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12:00 AM
[Cardshifter/Cardshifter] 42 commits. 6 opened issues. 1 closed issue. 12 issue comments.
Holy c...cardshifter shafted us big time!
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] 5 commits. 3 opened issues. 10 closed issues. 27 issue comments.
@Mat'sMug We've been busy ;D
I see that!
12:02 AM
I'm mostly doing documentation, but @Simon has been furiously adding awesome new effects and features. Who knew JavaScript could do all this stuff?
@Phrancis Technically, Java could do them too
Right. Meant it as a compliment to your JavaScript skillz, not as a frown on Java at all :)
@SimonAndréForsberg hey there! I have a feature request for @Duga! :)
12:09 AM
@Mat'sMug I like it
@Phrancis Want me to reimplement it in Brainfuck?
@SimonAndréForsberg Please don't! ;p
@Phrancis No worries, I have a Sudoku Solver and a Battleship game to implement there first.
Thanks for the tip btw @Phrancis.
@Mat'sMug maybe it's a good idea to undo this? help.github.com/articles/changing-access-permissions-for-wikis
12:34 AM
Nope nope nope. Staying out of the 2nd Monitor for now.
12:48 AM
@RubberDuck Wise ducky.
I have my moments.
So easy to write documentation for Simon's code
keywords.effects.damage = {
    /** Build action description */
    description: function(obj) {
        return "Deal " + valueDescription(obj.value) + " damage to " + obj.target;
     * Deals damage to a target.
     * @param {Object} obj - The applicable card object along with related properties/values.
    action: function (obj) {
        return function (me, event) {
            var target = entityLookup(me, obj.target);
            var value = valueLookup(me, obj.value);
1:18 AM
2nd monitor is starting to gather a number of interesting quotes right now ;)
I knew tags where kind of a grey area in Code Review, but wow when someone wants to debate a point they can go on for some time. I think arguing about brackets is easier than that.
lol some monkeys are more ...tenacious than others ;)
1 hour later…
2:42 AM
@Marc-Andre And you thought tabs vs. spaces was tedious!
3:26 AM
Q: Hitchin' a ride

Mat's MugSome background About 6 months ago an idea emerged in the VBA Code Review chatroom, and together with a fellow VBA reviewer and CR addict, I started working on what became Rubberduck, an open-source project that has seen quite a lot of its source code posted and peer reviewed on Code Review. I ...

3:50 AM
@RubberDuck @Mat'sMug If you came upon this documentation, would you think it good enough? (note: it is not finished)
> noAttack: 1
shouldn't that be noAttack: true?
The Targets / Filters section is fuzzy right now, will get better after I talk to Simon
@Mat'sMug Maybe. It's JavaScript... 1 === true === "1" ;D
But would be wise to make a note that 1 and true do the exact same thing
even more so - the section starts by saying Boolean values are noted as true or false, but then examples have true as 1
^ +1
and this makes it more confusing:
> enchantment: true
3:57 AM
OK good, I'll fix that and make it consistent. Anything else jump at you?
> Applies the contained effects
I'd write it as "applies the specified effects"
"Applies to the owner of the affected cards." -> specifies that an effect's target is the owner of the card (if I read this correctly)
> Applies to active owner.
> Applies to inactive owner.
needs more clarification IMO.. but I know very very little about the project
Yeah, that part is fuzzy
12 mins ago, by Phrancis
The Targets / Filters section is fuzzy right now, will get better after I talk to Simon
other than that.. looks good :)
4:13 AM
@Mat'sMug Awesome. We should have a snapshot release soon, hopefully get some CR folks to trial the game.
I'm actually really amazed by how far we've gone in the last week-or-so
4 hours ago, by Duga
[Cardshifter/Cardshifter] 42 commits. 6 opened issues. 1 closed issue. 12 issue comments.
I think that's a record!
in TCG Creation, Apr 29 at 19:45, by Simon André Forsberg
@skiwi Well, we need to decide on and implement something.
I think this^ gave all of us a bit of a kick
I'm out - 'night!
4:32 AM
4:51 AM
Found this while researching something completely unrelated.
in WPF on Stack Overflow Chat, Apr 13 at 17:55, by Reed Copsey
We've settled on http://www.advancedinstaller.com/ - which I highly recommend, especially for .NET projects
5 hours later…
10:00 AM
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] ckuhn203 pushed 7 commits to next
> I've also included some useful Mocks in the Unit Testing Project.
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] ckuhn203 pushed 52 commits to next
\[[**retailcoder/Rubberduck**](https://github.com/retailcoder/Rubberduck)\] [**ckuhn203**](https://github.com/ckuhn203) pushed commit [**6a4e63bf**](https://github.com/retailcoder/Rubberduck/commit/6a4e63bffe74257cfe90af899484c1be5d80fb95) to [**next**](https://github.com/retailcoder/Rubberduck/tree/next): Merge pull request #444 from retailcoder/sourcecontrol

