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12:00 AM
@Vioz- Using ES6 features would make your task 4 a lot shorter.
Task 2 is missing the prime test.
Is this a good question/puzzle? Run code from another website: You are to download/retrieve code from a website and run it. It doesn't matter what the code does, it just has to be ran.
12:23 AM
@Phase would the <script> tag work?
I'm pretty torn with the decathlon whether to aim to win or whether to have some extra fun
12:39 AM
@NathanMerrill Used in what way?
12:53 AM
Q: Trianglular Square Numbers

RodolverticeSquare numbers are those that take the form of n^2 where n is an integer. These are also called perfect squares, because when you take their square root you get an integer. The first 10 square numbers are: (OEIS) 0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81 Triangular numbers are numbers that can form...

1:46 AM
Q: Run code from another website

PhaseYou are to download/retrieve code from a website and run it. It doesn't matter what the code does, it just has to be ran. Your language also can't be HTML, as that's cheaty.

Anyone here?
Mini challenge: try listing all 95 printable ascii characters to yourself without looking them up or looking at a keyboard.
I missed the $ and % signs :(
2:38 AM
golfscript's website is dead.
2:59 AM
@Dennis Does CJam's w work?
@TheNumberOne Try 10{_3>}{_p(}w for an example
thank you :)
3:17 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Agawa001Solve the Diophantine Pell equation -Given a number c as input, our task is finding the fastest way to calculate one -atleast- availabe integer solution (a,b) where c=a²-b². notes: -Built-in functions and loopholes arent given any interest. -The program deals with integers (signed), the input...

@TheNumberOne w wouldn't be my first choice for this task. You should look into ,, the range operator. For example, 3, pushes the array [0 1 2].
Hooray, I completed all 10 of the tasks!
I might make a Stack Snippet leaderboard for it now.
@Doorknob You're the first. Congrats!
That Stack Snippet would save me a heap of trouble. :)
3:33 AM
blegh, doesn't seem like I'm going to be able to adapt the existing leaderboard snippet for this
Wait, I actually might. Hmm...
Does anyone know how to code in Shoes?
1. put on shoes 2. code as normal
Awesome :)
Shoes is a GUI library for Ruby
It's frustrating because all the tutorials give this is the most basic Shoes program: Shoes.app { button "test" }. Unfortunately, I get a NameError
I wonder if it's because I'm using Shoes 4, which is still in a preview version.... I hope not...
Have to go now. Partial leaderboard snippet for the decathlon, for any JS ninjas who are better than me:
<!-- begin snippet: js hide: true -->

<!-- language: lang-js -->

    /* Configuration */

    var QUESTION_ID = 52152; // Obtain this from the url
    // It will be like XYZ.stackexchange.com/questions/QUESTION_ID... on any question page
    var ANSWER_FILTER = "!t)IWYnsLAZle2tQ3KqrVveCRJfxcRLe";

    /* App */

    var answers = [], page = 1;

