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12:00 AM
There are 1396 unanswered questions
And then I wrote this one too.
A: Compare JS files and pick according to requirement

Ethan BierleinSince your post is a little unclear to me, I'm just going to point out a few small things that could be improved quiet a bit. The program logic could be separated out into different functions. This allows for easy re-usability. You should flesh out this program with comments for clarity. There ...

It was a good day.
Q: PHP Base64 ByteArray Decoder

McGee.WIllI have a third party system that submits I am assuming a byte array data from OBDII port on our fleet vehicles. I was getting values like: AA== (bool) AQ== (bool) AAAaMA== (int) AAA0IQ== (int) Mjow (string) UzozLTIwNA== (string) I know what the type is for each field but the regular base64_...

Q: Using author comments in posts

QuillSometimes, questions with authoring comments surface, and whilst changes can greatly affect the difference in code, is an author comment really warranted in answer? StackExchange's attribution required link on the bottom of all SE sites, lists four things required to be done when republishing co...

@Duga Under 1400 again :-)
12:01 AM
Yes. Methinks we are containing the horde.
It is going up .... again.
+2 since yesterday
Getting the gears from an SO roller.... If I can convince him, politely, why it's off topic, that would be good....:
@rolfl: Can you please explain how this question's code is not in keeping with your own advice to post code that is "neat, focused, and mostly issue-free"? The code in this question contains everything that is needed and nothing that is not. — Greg Hewgill 4 mins ago
Yes, I know what blockquotes are.
If I need some, you can edit them in.
@QPaysTaxes - tread carefully please....
12:07 AM
@QPaysTaxes Slight suggestion: When another user has already commented, with something very similar to what you want to comment, you sometimes don't need to add another comment at all.
Greg Hewgill, Auckland, New Zealand
418k 88 754 953
@rolfl You might want to post a comment on that question that they should take it to meta.
@QPaysTaxes I don't think this comment is helping at all:
@Daniel The problem is that, on Code Review, hypothetical code is off-topic. Whether or not 'everything needed' is contained, there's a reason it's closed as off-topic: It's off-topic — QPaysTaxes 1 min ago
> there's a reason it's closed as off-topic: It's off-topic
@GregHewgill / Danield. Respectfully, I disagree. I am happy to chat with you about it, so feel free to join a bunch of us in the 2nd monitor where this question has already been bantered around. — rolfl ♦ 9 secs ago
@QPaysTaxes - when I ask you to tread carefully, please respect that.
The monkey has much wisdom :)
Hey Greg.
12:15 AM
heh, I'm a "roller" huh? :)
Yup ... at 400+K you deserve at least that ;-)
I prefer to think of it as "experience points" instead of "reputation"
Nahhh... that's why I am 42 ... that's experience points
@GregHewgill That's very well stated!
The issue with that question is that reviewers have to guess and infer too much when doing a review.
I can look at it an point out 10 or so things that make no sense.
12:17 AM
anyway, I was working on an answer to that scala question when it got closed behind me, so I couldn't answer it. (I don't really know scala, but I was taking the opportunity to learn something.) It seemed to me to be a very focused bit of code that could indeed be reviewed.
There's a lot to say about it, but it is all fuzzy and ugly, and open to interpretation.
I'm trying to branch out a bit from just being a "roller" on SO, so I'm trying to get a feel for what's on topic on CR.
as an example, why declare the val as 10, and then subtract 1 in the range?
just declare it as 9.
but then why have 9?
why not 0?
in which case, why have the loop?
just comment out the code and be done.
@GregHewgill We do appreciate SO users coming over and learning about what's on-topic here. Very welcome.
every reviewer can take a different spin on the problem, and interpret the code a different way, and all of them will be wrong.
12:20 AM
that ^^
We have had way too many "But that's not what I meant" comments posted by OPs after an answer was given.
@rolfl But how is that any different from most "real" code out there?
Also, if someFunction is a mutator method with side-effects, it makes a big difference.
if the method was called "updateDatabase" would it be different?
or even "println(....)" instead of "sqrt(...)"
yeah, there are details like "does the order of calling someFunction and anotherFunction matter?" but I'm not sure that would necessarily be clear even if the OP had posted that snippet from "real" code.
@GregHewgill Real code leaves much less room for interpretation. Real code leaves the what very clear, it is just up to you to guess why (unless it has been explained).
We have found, in the past, what we call chamaeleon questions.... and they are a real problem.
12:23 AM
yeah, I can certainly see that. SO gets those all the time.
(usually known as X-Y problems)
chamaeleon questions change as the asker revises them, and someone puts a lot of effort in to an answer, and suddenly it is thrown out because the question asker changed a method, or assumption.
we are strict about that on Code Review, but then very relaxed on duplicates.
you can't change the code after a question is answered, but you can re-ask it with revised code.
@GregHewgill Exactly. On Code Review, answers often question design choices that has been made. If we see the real code, we might suggest an entirely different approach to the real problem.
Seems like it's a challenge for an asker to decide what is the correct balance between including too little (and being accused of posting sample code), and including too much (providing an attack surface that's too large)
I agree. it is an identified problem.
Q: How to get the best value out of Code Review - Asking Questions

