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12:08 AM
@Semaphore Hey semaphore
Oh! Thanks!
I made that community wiki. Feel free to edit other awesome facts about yourself
haha i'm super lame though
@Semaphore You're pretty good at history and Mythology though, that's a start
8 hours later…
7:49 AM
@durron597 I don't agree they should be synonyms.
I also feel that any discussion about tags until we have, for example, 1K questions, is a complete waste of time.
8:11 AM
@Christofian Thank you for your kind words.
Congrats @Yannis :D
@EroSɘnnin Thanks. And glad to see you throwing your hat in the ring. You, @Semaphore and @senshin are our most active editors so far, and fixing posts - especially from new users - is the bulk of what a beta mod does.
I love editing and fixing posts :D Its what I mainly do in Anime.SE
Btw @Yannis did you del-vote these? mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/117/…
Q: Are all of the monsters in Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books canon to Greek mythology?

Mary MLI'm not asking if they behaved in the same way or had exactly the same abilities. I consider myself rather familiar with Greek myths, but I've never heard of a fair amount of the ones in his stories. I want to know if any he invented any, or that they all mentioned in the myths and he's some s...

Q: How strong and big was Hercules?

Danubian SailorI was reading Greek mythology in the elaboration of Paradowski and I've noticed Hercules was described as 'giant'. It would make his physical strength obvious - being of enormous size means also having enormous strength. I've started imagining Hercules as someone like Rubeus Hagrid. But is it s...

@EroSɘnnin Yes. The Percy Jackson one is unsalvageable imho. The Hercules one could be turned around.
8:26 AM
Yes. Could change Hercules into reference-request
I'll just remind @Semaphore to del-vote ^^^
8:59 AM
great nominations, I have upvoted all of them!
9:28 AM
A: Who should our moderators be?

YannisI would like to nominate Christofian. I would like to invite you to take a quick look at his comment history. The pattern of him mercilessly hunting down sourceless answers is hard to miss. His always-polite-but-firm comments have inspired quite a few of our posters (myself included) to improve ...

+1 ^_^ He has definitely made the site better
@naltipar Earlier the better?
@naltipar It's early, yes. However, since the Meta q has been posted, there's no harm in posting our nominations.
@EroSɘnnin I have exactly zero comments helping people fix their posts. @Christofian, on the other hand, is close to becoming the site's first meme: Cite your sources, or @Christofian will get you!
@naltipar At this stage (beta), SE appoints the moderators. The nominations is just our feedback.
At some point they'll start approaching candidates. The people they'll approach may or may not be in the nomination thread.
But most of the time its from the thread
9:36 AM
@Semaphore @fredsbend Since you've been nominated by other people, you should edit your nominations to let us know if you accept them (alternatively, you could post a comment under the nominations).
@Yannis you haven't edited yours yet :P
@EroSɘnnin Yes, they usually don't ignore community feedback unless they have good reason (e.g. a nominee having made an ass of themselves on a different SE site).
or sockpuppets
1 hour later…
11:06 AM
lol all noms downvoted for 3rd mod
excepted for one
I wunder whoo whoo
lol all noms for 3rd mod downvoted
I don't like seeing nominations downvoted. This is one of the very rare instances where we vote on people, not posts.
Ikr :/
if you dont want the person to be nominated, then just dont vote
but noo .. there had to be downvotes
That said, I just noticed Semaphore's nomination is at +10. brb, have some downvoting to do ;P
I'm tempted to downvote the person who downvoted other noms. But then I wouldn't be any different
12:09 PM
Lol I'm out of the race
@EroSɘnnin It's not a race. Also, you never know who SE will pick.
@YannisRizos Whups. Yes I'm aware of that :)
@naltipar You could post that sentence in a comment, if you will. However, I don't think you should have to explain why you posted the question. It's an interesting question, and you want it answered. That's as good an explanation as any.
12:33 PM
Q: What is the story behind Thor wearing a wedding dress to get Mjölnir back?

AlienDevI often hear of a story of Loki taking Mjölnir away from Thor and selling it to giants. Thor then gets angry and makes Loki join him in wearing wedding dresses to enter the giants place unnoticed to get it back. What is the actual story behind this and who were these giants and were they actuall...

