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12:11 AM
@SimonSheehan: if all else fails, there's always SSH and irssi
12:34 AM
@Luke questions like these are about as open ened as asking "Is there a God?"
We have to speculate your profile of applications, your workload on those applications, the time, duration and frequency of your backups, the time, frequency and duration of shows you want to record, etc etc etc.
You can't demand a concise answer from a non-concise question
@Luke: from my experience it should work. but there's little advantage to freenas in a VM for regular use, you could just use fileshares (or libraries) off the win7 box
I haven't used Freenas in like three years. Have they got support for SMB 2.0?
derp. @surfasb I suspect that FreeNAS does, but from my time therewith you would be better served by running Ubuntu or some other distro with the same packages just because FreeNAS is so annoying to configure. I also recall that the FreeNAS SMB build is (by transfer benchmarks) much slower than the equivalent packages under Ubuntu or Debian but its' been a while so check me on that.
12:52 AM
@Arrdem Yeah, the last time I looked at NAS benchmarks was back in the Vista SP1 days, when SMB 2 started becoming a mainstream word among NAS builders.
I remember finally being comfortable with switching away from FTP transfers without gimping transfer rates.
yeah... I started out with FreeNAS back then too... before I really knew anything about *nix just because it was easy to set up. I have since migrated to SSH-based tools simply because I a) stopped using Windows and b) was really feeling a lag in FreeNAS SMB service. Two hour copy jobs? no thanks.
For real. I'm more of a Fedora Core guy myself, but it's all the same.
1:17 AM
@surfasb That's why I asked in Chat instead of a question. And I didn't realize that FreeNAS sucked so bad...
How about running an actual Atom board and FreeNAS or some other Linux distro on that?
Would I see a big performance difference?
I don't want a ready-made box for my hard drives
1:32 AM
@Luke it depends on your load level... At home I run an old Pentium 4 box with a few USB HDDS tacked on as a file server under Ubuntu 9.04 (Its' only a server, why update?). If you are only looking at light media and file streaming, an Atom board should be all you need. I mean... unless you have wireless-N or solid gigabit network and use every last bit of bandwidth somehow anything you slap together should be man enough to keep up with home requirements. Performance difference from what?
A "real" server?
2:01 AM
any c coders around?
@arrdem as spouses to VMs
*as opposed to
2:42 AM
now thats epic
3:29 AM
went to the IBM service center, they had apparently no idea my case got escalated until they called up the call center in malaysia (with a sekrit cheat code). Got the USB case escalated and switched over to here
also, quoted repair price for the fix i need is 950 bucks...
(broken USB port ._.)
3:59 AM
... but, 950... what currency?
1 hour later…
5:06 AM
@Luke very dependent on how much oomph your VM host has, but my guess would be that a VM should do fine. Obviously real steel hardware is preferred, but VMs have a cost advantage.
@WilliamHilsum: SGD. its also more than what i paid for it
India? ;p
@JourneymanGeek yeah..
we've the inaugural F1 race this weekend ;p
6:00 AM
least it isn't a cow. They don't move unless they feel like it ;p
ahahah :p
or a bull :P
love the countdown @dma57361 :)
6:49 AM
Q: revert resolution change in windows 7(screen gone black after change)

loveshi changed my screen resolution from 800x600 to 1280x1074 and now window starts up but there is no display and a message comes on a black screen saying No input connected. i can only start windows in safe mode. I checked in safe mode but there was no restore point available. I am using windows 7. ...

i m badly stuck at this can someone help?
hi @Sathya got a minute?
start in safe mode, change the resolution, reboot.
Q: Change screen resolution while in safe mode for normal mode

soandosA screen of mine burnt out, and was replaced with a screen of lower resolution. It works in safe mode as that is in 800x600 resolution, but when I try to boot to normal mode, it fails. Is there a way to change the resolution for normal mode in safe mode?

