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4:31 AM
Powershell users: In an effort to jump-start interest in Powershell on Code Review, I've put bounties on three Code Review questions. I hope that Windows sysadmins will find Code Review to be a useful resource in improving your scripts.
Q: Powershell to quickly ping a number of machines

JohnLBevanI came up with the below code to improve the peformance of pinging a large number of machines. At present it's fairly basic, but thought I should see what people thought before proceeding further. NB: This is my first time playing with workflows, so I've probably committed a few faux-pas there. ...

Q: MD5 hash comparison for two folders

user4317867Using this page for a starting point into comparing MD5 hash values from files in two different folders, I've put something together that outputs either Copied if both files MD5 matches or Check if the MD5 hashes do not match. I want to find out if there's a better method for accomplishing this....

Q: Powershell Windows Service Deployment

thedevBased on this with a couple of changes. Any issues you can point out would be great. param([string]$targetServer, [string]$user, [string]$pass) function Get-Service( [string]$serviceName = $(throw "serviceName is required"), [string]$targetServer = $(throw "targetServer is required...


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