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5:01 PM
That's cool.
I just Googled 'number of keys that can be pressed' to try to find the actual term, and one of the results was for Gaming.SE.
Q: How do I remove the limit on PC keyboard button presses?

ChristianWhenever I play a PC game with the directional keys, I can only press two buttons at a time. For instance if I am playing a shooter like R-Type, I cannot hold down the fire button while moving diagonally at the same time. The computer simply ignores the extra button press. How do I remove this...

Oh look, it has a made up comment by me on it too.
> Raven > This may sound juvenile, but if you're physically purchasing your keyboard(s) at a store, as opposed to buying online, you could always ask to try it out on a PC, and see how many keys you can press at once. That's what I usually do, and most retailers won't mind. If the retailer doesn't have a computer handy, you could bring a laptop.
I've never had to buy a keyboard.
Is it just me, or in Metal Gear do they tell you that you need to contact the resistance leader but never tell you his Codec frequency?
5:16 PM
@Powerlord Check the back of the game box
@RonanForman That's Meryl's Codec in Solid.
I googled it, and according to the game script, Schneider is supposed to call you somewhere on the third floor of building 1.
@Powerlord Did you try calling the directory assistance and ask for the number of de Gaulle?
Q: Does the faction of your armor/clothes affect character interactions in Skryim?

sXeSo I've killed off some well equipped Imperials, looted their bodies and want to equip their armor. Does the game take into consideration that I look like an Imperial when I interact with pro-Imperial or anti-Imperial characters going forward?

"This is Big Boss... The Resistance should be there. Try and contact them over the radio. ...Over."
I'm not a fan of the new minecraft sound effects, especially the leg breaking sound.
5:24 PM
@RonanForman There's a leg breaking sound? I don't think I'll update until after we finish our map... :P
@John When you fall a long ways...
There (almost?) always has been.
@Ullallulloo But I like the old "Uuh"!
@John We won't finish until after minecon, so if you want to stay with 1.8 ask make sure everyone keeps a backup
@Ullallulloo So you're saying that "Uuh!" is the leg breaking sound?
@RonanForman I'm good with any version really, we just need to make sure we all stay on the same one.
@John With the cracking noise in the background. "Uuh!" is just the hurt sound.
I haven't updated to 1.0 yet though.
5:26 PM
@Ullallulloo I should listen to these sounds.
@Ullallulloo Is it out yet? I thought we just had 1.9pre6.
@John idk
@John I'm playing RC2
Have you guys voted for me yet today?
@RonanForman RC2?
@John Release candidate 2
5:29 PM
@GnomeSlice What is this, the Matrix's command prompt?! Captcha: root@matrix
@GnomeSlice It worked, that's just the wierdest captcha I've seen in a while.
@RonanForman Ah ok.
You know what, I'll just ask about Schneider's Codec frequency on the site.
5:33 PM
@Powerlord Wiki entry on the clipboard. :P
@John Go beyond just a Wiki entry! Make a truly awesome answer that goes beyond.
@GraceNote But I don't play the game...
Make up for it with more research then, to shape a better answer.
@GraceNote Eh. He asked when not what, anyway. The Wiki doesn't appear to have that... Googling...
@Powerlord Do you randomly receive messages without knowing the sender's frequency?
5:39 PM
@John Yes
That's one of the ways you find out frequencies in the Metal Gear games
@Powerlord Ok. I think I have an answer for you then. Supported by one random web page. :P
@Powerlord What rooms can you access with card 1?
Generally speaking, what floors of buildings.
@John Building 1, floor 1 west and floor 3 west.
It's not necessary to contact Schneider to continue, as I can find the items he'd tell me the location of, it just bugs me that the game doesn't give me his address.
@Powerlord You should be able to get it then... Unless the "various rooms" coincidentally don't include any of the ones you can get to.
@Wipqozn Are you like a feed person?
Q: When do you get Schneider's Codec frequency?