    function answersUrl(index) {
      return "http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/questions/" +  QUESTION_ID + "/answers?page=" + index + "&pagesize=100&order=desc&sort=creation&site=codegolf&filter=" + ANSWER_FILTER;
3:48 AM
@Doorknob Even if I wind up computing the per-user scores manually, that snippet will make my life a lot easier. Thanks!
4:06 AM
@Sp3000 Right language for the right task.
:D I decided to have fun instead
... oh I am not going to enjoy handling all the "More than 10 edits by the original author" flags that are going to pop up on this. >_<
I predict that it'll earn you a bonus point for the shortest Rail solution, so it might actually have worked in your favor. Fun- and point-wise.
@Doorknob Wait, you get flags for those? Oops.
yes :P Community ♦ autoflags any post that gets edited more than 10 times by the OP, and it has a few more triggers.
Each time or once for every answer?
I'm currently at revision 38 on one answer of mine. Don't tell me that raised 28 flags. :P
4:11 AM
I'd like to beat Befunge, but that might be a bit hard :P
But it's good to know I've beaten a CJam with 3var
@Dennis Just once per answer, lol.
^ Another example. Guess who those 26 other users were.
(heavily censored because I'm not sure what I'm allowed to show :P)
@Doorknob Poor Community. He's just trying to help.
@Sp3000 I'll have to remember 3var. That's bound to be useful in some restricted source challenge.
It was used in 95 ASCII
I'm surprised nobody's tried base-converting pneumonoultra to be shorter than, say, PHP or ///
Yeah, me too.
And we do have a CJam answer for this task.
Yeah I was going to CJam that, but I opted for timestamp instead
I'm having trouble finding another language which does as well though - JAGL seems to have its own issues, Pyth doesn't seem to convert strings to ints in the same way with base, Ostrich doesn't run on my computer (!?) and Golfscript, well... base
4:20 AM
I'm pretty sure I saw issacg using the exact same string I used in a CJam answer once, so it can't be that different.
OK, not the same string after all. But similar.
pneumonoultra could be shorter if there is a language that does something with a built-in dictionary.
A: Find the Shortest Swype Path

isaacgPyth, 53 50 49 bytes lrPMfT-VJm.jF.D@jC"XÖ;¿ìÇ×;¤ð$ _"28CdT@GrzZtJ8 Keyboard compression format thanks to @Dennis. This answer contains some unprintable characters. See the links below for the correct code. Demonstration. Test Harness. Explanation: lrPMfT-VJm.jF.D@jC"..."28CdT@GrzZtJ8 ...

@Quincunx Hmm. grep ^pneu /usr/share/dict/words would work except that pneumonoblahblah isn't in the default dictionary, unfortunately.
That's also a standard loophole. :P
@Doorknob My point is that there are words in that "word"
4:24 AM
ah, right
If there was a programming language that allowed typing something like [123] to literally insert the 123 word in its dictionary there, that would be perfect for that task
Biology :p. They come up with the most descriptive and completely useless words.
Whats with "I am not a computer scientist"?
Well, I'm not.
Every time somebody forces me to claim that my code is O(something), I rely on wild guesses.
4:29 AM
Really? Big O really isn't that hard.
I'm not a computer scientist either
@Optimizer Oh, did you mean Maltysen or me?
@Dennis C, eh... thanks
@Quincunx I can more or less estimate the complexity of my own code, but when it comes to built-ins, memoization, etc...
@Sp3000 C?
For Pyth base 256
Although, hm... maybe I should switch my CJam
@Dennis Oh, yeah that stuff is hard. I don't know how to do that stuff well.
4:33 AM
@Dennis I mean, both using the same line
@Optimizer I said it first! :P
Actually reminded me that I should delete my comment. I'm sure the iterative approach is polynomial.
@Sp3000 C sounds a lot shorter than 256b. Just saying.
Gives a null byte though, and I can't seem to get it to work right
4:52 AM
@Optimizer Your box stacking code is simply no match for Alphaplus.
is that a thing ?
isn't it deleted ?
due to some SL
Well yes (whatever SL is), but still 56 bytes shorter.
standard loophole
You have to admire the dedication though. Updated GitHub, posted code, updated GitHub, golfed code.
4:56 AM
I'd actually like to try if it really works, if it wasn't for my policy not to execute random binaries found on the internet...
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6:26 AM
Are there any languages whose names start with a digit?
(Including (common) esolangs.)
There's a bunch of esolangs, not sure about "real" languages though
6:41 AM
Q: Crack this broken cipher

RichardRecently i got an email from the organizers of a congress i was attending. They were sponsored by an IT-Corporation which devised a crypto challenge. I cracked the cipher using 2 standard shell commands and received the "Worst abuse of the rules" price. Now it is your turn. Crack the following c...

Hmm, lots of assembly languages seem to have numbers in their names.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cool GuyCatch the robber king-of-the-hill grid java This is my first time making a KOTH. More information and other stuff will be posted if this KOTH is an interesting one and has recieved positive reviews Overview Will be expanded A cop spots a robber and the robber and the cop ends up in a basement...