@Sathya this is not working
define not working. Did you change the resolution or did you just boot and restart?
change the resolution and rebooted too
@Sathya Also i enabled the 600x480 mode but still the same
7:05 AM
@lovesh afaik you can't select 640x480 in Win 7. 800x600 is the minimum. Set it to 800x600.
there is no 800x600 mode in the safe mode menu that appears when i press F8
@lovesh ?? boot into safe mode & select the resolution after right click desktop -> properties
Q: Meta questions not delivered to Inbox

SathyaThere were a whole bunch of meta questions asked in Super User over the past few days. However none of these were delivered to my inbox What's up with that?

@DMA57361 @DMA57361 @studiohack you folks facing the same ( ^^ ) problem?
7:21 AM
@Sathya I've been getting them, I think... yup, confirmed that I got it, at least the most recent one
@Sathya I've got the last one from SU as far as I can see
@studiohack @DMA57361 weird. Nothing here.
interesting. sounds like an isolated bug @Sathya?
hmmm the "not a dupe" question might be missing thou
let's see..
7:23 AM
yes, yes it is
@DMA57361 its missing or its there?
"Deletion notifications" was my latest (I was mis-reading a "you've got a comment on question X" as notice for question X) :P
@Sathya i have done that and applied the changes. the resolution changes in safe mode but when i reboot into normal mode again there is a black screen which says input not supported
How do you embed comments in chat again?
@Diago no can do..
7:31 AM
use a > and copy paste @Diago
like so:
> hello testing!
ninja'd by @studiohack >.<
there's a user script that lets you do /ob <commentURL> IIRC
Cheers! :P
@JourneymanGeek ouch - sorry to hear that... is there anything you can do? :/ That seems rather excessive - In England, I used to do board level repairs, but, it just takes far too long and the profit wasn't there - so I ship them to another company now.... It should really cost more than £50 for a socket if that is all it is - or £100 possibly maximum at retail.... £5 if you have a steady hand and can do it yourself!
@studiohack Thank you!!! I tried everything a while ago! Maybe I overlooked it, but, I couldn't find it in the FAQ or anything - maybe I should of just asked!
@WilliamHilsum what?
what message are you replying to? @WilliamHilsum?
7:39 AM
@studiohack How to do
a > test
ok... didn't work :/
@WilliamHilsum ahhh
use a space between > and the block @WilliamHilsum
like so: > testing @WilliamHilsum
> Cool! Thanks - I swear I tried everything a while ago... Should of just asked here!
cheers @WilliamHilsum :)
Right. I've class to run off too; catch you all later.
@DMA57361 have fun
Now lets complain about mass censorship! :P lol, thanks!
7:48 AM
clean up, ship-shape ;p
@WilliamHilsum Go ahead. Complain away. We have a trash bin room somewhere we can move it to oblivion.
8:09 AM
@WilliamHilsum: its apparently getting escalated through the local service desk, and to lenovo (their local support is IBM). If that fails, my dad knows someone who knows someone....
@Sathya What is that meant to be of?
@JourneymanGeek Good luck!
@studiohack bulls tend to be better behaved
@WilliamHilsum: eh, i will need it. I also really need to look at replicating my setup on a VM or another system for backups sake. lucky for me, this system has almost nothing thats not backed up in such a way i can't just reinstall and copy over stuff to %appdata% or such
also, the fix for the broken USB port is to replace the whole system board >_>
@JourneymanGeek That's cool... If low CPU usage, you may want to see if you can get the HP Micro Server in Singapore - I am so impressed with it for £100 in England... As I said previously - sucks compared to an I3 in performance... but, costs half in electricity to run and fully esx compatible
@WilliamHilsum: I have enough hardware to cover it. Its the actual work involved ;p
@JourneymanGeek I know that feeling :( Not enough hours in the day!
8:20 AM
least i got the backups done
8:34 AM
@Sathya I did not get a global inbox notification for the latest meta post on SU (about that question that we mods converged on)
8:54 AM
@WilliamHilsum @JeffAtwood tweeted that, it's a comparison of BF2 v/s Bf3, ie comparison of how much graphics in games have changed over past 5 years
@Sathya Ahh, ok - thanks!... I don't think I have played a "proper" game in ages... To be honest, the first one did look a bit blockey, but, I could of sworn the second was a real picture if you hadn't of said that!
1 hour later…
10:15 AM
heads up Super Users
Q: Web Applications Anniversary Contest

phwdIf you were following from Celebrating our Birthday, we would like to have a contest so here it is!!! Proposed start date November 4th 16:00 EST for two weeks until November 18th 16:00 EST Mark your Google Calendars! Judges http://webapps.stackexchange.com/users/21/chrisf http://webapps.stacke...