PowerlordSo, I was re-playing Metal Gear on the PS2 (which is thje MSX version, not the NES version), and Big Boss mentioned calling Schneider to get the location of the gas mask. However, Schneider has not contacted me at this point... given that this game originally came out in 1987, how am I supposed ...

Q: During Year 6, my Harry Potter Years 5-7 game freezes on Wii, is there a work around?

StephenDuring the year 6 mission "A Not So Merry Christmas" the game freezes when I start putting out the fires. From what I can tell, it's a problem specific to the Wii version of the game, has anyone experienced this, and if so have you figured out a work around?

5:44 PM
@ArdaXi Yes
@Powerlord How significant are the differences between the MSX version and the NES version?
@GraceNote I see.
Q: What's the most efficient Minecraft mining strategy?

NickWhen I'm not exploring fresh caves or lands in minecraft, I'm busy trying to find deposits of diamond, gold and iron deep in the earth. So far I've just been digging around just above bedrock on a whim to look for these rare minerals but I've started thinking that I should be taking a more contro...

I didn't realize how many views this had
@Mana News flash: people like MineCraft.
@John Items are in different locations, the game starts directly at building 1, building 1's layout (particularly on floor 1) is different, card 4 is much harder to get, and a lot of other differences too.
5:49 PM
@John This explains so much.
@Powerlord Ah ok. I found the answer, but it was in a walkthrough for the NES version. I couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet. Your call, want me to post it as an answer anyway?
While the fancy promotional site was cool, I think Skyrim's dominance is more a factor of Skyrim being a game that is very well suited to Q&A. Finding the next Skyrim will be a matter of understanding why that is.
I imagine it would be Diablo 3
For instance, Diablo 3 will have similar popularity to Skyrim. But I don't know that it will generate anywhere near as many questions, because it is significantly less open-ended.
It would have been minecraft if it wasn't an alpha game
5:57 PM
I'm still more curious to see how long the questions will continue to pour in. If we see question influx plummet after the contest ends, then that's not ideal at all.
Yes, I think Minecraft is also well suited to Q&A.
@John Not sure if it'd help or not.
Open-ended games without much of a guide on what to do/how to do it are good for Q&A.
@bwarner I meant how minecraft is coming out this week
@GraceNote But it is a little hard to tell if that is because of the contest, or just because we will have most of the good questions covered within a week.
5:58 PM
Anyway, break time's over for me, back to working on this test case stuff,
@bwarner There's still much to ask, though. I'm thinking more on the grounds that there still is more to ask that has a concrete answer to it.
@Ullallulloo Yep, I think that is definitely a key feature. MW3 is popular, but its pretty clear how things work and what you need to do, and thus didn't generate that many questions.
I've only put in maybe 20 hours so far, so it seems like there should be plenty more questions to discover, but I think the pace will definitely slow down.
That said, I imagine that we'll have stiff competition for Diablo 3 if only because there are probably a dozen dedicated sites gearing up to have information on it
@GraceNote Yep, and the Diablo 3 crowd will most likely be interested in heavy number crunching that is not so well suited to Q&A
It'll be interesting how many users that came here through Skyrim also stay on the site
6:01 PM
@Fabian That'd be our biggest goal
Q: Is there a reason why Ignored tags are, well, not really ignored?

RLHI understand that this is a question regarding the entire StackExchange network, but recently this annoyance of mine has been considerably elevated because Skyrim. I like the idea of being able to ignore tags and I guess it makes sense to be able to see them, yet be marked as ignored. However, ...