7:34 AM
@Doorknob like TIS-100? ;)
oh you wanted ones that start with digits
@Sp3000 so close to getting 2x of cjam :P
Nah, won't get it. CJam gets to map and all
It's definitely a lot shorter than what I initially expected though, so I'm pretty happy with it :)
u just need to go sub 117
Very tall order there :P
Top 100 languages on PPCG, ordered by usage, as of last data dump:
common lisp
bbc basic
game maker language
7:45 AM
Wow, Prelude made the list. Look what you did, Martin.
wait. There are 100 languages ?
@Optimizer Just the top 100.
WTF is ~.~!
Is ~-~! a language?
A: Obfuscated Hello World

cjfaure~-~!, 191 Not the shortest but there's no entry in this language: '=~~~:''=~~~~:'''=~~~~~:@~~,'',',':@''',''',''+~:@'',',',':@'',',',':@''',''',''+<''',~~+~>:@'','',~~:@'',~~,<''',~~>+'+'':@''',''',''+<''',~~+~>:@''',''',''+<<'+''>,~~>:@'',',',':@''',''','' Note it's untested due to the unimp...

7:46 AM
wait. css is a language ?
input is a language ?
No comment is a language
Lol, encoding fail with &gt;&amp;lt;&gt; - that should be ><> (fish).
@Optimizer uhh. No it's not. adds to giant blacklist of things-that-aren't-languages
Brainfuck is high Oo
7:48 AM
C# is higher than I expected.
Its because he uses it a lot
@Optimizer he?
@Sp3000 nice :)... gotta keep working on Fission now ;)
Retina's not in the list for some reason though
7:50 AM
@Optimizer he?
@Optimizer # he?
ho, this one doesn't work :'(
@Doorknob do you find languages if they are links?
@MartinBüttner Ahaha I stole alephalpha and your spotlight with Mathematica - but nice knowing about 1##
7:52 AM
@MartinBüttner yes
All HTML is stripped.
ah okay
(there's a bunch of junk at the bottom that I haven't bothered getting rid of yet)
3325 python... wow
@Doorknob retina is missing entirely
Retina's not even on the list actually
^^ ninja'd
7:54 AM
fission is only in there twice. I'm sure I've answered at least 4 or 5 questions
and codehacker has answered one as well
wow I wouldn't have thought CJam would have that many more answers than Pyth
It had an extra what, half year though?
yeah but it wasn't used as actively back then
@Doorknob dyalog apl seems to be missing as well
(or do you magically count that as APL?)
@MartinBüttner lang = 'apl' if lang == 'dyalog apl'
7:57 AM
Well Pyth took a bit of time to take off too :P Also I think people might be avoiding Pyth because they feel like they need to learn Python first
@MartinBüttner This is as of last data dump. So there are only two Retina answers:
A: Minecraft Chest Placement

Martin Büttner.NET Regex (Retina), 434 416 310 + 1 = 311 bytes After the last challenge I answered in regex (the Nether Portal Challenge linked to in this challenge), I finally set out to write a command-line tool, which acts as an interpreter for .NET-style regular expressions, so I can answer questions with...

@Quincunx I know one of the core contributors, but that's as much as I know about it...
which is counted as ".NET Regex," and
A: Check whether letters of word are in alphabetical order

NinjaBearMonkeyRegex (any flavor), 55 bytes Some people don't consider regex to be a programming language, but it's been used before, and it's not close to being the shortest. ^a?b?c?d?e?f?g?h?i?j?k?l?m?n?o?p?q?r?s?t?u?v?w?x?y?z?$ I've added one byte for the i (case-insensitive) flag. This is very straightf...

which is counted as "Regex."
ah okay
that also explains why there is no Fission
how often do they make the data dumps?
Last post ID I see is 47540, which was on March 8th.
... that can't be right.
8:18 AM
Q: Ionic Compound Golf

Beta DecayChallenge Given two inputs, a positive ion and a negative ion, you must output the formula for the ionic compound which would be made from the two ions. This basically means balancing out the charges so they equal zero. Do not bother with formatting the formula with subscript numbers, but you m...

