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12:45 AM
posted on September 24, 2015 by wgibbsw

Just tried Reddit for this with no luck. It was a late night anime movie on the Sci-Fi Channel (UK) during the late 90s. It was a spritual kinda shinto film where a man gets hypnotized to go somewhere. The film follows his journey while he's in a trance - he knows what he's doing but he doesn't know why and often asks himself "Where am I going? Why am I doing this

The oneboxes changed?
looks like it
I propose we ban the words "(do|ca)n[']t remember (manga|anime)" in titles
does SE support regex for these sorts of things?
@Sakamoto are they gonna have 1 onebox for a bunch of questions now?
you could test by posting 2 meta posts
they're sort of improving chat but not really
oh yea speaking of which, i was gonna work on ghost and got distracted and started reading a LN
i guess i'll work on ghost
gotta eat first
and i need to remember how to access my server..
1:19 AM
well that sucks namecheap shared hosting doesn't allow ghost.. i guess i need to use my vps
@Mysticial It's using the onebox style that the old blog posts used. I'm pretty sure it's a bug with the RSS feed. In any case this has happened quite a few times before essentially at random.
1:47 AM
Q: Anime where Swords come out of everyone's chests?

user18113So I know this is an older anime. A group of friends (3 boys and 2 girls I think) get transported to a different world. Each of the boys are able to pull a sword out of someones body by reaching their hand into the persons chest. I know that one of the boys (I think he wore glasses) was the "ant...

2:08 AM
@Hakase amazing :D
2:51 AM
Q: I have only a vague memory

NicholeI used to watch this anime all the time when I was a kid. (I am 32 now.) I would rent the VHS from the local small video rental place. It has haunted me for years that I cannot remember. So there is a tall blonde princess. She puts on, like, a fitting outfit. It's mostly white with pink trim. I...

3:25 AM
Q: Musical anime short, no dialogue, from late 80s / early 90s?

whatisthisanimeI've never been able to figure this out. The nostalgia factor is huge, so it would be amazing if you could identify this. I don't have a lot of leads: This was a 10 minute or so anime short, set to electronic music. There was no dialogue at all (like Interstella 5555, but this was a short film ...

@Hakase three more posts
3:44 AM
Q: How much vol of amagi brilliant park LN have been adapted to anime?

swswswscan you tell me how much did amagi brilliant park adapted to LN vol.

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4:46 AM
1 hour later...
O hi yo/
that did not work ,Tch
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5:58 AM
1 hour later...
#yuri 百合
user image
@Taisho Purple Heart's expression would be more fitting if she was on the bottom
6:25 AM
i like this one then the above one , too lewd
@mirroroftruth it's from pokemon and i can't really think of any times where they have fan service. particualy when it comes to Shoujo Ai/Yuri (otherwise i proably would have seen it with Dawn and Zoe)
@OshinoShinobu my guess, Kantai
Ooi and Kitakami
@Taisho well that wasn't helpful
@OshinoShinobu i had a feeling they were Kuma Class Light Cruisers because their uniforms are lighter. just didn't know their names off the top of my head
their yuri-ism is pretty obvious in anime, much more than any other girls
@OshinoShinobu "Treats Ooi rather differently than the player." - from Kitikami's wikia page
@Memor-X that is more than fan service , at least for me
6:54 AM
Q: Boy with a book with ghost names and a cat guardian

JenniferCan somebody please tell me the name of the manga, where a boy somehow discovers some sort of book with demons/ghosts/monsters name on it and all the names of the book make the demons/ghosts/monsters slaves so the ghosts come asking the boy to remove the name from the book? And it turns out his g...

7:12 AM
Good mornin
@Dimitrimx afternoon
7:38 AM
@HamtaroWarrior Yoooshi
.....dam it my ! is upside down again
how can ! be upside down
if ! is upside down then it is i
Q: which anime is this?

Abin sreedharan[enter link description here][1] [![enter image description here][1]][1] [1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/w07Q1.jpg | which anime is this ?

