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9:00 PM
ItelliJ user
@quartata Useless edit is useless. (Channeling my inner @Doorknob冰)
@AlexA. I did it just so that he would know the standard answer format for next time
Plus it was bothering me
@quartata Surely if the OP looks at literally any other post, they would see the standard format.
I hope the mega-starred PHP chat post is something along the lines of "PHP is garbage don't use it"
^^ that is our "starred PHP post". Pin it, or something
9:07 PM
61-byte golf
A: The hue of a color

TimmyDPowerShell, 232 226 222 161 Bytes See revision history for previous versions $z,$y,$x=($r,$g,$b=$args)|sort $c=((2,(0,3)[$y-eq$b])[$x-ne$b],1)[$x-eq$g] $d=((2,(0,3)[$x-eq$b])[$y-ne$b],1)[$y-eq$g] (($c-$d)*120*(1+($x-$y)/($x-$z))/2+$d*120) Hoo boy, let's see if I can walk through this. Since \...

And people say that Perl is unreadable ... :D
Well, it is.
But so is that.
@TimmyD oh lord
> ppcg user
Optimizer and I are dominating the starboard right now :O
9:11 PM
The lack of a ternary-style if in PowerShell is really detrimental.
Well, and Dennis' Important Mod Message and ಠ_ಠ's ಠ_ಠ.
@TimmyD Microsoft tech support
A: The Programming Language Quiz

DennisPerl 5.10, 139 bytes, cracked by primo ~!0!~('@"/(@`)~@``^"|'.(('" _]'^'|"`&').('[)).["[}(@,@@ {~/),$}@{**(!(^$&%{%{*[/,`, '^'+[@@/+{_`%@,/&[)@[@@_`[# !(!~-/,[,[#{&%@').'"!"})')) Verification For obvious reasons, the above code is deemed unsafe in modern versions of Perl. However, in Perl 5....

Dennis wins unreadability
10/10 can't read
(hm, that makes me sound illiterate)
@Dennis Yeah, that's the one.
9:15 PM
@AlexA. non-iOS is best iOS
@Dennis lol but also ಠ_ಠ
@Dennis That looks painful.
Call that unreadable?
This is technically a program in (guess the language): ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
That's a Program in many languages.
9:18 PM
Yes but no
9:19 PM
It prints lots of "hello world!"'s
@LegionMammal978 no
Help, Wardoq!
It's a golfing language I am working on
@dennis yeah
I had an unfair advantage.
9:21 PM
The starboard only has 3 4 5 6 i-can't-count people now
I did a thing
A: Golf you a quine for great good!

Martin BüttnerRetina, 20 bytes Now that a) Retina reads code from a single file by default and b) it can write linefeeds in substitution strings, it finally makes sense (and is possible) to write a quine in Retina. Before we get started, I'd like to mention the trivial solution of a file which contains a sing...

@MartinBüttner This is absurd
:26374908 ...
@MartinBüttner Maybe make it so that using i in both is just a literal character.
@LegionMammal978 To get strikethrough in chat markdown, use --- instead of <s>.
9:26 PM
@mbomb007 hm yeah, why not.
> That may seem a bit pointless
But yeah, 4 looks just like 4
@LegionMammal978 That is correct
Fix your fonts.
9:27 PM
"crossed out 44 is just like regular 44 :c"
A: The Many Memes of PPCG

isaacgMeme: Crossed out 44 is still regular 44 ;( Less common is when a four-byte solution is reduced to a three-byte solution, at which point the meme becomes “Crossed out 4 is still regular 4…” Originator: Optimizer / Doorknob Cultural Height: Started Mar 2015, height Oct 2015 - Background: This...