8:48 AM
@MartinBüttner Would you happen to know of a way to reverse the stack in Prelude?
@Sp3000 move it to a different voice?
... oh, riiiiiight
hangs head in shame
Thanks :)
if you need it on the same voice, I'm not sure if there's any other way than using an odd number of voices and reversing it from one to the next until it's back on the first voice.
8:53 AM
Ahaha will see - this should be fine for now :) (I'll be happy if I get a solution working)
which challenge/task?
Decathlon #8
Should be doable, but I've never actually done anything in Prelude til now so we'll see :P
hm, CJam can do Task 5 in 40 bytes
38, actually
9:07 AM
Q: Too many pawns on a chess board

Agnishom ChattopadhyayGiven an integer 2n, find all possible ways in which 2n^2 black pawns and 2n^2 white pawns can be arranged on a 2n by 2n chess board such that no pawn attack another. A black pawn can attack only a white pawn, and vice versa. The usual chess rules of attacking follow, i.e, white pawns attack sq...

9:18 AM
@NewMainPosts Why is he asking for an integer 2n while it only makes the reading harder... He could have said n, it's the same thing -_-
ho, it's to be sure it's even... ok
Then, it should be "given an even integer n"
@Katya Yes, obviously easier to get it right :)
I have for line1 in a.readlines(), line2 in b.readlines(): in my code, but it gives an error "NameError: name 'line2' is not defined". How do I fix it?
What are you trying to do?
maybe b.readlines() returned null
9:29 AM
Assign line1 to a.readlines() and line2 to b.readlines()
Are a, b the same length? As in, are you trying to do it simultaneously?
cool guy -> a and b have the same number of lines?
a and b are returned by open
"As in, are you trying to do it simultaneously?" Yes. Is it possible?
@CoolGuy Yes, if you stop the loop when one of them is over, and then loop only on the remaining
I know I can do for line1 in a.readlines(): for line2 in b.readlines() , but is there a way to merge them or do I have to stick with two loops?
9:31 AM
Well I'm asking because I can't tell if you want for line1, line2 in zip(a.readlines(), b.readlines()): or...
(btw I'm surprised what you had before was valid syntax, but on second look it probably didn't parse the way you think it did)
Yeah it actually parses as for line1 in (a.readlines(), line2 in b.readlines()):
9:47 AM
Q: Fill a water balloon

DoorknobIn this challenge, you must display ASCII art of a water balloon given the amount of water that the balloon is filled with: | __||__ | | / # #\ | | |######| | | |######| | | |######| | | |######| | | |######| | | \######/ | | | | | +----------+ How to draw the balloon To...

10:19 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KatyaGroup Students Into Pairs code-golf graphs Synopsis: A graph theory matching problem. Given a list of which students like and dislike each other, pair the students up to maximise the overal happiness of the classroom. Introduction If you've ever been a teacher before, you've likely encoun...

10:35 AM
@Doorknob you posted a question :O
and its actually nice
11:01 AM
Q: Workweek completion

dwanaI work from monday to friday. I start my day at 8:12 and have lunch from 12:00 to 12:42. My workday ends at 16:30. If you are wondering why 8:12 and 12:42 -it's because 8:00 is the goal but it never actually make it -42 because I take 45min breaks but this works better for the challange The pu...

perl,j,k,piet,APL etc. — Optimizer 49 secs ago
>> piet
wait, there is a similar sounding golfing language..
oh, piet is the color thing
it is golfing language :P
but I had another language in my mind, let me find..
@Optimizer I don't see how piet could be a golfing language :/
compare its score with normal languages like java/python/c++ etc in the answers
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cool GuyMass of elements code-golf chemistry There are more than 100 elements in the modern periodic table. You challenge is to output the rounded mass of an element with respect to the input given. Input Input will contain an abbreviation of an element. Input can be taken from any one of the follow...

