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1:01 PM
lets rephrase it to sound like a feature request
@aditsu It means that everything else is not important.
Does anyone know a good brownies receipe for rather dry/not too moist/cakey brownies?
Just double the cooking time
(and turn the oven down...)
turn down for what?
I thought you have to use different proportions of flour/butter/chocolate?
For the prospect of charring
I was joking - it probably is better to find a tailored recipe
are we going down for real?
1:17 PM
New challenge idea: Convert receipes form american to european (cups to grams etc=)
@Dennis are we getting Primes today? :)
^^ ditto that question
@MartinBüttner Just found your post with your new 'Hexagony' language. I guess you can omit the 'Hex' in the name...
@flawr How about converting cups to cups? :D
1:20 PM
@flawr I'm glad you like it ;)
@MartinBüttner Haha, too bad I am never going to use it^^
@Sp3000 And again I made the mistake to underestimate the crazyness of non-metric units...
I thought nobody was impeached last year?
We should make a receipe chat.
@flawr honestly, I still have to learn it myself :D
Too bad Martin can't replace 768c with the actual corresponding character :/
1:32 PM
@MartinBüttner Why don't you make a cjam to hexAGONY converter?
... wait you can, I forgot a +
Ahaha the + gets Zalgoed in the source (56)
@flawr probably because I don't hate myself that much.
@Sp3000 I thought I had tried that, but it didn't work... weird
Has any of the language that people from the commity here have created ever been used in a non PPCG environment?
Something makes me think there's surely something better than _eu_el=, but I can't think of anything
@flawr aditsu has used CJam for the Google Code Jam
1:38 PM
I think a few people here use CJam once in a while for quick throwaway scripts
(and I'm occasionally using it outside of golfing for throwaway scripts)
@Sp3000 same for 1.mr1.mr... I've found several 8 byte solutions but nothing better
@MartinBüttner Perhaps you could generalize hexagony to other regular tesselations. Or why not 3d? nd?
1:40 PM
@flawr because I wouldn't even try using it if it was in more than 2 dimensions. and as for different tilings, I'd rather create a new language that is specifically tailored to the tiling (and I'm actually planning to do that at least for triangular grids)
Well, for one, higher dimensional languages have already been done
i had stuff to do but i spent all my free time writing a golf, ugh
@cjfaure at least you set your priorities right.
@MartinBüttner trueeee
@flawr indeed, tree rings are apparently very important according to...uh...tree ring scientists
my answer isn't even good, it's 133 characters :/
1:47 PM
@BetaDecay I was at Trinity, but a friend of mine was at Churchill; I've eaten in Churchill hall and played badminton and table tennis in their sports facilities.
@MartinBüttner Would 2.mr work for the second number?
@flawr Too ambiguous. American recipes which measure flour by volume rather than by weight are just wrong, and the only way to fix them is trial-and-error to find out what weight works.
Then P*
@Sp3000 oh, neat idea
that should save two bytes
Actually 2P*mr might be better
1:52 PM
oh yeah
And instead of swapping, do the 1.mr later?
@PeterTaylor It's even better when the recipe calls for "X cups of Y, packed".
@Sp3000 thanks
(almost there! 2 more bytes :P)
@flawr I use GolfScript / CJam for "real" (but non-production) coding. E.g. last week or the week before I knocked up some ad-hoc CJam for one-off use in fixing some three.js models.
1:53 PM
@Sp3000 3 ;)
.. oh right, 2-byte Zalgo-ed +
I don't need 0e> :)
Question: Is Pmrmc equivalent to 2P*mrmc?
apart from floating-point shenanigans I think it should be
If it is then -2 :P
1:59 PM
Q: Does Gamification (the use of points, levels, and leaderboards) affect people’s motivation and performance when participating in a task?

Taryn SteynI am a Masters student at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg and am busy with my final research report on the effects of Gamification (points, levels and leader boards) on peoples motivation and performance levels. Would you please assist me in answering the above question ...

@MartinBüttner In a moment. I just have to add your leaderboard snippet.
wheeee :)
Which language to do first :P
I've already got Labyrinth lying around... might start with Retina though
Damn... nah, all yours :P
2:03 PM
which one did you want to do?
I was thinking Retina but since it's pretty trivial it'd make more sense for you to post it :)
@MartinBüttner That user has created four accounts (so far) across SE to spam his survey. Any mod action available to you?
@Sp3000 I'm always happy if other users post Retina answers ;)
... okay maybe not so trivial after all
@MartinBüttner Posted.
2:07 PM
@Sp3000 I've got 16 bytes
Thought so :P (I've got 17)
what have you got?
Q: Is this number a prime?