Though that is pretty much impossible to see from the mod-analytics,
@Fabian Yep. I expect many won't, but even if only 10% do, that's still huge in terms of drawing in new users.
@bwarner Wouldn't 10% be like 50,000?
@Ullallulloo I didn't mean 10% of views, I meant 10% of registered users.
6:03 PM
Many people probably use the site once and then forget about it, rather than becoming regularly contributing users.
The traffic is still going strong, let's see how long we can keep that up
We're at ServerFault levels of traffic and activity right now
Are the numbers at stackexchange.com/sites up to date or are those delayed?
It's a median over 2 weeks.
@bwarner It's a 14-day median
6:06 PM
Ah, so they're going to steadily climb for a while now.
Pretty much
MW3 did actually poke us up a bit, but of course that got dwarfed rapidly
While I find this answer hilarious, I hope it doesn't win for most upvoted answer... gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/36304/…
That would kind of send the wrong message about what earns you votes here.
@ArdaXi whoa, I am a feed! How did you know!?
@bwarner The question is in the MultiCollider, all voting is off then anyway
how do you translate "al mio tre!" (literally: "at my three") in English?
it means "I'm about to count to three. When I say three, go."
6:12 PM
@badp "On three"?
@badp On three.
or after three.
Then there's the debate of whether it is is "One, two, THREE" or "One, two, three, GO"
6:13 PM
@Powerlord The other guy already posted it anyway. :)
@bwarner If it's "on three" rather than "on the count of three", it's usually the former.
6:40 PM
Q: Upgrade from 2GB to 4BG RAM on i5?

JacquesCore i5 2.3 Ghz processor 512mb ATI HD 4570 2GB 1333 RAM 64bit windows 7 Home premium. Will adding another 2gb to my present 2gb improve my laptop's performance ? And in which aspects ? Will it be better for gaming? Thanks.

David Fullerton on November 15, 2011

Skyrim has taken over the site. At 350+ questions and 500,000 views, it’s now the third biggest game on the site…ever. And it’s only been four days!

With so many questions, you might have missed some of the real gems in there. So here are my favorite Skyrim questions that you might have missed:

Once upon a time, Zelda taught us not to kill chickens, but in games since then that lesson seems to have been lost. Well, Bethesda knows how to add the little touches, and apparently killing people’s livestock can be enough to turn an entire village against you. Fortunately, they also have short memories. …

Oh come on. Can we get a break from Skyrim?
I mean, the questions are one thing, but the blog now too?
And Skyrim hit 500k...
Also points out the horse climbing question, too
@GraceNote You're being a bit tautological today.
Q: Optimal way to increase heavy armor skill?

TM.I'm trying to fast track my heavy armor skill, mostly so I can get the Conditioning perk (since my armor takes up such a ridiculous portion of my overall carrying capacity). So far, I've only found two ways to increase my heavy armor skill: paying for training (which gets pretty expensive!), or ...

Q: Do all map features appear with difficulty=0?

TimDo all map features, e.g. villages and ruins, appear if difficulty=0 is set on my SMP Minecraft server?