Our first question.
Q: Is asking for resources and myth identification allowed?

fredsbendOn most SE sites, eventually someone comes along looking for a specific resource. The usually ask a question in the form "Where can I find a [book, site, etc] about [insert topic]?" These aren't necessarily bad, but the community needs to decide if they are allowed or not. The close cousin woul...

cool, it was specific enough to answer easily
@Ixrec Yeah. Now that's a good example question for
12:48 PM
I'm curious how exactly Thor managed to pass himself off as a bride, but apparently it was "the stupidest of the Giants" so maybe a dress was enough
I wonder if the use of cosmetics was involved
I recall many norse characters disguising themselves with magic, so maybe
I still can't quite believe someone passed off the midgard serpent as his cat
1:10 PM
Q: Which tag to use for Biblical tales?

kenorbWhich tag we should use for Biblical stories? My initial idea was to use bible (because of simplicity) tag for myths described in the Bible. However it was changed to abrahamic-religions instead. In my opinion this tag is not so obvious for new people. Should we use abrahamic-religions, bible, ...

1:21 PM
A bit late to the party, but my self-nomination.
@Ixrec There's a certain satirical element to the story. The giants are a bit suspect of the bride's manly characteristics, but Loki manages to convince them all is good.
@YannisRizos nice
@Ixrec according to wiki, the comedy is enough for some to theorize that the tale is actually a Christian parody.
2:08 PM
> 26.7 questions per day
Wow, that's impressive.
@naltipar You should start a discussion on Meta about it.
I'm also undecided. I would like to read any answers, but I'm not entirely sure we can cope with similarly broad questions.
That said, if we're 50-50, I'd prefer it if we erred on the side of re-opening it.
2:22 PM
Q: Why is this question too broad?

naltiparI'm referring to this question, which is now closed as Too Broad. I think this should be discussed, since I myself cannot decide whether it is too broad or not and some users seem to have cast reopen votes. How should we treat this now and similar posts in the future? EDIT: As of now, this quest...

2:38 PM
it sounds like an open-ended list question to me, though I'd also love to read some answers to it...tough one
It still seems broad :/
But I cant grasp why
is "open-ended list question" not why?
I don't think so
The question is specific enough to ask for something which stayed in its base form
And it did not mix up with other cultures
So, the target is specific whilst the area is huge
and also, I'm not making any sense
yeah I couldn't tell if that was just me or not
2:44 PM
but I'm guessing you were trying to say that the criterion "similar creation myths" is specific enough while the target area of "any cultures ever" risks being too broad
Q: How Enkidu was created out of clay and saliva?

kenorbOn Wikipedia page we can read: Enkidu was formed from clay and saliva by Aruru. How somebody can be created out of clay and saliva? Was is some kind of magic or today we could say it was a hybrid cloning? Do we know something more about the process of creation such beings using clay and s...

> hybrid cloning
so the worst-case scenario for that question is every hour someone pops up with an obscure creation myth from a random island culture that bears superficial similarities to a popular one
just checked, we do know a little about the Easter Island creation myth
@YannisRizos Mud Clone Jutsu :P
@naltipar I think the question would require a lot of research :/
2:48 PM
maybe it'd be better if it was asking if one or more specific aspects of a creation myth appear in other cultures
Okay @YannisRizos:
A: Who should our moderators be?

durron597I'll also nominate myself, @durron597 Top 10 in reputation on Main Top 10 in participation on Meta Been an active user in the Stack Exchange community for more than 3 years, with 12k rep on StackOverflow Recently I've been taking a much larger interest on being a janitor on StackOverflow and on...

@durron597 Ah, you fell for it. Nice. ;P
@YannisRizos You could have just nominated me yourself, you know.
@durron597 upvotes ^_^
@durron597 But then you'd blame me for whatever happened ;)
Also, I prefer it when people nominate themselves. It takes a bit of courage, and it tells me the nominee isn't afraid to step up.
2:52 PM
@YannisRizos Like when you nominated @Christofian? ;)
all noms have big bold intro
(goes to change mine too)
@durron597 He stole my chance to nominate myself, so I thought it was only fair to reciprocate.
This nomination thing is turning out to be funn :D
I pretty much upvoted everyone
It's supposed to be fun @EroSɘnnin. We are all volunteering our time here, it's not really worth it if it isn't fun.
2:58 PM
@Ixrec Much the same here.
@YannisRizos ^^ this
In fact, I would probably be in the lead for 3rd place if I didn't upvote the other candidates. :P
I was also a Super Moderator (site-wide moderator) on www.twoplustwo.com many years ago
That's not really relevant for SE, so I won't put it in the nomination post
Q: Are questions about who worshipped what on-topic?

durron597So @YannisRizos asked this question: Which cities had chthonic Zeus cults? I am quite conflicted about whether such questions are on topic. It's a question about "whom did the people from this time period worship"? Not "what are the details of this particular mythological story? I think it's bo...

