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12:00 AM
Multiple cursors, integration with a number of languages, lots of third-party packages, and extremely responsive UI.
I don't know what I would do without it.
:-) Good enough for me...
Is there a decent manual?
apt-cache search sublime
libsublime-dev - development files for the sublime user interface library
libsublime7 - User interface library
She's still wrong
Webupd8team to the rescue!
@Serg The professor?
She should have quoted you rule #1
(in private)
It's not in the archives.
But it is available as a DEB.
@NathanOsman Nope, found the Webupd8team PPA
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3
12:04 AM
It's a paid product, but you can try it out with all features for as long as you want until you decide if you like it or not.
I was fortunate enough to have a copy bought for me by one of the companies I worked for.
That's why it fell off my radar when I went looking for an editor...
I had a bunch of parameters and it was basically gedit or emacs...
And the license is per-user, so you can install it on as many machines as you want if you're the one using it.
yeah, still too bad...
12:07 AM
Have you tried Atom @NathanOsman?
I used Notepad++ under Wine for a while, but wine has been uninstalled since long
If you're looking for free @Fabby atom.io
Atom doesn't have a smooth UI though.
pretty close to sublime. I'm curious what Sublime can do that atom can't.
At least it didn't last time I tried it.
12:08 AM
@NathanOsman define "smooth"
Sublime is incredibly responsive and low on resources.
@Fabby No jerky animations and no waiting for things to happen when you click stuff.
I should probably give Atom another try sooner or later, I suppose.
@Seth it's interpreted code (javascript,CSS, ...)
is that the default colour scheme @Nathan?
@Fabby erm, what? So?
12:11 AM
I'm old-fashioned and like compiled code...
That's probably why atom fell off the radar...
But thanks anyway...
(I'm one of those people that'd rather have nothing then something imperfect)
I'll stick with gedit for the moment then
Ill stick with nano
@Serg that too!
@Fabby Why you care what language your software is written in is beyond me..
As long as it works I'm cool with it.
I like low CPU usage and compiled code fits the bill
next language on my list is go
don't knock it 'till you try it ;)
12:14 AM
(because I looked at tons of new languages and go compiles fast, small binaries, fast binaries)
By the way @Fabby since you're an ex window$ expert , question for you. What do I need to Ssh into Windows 7 box ?
Putty is just a client right?
@Seth I'm an old fart and have tried lots of stuff already and interpreted languages is not my thing unless I HAVE TO!
Windows is getting a native ssh server (soon!)
shakes head
12:15 AM
(Like a few years ago some company refused to pay for a c-compiler for me
as all development had to be outsourced by corporate policy)
@Serg telnet?
and a vpn?
Isn't telnet unsafe ?
@Serg yes, it was a joke: M$ still has a telnet server but no ssh server
(I mean: native)
@JourneymanGeek where did you hear that?
@Seth I'm getting old and inflexible...
I could use Cygwin ssh server I think .....
(If I have a choice, I'll go for compiled, but if there is no choice whatsoever, I'll take interpreted, thank you very much) @Seth
@JourneymanGeek Impressed (and, well, Balmer's gone!à >:-)
12:22 AM
suit yourself @Fabby ;)
@Seth like when the compiler was refused, I used JScript to write an application that generated bar-code labels... That was the last piece of software I wroite that was longer then 100 lines...
correlating length with speed or quality isn't very accurate.
(and only because I had to because a 1000+ team of technicians couldn't come up with a solution to a 4,5M€ problem)
My solution ended up as corporate policy! >:-)
@Seth Correlation: Not really, causation: I agree! ;-)
I'd say neither.
Though budget, time and quality are causations of each other...
For a Ferrari budget, I can built a Ferrari too!
(is what I always say when they want a Ferrari, but only want to pay for a Lada...)
Anyway, thanks for the banter.... I need to get some sleep!
12:27 AM
Not bad, not bad.
Good night all (including George)
@Fabby See you later.
@NathanOsman Is there actually something you don't know???
(when it comes to programming?)
Anything C# :P
I'm going to stop talking to you: I always feel like a worm talking to a god! ;-)
@NathanOsman :D
good one!
(C# is half-interpreted code)
12:29 AM
@Fabby Please don't. Just because I use a variety of programming languages doesn't make me smarter than anyone else.
@NathanOsman Never underestimate yourself...
If anything, it means rather than learning one really well, I learned a lot of them poorly :P
You're probably smarter then 99% of the population...
(I admin: of the population of Canada, but still!)
I doubt it.