6:55 PM
@ArdaXi I don't think that's tautological. Stating the obvious, maybe.
> Also points out the horse climbing question, too
Seeing as also has the exact same meaning as too, that's a tautology.
@ArdaXi you should write a post for the blog!
@DavidFullerton I have.
I prefer writing for my own blog, though. More ad revenue.
you should write a gaming post on your own blog, and we can link it from ours
That's just being repetitively redundant, then, I don't think that's really a tautology
6:57 PM
Haha, the Minecraft easter egg in Skyrim is neat, props to Bethesda
@GraceNote The saying of the same thing twice in different words, generally considered to be a fault of style (e.g., they arrived one after the other in succession)
@DavidFullerton I did that once.
...or apparently, there's actually a rhetorical tautology. I'm only familiar with the logical tautology.
@FallenAngelEyes Well, Mojang did work on that game, neh?
@GraceNote I for one did not know of logical tautology.
Well, we both learned something new today. ♪
Well, I finally brought myself to some form of understanding of special relativity too.
7:00 PM
@GraceNote OK, that joke is starting to get really old.
@Powerlord Scrolls are old.
@Powerlord It actually kinda hurt to make it, honestly, but some snarky instinct of mine could not resist.
@DavidFullerton Considering the success of our promotion, are there plans to do something similar in the future?
And wasn't willing to let anyone else make the jab, either, apparently.
@Wipqozn Part of this whole plan was to judge the viability of doing more of these things
@Wipqozn yes, we will definitely be doing more promotions in the future. Not sure what game or what they will look like, but this will be the pattern for future events
we'll be doing a lot more with the gaming site now that we've proven that we can make it work
7:03 PM
@DavidFullerton Does this include making Game tags cool and always first? ♪
yes, going to talk to the core team about that today
@DavidFullerton Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Also, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
also includes getting a domain name...if we can just find the right one
@DavidFullerton Wait, really? This is no longer a pipe dream?
there's still the pipe dream of finding the right domain name
7:05 PM
@David if you can get us an Ask Question button that shoots lasers, you will my all time hero
@FallenAngelEyes That'd be a great domain name.
@ArdaXi pipedream? Where all drunken scottish cyclops come to ask for help in videogames in between respawns?
@badp I was thinking more of plumbers who don't know how to route proper piping.
@badp I was thinking more along the lines of Italian plumbers.
@badp the first google hits would probably be people looking for bongs and stuff
7:06 PM
Great minds...
Don't think alike? We had 3 different games there.
Well I didn't think of plumbing. And I'm the Italian here.
When have you ever seen any great minds think alike?
@badp That sounds uncomfortable in the long run.
@ArdaXi You might not have seen them because you're not one runs
@DavidFullerton You should change the facebook link on skyrimvsmw3.com to: facebook.com/pages/GamingStackExchange/154617661300474
7:07 PM
@RonanForman ugh yeah, they did that while I wasn't paying attention
@ArdaXi I usually see it followed by the Genie from Aladdin calling the concept bullhonkey and consequently pointing out that true great minds think different.
one of our priorities in the next few weeks / months is to get our social media / communication stuff straightened out
While this room is reasonably full: Would anyone like to play PvP terraria for a game on!?
@DavidFullerton @GnomeSlice and I are planning to fix up the Facebook page, and make it useful, but we haven't had time to work on it. Busy time of the year for me :/
@RonanForman Eeeeh. I like Terraria a lot but PvP in it? Not so much.
7:10 PM
@RonanForman fixing up game on! is something else I plan to do once I have time.
@Wipqozn we're gonna start taking more direct control of the twitter and such...actually, y'know, tweeting instead of just having an automated feed
@ArdaXi I agree, actually.
@Wipqozn You know you don't have to do it all yourself.
@RonanForman Indeed. One of the things I was planning on doing was finding a few more people to run it with me.
@Wipqozn I'm always free.
7:11 PM
@Wipqozn as far as the not having time goes, we now have 3 dedicated CHAOS team members on the site...so we can start offloading stuff on them
Apart from when everyone else can play minecraft.
@RonanForman Yeah, I was planning on asking you.
we want to support things like the FB page, game tournaments / events, etc
@DavidFullerton Does this mean we're not Jeff's least favorite site anymore?
@RonanForman ^This, I'm homeschooled, so I'm on my computer almost literally all day.
7:12 PM
@DavidFullerton Excellent.
@DavidFullerton lol. I forgot about that.
You guys have too much free time.
@Ullallulloo So would you be willing to take a role in running and structuring Game On! sessions?
@ArdaXi uh... this is work. At least for Chaos and David.
also, English and Math have always been more hated than Gaming
7:12 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Haven't heard anything from Jeff lately, I think they just locked him in the basement and CHAOS took over SE ;-)
@Wipqozn Sure.
@DavidFullerton I knew there was something different. Something... better.
@Fabian Awesome!
@badp I was referring to @Ullallulloo and @RonanForman
@DavidFullerton You... you are my hero. wipes a happy tear from her eye
7:13 PM
oh okay.
@DavidFullerton Oh, I have some collected feedback about possible enhancements to game tags thanks to the recent promotion. Do you want me to just dump a summary on you somewhere?
@ArdaXi Well I am doing things, but they're normally flexible
@Grace yes please!
@RonanForman Ooookay.
7:14 PM
btw, I did some investigating on game vs non-game tags and it's about 50-50
so I'm favoring marking game tags as "Important" (over marking non-game as "unimportant")
@RonanForman I'm normally free a lot more, this semester has just been really heavy :/
I can see important tags being more reusable over the network than unimportant tags
@badp yes, that too...and I have visions of doing a lot more stuff around "Games" on the site (like having, you know, a list of games)
We should kidnap ask notch if we can have a minecraft cape...
@DavidFullerton Sounds fine for me
7:16 PM
I pretty much never use non-game tags, but e.g. with the amount of Skyrim questions it would be useful to divide that further.
@Fabian That's what I had always said, haha. Otherwise it's just a big huge mess with no clear categorization.
Q: Oblivion tired me in a week, Morrowind had me for years. Which one is Skyrim more like?