2 hours later…
12:31 PM
afternoon all
12:47 PM
Web apps anniversary contest... reminds me a lot of some contest another site had.. ;)
Today is my day off. Awesome stuff.
Of which i will spend most of it out job hunting
needs to be in two places at once two days next week
Printing out a bunch of resumes now
@JourneymanGeek what for?
cause they idiotically changed my timetable
12:53 PM
ouch :/
class. they rescheduled the prerequisite classes, and it clashes with my regular classes
@SimonSheehan Good luck!
@WilliamHilsum thanks! Hopefully someone will be hiring part time :P
Now for the 35 second start up of my printer..
@SimonSheehan Aren't you using job boards or anything? I can't remember the last time a paper CV worked for me
@WilliamHilsum I'm just looking for some work that will get a little extra money... you know, just to have.
I'd like to purchase a few things that my parents wont :P
1:04 PM
hehe, I understand!
@WilliamHilsum what is a CV though? :p
Lol, I thought it was an international thing - Curriculum Vitae - in other words... Resume!
Ah okay! I hadn't heard it being called that before :p
I think there's some odd little difference between the two
likely that one is ... latin, and as such automatically more pretentious ;p
@JourneymanGeek :P ... Well, I can't speak for other countries, but, in England, it is certainly interchangeable - if anything, you hardly ever hear the word resume, it is nearly always "send me your CV" or similar - you say pretentious, but, to be honest, I don't really think anyone says "Curriculum Vitae" in full.... Just CV - many "chavs" probably know what it is without knowing what it stands for!
1:11 PM
I just have this irrational hatred for the use of latin and english (and their equivilents) where the english (or other common language) would work
hello :) can anyone tell me what this does Win 32 Dcom aa
@HackToHell What ? :S
@SimonSheehan a virus !
Do you have anti virus installed?
yep avast av
1:16 PM
didn't avast accidentally delete itself, or some part of it recently?
oh, sorry, its avira
@JourneymanGeek hahaha, oh dear, that's rather amusing
1:33 PM
Q: OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?

hippietrailOK so for anyone that's travelled beyond North America and Western Europe you know what I'm talking about. Left: Romania, last year. Right: Turkey, last night. They start popping up in the Balkans and of course they're everywhere by the time you get to Turkey and become totally unavoidable no ...