rolfl I have a project I am working on, and I would like some, or all of it reviewed, how can I ask for this review on Code Review in a way that produces the best possible value? This is not about a question being on-topic, or off topic. Rather, this is about making on-topic questions great qu...

A thing that commonly happens on the "How can I do this better?" questions on SO (that does not contain real code) is that people are trying to be 'clever' or funny in one way or another, by focusing too much on the example code that the OP posted, posting suggestions that would not work for the real code. We try to avoid that here.
12:28 AM
We do have a range of "span" for questions... and recommend people post smaller sections of code for more detailed reviews, and larger swathes for big-picture reviews.
@GregHewgill "attack surface"? Is that really what you would call it? How about "rooms for improvement?"
But, the code aalways has to be "real".
It does not need to be "complete".
or even compile (if it is a subsection of code), but what's missing should be blatantly obvious.
well, I'm being slightly deliberately provocative by saying "attack surface". By including a lot of code and context, the asker opens up a lot more room for "suggestions" that might be low-hanging fruit and not really what is needed.
and now I can't immediately find rolfl's answer on that topic because I closed that tab and the question in question is now gone.
I tru to recommend people put as much code in as they can expect to be reviewed in about 15 minutes.... or, alternatively, expect a review that takes 15 minutes to complete.
A: Asking questions - including full code

rolflI have my 'pet theory' about Code Review. This is my personal theory, and it is about human psychology, so you will have to take it with some salt..... It goes like this: You post code for review, and... noone knows how good you are as a programmer they do one of two things: find the most glar...

15 minutes? Okay, then many of my questions are out ;-)
12:31 AM
that one, merci :)
@SimonAndréForsberg I know I often spend more than 15 minutes, but 15 minutes is the tipping point.
My dinner is served ... I apologize ;-) Must get it while it is hot.
@GregHewgill Who decides 'what is needed'? By posting more real code sure you are opening up to more answers, some might not be what you are looking for of course (suggestions to rename something from an already quite good name for example), but I believe that reviewers tend to capture 'what is needed' quite well.
Well, for example, with this question we're talking about how to write something in a functional style in Scala. Sure, the OP could have included more of the original Java code, but what benefit would that be? The OP is asking about the functional style aspects of one loop.
Perhaps the problem is that question would have been better suited on SO in the first place.
@SimonAndréForsberg mind if i chime in on this?
@mjolka You're always free to chime in
12:36 AM
so here's the scala code
val nvars: Int = 10
val vars: Array[Long] = new Array[Long](nvars)

for ( i <- 0 to nvars-1 )
    vars(i) = someFunction(i)
say i answer, "You can write it like this: (0 to nvars - 1).map(someFunction).foreach(anotherFunction)"
OP replies, "That won't work, I need the results of someFunction later in the program."
or "That won't work, someFunction and anotherFunction mutate some global state, so they must be called in turn."
yup, both good points
@GregHewgill It's the someFunction and anotherFunction identifiers we're primarily concerned about, and as it is a Scala question, we're more concerned with the Scala code than the original Java.
We do have an 'on-topic magic question' that asks: 'Do I want feedback about any aspects of the code?', which is often implied when posting on CR. Code without context make that hard to give... So while the question is asking about one thing, generally answers may cover more than what the question is asking about.
> Is code included directly in my question? (See Make sure you include your code in your question below.)
Am I an owner or maintainer of the code?
Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or example code?
Do I want the code to be good code? (i.e. not code-golfing, obfuscation, or similar)
To the best of my knowledge, does the code work as intended?
Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code?
Q: Smart pointer or how not to leak a pointer