@YannisRizos It's my first and so far, it's awesome and turning out good :D
I'm writing up a nom for senshin :D
3:07 PM
@EroSɘnnin I thought about nominating him too.
I'll say this:
@El'endiaStarman Are you doing the writing or you didn't start?
We are not short of good candidates.
I'm halfway done
@EroSɘnnin I considered it.
3:08 PM
@durron597 True that :D
Please, go ahead. I'll upvote it for sure.
I'll do it asap
3:28 PM
wow explosion of activity
whats a good synonym for very good?
(as in amount)
sufficient? suitable? appropriate? adequate?
the sentence: He has a very good amount of experience
his experience is impressive?
That links to quality rather than quantity
3:35 PM
extensive it is :D
thanks @Ixrec :)
too bad you can't give fake internet points for chat answers
here it is +15
btw does this sound right ? :P
He has an extensive amount of experience
His amount of experience is extensive
3:38 PM
I would say "he has extensive experience"
Thanks again :D
A: Who should our moderators be?

Ero SɘnninI would like to nominate @senshin He is quite active on this site main and meta, and has a range of useful expertise on other sites and in other domains.His meta posts are very advantageous and thoughtful. He has a good amount of reputation on the site and is a prolific editor. He is very activ...

Had to jump on the massive heading nomination bandwagon too, I felt left out :P
@Luna I have to go, but I have another question you might like. . .
Q: How old was Merlin when he died?

HDE 226868There are many different accounts of the life of Merlin, one of the noted magical figures in the tales of King Arthur. Some accounts do not cover the end of his life, while others state that he died at the hands of the Lady of the Lake or by Niviane, his lover. How old was Merlin when he died? I...

3:53 PM
I'm on it already :P
@HDE226868 I gave you a comment answer relevant to your interests
4:14 PM
@naltipar nailed it :D (the meta comment)
Q: Are fictional mythologies on topic?

durron597Are mythologies from fictional sources on topic? Questions about the Old Gods of the Forest from Game of Thrones? Questions about the Nine Divines from the Elder Scrolls series of video games? Etc. I'm thinking no, but I thought the question ought to be asked. We could ban these questions ent...

@EroSɘnnin Of the post I just made?
Q: Who should our moderators be?

santiagoIt maybe a bit early, but it is something definite to start thinking about. From the Moderator Pro Tempore blog: About a week into the public beta, we will seek out members who are deeply engaged in the community’s development; members who: Have a reasonably high reputation score t...

@durron597 No no
Yeah :D
But there was a Meta.SE post about it
@naltipar Wait, I'm not following, what are you saying?
A downvote on a nominaton is just like a downvote on a primary nomination in a regular election
It creates a sense of negativity
4:20 PM
We have an experiment on History.SE where for for questions that ask for examples (e.g. mythology.stackexchange.com/questions/441/…)
we make a community wiki answer, mark it accepted, and everyone else posts an example as answer then edits a link into the community wiki
so its basically like an index to a bunch of examples
@Semaphore List questions don't really fit the SE model
You can never have an authoritative answer on a question asking for a list
On programmers we vote to close them as too broad
i know, was just mentioning history's experiment, seeing as the topic is brought up on meta
i'm not a huge fan personally, but its one way of dealing with list questions - lettting a community wiki be the answer
Heh, @RobertCartaino made the moderator post and cw
Yup. Noticed it now.
I read somehwere that you should flag it to ask a mod to make it featured so it comes up on Featured Meta posts, so I did :)
4:26 PM
OP did too
ah, fair dos
I still don't understand why people downvote on noms. Like I've said before,
5 hours ago, by Ero Sɘnnin
if you dont want the person to be nominated, then just dont vote
I also concur with this
@naltipar exactly. Just the downvotes will induce a bad feeling and combined with the anonymity, it would lead to doubt
considering SE staff will be the ones to select mods, downvoting them does not achieve much, as SE staff have no clue why you think they wouldn't be a good mod. If you genuinely think they wouldn't be good, a comment would at least clarify
4:34 PM
@Luna Agree with you
> Everyone has their own reasons for voting, it's a private matter, and you might well never know why you received an up- or down- vote unless they felt like telling you.
A: Why are people downvoting my question on Meta?