what av have you guys got , I got a 22.2 mb file that I need to scan :)
can you help pleaaassseee ?
I think I'm still on Avast at home
@HackToHell: virustotal
nah 20 mb max
@DMA57361: these days, MSE is pretty much the go to AV methinks
1:36 PM
clever guys
@DMA57361 THAT IS BRILLIANT!!! Have to mail to my brother!... When we first visited Malaysia and went to a restaurant, he needed the loo - he came back and said that he wasn't sure what to do/didn't like it... not realising that there was a western toilet in the next cubicle!
@JourneymanGeek yeah, it's on my list to swap to tbh; but well Avast is still working and I'm lazy :P
@WilliamHilsum lol @ last sentence
they tend to have both in asia. the older folk use the squatting/estern type
FYI, I remember also going in to a regular cubicle, and seeing a warning like this : ... (Just Googled, it was very similar, but, I can't find my picture)
There just isn't a handy guide for the other way round!
@WilliamHilsum thanks to SE, there is now ;P
1:41 PM
there's also apparently a convertable sort
@WilliamHilsum LOL
1 hour later…
3:05 PM
Alright, heading out now. See you all later!
Anyone around? I have a question about routers which is too specific for SU.
Unfortunately I won't be around long enough to help.
Does a linksys e1000 have better range than a belkin N+ router? I'm talking specifically about range in an apartment with walls in the way.
Is that question ok for super user?
3:21 PM
@Moshe won't be surprised if it gets closed as too localized....
3:33 PM
The chances of our users owning both is highly unlikely @Moshe
True. And true. Does anyone have any thoughts on answering this though?
@Moshe Get either, if the range isn't good enough return it to the store
Alternatively, get the one that allows you to install DD-WRT and make it broadcast with more power
We have both. I have the belkin and my parents the linksys. I want to know which is stronger. :-) I suppose a test is in order.
I was hoping someone had experience with it already. I'm lazy like that. Also, my dad hasn't set up his router yet. I need to wait then.
4:02 PM
Can anyone lend me a bit of money!? I found my dream house... Take a look at this - img.findaproperty.com/savills/Kensington/m110025282.pdf?v=12 - and try to guess how much!?
@Moshe - it isn't enough information... generally Belkin stuff is cheap and nasty, I wouldn't touch them... but, just saying N isn't enough as one may have higher power output, better aerial or just a better optimised driver
...DD-WRT is excellent as Ivo said, but, it is quite out dated now and whilst it works great with G routers, I have had a few problems with N routers... dropouts and similar
4:28 PM
@WilliamHilsum Will you blog about it? ;P
@WilliamHilsum Any suggestions on other types of firmware
I hate how I don't know how to 'reset' the router through its admin page, shouldn't be too hard now should it?
@IvoFlipse I really don't have the time right now, and, will be starting a new job on Wednesday... so... really busy. I don't mind trying something a bit later... but, my own blog hasn't really had much activity in a while either :(
@WilliamHilsum I was referring to blogging about the house if I sponsor you :P
@IvoFlipse hehehe! Lol... ok!
Did you take a look at the brochure? Amazing... The underground part especially - although, it isn't there yet, just got planning permission... which will probably cost a good few million!
Anyway, want to take a guess at the price?
@WilliamHilsum FYI. Thanks for the link to that monitor. I got local pricing from Dell through my company, and the price is bloody awesome. I may be ordering 2 on Monday if I can confirm the funds for them.
@Diago It is still over double the price of a standard 1920x180 24"... but, it is about the same price as other 1920x1200 ones (maybe a tad more) - and it being an IPS instead of regular is just amazing...
I just can't believe it - please let me know if you do get them! Just got a new job, all be it only for a month, so, I may purchase them as well.... or save up for that house! (Look up at the PDF! ^^ in my dreams)
4:39 PM
@WilliamHilsum To be honest I don't even know what IPS is since I haven't been following monitor tech, but it sounds cool. Considering I can get them for about 200 pounds each, they are relatively cheap here compared to other 24" monitors.
@Diago IPS = better colour quality, less ghosting and just generally better... My main monitor is a ~5+ year old NEC 1880SX - and it is still amazing despite relatively low specification... The monitor I won from the competition here, despite choosing a branded one (not expensive, but not the cheapest), it was just rubbish compared.
having an IPS really spoils you for normal monitors!
@WilliamHilsum Sounds good. My MacBook display has spoilt me for normal monitors, and it looks like this one might be able to match it in quality.