Imagine sitting on a terrace of a bar in the center of some big city in Canada.
then count 100 people walking by
@NathanOsman (looks cool BTW)
and then compare yourself to them...
I'm convinced you're in the upper 1 percentile...
Doesn't mean you're the next Bill Gates, buut that's only because you're a much nicer person then Gates...
He was just ruthless...
Good night?
@Fabby See you later.
@GeorgetheDev ah! Also with a question mark! Good one George!
12:37 AM
@NathanOsman interesting name on that...
1:03 AM
Sigh . . .that sad moment when a neighbour's daughter knocks on the door and just raises money for some school project, and I had to say no, because my father is on principle doesn't buy or talk to solicitors
1:16 AM
I'm not sure I would consider her a solicitor in this case, but I guess that is a matter of opinion.
Eureka! I have successfully sent an email from my experimental SMTP server.
Now the big question... will anyone use it? It doesn't receive mail - it only sends mail. But instead of the way Postfix works (acting as a relay for delivering mail), it exposes a simple HTTP API for sending mail.
In other words, you send a simple POST request to the app and it will attempt to connect to the recipient's mail server and deliver the message.
I'm sure the spammers will love it ;p
How come?
The big difference is not that it lets you do something Postfix doesn't, but that it doesn't require nineteen hours to configure.
@NathanOsman Oh, I thought you meant you had it running live on your site.
haha silly me.
Well, for testing yes. But it uses a special token to make sure only authorized requests are accepted.
It's also TLS-capable.
3 hours later…
4:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Acne Cure - Get Rid Of Troublesome Acne by user444168 on askubuntu.com
4:37 AM
@A.B. Hi!
^--- what happens when a Raspberry Pi overheats
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Lose Weight In A Natural Manner! by Sharimiles on askubuntu.com
5:13 AM
@A.B. Hey
5:23 AM
Hi @Terrance
@A.B. How are you?
How are your servers
What the right word? Weary, tired?
The servers started going well, but we ended up having meetings, and too much assisting today for me to really accomplish much. I will be doing more of those tomorrow. Right now, the count is up to 94 servers to be imaged.
It is just the nature of my job.
Good thing is, these are all RHEL installations. =)
5:31 AM
Which monitoring software do you use?
Why is this good? Better support?
I think they use many different types from Nagios and others. I don't know 100% for sure on the monitoring side. But one was written directly by the company specifically for their systems.
Yeah, it has commercial support for it, but the good thing is, they are all the same type of server, not the same models. So, the imaging process can go smoother, but the initial part takes a little longer.
Alright, I need to call it a night. I am exhausted, and I need sleep. Many servers to take care of starting first thing in the morning.
Have a great day @A.B.
@Terrance thank you and sleep well
6:19 AM
@Rinzwind Congratulation for achieving 100k (10^5) on Askubuntu
6:48 AM
@Pandya thanks :)
7:24 AM
@Rinzwind Congrats for your 100K, really impressive.
@SylvainPineau nah it is all of you that got me the upvotes >;-D
7:42 AM
@blade19899 No. No, no no.
@Oli K. K, K. K.
When a Windows machine has 2 notepad.exe in its system, that means unplug the internet cable, right?
nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure
@blade19899 ǒ.O
@blade19899 it might be an infinite loop where one notepad,exe points to the other notepad,exe
Or do I mean ôÕ?
7:46 AM
Yep, this is a company machine, my predecessor, did some stuff on this machine.
Let the nuking commence...
@Oli Nobody nose :)
Co-Workers said I will get a new machine, that probably will have Win10
I would resign >:-D
Here I can have a choice on what OS. So I have Ubuntu as my main :+
My boss uses Windows but he uses Ubuntu in virtual machines more often than Windows
@Rinzwind After very long time, third person after @oli & @fossfreedom
8:06 AM
@Rinzwind Just started 2 weeks ago xD
I'm at a different pc now.
i7, 32GB RAM :D
@JourneymanGeek I work at a place where we setup environments for Windows/Linux classes. Like Hyper-V and redhat.
So, we need systems whit this type of hardware
erm. I have an old 2x 2 core, 32 gb box 16 gb. A good box here... is 20 cores ;p
2 hours later…
9:46 AM
@Pandya Just would like to remind you that I did not resort to becomming a moderator :+
10:19 AM
@Rinzwind congrats for getting 100k.
It is my 2nd time going over 100k but someone serialupvoted me and it got reversed >:-D
10:45 AM
@Rinzwind: Its harder to get rep as a mod ;p
@JourneymanGeek I doubt that. Nobody flags a post made by a mod as "stupid" :+)
I'm sure its happened before
I haven't repcapped on SU since april :/
2 hours later…
12:25 PM
Q: Auditing configuration