Vic SzpilmanMorrowind was a much deeper RPG experience, Oblivion went for more action and turned out being lots of eye candy but not as much to keep me interested, it felt plastic and much of the same. Does Skyrim revert that unfortunate development or is it simply more, bigger and shinier Oblivion?

@DavidFullerton Which would enable stuff like putting affiliate links there and you could earn some money with this site after all ;-)
@Fabian sure...also eventually these studios should really be paying us for the gigantic game background we put on the site
Just want to point this question out to the mods:
Q: Does race affect damage, assuming otherwise identical weapons and combat skills?

ChrisIf my opening questions answer is "yes", then wouldn't the +5/+10 skill bonuses races receive only be beneficial at the start of the game? I know the other races have individual racial abilities, but none of them are that great. For every one of the racial abilities, you can get a spell or potio...

7:18 PM
You seem to have taken a hacksaw to it
There were some issues before, but @Raven fixed them up. It's still getting close votes though, so if it gets closed I was hoping it could be quickly reopened.
@GraceNote And then we don't have to worry about and being the tag in the twitter feed or messing up SEO \o/
@FallenAngelEyes Aye to that
Also it's going to be a great flag weight enlargment tool
7:19 PM
@GraceNote most of the edits were made by Raven. I just want to make sure the question isn't closed. I noticed it gained another close vote, but I don't understand why since the question appears to be fine now.
"first question from this game please mark tag important"
The sheer amount of such flags terrifies me, but I guess there has to be one downside somewhere
R.U.S.E. is Now Available on Mac: http://bit.ly/uDYl2v
enjoy macfa--- macmaggots.
@badp I'm curious... how many flags?
@badp With the amount of games, I'd guess marking a tag as important should not be a mod-only feature
@Wipqozn uh... David said the tags are 50-50... say we cover the first ten pages... that leaves 21 pages worth of tags?
@Fabian Tag wiki editing privileges are also pretty hard to acquire
@Lazers Left a comment for the user to see if he could edit it into something less subjective
7:22 PM
although if it could be wrangled into the suggested edit queue...
@Fabian What's the rep for creating tags? It'd set it at that.
Maybe mods need a way to delegate certain powers to trusted users, so that they could help clean up such stuff
@RonanForman Apparently 300 here
@Fabian trusted users... 20k reputation... hmm... yeah, that adds three people.
@badp Terrifying.
7:23 PM
@RonanForman I thought about far higher, more like 10k
I thought it was lower than that.
@Fabian Woo, give me another day or two and I could help then!
@badp I wasn't thinking just about rep, but about having specific users help out with limited tasks
If it's only 300 then maybe not.
@FallenAngelEyes It was (not counting raven), but KevinY recently hit 20k
@Wipqozn No, I meant the amount of rep for creating tags
Maybe I'm thinking of beta numbers
7:25 PM
By the time someone gets a couple thousand rep here, they should be able to tell between what's a game and what's not a game.
@FallenAngelEyes I thought it was at least 1k.
Stack Overflow has it at 1500
@Ullallulloo You probably can do it as an anonymous user too.
Woah, did we have a super important visit? I see a lot of stars about important things.
7:26 PM
@FallenAngelEyes 300
@Mana It couldn't be all that important if you were absent.
@FallenAngelEyes How about here
Either way, still 300
@Mana Yeah, he's telling us you've been clearing flags too fast so you must've been doing that without actually looking at them and so you're fired and banned and your unicorn bills will be in your mail shortly no I'm just kidding no unicorn bills for you!!!!
@badp But they might not know only games get important tags
7:27 PM
"[ ] Does this tag represent a game?"
@RonanForman I think they would have to rename the feature for our site, else it would get too confusing.
and now dinnertime flees
300 is too low...marking a tag as important will need to be a higher privilege
@DavidFullerton I suggested that thinking the limit for creating tags was higher, disregard the suggestion.
@DavidFullerton Maybe "established user" (which is 1k)?
7:30 PM
@badp :(
@Mana daww. Here have a brohug.
@badp Brohugs are way better than all the unicorn bills in the whole world.
There aren't many unicorn bills around anyway.
@badp What do they look like?
7:34 PM
on another subject, we're also thinking about how to make the blog more integrated into the site
Just checking gametags wont be required like the meta tags are will they?
@RonanForman no, this will be different than required tags
so we're thinking about making the blog a top-level nav link (a tab inline with questions, tags, badges, etc)
Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a vampire?