@Diago ... I think Macbooks may be IPS
I realize I'm interupting but what is IPS>
IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) panel technology was developed by Hitachi in 1996 to solve the two main limitations of TN-matrices at the time, those being small viewing angles and low-quality color reproduction. The name In-Plane Switching comes from the crystals in the cells of the IPS panel lying always in the same plane and being always parallel to the panel’s plane. History LCD is an abbreviation for 'Liquid Crystal Display'. It was discovered in Germany in 1954 and was first used for a display in 1968 in the USA. In 1971, the first TN (Twisted Nematic) LCD was developed in Sw...
4:45 PM
In Plane Switching... compared to TN... TN are regular ones and perfectly good for most people, but, IPS are just higher quality
Don't worry. I had to look it up as well.
Want to know something (sort of) cool I learnt recently!?
My great uncle was partly responsible for monitor technology we have today! ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_Hilsum#Research
Watching a quiz show right now on TV and I didn't get a computer question! Can anyone else get this (I didn't think it was straight forward)... "What computer term combines the words binary digit?"
@WilliamHilsum FYI, the iMac is IPS, the MacBook Pro not, but it does have an extremely high quality TN with LED display.
However, Apple doesn't reveal technical detail to that level all the time so it's possible they slipped IPS models in at some point.
4:54 PM
@Diago Thanks... To be honest, the few times I have used a mac, I don't think it is the panel so much... I have replaced a few for people who have smashed them... I think it is more about the glass panel in front
and you are right... not an IPS, got that wrong... although a bit surprisingly, I found out that the Ipad does have an IPS! ...Hopefully it will become the norm before too long
@WilliamHilsum Very possible. I have compared it to numerous external monitors and have yet, apart from possibly the Dell's, find a monitor that is as clear and good. You can't use just any secondary monitor on it, the difference is visibly bad.
5:11 PM
And im back. Semi-successful job hunting
hi! @SimonSheehan
hello @slhck! hows it going?
oh, pretty fine, nothing exciting! what about your job search?
It was going well I think... picked up a few applications, and one place was actually actively hiring and took me resume to look at immediately.
So its a start.
ah, that's nice
@DMA57361 I seriously can't stop laughing over this
5:20 PM
Indeed... puts me one step closer to making some money :p
particularly this video: youtube.com/watch?v=dKkryfdtMNQ
@SimonSheehan How much are you planning to work? Like, in hours?
@slhck Maybe 20-30 hours a week.
Ah, I definitely wouldn't do more :P
hey @SimonSheehan
heya @studiohack, how goes it?
5:23 PM
@SimonSheehan that's a lot :P - I work 40 hrs a week in the summers
@studiohack for the level of homework i have, its very manageable.
going all right @SimonSheehan - how's yourself? :p
Its going fairly well :P enjoying my day off
the only time I worked more than 30 hours was for the Red Cross, and that really killed me :P
laaazzzy @slhck :P
5:26 PM
haha, it was a 58hr week, don't call that lazy! :D
okay, fair enough @slhck :P
I've done 55 hour weeks, maybe even 60... fun
FLAG! goes to burniate - now that Diago is back - I really have to fight for flagz :P
Since I got VTC I've done maybe...3 flags D:
@SimonSheehan ah well...
@studiohack But hey, VTC is fun :P
@SimonSheehan yeah, putting your name up everywhere :P
5:29 PM
Being the bad guy :D
@slhck if you think VTCing is being a bad guy with the blame spread out over 5 guys, then wait until you're a mod and close by yourself lol :P
@studiohack Oh I see what you mean – I think @Diago just got his fair share of the mod-love today :/
@slhck exactly...
Hah. I think I'm gonna watch a movie now.
Haven't done this in … like forever
5:52 PM
I couldn't tell you the last movie i watched :P
@SimonSheehan Green Lantern First Flight, 720P HD with 5.1 Surround Sound
Couldn't resist.
My wife bought me a 46" LED and 5.2 LG Surround Sound for our anniversary. So I watch a lot of movies.
Oh wow, that's REALLY nice
@Diago Probably last saw Transformers 3.. in theaters
@SimonSheehan Lolz. I had friends over the other day. They realized why we don't go to theaters anymore. At a volume level of 8 my windows vibrate. At 15 they would probably crack, but I am too scared to turn it up.
And the thing can go up to about 60. It blows my old 5.1 away. Although the 5.1 is now hooked up to a 32" and my XBox in another room.
@Diago oh wow... what kind of hardware do you have there? I'd love to see the full setup
@SimonSheehan For the surround? Give me a sec.
5:57 PM
Also, 5.2? That'd be awesome. I just got my first subwoofer ever :p
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