Loki AstariWrote a couple of blog articles about smart pointers. Unique Pointer Shared Pointer Constructors for Smart Pointers So I suppose it time to get the result reviewed. This is not supposed to be a replacement for the standard smart pointers. It is more a simple place to start for people trying t...

@AlexL You may discuss this question here.
@GregHewgill Good Code Review questions explain well what the code is supposed to do, when example code is posted, the code essentially does nothing. You might say that it 'loops' or that it is using recursion or whatever, but that itself is not doing anything useful. Why does it loop? What does it do in each loop? etc... those are the important questions.
And now it's time for me to go to sleep.
12:50 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Thanks, I now have a better idea why that scala question was originally closed as off topic. Still learning how to identify on/off topic myself for CR.
@GregHewgill We do have this MSO question that we've shoved up the face in SO users been referring too when we notice bad recommendations to post on CR:
Q: Be careful when recommending Code Review to askers

chillworldCode Review is becoming well-known on Stack Overflow. The folks over on Code Review are happy about that. The only problem is that there are a lot of questions redirected to CR which don't belong there. So I want to ask that the users who direct askers to CR (or request migration of questions...

Generally, these six 'magic questions' are a good way to check if it is on-topic for CR:
11 mins ago, by Simon André Forsberg
> Is code included directly in my question? (See Make sure you include your code in your question below.)
Am I an owner or maintainer of the code?
Is it actual code from a project rather than pseudo-code or example code?
Do I want the code to be good code? (i.e. not code-golfing, obfuscation, or similar)
To the best of my knowledge, does the code work as intended?
Do I want feedback about any or all facets of the code?
(the last one, about feedback about all facets of the code, isn't entirely important to explicitly say in the question, but can be good to keep in mind)
'working, real code' is the parts were most questions get closed as off-topic. If you have working, real code, then it can likely become a CR question.
working = working as intended of course. Some people have a hard time grasping that.
5 mins ago, by Simon André Forsberg
And now it's time for me to go to sleep.
Hope to see you around another time @GregHewgill. Good night for now!
1:33 AM
New profile picture, @SimonAndréForsberg?
9 hours ago, by Simon André Forsberg
@rolfl Ukrainian Parliament
My family still doesn't know I have one.
My brother has one.
Q: Find missing numbers in a sorted array

strider14Array of size (n-m) with numbers from 1..n with m of them missing. Find all of the missing numbers. Array is sorted. Example: If arr = [1,2,4,5,6,8], result should be 3 & 7. Here is my code which I would like to get reviewed. Sorry for the quality... I'm learning. import java.util.*; class Fi...

1:48 AM
I have one tweet, but, here it is: twitter.com/DevNamedEthan
I should tweet more, but I'm not Twitterpated (a new meaning to a word used in Disney's Bambi).
Ever watch that?
Yeah, I watched it when I was, like, 6.
Oh, were you talking about the movie?
Or that video?
The movie - that video is the Minimal Working Example.
1:56 AM
Q: Simple Java Neural Network

JackI've written a toy neural network in Java. I ran it several million times with the same outputs with only the randomized weights changing from run to run. The average of all of the outputs is not 0.5, as I would have expected. The code is in this Github Repository: https://github.com/jack-t/petul...