Shog9Because S[OFU] are Q&A sites. Meta is actually a replacement for the UserVoice bug report/feature request site (with a bit of discussion thrown in...). The rules are different because Meta is... kinda misusing the SO engine. And it's ok because we really do need a bug report / feature request / ...

I need to go, but I'm sure I'll speak to you all soon :)
@durron597 I don't think the SE model calls for a single authoritive answer: in fact I think one of the Area 51 criteria for a site to graduate from beta state is that question should have about two answers each in average. Wait, let me look it up.
@Luna Bye :)
Voting is entirely subjective. It means different things for different people... and that's
4:36 PM
@durron597 Those are questions. We're talking about users -->people
That said, questions that call for a long list of examples are bad because they usually result in stupid lazy people not reading the existing answers nor even searching for exact words, and posting the same examples again.
Downvoting a moderator nomination means "I don't want xyz to be moderator". It doesn't mean "I don't like xyz"
Note that, in the primary phase of actual moderator elections, people are actively encouraged to upvote and downvote the candidates
But why downvote? The person can just upvote others rather than downvoting an individual
@EroSɘnnin I don't know? You'd have to ask the downvoter(s).
That's what being arbitrary and subjective means
@durron597 If I meet em, I surely will help them understand the point of view
4:40 PM
@EroSɘnnin Your point of view or theirs?
@durron597 Both.
We cant force someone to do this exact procedure
But surely we can try to make them understand better
@EroSɘnnin The bottom line is this: if Stack Exchange didn't want people to be able to downvote nominations, they would either prevent it in code or ask us not to
Ultimately your opinion on this issue is just that... an opinion. That doesn't mean you don't have very good reasons or that other people don't agree agree with you (you do have good reasons and other people do agree), but it's still an opinion.
And people who have a different opinion are probably going to downvote. That's okay, too.
Yeah, I get it
This room's active a lot lately :D
@EroSɘnnin Good!
yuup .. it's guud
We've covered a lot of topics today
Lol I got downv .. again XD
4:49 PM
People may not want a Lvl 4 pervert to be moderator
tsk tsk
"Normal people" doesnt know what it feels like
@EroSɘnnin Wander around in the wilderness, kill a few baddies, maybe a level 5 or 6 pervert will be more appealing
Also, hello all, and I'm glad this proposed site is finally launched as a closed beta.
@b_jonas I will be absolutely stunned if it doesn't launch into public on time
@durron597 Done all that. But I like the number 4
4:51 PM
There's still some customization and help text that needs to be written, but sure.
There ya go @EroSɘnnin now I have a downvote too. High five
@durron597 Thanks for the remind btw. I suppose some people can't understand typical anime humor. So changed it lol
@durron597 Woa. If I get these people, I would love to ask em why
@durron597 High Five! :D
@EroSɘnnin Because they felt like it. Flipping a coin for every user, upvoting the ones that come up heads and downvoting the ones that come up tails is a valid reason
Sure. Solid logic there
@EroSɘnnin The idea is that, in the long run, the community will generate the wisdom of the crowd
5:00 PM
The wisdom of the crows?
In the end, votes will be votes and people will be people
Sounds familiar
@b_jonas The wisdom of the Crow?
@HDE226868 So I was surprised today to discover that you are a moderator of HSM, but not of World Building
5:15 PM
Oooh an Arctic mythology Q!
@durron597 Yep. I'm still one of the highest-rep users on HSM; WB is simply a higher-voting site.
30 mins ago, by durron597
People may not want a Lvl 4 pervert to be moderator
Yes. You need to be at least Lvl 6 to be a moderator.
30 mins ago, by durron597
@EroSɘnnin Wander around in the wilderness, kill a few baddies, maybe a level 5 or 6 pervert will be more appealing
Ah, and @durron597 has already made that joke.
@YannisRizos I hid my details from this stack >.> My level is over 9000
@YannisRizos Speaking of which, you're a mod on 2 sites. Soo ... your pervert level is ... ?
5:31 PM
@EroSɘnnin I posted a Mr. Satan image on StackOverflow a few days ago
Hah, my tumblr is probably more perverted than the rest of the channel put together.
@durron597 andd?
@EroSɘnnin I got a couple upvotes
@Semaphore Lol. Being a cool pervert is cool
A: How does Gson TypeToken work?

durron597 From §4.6 of the JLS (emphasis mine): Type erasure is a mapping from types (possibly including parameterized types and type variables) to types (that are never parameterized types or type variables). We write |T| for the erasure of type T. The erasure mapping is defined as follows: The...