11:23 AM
@Optimizer Hum, didnt' know piet's counting was so weird
(No, Piet's not really a golfing language :P)
@Sp3000 No built-in is preventing it to win :)
@Sp3000 do you remember a peitsu or something language..
@Optimizer You can search for languages (which are used in PPCG) here
P1eq's the closest name I know, but I don't think that's much of a golfing language either
11:34 AM
3. , 8 , updates, 11, as a function, first version, 1 language, implementation, previous solution, in action, warning, mouse, output example
movement, final score, overview, entry, to run
Not very accurate.... Plenty of garbage... Who to blame?
39 bytes, 38, annotated version, implementation details
131 characters
c/c++ , c / c++ , c and c++ etc etc
4 languages
(some bots are here too :))
11:39 AM
I think it would have been easier to get a complete list of languages for filters
@Optimizer Much easier, because there's no way to tell what's not a language
mwahaha, I have 2 test bot always ending with a draw by self-explosion on each game for my Summoner war x)
Hi, any Windows users here with Python 3?
Could you verify that my test program for the 4x4 Hex challenge works? You can find it here
Just place hex-controller.py and test.py somewhere, and run the former.
You may have to change the COMMAND parameter in the script file.
I've tested it
It printed lots of grids and then printed "This strategy is not winning."
11:48 AM
Great, thanks! That's what it's supposed to do.
Now I can post my challenge.
12:01 PM
Q: Play a Perfect Game of 4x4 Hex

ZgarbBackground Hex is a two-player abstract strategy game played on a K×K rhombus of hexagonal tiles. Two opposite sides of the rhombus are colored white, and the other two black, and the two players, black and white, take turns in placing a token of their color on an unoccupied tile. The player who...

@Optimizer I did :P Two in the last two days, in fact
12:13 PM
@Doorknob better luck next time trying to replace CH :P
1 hour later…
1:14 PM
Summoner wars is totally working !
Just have to do some tests ! :3
1 hour later…
2:21 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplaxHalf-finished Idea: Diffusion Battle king-of-the-hill Overview Players are all present on a toroidal grid. Each player has 16 particles to start with. The total number of particles is fixed but they can change colour. Each turn a player decides what type of action to take for each particle ...

@trichoplax isn't your challenge based well too much on RNG? You can lose all your particles only because you used eat when surrounded by 3 particles, and gone on a free cell instead of a fighting one...
@Katenkyo Yes I think so too. It needs work but I've written it down in case I can think of a way to fix this later.
I'm considering using a different shape grid with fewer neighbours (maybe a triangle grid) so that there aren't such a large number of cells to consider each turn.
@trichoplax I can't see how it can be fix. In fact, I love the Idea, but it depends on RNGesus well too much for me :/
I think it might work if the number of particles per player was much higher, so you can average out your wins and losses each turn, but then it would be very slow...
@trichoplax It would mean you have at least 1/3 chance to miss your hit if surrounded by 2 opponent, well too high :/
2:30 PM
I might need to think of different action types that are not so dangerous to use
Maybe there should be only some low probability of changing color when failing to eat?
Yes, good luck !
@trichoplax The idea we discussed last time for my summoner is much better than I could think !
@Zgarb That's an interesting idea - and fine tunable. I like it. I'll edit that in as a maybe and think about what else needs to change around it
(points at start of turn !
@Katenkyo Glad to hear it :) I guess it allows more strategic thinking because you don't have to guess what's best before you see how the game plays out
2:35 PM
@trichoplax Not only that, you also see the clone just created before you play your turn, it was originnaly when the actions take effect
(a turn is as following : p1's upgrade ; p2's upgrade ; p1's fight action ; p2's fight action)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplaxHighest perimeter connected shape fastest-code Given input N, the side length of a square grid, output the maximum perimeter possible for a shape made up of orthogonally connected squares on such a grid. You do not need to output an example, only the perimeter. Your score is the largest N for...