@mirroroftruth i think you missed the joke, i tried to copy @HamtaroWarrior but i did i instead of ! and said Yoshi instead of Yosh
8:07 AM
seems everybody forgot or lost interest in the cyber cafe c# thing
no no
that is not the case
but it is very hard to understand for me at least
@Hakase there is a cybercafe?
8:17 AM
@Dimitrimx there's a cafe?
is this life?
is this reality?
nope, just the result of HD Technology
it's so impressive that this laptop looks so real
sry I went away for a second, what's going on?
the world is not real
8:35 AM
@ToshinouKyouko "Nothing is real. Everything is permitted"
it's too early for existential philosophy
@Hakase no it's Assassin's Creed
Squish? Squish! SQUIIIIISH!
[Tomato Paradox]
8:52 AM
tired ~o~
9:18 AM
you are always tired
too much workin'
not enough squishin
time to get rest
we people never satisfy and should not satisfy , when i am busy i wish i have time to do other thing and when i am free and i want to keep myself busy but my laziness over come and i give up being busy :D
different tomatoes different squishes
and different taste
9:54 AM
Q: Who is Mizuki in SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki?

Phillip D.I really liked the songs sung by "Mizuki" of SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki in the Aldnoah Zero opening/ending/insert songs, so I tried looking for other songs that she sang. However, I can't seem to find anything on her. The main issue is a one word name is very ambiguous, and so googling "Mizuki" ...

Q: Anime about High School kids hunting ghosts

Adrian PopA few years back I watched an anime on tv that was about some High School(or so I remember) kids that were ghost hunters (not by their choice). Also the ghosts are only seen by kids, as they believe in them but adults don't so they think these kids make up the stories. If someone knows about i...

Ghost Hunt?
idk I haven't seen it
i love ghost hunt
i have not seen too
what do you say , that phrase, chill in spine
10:10 AM
I have never gone on a ghost hunt, no body lived near me when i was small
oh , that is sad
we did
you know that technique where summon ghost
coin , alphabet in cardboard paper , candle
oh yeah a ouija board
oh that is the name of that board
we created by ourselves though , it was hard to get one
it was scary and interesting
@mirroroftruth sounds fun though~
there is an abandoned house near me that would be perfect for a spooky trip
10:22 AM
@JNat yo/
@ToshinouKyouko it was , the place is not abandoned , it was old campus , government , so we can go there to play , but the class room are old are have old building for store
the fun part is , one run yelling he saw someone , while performing , then we all run outside
you have goosebumps , you heart beat is fast and can't talk properly and at last laugh at each other for being so scared :D
I know a super creepy graveyard
I went there on my own and it was all misty and spooky
I ran away :D
the fun part is running away
it's also super big so you could get lost
or making fool of others and run away like you actually saw one
10:29 AM
and laugh when you all meet outside
next time you become the victim :D
the environment and situation is like that, that you can't ignore it , you have to believe it
and scary
now , all are spooky
10:45 AM
there is an angel to protect us :)
11:00 AM
Q: how much did Sky wizard academy BD/DVD sold in Japan?

swswswscan you tell me how much did sky wizard academy BD/DVD sold in Japan, well because I kinda liked this series and what to know if it will get season 2

11:12 AM
@Memor-X The pun is strong with this one!
@HamtaroWarrior i did not get the pun :(
@mirroroftruth He said "Yoshi" instead of "Yosh!", pretending that he unintentionally flipped the "!", therefore making a reference of the famous video game character "Yoshi" :3
so there is Yoshi , that is the reason why i didn't get the joke
We need to make less deep puns then? o:
puns are fun but you should know both meaning
i like pun
11:53 AM
@Matt can hold a Puns 101 class for everyone
pun of english word only , not interesting
12:32 PM
@ToshinouKyouko The pun is not something you can simply teach
It requires years of practice and self-reflection
@ToshinouKyouko One man's torture is another man's pleasure
I'm gonna hit 2k rep and finally get mod tools right as we get increased rep requirements, I can just tell
nah u can do it
12:50 PM
Q: Identify the anime based on minor character whose hand turns into a cannon

johnAnime at least 10 years old There's this guy whose hand turns into a cannon and fires cannonballs. He is most likely a minor character. He thought thieves were breaking into his home so he shot at them but it was his mom and she got paralysed. Later some actual thieves broke in and we're about to...


Proposed Q&A site for those that are interested in puns, jokes, comedy relief, spin a thing to the humorous side, irony, comedy and comedians, psychology of humor, philosophy of humor, laughter yoga, ...

Currently in definition.