Mr SmoothBefore I decide whether or not I wish to become a vampire, I'd like to know what I have to deal with. Will I have to stay out of the sun? Will having garlic in my inventory hurt me? I'd also like to know all the benefits I have. Also, will certain races behave differently as a vampire? I know k...

^ Going on the poster list.
Q: Does the Infestor's slime trail ever serve a useful purpose?

eykanalThe Infestor leaves a short trail of slime everywhere it goes. Is there any purpose to this trail? Has anyone ever used it to their advantage?

Q: Skyrim: How do i get rid of the blood in Hjerim?

tilmanI bought the house in Windhelm, got all the upgrades, but there is all the blood on the floor and walls still. Any way to get rid of it?

Q: When Conjuring a weapon do you receive conjure points as well as one-handed weapon points?

NickI Love conjuring and I am an imperial. I have a conjure sword spell and I am wondering if it will give me exp toward conjuring as well as one-handed weapons. Thanks

@DavidFullerton something wrt meta.stackoverflow.com/q/110998 ?
7:49 PM
@DMA57361 maybe...I have mixed feelings about that proposal
but we can certainly make the blog look more like it's a part of the site (not a separate place)
f/e, that's the most important bit imo
but the point of bring it up is...we need more content!
there needs to be something new at least every week, preferably every few days
we were managing M/W/F for a while
not all of that is on the community, but we don't want to drown out the community posts with a flood of stuff from Stack HQ
convincing people to spend time writing is difficult
hell, spending time writing is difficult
7:52 PM
I think we can go towards less text-heavy posts
the posts are text-heavy?
as in, you don't have to write 8 paragraphs of text, you can just write two or three paragraphs and a link to something cool
@DavidFullerton I've got about 7 videos to post.
Ugh, microblogging.
Well 5, and I can only post them when the last 3 are recorded.
We should do some machinma!
7:53 PM
@DavidFullerton what's the reasoning?
to get more community content...asking people to write a long post is a big ask
@DavidFullerton shorter posts may help
@ArdaXi Wouldn't that be Twitter? :P
@Powerlord Closer to Tumblr actually.
but link to "something cool"? define "something cool", because what's the point in linking to something everyone has already seen?
7:57 PM
many people have seen that, but not everyone
that doesn't really warrant a blog post to itself thou, does it?
Something to think about may be stuff that is interesting but just doesn't fit on the Q&A.

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