@YannisRizos Indeed :D
Woohoo Mythology Convention badge
5:33 PM
@durron597 XD dat face
Q: How did Jiraiya find out Tsunade's breast size?

Ero SɘnninJiraiya stated that Tsunade's oppai size was 106cm. From Tsunade article: Despite being known as flat-chested in her childhood, she now has a rather large bust; 106 centimetres in circumference, according to Jiraiya. From Jiraiya article: when caught spying on Tsunade in his younger y...

@naltipar :) Only if you've watched a rather lot of DBZ
@durron597 congrats :D
> Who wouldn't want a Lego Jedi to be moderator, anyways?
@durron597 Lego Vader
@EroSɘnnin I don't see no stinkin' breathmask
@durron597 I'm sure Vader and the Siths are working anonymously
@EroSɘnnin Right, my lego vader took his breathmask off so as not to be noticed.
5:46 PM
It's Vader's grandson
Hmm .. I wonder when Ep 7 releases
@HDE226868 Do you see what I'm saying with that most recent comment?
6:07 PM
@durron597 I do.
You meant the focus, right?
I mean the scientific basis question
Q: Are questions about the scientific basis of mythology on topic?

HDE 226868This is inspired by How Enkidu was created out of clay and saliva?, which (to my understanding) discusses the scientific basis behind a myth. My opinion was I'm downvoting only because it asks about the feasiblity of a myth. Any and all myths are impossible in some way. "All" is a poor choi...

Yes, I meant the link you gave.
Basically what I'm saying (you may already understand this, but even if so, for the larger chatroom audience) is that scientific basis of mythology is on topic if it's still ultimately about the mythology, not about the science.
CONTROVERSY dun dun dunnnnnnnn!
A: Are fictional mythologies on topic?

ChadYes Fiction Mythology should be on topic. Mythology is mythology whether it exists solely in a fictional world or existed as a form of worship for actual people. So long as the question is about the mythology and not about the fictional work it should be on topic here.

Good, that's what I thought. I'm curious to see what others will say.
6:13 PM
Oh, he's just creating canonical answers for the two positions.
If you're creating canonical answers for the two positions, you should make them community wiki. — durron597 29 secs ago
@durron597 I meant your comment before that stack post.
Eh? Why?
All CW does is lower the edit threshold.
@YannisRizos So that others can edit the canonical position
@HDE226868 Okay even with my ADHD I can't keep up with what we're talking about now.
Oh, well. I guess that's not a bad reason.
6:16 PM
@durron597 It sorted itself out. I think. Bottom line, I agree with what you said.
1 hour later…
7:26 PM
@YannisRizos thank you for the kind words; it's faltering just to be considered, and with so many qualified candidates, this site will be successful no matter who is selected.
@Christofian I agree totally, the list of names in that question is very strong across the board.
7:42 PM
Q: Are questions about literature related to mythology on-topic

femtoRgonSome works of literature are heavily based on existing mythology. Are these works on topic here? To be clear, I am not referring to entirely fictitious mythologies, like Cthulhu or Star Wars mythos. A few examples: The Homeric epics ("The Odyssey", "The Iliad") The plays of Sophocles ("Oedi...

Regarding downvoting on nominations:
1) being a moderator means that someone is in a position of power, and if someone feels that (for whatever reason) that a community member wouldn't make a good moderator, then they need a way to express that.
@Christofian ^^ this
2) My suspicions as to why people aren't leaving comments when they downvote nominations: people are probably worried about looking mean, although they may have a legitimate concern for not wanting someone to be a moderator (whatever that concern may be).
You're right @Christofian
My nomination has received it's fair share of downvotes, and while I wish we could have a more open dialogue about whatever issues people may have, I respect that people may feel pressured to remain silent, and I would rather that people downvote my nomination than say nothing at all.
7:52 PM
@Christofian ^^ this also
It seems weird that the magic number is 2
@naltipar What does it mean if a nominee upvotes another nominee and downvotes yet another nominee? Does it mean that the upvote is for "good reasons" and the downvote is for bad reasons / spite?
@naltipar Sure, but, the idea is that someone can also upvote for a bad reason (they like the idea of nominating a lego jedi lizard), and that it will work itself out in the end.
1 hour later…
9:06 PM
Q: Why is the Norse Giants/Trolls question being voted to close as too broad?

durron597What is the difference between giants, Jotuns and trolls in norse mythology? It has three votes as too broad. Here's the review task: http://mythology.stackexchange.com/review/close/254 I don't agree. I don't know the answer, but it likely could be answered quite succinctly, with an answer in t...

