminds me, I haven't look at it yet, but what was that thing you sent me?
It was the death counts, I mentioned making them before posting the link.
Not sure what that means.
Don't forget today's steam sale, Total War: Shogun 2 for 66.66666% off, or $9.99 in the funny currency of the United States. Login for another entry to win, although I don't think you're likely to get any hats this way.
7:58 PM
I made little marker keeping score of when each team dies to put on the videos
Why do I need them?
@agent86 really? $10?
I see €13 here
@Gnome You don't, I just wanted to show you them as you were saying you were making the intro.

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