JohnI'm trying to set up filesystem auditing using auditd on Ubuntu 12.04.5. I have a filesystem being exported, call it /exports/data, that I need audited. I have the following rule in place: LIST_RULES: exit,always dir=/exports/data (0x14) perm=wa Anytime I do anything in that directory on the N...

12:47 PM
JLab Audio's customer support is seriously awesome.
I bought a grab bag from them back in Dec/Jan for $7.50 and got a ~$36.00 pair of earbuds. Unfortunately, they broke, but when I asked for an RMA they gave a store credit (just had to send in the unit) for the full $36.00.
So, I got some cheap earbuds for using when I don't really care and am worried about possibly breaking them and a decent pair of exercise earbuds
1:05 PM
Huh, so apparently Alt+Click downloads the link on Chrome.
2 hours later…
2:53 PM
The fun about being 100k is that you get a new set of nice rep amounts. 100101 <3
@Rinzwind You're welcome.
@Rinzwind I'm going to need some new earbuds soon, I'll check 'em out.
A: How can I extract a page range / a part of a PDF?

beco fuanRaster Edge has a PDF page extract guide. I see here's code sample of Extract PDF Pages and Save into a New PDF File and I think it will help you.

Looks like spam, but I'm not really sure. Can anyone confirm?
Seriously, why do people still use Windows? ;(
@blade19899 Games and OneNote.
3:06 PM
Q: Having trouble with devices and USB ports

JorisI have been trying to play Xwing vs Tie fighter on Linux Ubuntu Mate in virtualbox with my playstation 3 controller. After a few attempts It worked but I rebooted and it stopped working. If I load my snapshot from when it worked, it works again. Using dmesg | grep sony I saw 2 changes occurrin...

@Whaaaaaat Steam For Linux! And OneNote? A note taking application right? Take your pick online.
@blade19899 Bethesda refuses to natively port games. Which is annoying. And Steam For Linux doesn't have Wine hooks, meaning I need to keep 2 versions of Steam.
@blade19899 And OneNote actually lets me write using a pen.
@Whaaaaaat That gotta be a feature most note taking apps have?
@blade19899 Oh, and Windows actually has half-decent NVIDIA drivers for us optimus users.
@blade19899 You'd be surprised.
@Whaaaaaat I play like 3 games. All have Linux versions
3:09 PM
@blade19899 Not here. Maybe half of my games have Linux support.
@blade19899 Tried that, I still can't get over the 100 FPS mark in Minecraft.
@Whaaaaaat That's the prive you pay for being a gamer: Windows.
Windows whistles at about 150
@Whaaaaaat Isn't that like overkill for MineCraft?
3:10 PM
@blade19899 No.
I actually am interested in why there's so much more tearing in Linux.
@Whaaaaaat Never noticed that on my system
But, gotta run.
@NathanOsman Your glass breaks before it hits the floor -- prntscr.com/89wtwa
3:40 PM
3:44 PM
4:19 PM
what is?
emojis have taken over the chat
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
somebody flagged Rebecka Black's video as offensive ?
If that was Justin Bieber, that probably was valid
Anyhow, I've installed cygwin sshd on my dad's win 7
4:42 PM
@Serg he buddy =)
I'm kind of thinking that maybe I should install Mint or LXDE there, and make it look like Windows 7 , lol
Will be way easier to manage
5:03 PM
@Serg I dunno man, with the auto tune off...
5:23 PM
More autotune than this:
what are we talking about again ? auto-tune ?
I think so
@Seth inner ear or outer ear? Cuz I really love the Panasonic ear phones. Very nice bass :+)
I can't stand earbuds. They don't stay in my ear. That said I've only used shitty earbuds...
I def need a pair though, I have cheap headphones right now and they mess up my hair
5:47 PM
@Rinzwind I've never heard of that distinction, but I think outer ear.
6:01 PM
personally I find earbuds uncomfortable
@Seth oh might be a Dutch naming :=) inner ear are those things you shove up your ear
I hate those :P
Never buy these ->
They can kill your hearing :X
those don't look like ones I'd buy anyway.
@Rinzwind yeah, don't like those.
If I want to hear it really well I'll use headphones, not earbuds
I mainly just use earbuds when I don't want or can't have the bulk of headphones.
the pair I have now is the same cheap pair that came with my zune all those years ago xD
a friend on mine uses these on the road: cnet.com/products/akg-k495-nc-acoustics-black
6:05 PM
They've taken quite a beating and the wiring is starting to come undone.
I bet :D
@Rinzwind $200!?
that's a lot.
I tend to step on the earphones every so often :X
(It's actually illegal to use headphones while driving here too)
I don't ever listen to music on the move
6:06 PM
@Rinzwind haha. Usually mine get caught or I forget they're in and try to walk away from the computer or some such thing.
I don't know how people do it
@AnubianNoob yeah me either.
yes. and even more expensive over here :X
It is illegal here to drive with those too but we are commuters ;-)
ah, nice.
I watch anime and series in the train so I need a good headset ;)
on and it seems to be "in-ear" and "on-ear" :S
6:11 PM
@Whaaaaaat Shhhh!
Nobody will notice at 30 fps.
@NathanOsman Could you render it in slow motion for us ^_^
Whatever happend to baba? >:-D
I miss his spam :-P
6:36 PM
Dentists are among the most dishonest peopel. Period. Human or animal dentists. Today we took our dog for deep cleaning. All of a sudden they call back saying my doggy has 4 teeth that need to be removed, like WTF ? She does have bad teeth, but removing 4 ?
What about politicians?
Included into that group. I said "among the most dishonest" meaning there's others on my list
That seems like an incredibly huge claim on a very unsubstantial foundation.
Substantial enough, because on multiple interactions with dentists, they'd find more and more and more and more stuff wrong with my or my parents' teeth. Basically, it's just scamming. "Fixing" teeth where there is no holes.
6:52 PM
so my friend ported kate to android..
@AnubianNoob KDE's default text editor
Oh thanks, that name is so generic I had no idea how to google it haha
@Seth Link?
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