Anyone know how to make twitter tweet out repo commits from github?
@CaptainObvious Reopen.
@Jamal Question edited.
@Jamal @CaptainObivous Reopen
I should make a script that pings everyone when you type "@all"
@Hosch250 That sounds like something very cool, certainly StackApps worthy
2:02 AM
Would I have to write it in JS?
Yeah, unfortunately you do
Actually, this should be a breeze.
A little bit of regex, and I have all the names I need.
2:08 AM
Then, I just need to post messages no more than 500 chars long with the names.
Yeah, regex.
Got to do dishes, BBL.
@JohnSaunders That's a possibility but quite unlikely, since 1) the code is not touched for months, 2) the code with multi-threading doesn't use the native code 3) with plenty of code review and simplification, we don't see the threading issue in the code. — Jeffrey Zhao just now
2:24 AM
I am fishing for a specific reputation..... and I am really close. I am at 66651 - I would like to fish for 15 rep... that's one question upvote, and 1 answer.... and, if I may be so bold...
shameless, I know.
user image
Thanks santa!
Yikes, @rolfl, that's scary
A: Merging word streams from files

h.j.k. "Need at least two file arguments: Destination Source {Source {Source {...}}}" I think an easier way of documenting that, at least for *nix, is: "Need at least two file arguments: DESTINATION [SOURCE]..." You can also turn the Paths in your main() method into a Stream too: public class L...

Great answer tooo ^^^
Great answer, but no confirm tick
2:31 AM
I know... I tend to wait a bit... but perhaps it's time. Once every week or so I scour my questions.
That's alright, upvotes are good for the time being
OK, I have been hoping for that for an embarassingly long time.
Thankfully, *unlike some other SE sites* , CR and 2nd Monitor in particular has santas.
Just be a good boy, (*because santa is checking*) , and maybe do a little pimping, and upvotes will be all yours :P
Goddamn it Markdown (Markdown pls)
Markdown in chat.se is the bane of my existance
You know what would be really cool, a heatmap/cloud on the tags page, that turns redder/larger for the more usage of a tag
Aaargh. I can't figure out how to add a twitter webhook to my repo...
2:50 AM
@Quill Neat idea, though there is an ordered-tag page: codereview.stackexchange.com/tags
Hmmm... I see there's now 60 tags at > 200 questions.
There was a time when there was not 40....
@rolfl ah, yes... remember the day the system delivered a bunch of [badge:generalist]?
I edited hard to get generalist
It is one of my concerns about the now-merging performance/optimization tags....
to lose the generalist badge?
Not to lose it, but it will be harder to get.
Mind you, the merging of them will remove one from the pool, and make some other tag popular.... actually
that's not a bad thing...
2:58 AM
is then just one out of the running...
that will help @nhgrif ;-)
He could ask 3 objective-c questions just to make it more popular.
(or edit out some tree tags ;-)
Q: Event based Producer/Consumer

AvramIs this producer is thread safe? Is it exception safe? public class AsynchSimpleProducer<T> : IDisposable { private readonly Action<Exception> error; private readonly BlockingCollection<T> blockingCollection = new BlockingCollection<T>(50); public event Func<T, Task> NewItem; p...

A: How should we revise the standard off-topic reasons, if we can have up to five?

Robert CartainoI found working on this jigsaw puzzle a personally rewarding experience. It really helped me appreciate what you do here. Obviously the longer your site has been around, the more problems you find that need addressing. I'm sure you've tried cramming more unrelated close reasons into each slot, b...

Needs some visibility ^^^^
This question might be better asked on code review stack exchangeaugray 33 secs ago
> I am the Director of Community Development for the Stack Exchange Network.
@rolfl impressive
We have been badgering the PTB for the past month or so.... for better or worse I am not sure.
Well, the mods have, not just me
3:07 AM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Robert CartainoMeme: 6 to 8 Weeks Originator: Jeff Atwood First Heard: May 13th, 2008 Cultural Height: In about 6 to 8 weeks Definition: The time estimate given "off the top of my head" when the Stack Overflow team has only a vague idea of how long a task will take because they have little-to-no formal sche...