DennisBelieve it or not, we do not yet have a code golf challenge for a simple primality test. While it may not be the most interesting challenge, particularly for "usual" languages, it can be nontrivial in many languages. Rosetta code features lists by language of idiomatic approaches to primality te...

2:09 PM
Ah... .. :P
Okay, all yours :D
if you say so
Is it possible for a moderator to accept an answer to a question asked by somebody else?
this is possibly the cringiest i've cringed all year i.gyazo.com/3dc4cb27b5199de2c80d69f5e6e43880.png
@jrenk No.
Believe it or not, we do not yet have a code golf challenge for a simple Merged Sort algorithm
2:17 PM
Believe it or not, we are still in beta
@Dennis And what happens to questions where no answer is accepted? Even if there is a working answer?
Nothing. They stay as they are.
Sad :(
well now that this is posted, I guess I know what I'll try next in Hexagony...
@jrenk PPCG inherited the Q&A format all SE sites have. The accepted answer is supposed to indicate the solution that solved the OP's problem or at least helped him the most.
2:21 PM
@Dennis I had this question in my mind when asking --> stackoverflow.com/questions/3648689/…
New challenge idea: Write an FM VST, but the challenge is to not go insane
@aditsu blocks aren't truthy? :(
Q: A Quine on Every Line

mbomb007Your goal is to create a program that prints itself indefinitely, with a new line after each one. Thus, if your program is a one-liner, it would be repeated on every line of the output. Example Program: A Output: A A A ... Rules It must be a complete program, not a snippet or function...

Q: Should there be a [catalog] tag (e.g. shortest in every language)?

mbomb007I'm wondering if there should be a tag for questions that compile a list of best score by language. A recent example is this question. Questions similar to this have a snippet the keeps a list of the shortest solution by programming language. I think it'd be useful to have such a tag, in order ...

2:40 PM
@Geobits would Wilson's theorem be shorter in Java?
I don't think so, but I can play with it. It would need a factorial loop at minimum (no builtin), and that wouldn't be much smaller than the trial division loop itself.
gaaaah, need to fire up my VM quickly to test my 7 byte Fission answer for Quine on every Line... :D
Oh wait, it's definitely not going to be shorter if I need to use BigInteger for the factorial :(
:/ I have a primality that doesn't work for 1 or 2
Meh, 2's an odd prime anyway ;)
2:48 PM
I just realized "Dennis" is "sinned" backwards
@Calvin'sHobbies mind blown
It's also an anagram of sin den.
@Dennis Anyway, I hope you like palindromes
I do.
I like semordnilaps better.
2:50 PM
Go away Stiboeg
Far better than Seibboh Snivlac ;)
mine already looks like it's backwards
@Geobits sounds like something Lovecraft came up with
@MartinBüttner what's the context?
2:56 PM
A: A Quine on Every Line

Martin BüttnerCJam, 13 bytes {_o"_g "o1}_g The online interpreter doesn't print anything before the program terminates, so you'll have to test this in the Java interpreter. Explanation Finally a generalised CJam quine which doesn't end in _~. {_o"_g "o1} This simply pushes a block. _g duplicates the bl...

could be 1 byte shorter otherwise:
How often do you see Fission winning a code golf? o_O
@Dennis :)
(Fission actually also has the shortest proper quine I know of)
@MartinBüttner if I want to convert a block to a boolean, I would probably execute it and then check the top of the stack, would that work for you?
no it doesn't in this case (and it wouldn't be shorter than just pushing a 1)
I mean I would do that in the interpreter
2:59 PM
How long should I wait before answering my own catalog? I'd like to post the languages I created, but I don't want to spoil the fun. :/
" Read a whitespace separated integer from input. Output 1 if it is a positive prime and 0 otherwise. "
Really Dennis?
Where does it say whitespace separated?
it's the Help Wardoq 's specs
@aditsu that would probably generally make more sense
Ah, Wardoq
3:04 PM
@MartinBüttner but would it work in your case? not sure if infinite recursion...
or maybe that's desirable there? :p
Wardoq has that functionality because, a while back, we created a standard rule that said a programming language needs to be able to test primality to count as a language.
><> only ever gets close to CJam in quine challenges XD
3:19 PM
@Dennis are functions allowed in your prime question?
nope, only full programs
@Dennis oh
I didn't read this chat, honestly
want me to delete the wardoq answer so you can post it?
Hello, folks :)
@orlp No, I waited precisely so others would have a chance to post it before I did.
3:22 PM
just fyi, I was searching in this chat for this Pyth program: !tPQ, and from there I found the wardoq thing: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/240?m=23753345#23753345
Ok, another question to golfing in matlab/octave: If you just write an expression without a trailing semicolon, it will be printed as ans = my_expression does that count as output? IIRC we have already discussed this somewhere and said that matlab answers need a disp() or similar for exlusively printing the answer but nothing else, but I did not find this anymore, perhaps it was just a 'tacit agreement'.
I am asking because I have seen a few answers recently using the first method.
Q: Animations with all colours