Added basic local functionality for Git Integration
11:36 AM
Is nobody else spotting the irony here? A meta post about the project for yet another way of discovering it. Genius! — Joe 13 mins ago
Oh wow! SCI hits next release!!
12:01 PM
@Mat'sMug Yes. If all goes well. I think so.
12:12 PM
That's a very interesting question. It must be possible, because Auto-cad did it, but I have no idea how. — RubberDuck 10 secs ago
@Mat'sMug You're a good mug. Great question to ask.
@Phrancis That is some exceptionally not finished documentation! All I see is "404". :(
12:48 PM
@Phrancis If this is your first time playing Cardshifter, you may want to have a look at the Game Rules. I think my daughter will like your game - she like to make up the rules as she goes along! :)
Mornin' freeman.
Not much. More data entry. Almost done I think.
Nothing like eating your own dog food though. This tool I built sucks.
I've got some serious upgrades planned for it.
1:15 PM
@RubberDuck Automotive engineers should be required to spend time maintaining the vehicles they design. Architects should be required to move furniture in and out of houses they design. Programmers should be required to use the interfaces they've written...
@FreeMan pinned
1:38 PM
flagged for migration to CR
Good call @FreeMan. Looks good to my eyes.
(and I need another two performance upvotes for a shiny new badge)
2:02 PM
Holy shit I just figured out how to reference the VBA runtime.
What is the Certainty Level in @Duga s playground?
@RubberDuck hug
Don't get too excited yet. Doesn't seem to much of anything useful in here...
Add Reference > Browse > C:\Windows\SysWow64\msvbvm60.dll
You have to browse for it though. Selecting "Visual Basic for Applications" under COM won't allow you to add it.
2:34 PM
@FreeMan Sorry, in between posting the link and later last night, I ended up moving the documentation to its own folder here
@FreeMan That's great, now she can even make her whole complete game (and learn a little JavaScript while she is at it ;)
Not that the "Targets / Filters" section is pretty fuzzy right now, I need to have that clarified by the dev who wrote the code
1 hour later…
4:06 PM
And they're dissolving my department. This is either a really good thing, or a really bad thing.
best of luck!
Thanks buddy.
> This will probably just magically go away with the upcoming refactoring/rewriting of the feature to leverage the `Declarations` API, but just so it's documented...

Making a valid selection (i.e. within a single method) sometimes seems to swallow an exception and *do nothing*.


Public Function Create(adoRecordset As ADODB.Recordset) As SqlResult

Dim result As New SqlResult

'' SELECTION START ***********************************
4:23 PM
@RubberDuck A potential upside: You may not have to deal with
3 hours ago, by RubberDuck
Nothing like eating your own dog food though. This tool I built sucks.
Not an upside. I need to fix it before things change.
It's a matter of professional pride.
^valid point
2 hours later…
6:18 PM
If SSRS would stop timing out on me, I might be able to get some work done today.
What would you want that for?
Not me, my boss ;)
6:37 PM
GTFO. That report is still running. Good grief.
6:51 PM
@RubberDuck @Mat'sMug I thought you'd find this response funny ^^
talk about talkative!
I did. Thanks for that @Phrancis.
I'l lurking in the 2nd Monitor if anyone wants to chat.
@Phrancis simple enough...
7:25 PM
> An error occurred within the report server database. This may be due to a connection failure, timeout or low disk condition within the database. (rsReportServerDatabaseError)
2 hours later…
9:14 PM
TTGH - hope y'all are having productive days
10:01 PM
@RubberDuck In case you're interested, here is how Simon ended up going for card effects for now, look flexible enough to you? github.com/Cardshifter/Cardshifter/blob/js/extra-resources/…
10:36 PM
Yeah @Phrancis that should allow for some interesting effects.
1 hour later…
11:46 PM
Q: Making a tag for a Code Review community project

Simon André ForsbergLast year, two community projects were born. One of them has been, according to some Github statistics, one of them is a lot more active than the other. Perhaps most importantly, the Rubberduck project has spawned 17 Code Review questions (all but four of the search results seems to be about cod...

I noticed you have 17 duck questions on CR by now, I think you deserve your own tag.

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