Ah yes I like the two turn types approach - seems to balance things better
@trichoplax There will always be an even number of fight between each pair of player to be sure of the balance :3
Yes but it's still nice to have individual battles as balanced as possible too - it definitely seems more balanced being able to see what the opponent is doing before choosing a move
I'm glad you love the Idea :)
By the way, I'm actually dev'ing the first real bot for summoner war :D
2:50 PM
Sometimes when writing non-golfed code I think I should use variable names other than 1-letter ones, but it's often simply impossible to think of anything remotely descriptive that's not 50 words long
@Dennis Thanks. I think I'm not in chat for too long so I didn't get the ping.
@feersum The solution is easy - just use a 50 character variable name that is the initials of the 50 words you were tempted to use
But then it's still unacceptably long!
And meaningless! :)
The moral of the story: all code needs golfing to some extent
Even "golfing for readability"
@trichoplax about this "Highest perimeter shape", didn't you just learn something about posting code challenges with obvious and trivial solutions?
2:56 PM
@feersum Hence hitting the sandbox this time - what have I missed?
I'm hoping ruling out diagonal touching shapes makes it slightly less trivial
OK there's got to be some restriction which I am not reading because it's invisible
(in the sandbox questions - I haven't decided whether to edit it in to the main body yet)
Without the diagonal restriction, does it have a closed form solution?
I also need to word the no diagonal touching rule better
I read it again but I can't see any way that lines going back and forth would be prohibited or suboptmial
Will try an example and get back to you in a moment
Is something other than a simple polygon allowed?
3:01 PM
You mean are holes allowed?
Simple polygon means no holes or self-intersections
Self intersections are definitely out as I don't see how you could represent them as a list of on or off squares
Although I'm not asking for examples to be output I want the shape to be representable as a list of squares
I will probably say no holes too, although I'm not definite on that
Two squares touching diagonally (without one on either of the squares adjacent to both) would be a self-intersection
Either way there must be a trivial solution
Ah - self intersections includes just touching, even without positive overlap?
That makes describing the no diagonal touching rule easier
3:06 PM
There may well be a trivial solution, but I don't think the lines back and forth is it. I think a Hilbert curve will be more (or the nearest you can get to one for that N). And I think lines going back and for on only one half, and then back down the other half, would be more too. Still counting though...
Hmm not so sure now
If your shape is a tree of N squares, it will have perimeter 2*N+2 independent of its shape.
Yeah, sorry. Brain fart.
Thanks anyway - knowing there's a formula makes the counting much easier...
Or just touch every integer point once, and the perimeter will be the same as the number of points
3:12 PM
@jimmy23013 So if every square vertex is on the shape, the perimeter is maximal?
if diagonal connections were forbidden then a hilbert curve and S-lines would score the same
If I understood it correctly... yes.
but with allowed unimportant diagonal connections, I'm thinking a self-intersecting hilbert curve, or maybe stair steps, will do better.
@feersum It's taken me a team of advisors to understand why, but yes, you were right about the lines back and for :)
@jimmy23013 That can't be done if the number of points is odd.
Then one less is optimal.
3:18 PM
@Zgarb That intuitively seems to be the case - placing the last square causes another vertex to no longer be on the perimeter. I can't prove it though
Anyway, thank you everyone - I think this is more than enough to show the question can't be salvaged
@trichoplax Just observe that the perimeter is always even.
@Zgarb Oh yeah :)
I think it would make for a nice little golf, especially if you give the formula for the optimal perimeter right away.
Then a solution could draw a snaking path, a comb, or something equally simple, but there are many choices.
this reminds me of the challenge where we were adding walls to a maze to maximize the solution distance for a random walker
3:23 PM
@trichoplax (N+1)(M+1) - ((M+1)*(N+1))%2 if it doesn't have to be a square.
@Zgarb I was initially just asking for the perimeter value, but yes if I ask for the list of squares (binary string/ASCII output) then knowing the perimeter value still leaves a choice of patterns that might have different suitabilities for golfing - I like it
Why the factor 2?
Riiight, there's no factor 2.
@jimmy23013 I observed that each vertex touched two edges, and completely missed the fact that each edge is also shared between two vertices
3:26 PM
I'd also suggest disallowing holes, it's more interesting that way.
@Zgarb I'm guessing that for a square, there are only two patterns that need to be golfed for non-trivial N (one for odds, one for evens) so including rectangular grids might make it more interesting
@Zgarb That makes sense.
OK, so I now have this:
No diagonal touching (no self intersection)
No holes
N by M instead of N by N
Output any valid shape with the maximum perimeter
Include the formula in the question so the challenge is finding the most golfable shape
And has to be connected.
Oh yes!
I'd upvote that.
Thanks - I'll go and edit it now
3:34 PM
Q: Rotate a diamond tiling