sobe86Last year, there was a very popular challenge to create an image containing every 24-bit RGB colour. My challenge is to create a smooth animation (24 frames/s say), where the colour of every pixel of every frame is unique. I will also allow duplication of colours as long as every colour appears...

>animation >24-bit
Or should I ask this as a question in Meta?
3:53 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

toothbrushOh dear, bad CSS! or How to Properly Format CSS™ code-golf css The goal is to write the shortest function to Properly Format CSS™; you must Properly Convert Spaces To Tabs™ and format the CSS nicely. Bad CSS™ div> * { padding: 10px; margin: 1em; -webkit-border-radius: 10px 2px 10...

New challenge idea: clean my room
Just force a garbage collection.
write a program to clean your room?
@Geobits goddammit
@PhiNotPi yes, the rules are it can't cause a mutant army of jeans
@PeterTaylor Churchill had really nice food as I recall
3:58 PM
@Geobits your avatar beckons for me to click upon it
Do we have something like , where the goal is to have the shortest average output?
That's similar to
Alright, I guess that's pretty close to what I was looking for
@cjfaure Click away :)
@Geobits but it doesn't make the rest of the chat collapse ;~;
4:09 PM
Sounds like a bug. You should report it on meta.
"Geobits does not make people collapse properly"
I'm not sure that's worded right. I can correctly collapse people. It's clicking my avatar that doesn't do it.
@AlexA., why are you reopening the interrupt handler question? It doesn't seem to have a proper winning criterion yet.
Geobits' avatar implies functionality and doesn't deliver, we should get Geobits to make it collapse
In the context of SE, clicking my avatar should undownvote the message next to it (not collapse). Since messages have no downvotes, that functionality is impossible. So, it does nothing.
4:15 PM
@Geobits except it does do something, it opens a menu
Make chat messages votable :D
@Geobits -1
@orlp Right, good point. Let's change "does nothing" to "falls back to default avatar behavior".
I just realized 'Geobits' is 'Stiboeg' backwards
coincidence? I think not
@orlp ah yes, golfed code isn't renowned for it's speed
4:18 PM
What else is "Stiboeg"?
Some say
Hi tlobniaR
He once wrote a Python program that printed something in less than 5 bytes
All we knows is, he's called the Stiboeg
I'm plro
I need to delete 300 GB of files. Following the instructions in this answer is looking like it will take ~9 hours
4:19 PM
@cjfaure Oh, LOL
If any Windows pro knows a faster way, let me know :-/
@Rainbolt move to disk, format disk
@Rainbolt Send to Recycle Bin :P
@Rainbolt tell it that you don't love it anymore
Move to old hard drive, throw out old hard drive
Or storage disk
4:21 PM
Get a REAL job
Write a script that deletes a single file every minute. Will take longer, but less I/O load/blocking.
f = open(); del f
Variant of previous suggestion: move everything you want to keep off of the hard drive, smash hard drive with sledgehammer
obviously that will work right?
@ETHproductions programmers aren't that fun, otherwise expand buttons would be called Hoedown Throwdown buttons
@cjfaure You haven't worked in IT at a college before have you?
We actually had a sledgehammer
4:24 PM
no i have not
@Rainbolt suddenly my love for computers is rekindled
College programmers are that fun, I'm sure ;)
I got to burn/smash stuff often when I worked avionics :)
I only get to burn/smash people online