1:05 PM
one day there will be a good joke generator and doctors will start prescribing it to help with sadness
or not, it's probably gonna be a lot different in the future anyways
idk jokes can be annoying after a while though
just look at the old futuristic images
so ridiculous to us now
we have hoverboards
1:23 PM
I don't want to brag about my hoverboards now ;)
electromagnetic hoverboards are heavy, expensive and don't work for long on one charge
and require a special surface to hover above
1:51 PM
@Hakase They really need some line returns in there, it looks like one of our ID-req's
2:31 PM
Q: Why do you think kirito from sword art online so popular with girls in every way

William McGheeBecause he a lady's man and he has a way with geting them to feel more happy even in the situation but I could be wrong tell me what you think

Q: What is the history of the tailed beasts(Bijuu) before the manga?

TdmutThe founding of the cities only goes back about 100 years. The same for the sealing of the tailed beasts. So is there any back history of them? Did they rampage a lot? Did they just ignore everything and it was ninja that discovered how to sealed them into themselves to use as a tool of war? Or s...

3:01 PM
Q: Which harem manga is this?

Cami SamaThe history is about a school boy from a rich family which his father want him get married. So the father pick a few girls to live with him with the purpose that he has to choose one of them as wife. I dont remember how many girls are but each has a stereotype: a maid, a idol school, a fancy gir...

@Sakamoto you can't have enough of naruto questions 😄
Ooh there's a new privilege at 5000. When was that introduced?
3:28 PM
@EroSɘnnin about a week or 1.5 ago?
A: What happened to Yuki and Inaho's parents?

William McGheeThey died of aids A strong and rare disease and yuki has it since it was in the family

Deserves a strong and rare flag
3:58 PM
Q: Harem anime where "dark horse" girl gets the guy?

user10034In Love Hina, Naru, the frontrunner, ended up with Keitaro. No surprise there. But are there any harem animes (or manga) in which one of the girls farther back in the pack, got the guy in the end?

4:14 PM
Q: In Fairy Tail are fairy tail guild member a little bit sadistic

swswswsHey guys I kinda fell like fairy tail members are bit sadist. Like Natsu and Erza there a little bit sadist am I wrong.

@Sakamoto there are hella works with that general plot
But the answer looks very close enough
question should not be judged by its answers
Hmm. Right
Vtc'd and downvoted it
don't be afraid to tell users we got standards
downvote, closevote and comment
if we keep allowing bad stuff, it's gonna become the norm which is gonna ruin the overall quality
4:22 PM
somebody upvoted that :/
Yeah. Shouldn't let these type of questions to be set as examples
Oh the fairy tail question.
it's just bad
4:26 PM
Downvoted it
And CV too
thanks! da site'll 'preciate!
Q: Why do some Adventure Time episodes have bad quality?

Miguel Ruiz(I'm not sure if I can ask about western animation here) I'm watching Adventure Time and I have noticed that some episodes have an amazing animation quality while others are so badly drawn compared. They seem to change the artist at some episodes or something. I have noticed this also in Avatar,...

anime.stackexchange.com/questions/26117/… do we even accept these kinds of questions?
@Tosh squish!
that guy reposted the question on movies so we can delete it here movies.stackexchange.com/questions/41472/…
More of a statistical question than anime related
Q: Why do some Adventure Time episodes have bad quality?

Miguel Ruiz(I'm not sure if I can ask about western animation here) I'm watching Adventure Time and I have noticed that some episodes have an amazing animation quality while others are so badly drawn compared. They seem to change the artist at some episodes or something. I have noticed this also in Avatar,...

4:31 PM
it's sort of related to "unannounced future events" but in a very uncertain way
But senshin does say that it will be announced.. After a long while
unlock it when it gets announced?
I'm not sure what the policy is on that
there's no real reason to lock it
we're not a news site and such questions are not really helpful to a lot of users I suppose
Except spammers
So we can close it as unannounced future events taking the second part of the question into consideration
4:41 PM
the first part is probably googlable and might be off-topic, the second is probably off-topic too, so the question doesn't look so good
Hmm. I downvoted it anyways
So vtc as off topic?
I'm sure other users can figure it out if you're not 100% certain :p
idk and I'm a bit tired now, so I'll go do other stuff
Lol yeah, I'll leave the vtc part to others. Gotta finish writing report
@Sakamoto @hak deleted. Lol
Q: please, it is not meplease, it is not me

Begueradjplease, it is not me please, it is not me please, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is not meplease, it is n...

Ow deleted
4:48 PM
@Hakase guu~
@Hakase It's answerable I guess
The guy's on a ragequit rampage.
4 questions like that. And now answers. lol
@Mysticial your inbox notification count has grown
5:07 PM
A: How do I remove the same part of a file name for many files in Windows 7?