Forgot about that
I left my computer running for a couple hours. When I came back to it, my cat was sleeping on the keyboard, and he had both opened up and crashed Internet Explorer.
@MartinBüttner My 222->161 golf is saddened by your 98->20 golf ... :-/
9:29 PM
@TimmyD have you seen my Prelude quine? ;)
@PhiNotPi So, he opened it. ;-)
"Internet Explorer: So crappy, even a cat can crash it!"
@PhiNotPi 10/10
@BlockCoder1392 But you don't cross out the 44.
9:31 PM
@LegionMammal978 Interesting. My guess is that the current 3 who do are you, me, and Martin.
I have Mathematica 9 Student Edition.
I have 10.1 Student Edition
Look at you, Mr. Fancy Pants.
10.3 Student Edition, you can all go home.
@PhiNotPi IE? You really should teach it to use IceCat.
9:32 PM
@Dennis IceWeasel, you mean?
Still, if you have two Graph edges that have the same start and end nodes, but different tooltips, then the tooltips are the same.
A: 1/N probability

BlockCoder1392Scratch, 65 bytes Try it online! Picture: Scratchblocks code: when gf clicked ask[]and wait say<(pick random(1)to(answer))=[1]>

GNU IceCat, formerly known as GNU IceWeasel, is a free software rebranding of the Mozilla Firefox web browser distributed by the GNU Project. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, Android and OS X. The GNU Project attempts to keep IceCat in synchronization with upstream development of Firefox while removing all trademarked artwork. It also maintains a large list of free software plugins. In addition, it features a few security features not found in the mainline Firefox browser. == History == === Origins of the name === The Mozilla Corporation owns trademark to the Firefox name and denies the use...
It drives me crazy when I'm drawing program state diagrams
9:34 PM
@Dennis They upgraded from weasels to cats!
They're still chilled though
@LegionMammal978 Do you use Mathematica for things?
I've only used it a handful of times when I wanted to check my work in college
@AlexA. Mostly golfing
Sometimes for general computation
I miss Maple. I had an illegitimate (<_< >_>) copy of Maple on my old PC and when I bought a Mac I splurged and bought a copy of Mathematica. Really should have gotten Maple. :/
I prefer how little I have to know about Maple to use it
Is anyone else getting a CAPTCHA when trying to post to the sandbox?
I am and its giving me an error so I can't post
9:38 PM
I guess that means you're a bot.
Not that kind of error...
@MartinBüttner kek
9:40 PM
:12345678 Testing
message IDs are unique across all rooms
in Ask Ubuntu General Room, Nov 25 '13 at 22:02, by Thomas W.
like even if you try and run ubuntu-bug someotherpackage?
@MartinBüttner If they only had had those in South Park...
Very strange
I hear that's what they tell bots so they don't get suspicious.
9:45 PM
Seriously though, you're a robot so the moderators have to destroy your account.
Goodbye forever, J Atkin.
Well at least I'm a creative bot ;)
It passed!!
Chrome saves the day!
What were you using before? ಠ_ಠ
9:49 PM
I would be using Chrome, but it crashes my computer
Now, I have to use Firefox :(
I love firefox, but when it breaks I use chrome
@JAtkin Weird, for me it's the opposite
I use Safari. I tried Chrome at Doorknob and Dennis' recommendation but I fell back into my old ways.
@LegionMammal978 I had an OS like that once.
@AlexA. Try IE.
What was the recommendation?
9:53 PM
haha, I thought about posting that ^
FF from the Knob, Chrome from me.
Mini-golf: Print whether the program is being run on Windows or Unix.
"the knob"
that one will stick :D
@LegionMammal978 CJam: "Windows" ... unfortunately I can't test on Unix right now, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna work just as well there.
9:55 PM
Look good?
The SBITW almost ninja'd you.
@Dennis Sand Box in the West?
Does chat markdown support colors?
*Slowest Bot
@LegionMammal978 No (thankfully).
I'm gonna try again
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

J AtkinBuild my wall! kolmogorov-complexity code-golf I need my byte-sized wall constructed and you are going to do it! To most efficiently build my wall I have created a simple, repeatable pattern for you to use: __ __ | |_| | ___| |___ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...