1 hour later…
10:07 PM
I love how the Greek creation myth opens with "It all started when X, Y and Z started sleeping with each other..."
@YannisRizos Thank you. I've commented accepting the nomination.
Pretty much ^^
I'm suspecting there's more to my mythology-as-fanfiction theory... Canonical endings and all mythology.stackexchange.com/q/464/38 ;)
it does take some effort to work out criteria to distinguish them
@Ixrec I totally agree about the trolls question, by the way. If it wasn't obvious from my Meta question.
I suspect a big one would be that anything designed for entertainment, like a stage play, is probably an adaptation (or "fanfic") since it has some constraints imposed by the medium that typically encourage some editing of the original myth which you wouldn't see the "worshippers" do
@durron597 I had a feeling that was your position too
10:13 PM
@Ixrec If I didn't agree, I would have probably just downvoted, voted to close, and moved on. I was disturbed that it managed to get up to 3 close votes during private beta
@El'endiaStarman I'm glad you're in. I was going to ask if you would be.
Yes exactly. But from our point of view, or the casual reader's POV, there's little difference nowadays. Most people don't know which are the original sources; they're just stories.
makes you wonder if executive meddling was a thing back in ancient greece
I assume Sophocles had to make a profit at least
Exactly. How much have we missed out on because it wasn't popular?
Because someone decided to change the beginning/middle/end?
@YannisRizos I think setting some tags early is a good idea. Working on tags that we're not really sure, we should probably wait.
10:18 PM
which leads to unfortunate questions like why were all those rape stories the popular ones among ancient greeks
Yeah. Kinda gross.
All the murdering and kidnapping. I guess it sold big bucks and here we are.
at least the one about Narcissus has a clear moral lesson to it
hm, I think neither of the meta answers about myth identification really cover the "Is there a creature in mythology that is a frost bird or a frost phoenix?" one we just got
I know, this is a tricky one
I suspect we'll get lots of these types of Qs
10:25 PM
I'm inclined to agree it's not particularly good, but at the same time, if there is one, it's clearly answerable
I think the OP makes a good point though:
I believe other person could be searching for this exact sentance on Google and would probably be pretty happy to find the answer. Plus, I believe Myth Identification makes sense on a website like this one, since the same question won't be asked hundreds of time, they will be asked once and then people will be able to find it on the internet. What do you think ? — Yann Chabot 27 mins ago
yeah, now that it's here I can easily see them being popular
What if someone else has the same question?
I don't think we can really avoid these kinds of Qs
I think right now it's the sort of Q I would not vote on in either direction
closing seems excessive
there's no way to answer definitively that such a bird does not exist, but if one does, then mentioning it is a clearly useful answer
so it's at least half-answerable
10:28 PM
So leave it unanswered until someone finds evidence of a frost bird myth?
10:38 PM
Did we ever establish where we stand on Q's that ask about pop culture versions of mythologies? I.e. I know we had a question about Marvel Thor versus mytho-Thor.
10:50 PM
I think that one asked for a comparison. It was kinda broad.
@Piper I would vote that they're on-topic, but they must be connected to the original mythology in some way. Like asking if the notion that only Thor is worthy is based in original Norse mythology.
11:04 PM
So, I did a horrible job addressing this the first time around, so i edited my answer and would humbly ask the interested community members to take a look and see if my clarified answer makes more sense as a site guideline.
since we already have a site that does an exceptionally good job of answering questions about Marvel Thor, anything asked here should probably be focused primarily on mythical Thor
citing some Marvel movie as the reason you thought to ask a question about mythical Thor would be fine of course, eg "Can Thor's hammer actually fly back to him like a boomerang?"
...I should go ask that
@DavidStratton I don't think I was around for the original version but what I see now sounds pretty similar to what I've posted on other meta Qs, so +1 from me
So, as long as the focus is primarily mythology.
we'll find out very soon if the rest of the beta users agree with me on this
11:20 PM
@Ixrec I think it's okay.
We shall see

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