Zain PatelYou could also try using Powershell, a very powerful Windows command line tool. You'd run this command: Full Command: get-childitem *.mp3 | foreach { rename-item $_ $_.Name.Replace("Radiohead -", "") } Analyzing it: get-childitem .mp3 This just lists all files that have the words .mp3 in t...

great stuff that powershell
@Tosh san can you burn this? anime.stackexchange.com/questions/19346/…
My head hurts trying to understand it
user image
5:20 PM
@Unihedron I have no idea what you're talking about. :)
@Mysticial don't you ever get that urge to open your inbox?
5:41 PM
@EroSɘnnin What inbox?
@Mysticial .icon-inbox { display: none; } plz
lotta hype around VR
6:01 PM
@Unihedron What's that? Is it a pokemon? I hear there's a lot of them now.
6:12 PM
@EroSɘnnin I edited it
6:22 PM
@Hakase powershell is gross, i did it for my last job
it's much better than cmd, but it's got a lot of small things that are annoying
gnu/linux scripting is much nicer
so I finished reading all translated chapters of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (v26 c6)
quite a good reading
not so serious as Mushoku Tensei, or maybe SAO but still it was fun to read
i've heard its good
yeah it is
it has plot and doesn't have fillers
nice :)
6:46 PM
@ToshinouKyouko looks better now :)
A maid cafe?
Do they serve drinks here? :o
tea mostly
Tea sounds gud.
sometimes rum
7:01 PM
@ThePhD sock?
Now we're cookin'.
@ton.yeung .... Sock.... drinks...?
Sounds... uh... like, really gross.
do you know what @Hakase means
Hakase is professor in japanese
uh wut
7:03 PM
so i thought @Hakase made a sock puppet
no it's not my other account
I'm an independent individual!
when I make an AI it will be saying the very same things :p
anyways, welcome
@Hakase can robots feel pain distress?
if you code the proper methods, yes
it will tell you it feels anything you code it to tell you it feels
7:05 PM
@Hakase it could display distress, but that doesn't mean its in distress
we don't really know if people actually feel any of those things
maybe we're only biologically programmed to think we do, whereas actually we don't!
@Hakase not maybe, we do
what's the difference then?
it all depends on your definition of real/unreal feelings
biologically speaking distress causes a bunch of physiological in addition to psychological changes
for a robot to feel distress, the same sorts of mechanisms as well as an awareness of danger have to be present
otherwise the robot is just acting like its in distress
in any case, I just wanted to make a quick joke about programming and biological/electronic organisms
7:08 PM
come to think of it, in order to apply the third rule of robotics, a sense of danger and distress would probably be necessary
people will be the judges of those feelings until… probably forever if they keep arguing robots can't feel anything
@Hakase shallow minded people IMO
I don't care about definitions, I care about the results
if a robot will seem like it cares or is in distress or has dreams, it's good enough for me
srsly fuck the specifics
Taisho seems like he posts pictures and it's cool
7:13 PM
@ThePhD if you want an anime or manga recommendation, you can ask here or take a look at our rec post on meta: meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/1204/…
we talk about random things all the time here so don't be shy to raise any topic as long as it doesn't make everyone feel too weird
imma go play some games now
1 hour later…
8:35 PM
Q: A plothole in Death Note The Last Name?

DarkYagamiI just noticed something. So in death note the last name, L got the death note, after he watched Misa killing criminals with the death note. He then replaced her death note with a fake one. But here's the problem. L said, that they made fake news that the criminals Misa ''killed'' died, but Misa ...

Eh. How did ThePhD end up in there.
Oh. The new Digimon is finally here.
meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/10869 wow some bullshit happened with the score of that one answer
9:01 PM
Q: What is the skill naruto used in the last movie?

wsssixteenI just want to know is there a specific technique name where Naruto's hand glows where he took the ball of light out of Hinata. It was also used to attack Toneri Otsutsuki. I don't watch the anime, I read the manga so I could have missed a lot of stuffs from the fillers. Heck, I don't even know...

9:12 PM
^ @Memor-X
9:53 PM
Q: Are ex CP9 members in CP Zero?

NaveenIn the latest chapter(801) of one piece, characters resembling Rob Lucci and Spandam were shown. Is it really these former ex CP9 in the CP0?


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