^^ his top SE post
mark my words: we're 6 to 8 weeks away from full-fledged graduation.
It's complicated.
@rolfl about graduation?
That and more.
@Mat'sMug Excitedly prepares internet party
@Mat'sMug Let's just say I am not being subtle any more....
Shawshanking #CodeReview - #DailyPun @spolsky http://meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/q/5416/31503?stw=2
3:11 AM
saw that earlier
Well, when I get to tweeting the CEO....
as in #CodeReview Redemption?
I have been sending a progressively worsening pun to the CM's every single day for the past month or so.
Promising that it will get worse and worse until we graduate.
each time with a link to that meta answer?
Sounds like a good way to torture convince them to let us graduate.
3:12 AM
Huh, no... I should though
@rolfl for that reason alone* you have my vote in the upcoming mod elections**
*not really just that reason
**if they ever happen
"On the other hand, codereview is still beta, and has low impact factor(~1000 on c tag) - in my opinion too low to expect answer in a lifetime" is 142 characters...
> Headline for when the psychic midget escaped from jail: Small medium at large
@Mat'sMug ^^
They have been groaners...
@EthanBierlein Can't help but think of wolowitz's kissing robot.
3:18 AM
Question may be better suited to CodeReview Stackexchange — paisanco 35 secs ago
With a language tag this would be an excellent post for Code Review - check out their help center! — Mat's Mug 15 secs ago
Q: Making use of run-time class information

RemsHow can this code be improved? class Fruit{ //... } class Apple extends Fruit { public void shape() { System.out.println("round!"); } //... } class Orange extends Fruit { public void colour() { System.out.println("Meow!"); } //... } class FruitMain { public static void main(String[] arg...

3:46 AM
This post is a good candidate for codereview.stackexchange.comR Sahu 33 secs ago
What's your problem? As that's a fairly common way to do that (check out JPBlanc's answer if you want to make a hash table) - otherwise you should move this to code review.SEJGreenwell 56 secs ago
This would be a better fit at codereview.stackexchange.comStilesCrisis 11 secs ago
@StilesCrisis: I'm not convinced it would be. It doesn't seem to be on-topic there, not completely, anyway. — Makoto 37 secs ago
4:24 AM
Q: Binary search feedback and improvements

Pratik Deogharetemplate<class T> long binary_search(const std::vector<T>& v, const T& key){ if(v.empty()) { return -1; } long lo = 0; long hi = v.size() - 1; long mid = (long) floor((lo + hi ) / 2); long pmid = -1; // prev mid while(lo < hi && pmid != mid){ if(v[mid] < ke...

4:40 AM
Monking @all
monking @Heslacher
Q: Interval scheduling problem in C++

Matthew HogganThe problem I attempted to solve is described as: What is the largest subset of mutually non-overlapping intervals which can be selected from I? Where I is a set of N intervals where each interval has the same weight per item within the interval. I claim the algorithm runs at \$O(N lg N...

hey @mjolka
Good night, all.
Night @Hosch250
4:42 AM
night @Hosch250
@EthanBierlein damn. went through 80 first pages. TTGTB
@Jamal Any opinion on the question?
I haven't quite decided yet. I may look at it tomorrow.
No problem, I couldn't decide, since there are both good parts and questionable parts
5:24 AM
The only solultion without "magic numbers", so the one solution which has the best chances to pass a professional code review. — alk 18 secs ago
hey @JeroenVannevel, i've got an idea for a roslyn-based project if you're interested: implementing the dependency graph functionality that's only available in VS Ultimate msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd409453.aspx
5:40 AM
I think this question should go to codereview.stackexchange.comVimalan Jaya Ganesh 54 secs ago
6:12 AM
monking @all
heya @chillworld
Q: Find all descendants deeply of tree structure from flat data

davidI have a flat data that represent the hierarchical relationship as below: ID Name PID 0 A NULL 1 B 0 2 C 0 4 D 1 5 E 1 6 F 4 3 G 0 This table represents the 'data table', where PID indicates the parent element. For example, in the fi...

hey @chillworld
how are you all?
Q: numerical maximization procedure normal distribution

TyrolI did some work in R and I need feedback. I repost since this section is more suited. Generate a sample of size 1000 consisting of realizations of independent N(4, 1) distributed random variables. n <- 1000 x <- rnorm(n, mean = 4, sd = 1) Write a code for a function which gives the density f...