jimmy23013Any regular hexagon can be tiled with diamonds, for instance like so (stolen from this question): ______ /_/_/\_\ /_/\_\/\_\ /\_\/_/\/_/\ \/_/\_\/_/\/ \_\/_/\_\/ \_\_\/_/ We'll consider the above a tiling of size 1 (since the diamonds' sides are made of one / or \ each). The same tili...

3:50 PM
Is there a way to undo edit approve?
@jimmy23013 Will revert be enough of an undo?
You can rollback from the previous edits page
seriously, enough of the hex-grid ascii art challenges
codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/8506/25180 It still need another approve to be edited. For some reason I thought the tag was being removed, not added.
Can you rollback on that page or did you reject an edit that you now want to approve?
Well, now it is approved. but reverting myself immediately doesn't seemed right...
@Sparr Maybe I should post it much later...
4:07 PM
They still seem to be popular...
@trichoplax that's not a positive argument
4:19 PM
Can we get this deleted please?
A: List Sophie Germain primes

MegosAlphaAlphaPlus, 21 bytes - 10 = 11 rPrime.dll aPrime fG Here's the prime code from the AlphaPlus builtin functions. I only have the code to calculate Sophie Germain Primes (224 bytes). using System; public class Prime { public void G() { int i=2; bool f=false; while (true){ for (int pt=2;i>pt;pt...

Second offense library troll.
@Dennis so its no longer a joke ? :P
@Optimizer It's still a joke. It's just not very funny.
At least that guy is pretty serious
Was it clearly explained to him why it was invalid more than three minutes before deletion? All I can see is Dennis's single comment about it.
it was in his previous answer
4:25 PM
Ok, I guess I didn't see that one before deletion. Link for the curious? From this answer alone the deletion looked pretty harsh (in timing at least).
Ohhhhh, one of those.
And a dedicated one. Updated code on GitHub, posted an answer, updated code again, "golfed" his answer.
When blatant cheating is not enough...
Might as well double down :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

soktinpkTeam Gun Battle king-of-the-hill This is a gun battle, except with teams. It is still an individual competition, however. At the beginning, every player is randomly assigned to one of two teams and placed randomly on the board. Each turn, a player can move north, south, east or west or stay. In...

4:37 PM
@trichoplax your definition of holes is poor. you define it to eliminate only single-square holes.
@Sparr Good point
also your second example is invalid for intersection and for having a hole as defined previously
I think you can find vocabulary for describing these rules if you look at en.wikipedia.org/?title=Polyomino
@Sparr Thanks I'll have a look - my current fix for the hole definition is valid (I think) but inelegant
Q: Calculate a fraction for any decimal number

jBot-42Your task is to make a program that will convert any positive decimal number (excluding 0) to a simplified fraction. If the number is greater than 1, it should return an improper fraction. Your program should work for a decimal number of any length. When the output fraction is converted to a deci...

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