@Rainbolt okay but did you call them Howdown Throwdown buttons
TODO: Create Linux variant where every command name looks like it's been chosen by a bored college student
4:30 PM
I realized it would be easier to back up the 10 GB I want to keep, format the drive, then move the 10GB back on
Took three minutes instead of 9 hours
No hoedown necessary
d͎̟̜̘̘̰̞̮͔̭̹͎͙̫̹̻͕̺͕͎͈̞̜̗͎͔ͅo̟̠͈̜͕̠̱̹̰̫̣̜̯̳̦̦̳̣͖͚͕̻͔̙͖͉̥n̺̭̦̺̩̤͉̹̠͖̖̰̪̱͔͉̯͓̭̪̙̦̬‌​̺̤̲̪'͓̥͎̻͔̼̳̫͓̣̹̝̞̼̟̺̘̠͍̺͍̹̣̞̺̼̗t̗͉̞̦̩̬͉̰̱̱̟̯͈̼̺̘̭͍̺̬̘̙̻̦̯̼͇ ͖̱̬͎̞̭̯͖͚͍̣͓̙̱͖̟̟͔̺͙̻̘̪̘̜̣̳m̻̱͇̩͉͉̼̞͙̰̞͚̖͇̮͇̖͓̰̟̻̠͖̺͖̭̱ḭ͍̜͙͚͔̱͔͍̮̬̥̣̪̦͍̠̮̦͚͔͚ͅͅ‌​̟͎̘ṉ̥̯͚͍̦͓̰͔͈̻̜̥̬̩̳͉̠͕̼̼̺̣̟̦̰ͅd̹̟͖͈̩͎̯̪͈̯͍͚̝̠̰̻̫̯͖̹̳̬͚̱̠̬ͅ ͎̬̦͉͖̘̼̙͚̯͕̠̦͚̣̘̣͚͔͙͍̘͉͉͉͍͉m̫̗͓̝̘̣̮̩͔̼͈͉̞̱̳̟̮̼̘̬̦̝̳̠̙̬ͅe̠̙̜͕̪̬̼̝͔͚̠̦͕̖̝̬̺̯̝̼̭̺͖͓‌​̮͓̻ ͎͉͇̖͎͎̯̖̪͕̙̟͈̮̩͕͍̦̖̬̦̹͔͉̹͇ͅl͉̙͎͙̰̝̱͔̮͚̪͚̖͚̠͖̰̜̘̻̣̬̹̺̖̝̠o̘̳͙̫͈̜̩̜̻͕̺̠̪̼̥̫̠̻̟̘̥̭̣ͅ‌​̬̩̤l̬̫͍͍͔̫̟̻̹̩̱͕͚̱̖̣͖̣̠̫̤͉͓̩͕̤̜
@Pietu1998 For a moment there, I thought my scroll wheel was broken :P
the zalgo chars are nice. too bad se has a chat message length limit.
although if you only spam them on one character you can get pretty much a screen-height
4:47 PM
@PeterTaylor It's a programming puzzle, and the meta consensus is that they are on topic.
> The winner is the first essentially working solution.
Essentially working? What does that mean?
Asensually working?
Personally I find the challenge very unclear and as a normal user I would have voted to close as unclear rather than no win condition.
I'm still not sure first one that essentially works is a win condition at all, unless it's defined better. Even then, I'm no fan of "first to post wins" except as a tiebreaker.
4:54 PM
I think I'm going to flag it as unclear, unless one of you folks has an objection to that.
@ETHproductions I'd appreciate it if you did.
"You have already voted to close this question." I did, yes, now can you let me vote again? :(
@Geobits I 100% agree with you but my takeaway from my linked meta post is that such things are still acceptable to the community.
@ETHproductions If you were one of the ones to vote to close with no win condition, you cannot vote to close again. :/
Should I flag it as low quality, or just wait for others to close?
If you flag as low quality, the mods will see it and our options would be to close hammer it (which I'm reluctant to do) or flat out delete it (which I wouldn't do).
4:57 PM
Okay. I'll leave it alone then.
It has another close vote that says no win condition but I think the post has more serious issues.
Someone just voted "off-topic" again...
@AlexA. Are we counting the highest voted answer on your linked meta post as the official consensus? The way I read it, we don't need any objective winning criteria, and we should abandon that close reason for good. I disagree.
I disagree too.
ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
He just changed the win condition to shortest in bytes
(But didn't change the tags. It's now a language-agnostic code golf.)
The really annoying thing is, I can't pin down exactly what is wrong with the post, as it's too unclear. >:-P
5:01 PM
Changing the criteria doesn't matter. Meta says we don't need objective win criteria :/
It matters because there's a close vote for no win condition which is now inaccurate.
Q: Benfords Law of Words

dberm22Background Benford's Law is freaky! Of all the numbers in the world, roughly 30% of them start with a 1! 17.6% start with a 2, 12.5% start with a 3, and so on, and so on. For example, take a look at the following graph. Take the largest 120000 towns in the world, take their altitude, and voila...