6:26 AM
good good. got the ramones playing, bashing away at some code
work contract is finishing up soon and there's lots left to do
how are you going?
looks good for you
hi ADG
@mjolka you have idea about djikstra's?
i haven't looked at dijkstra's algorithm in a year or so
6:36 AM
@mjolka well i made one for a 5x5 matrix which worked perfectly but failed for 80x80, wrong answer it returns
for me: trouble with disabling sslv3 and local jetty
@chillworld can you help?
with what?
@chillworld dijkstra's?
where is the question?
6:39 AM
In a nxn matrix I need to find the minimum sum from left column to right column
*leftmost and rightmost
and we are only allowed to move up right and down.
but when you hit the bottom you are allowed to go to first entry?
@chillworld like this projecteuler.net/problem=82
but I'm thinking you need a monkey here ;)
Hi, any haskellers around here ?
i'm not
6:45 AM
mhhh not a simple one
the question @chillworld ?
@chillworld for 5x5 I get 994 | 0.037415seconds
for 80x80 I get 276297 | 1.740152 seconds
Q: Separate logic in files node

shopia TI've node project and try to build my code better so I've created new folder with file like following which encapsulate the read and write file . This is working and my question is if its good practice since I need to use the call to read and write file in several place in my code. Since Im new ...

@chillworld here's what I've done hastebin.com/bijesafano.avrasm
6:51 AM
26032 is the solution
if you like cheating : mathblog.dk/…
@chillworld that doesn't help me. I want to learn progg.
@ADG there is a difference between coding and math answers
this problem requires a mathematical solution, when you have that you can code it
I'm not a great mathematic, while I do code above average @work
@chillworld Agree ! That's the thing with most of the Euler problems
indeed, I have also a hard time with that. When they give me a mathematical solution, I code it
It's like creating a gui.
Lot's of developers can't make a great Gui. But if you give them a drawning how it should look, they do it
@chillworld Plus that's so boring
7:02 AM
@iluso mine dayjob 80% of the time ;)
@chillworld Respect
I put it all on screen, and the client just have to say how they see it later on. (first functionality)
brb smoking
looks like I have a meeting, will be longer away
@chillworld Have fun
7:21 AM
Q: Right way to call WCF

user300244Is this the right way to call WCF? (I am more interested in how I assign null - and handle exception etc. Parameters I have passed correctly). // Client proxy BasicHttpBinding binding = null; EndpointAddress epa = null; FreeSpaceDatabaseClient pro...

7:35 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question is asking for a code review. — Mark Rotteveel 10 secs ago
@Duga Isn't that the exact purpose of CodeReview ?
@iluso That's a Stack Overflow post
Q: Read multiple csv file in java

StudentDoubtsI'm working on a code where the programs allow user to prompt for a folder location and read multiple csv files. Does anybody know how? PLEASE HELP. Right now, I only know how to read just one file and print the output out: import java.awt.FileDialog; import java.awt.Frame; import java.io.Buf...

@Quill Oh sorry, I tough you were talking about another link
@iluso @Duga is a bot which is searching for comments on SO which refer to code review. Often the advice to post the question here is wrong, because e.g the code is broken hence off topic.
7:45 AM
@Heslacher Oohh, stupid me. Thanks !
@Heslacher generally: the phrase 'code review', or the cr.se link usage
In this way active users in chat can visit the question/comment and either upvove the comment or post a comment with the explaination that it would be off topic.
Q: Architecture design for Java servlet that triggers work

JohnI'm designing a push notification server (for pushing notification via APNS and Google servers) and have come up with the following design for a Java based web application server. I would really like to hear anyone feedback from people who have experience with anything relating to this. This is a...

@Quill Multiple keywords will be searched. links or code review etc. a complete list can be found in the code which @SimonAndréForsberg has done.
You can find a link to the repos here
Q: You are being watched! - Comments of Interest

Simon André Forsberg You are being watched Code Review has an open system A machine that spies on you on every hour of every day I know because I built it. I designed the machine to detect suggestions to post on Code Review but it sees everything Horrible comments involving ordinary users Users like yo...

8:19 AM
Q: Counting unordered factorizations with distinct parts

ilusoTrying to solve this combinatorics problem, I wrote some functions to count the number of unordered distinct factorizations of an integer n into k distinct parts. The following function builds up a list of unordered distinct factorizations of n with largest part at most m. duf' :: Integer -> In...