Look good?
9:58 PM
@Dennis Slowest ... and now I feel slow ...
@JAtkin That was intended to be at their recommendation. Dennis and the Knob both recommended Chrome. (cc @Dennis @MartinBüttner)
@AlexA. hence the "haha" in my message. I thought J Atkin was also poking fun at that.
No, I didn't know
@MartinBüttner I didn't read into the "haha" in your message. (cc @Dennis @JAtkin @MartinBüttner)
10:01 PM
@Dennis *sandiest box
The Knob recommended Chrome? I find that hard to believe... (CC @AlexA.)
The Knob said he used to use Firefox but the fact that it runs all of the tabs in the same process made it run slow. So he switched to Chromium.
Oh sorry, forgot the cc's
What's with all the cc's? is this the stone age, or something? :3
10:03 PM
brb making a chat bot called Fax Machine.
Q: Card pair probability

helloworld922Given a deck consisting of N copies of cards with integer values [1,M] for a total of N*M cards, compute the probability that a card with the value of 1 is adjacent to a card with the value of 2. Your solution may be exact or approximated, and it does not need to be the same for every run given ...

@NewMainPosts Does "delete" show up for anyone in the message menu? DO NOT CLICK IT just tell me whether it's there
actually, someone (who is not a mod) please try
Someone who isn't a mod ^
10:07 PM
I can repost it if it works
quick, someone delete that feed message, thisisanemergency...
Emergent C++
Someone who's not a mod? Will be tough to find.
where is everyone when you need them?
@feersum ...
could you just try it please?
try what?
10:09 PM
delete the New Main Posts message
What we were literally just saying
I'm not a mod silly
I can't delete other person's message
or can you?
10:10 PM
no really
Does delete show up for you on the feeds post?
Not for everyone, but for feeds?
well, the 2 minutes have passed, so it might not work any more for that reason anyway now...
@feersum silly mod*
anyways, it doesnt show up
10:19 PM
I'll make a dummy sandbox post to test the timeframe theory
done... now let's wait for the silly bot...
silly mod?
@Optimizer ಠ_ಠ
ugh, newly starred messages are not starring on the message feed for me..
they are showing up on the starboard just fine
10:21 PM
Same here
the suspense is killing me.
pls do not dye
peace out guys
SBITW strikes again... or doesn't...
10:27 PM
Sandiest box
Come on, New Sandboxed Posts. 15 minutes and counting? Surely you can do better than that.
@MartinBüttner do the thing
I can't.
10:34 PM
... O_O
I could try flagging it as spam? :D
I suppose I shouldn't...
@JAtkin seriously, how did you delete that feed message earlier? o.O
@MartinBüttner Let me edit it and see if that changes it
@Optimizer you can't delete it either, can you?
@AlexA. oh, good call.
10:36 PM
Ready to return to mod world?
let me know when you've refreshed the profile
Changed your parent and refreshed
@Optimizer can you visit this link? chat.stackexchange.com/messages/26376012/history
(or any other non-mod)
10:44 PM
Oh really?
well, it's deleted
makes sense
@MartinBüttner I didn't do it (I think). Maybe deleting my post with the exact same content did it....
post a message
@JAtkin this is a test
now delete it
10:49 PM
we need another feed message...
I'm just a bit lost here...
@MartinBüttner Time to resurrect the xkcd feed? :P
my theory is that the deletion of your message deleted the feed because the feed replied to your message
the XKCD feed?
can you stick around for a few minutes while I generate another feed item?
10:50 PM
Hmm. Interesting.
I guess
k, I've posted in the sandbox...
let's hope it doesn't take 15 minutes this time
Also yay 500 rep!
@Cyoce congrats :)
@JAtkin could you post a new message please?
now delete it please
That's surprising behavior.
Gone!! That is pretty cool
10:54 PM
it's also a bug :D
...."feature"..... :P
Does anyone have control over the sandbox bot (mods, devs...)
Mods of PPCG do.
depends on what you mean by "control"
And SE employees too, but they have control over basically everything...
10:56 PM
Edit, delete, make new posts... ect
Well, the Sandbox feed bot is a chat user and doesn't have a main site account.
@JAtkin we can give the bot a name and avatar and a feed URL to pull from.
> You have requested access to this room; please be patient while the room owners process your request.
we can also edit their messages and deleted them once they are posted, but we can do that with all messages.
10:58 PM
It's been two weeks since I requested access to the trashcan :/
Bye all

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