@AlexA. That happens pretty often, nothing to worry about. Votes cast, edits ensue.
Oh I'm not worried. I just think it deserves "unclear" votes instead.
The bigger issue (to me) is an apparent consensus that the obj win cond close reason is obsolete.
5:05 PM
You took the time to expand "PWC" to "obj win cond"?
To be fair, I had to think about what "PWC" was
I took the time to unacronym it and make it a bit more clear, yes :P
I appreciated it <3
What does the P stand for?
5:06 PM
It was primary >_>
"Primary Win Condition" as in possibly not the only win condition?
I think the actual text is "objective primary winning criterion".
But I'm not sure OPWC would have been any clearer ;)
Quite the contrary as far as I'm concerned
@ETHproductions Yeah, I suppose secondary would be the condition to handle ties. For example you may have a code golf competition and your OPWC is shortest code but your tie breaker is highest votes.
I'm going to make a challenge where exactly 50% of the score is code length, and exactly 50% is survival rate. Two objective win conditions, neither of which is primary.
Mod hammer off topic, no primary win condition :P
5:09 PM
Isn't the primary condition then "score"?
Did you score?
@Geobits Yeah, I guess then it'd be a code challenge.
@Optimizer ಠ_ಠ
You got me there...
This is what we get when we try to organize a very wide selection of challenges :/
@ETHproductions Organization is required not only for the sanity of the users, but for PPCG to fit within the Stack Exchange model.
5:12 PM
Stack PP Exchange CG model
It fits equally
Doesn't seem very evenly distributed.
Stack equally Exchange correct model
I think the parts are quiet even
5:13 PM
As opposed to loud even?
loud odd
On RussianLanguage.SE, Stack Exchange you.
I will never hear enough of those
We must have very different values for 'enough' :P
@AlexA. I haven't heard that joke/pun before; what's the funny/punny part?
5:18 PM
It's a play on a joke which (I think) originated on The Simpsons, where someone says, "In Soviet Russia, car drive you!"
Ah, I guess I have heard that somewhere
(Likely a commentary on the backwardness of Soviet Russia)
@ETHproductions "In Soviet Russia, jokes hear you"
5:20 PM
In Soviet Russia, ETH produce you!
That can actually happen, given that ETH is a university which can produce a show in Russia
which you will be acting in
Extra Terrestrial Hamlet?
Enter The Ham
We had this conversation before at some point
During a discussion on what belongs on pizza
Extra Thin Ham
5:23 PM
It sure as hell isn't pineapple
There is nothing new under the sun. Still.
Hey Geobits, have you taught your son to downvote yet?
@AlexA. Time to break out the ol' again.
@Geobits Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule
5:26 PM
Eigenvalue Turd Horse
@AlexA. He's still working on basic cynicism first.
@AlexA. That tag comes up with every single question on PPCG
The Ultimate Disapprover
more like Seniorbits
5:28 PM
@AlexA. Sounds like some sort of candy.
new Geobits()
You forgot to store him. Now he's gone forever
@ETHproductions Originally "Geobits with Classes" but renamed to "Geobits++". Bjarne Stroustrup is the kid's mom.
@Rainbolt He got dumped into the Garbage truck?
5:31 PM
@AlexA. Java and C++ together? Who knows what Juniorbits will program in D:
var Juniorbits = new Geobits();
@BetaDecay Probably some hipster language like Dart.
so F# and Java makes Fart?
Hahaha what?
How did you come to that conclusion?
like you came to the Dart one :P
5:42 PM
Well, you know what they say: Great minds think alike.
@BetaDecay So far? Mainly Scratch, a touch o' the Java.
I'm writing a primality tester in my 2D language Snails... I think it's going to take 50 hours to debug
Seems fitting for snails.
I guess debugging goes at a Snails pace.
So is the exponential runtime
5:44 PM
Everyone knows snails don't (doesn't?) run very fast.
They also have a marked lack of compile time optimization.
Or maybe that's just slugs.
Flinging them (it?) with a catapult to make them go places faster doesn't even work; they (it?) just stick to it.
Now I wanna make a language called Catapult :P
I feel like a listed PPCG meme should be users making their own esolangs.
@ETHproductions why not Light?

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