8:32 AM
I always have fun ;)
8:50 AM
Monking @all
Monking :)
hey @Nobody and @Morwenn
9:24 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because improving working code does not belong to Stackoverflow but codereview.stackexchange.comTim Schmelter 11 secs ago
@TimSchmelter and PartickPeters: Note that we would need the full function's code for Code Review. — Nobody 26 secs ago
Q: Paython argparse with subparsers

setevoyWe have main application from few separate parts - Unity and Clc. I'm writing new tool, which will be used to manage them - deploy Unity, or run some checks and lot of other stuffs. As there will be a lot of options - I want split them in to separate namespaces. Here is how I realized it, but ...

9:47 AM
Q: A simple method to validate multiple EditText fields in Java/Android

SkynetI am using the following method to validate if user has given any input or left an EditText empty, I am concerned about the return statement in particular, because my IDE keeps complaining about it Enviornment: Android Studio 1.0 Code: public void clientsideauth() { if (TextUtils.is...

Monking @Mast
hey @Mast, hey @Vogel612
@Phrancis What's the logic behind calling the first song of your album 'The Final Battle'? I finally got around listening the entire album and started noticing the names.
It's a good album :-)
10:57 AM
A: PHP Base64 ByteArray Decoder

QuillYour code is generally clean, you have accurate comments & variable naming is mostly consistent. $raw_bytes and $byteArray use two different types of naming. It's best if you choose one style, and stick with it. With return ($encoded == "AQ==") and return $byteArray[0] == "00000001", you don't ...

@Quill Nice one.
@Mast Thanks. :-)
FYI, I have been in contact by phone with a mongodb representative. She asked me to post this question in the Mongodb google group (groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/mongodb-user/…) and an answer has been posted yesterday mentioning that : "Thanks for reporting this. I've opened a ticket in the ruby driver JIRA project if you'd like to track it: jira.mongodb.org/browse/RUBY-946 A fix is in code review and will be released with 2.0.5 soon" — Thierry 46 secs ago
11:13 AM
false positive
But at least MongoDb is doing code review ;-)
Q: Implementation of MergeSort goes Wrong

DCoderI tried MergeSort but it is not working correctly.Please help.Code in C++ is as follows: #include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; int k=0; void Merge(int *a,int left,int mid,int right, int *temp) { int i,j; i=0;j=mid+1; while(i<=mid && j<=right){ if(a[i]<a[j]){ te...

@CaptainObvious Gotta love the auto-commenter ;-)
@CaptainObvious This makes me wish we could still review broken code
There is so much that can be improved in this code and doing so might show the OP the path to the error
@Mast I know.
11:36 AM
@Morwenn: By pass-by-value idiom do you mean Sean Parent's idea of taking sink arguments by value and moving them into the called object?
@mjolka that sounds like an awesome project
I have exams until June 15th.
I have to host a guest between June June 20-25.
I leave for Argentina June 27th until August 3rd.
I have exams August 20th-September 3rd.
I leave for Boston September 18th-25th.
I have a 3 month internship starting at the start of October.
So you can see how it will be hard squeezing stuff in there
But if you start the project, I'll chime in whenever possible
Q: Project Euler 78: Coin Partitions in Python

jshuafI was trying to solve Project Euler Problem 78: Coin Partitions. Let p(n) represent the number of different ways in which n coins can be separated into piles. For example, five coins can be separated into piles in exactly seven different ways, so p(5)=7. Find the least value of n for which p...

@JeroenVannevel Sounds like fun (mostly)
@JeroenVannevel The are possibilites ;-) June 16-19, June 26, August 4-19 ...
> If your event handlers throw (the things listening on the NewItem event), you're toast.
@CaptainObvious "My solution is in Python, and for some reason, doesn't yield the right answer." => Off-topic
11:50 AM
@Heslacher Don't forget I still have to prepare for those exams in august ;)
You can take June 26 to prepare for those exams, leaving plenty of time ...
Fair point
though some people would argue that a 5-week trip to another continent might also require some preparation
Another day, Take June 19 ...
Q: Ajax If condition not showing up right

Basit Nasirhow can i put style my selected value in if case, please checkk my code and let me know if any correction please.. $.ajax({ type: "GET", url : "letsdoit", ...

@Nobody Yes, exactly that. I couldn't remember the name. Do you have a good reference that I can link to? :)

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