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Q: General reference questions

SusanThis was triggered by the question: Medications for asthma It has been raised that maybe it’s too broad because of the side effects bit. That may be. In a prior iteration it also asked for “best” medications and people felt that may be too subjective. I actually think that part was fine, but t...

2:48 AM
anyone, esp. the new mods, care to review health.stackexchange.com/questions/662/… ?
it came up in First Posts for me, and I feel like it's either way too broad or way too specific. but I can't figure out which.
@NateBarbettini And I, who just ranted against “primarily opinion based” on meta, am wondering if it might be “primarily opinion based.” :-)
haha :)
to broad seems better for that
@JoeW Right, agreed, once I saw the “worth taking” part covering all of them that seemed like the better way to go.
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8:59 AM
Apologies to all for the disruptive bumping due to large volume of tag edits. I’m trying to clean things up a little. Much of that was getting rid of things like and .
This is everything but disruptive, that's great help!
@Shlublu There’s a lot that needs to be done, but I think if we get some clear tags and the right synonyms defined, we can get people to start using them correctly (and correcting each other when they don’t).
Are , , , and all really needed? I can’t decide what to do with those.
I would regroup that under nutrition, others being either synonyms or deleted
But yes, nutrition is needed for sure, to me
Diet... dunno. It is nutrition but it is also a complete specific subject
@Shlublu Right, I didn't mean to imply that no such tag was needed, just trying to decide whether more than one is needed.
Ok, sorry! Well, so nutrition for sure, and maybe diet I'd say. I'm really not sure for this one.
9:09 AM
@Shlublu Yeah, that's why when I started thinking about it I wondered if people wanted more than one. But not sure what to merge where.
I’m gonna throw it out on meta.
Oh, BTW (my english...), To "throw it out/up"... is this derogatory? I've seen this in a few comments from Robert, now from you. But probably I don't get it as I should :)
@Shlublu Hm, it depends on the context. In my chat message there it was just intended to mean “open up the topic to a larger group.” If one “throws someone out” of a room/meeting, that generally implies they were misbehaving, a different idiom. Is there another context where you saw it?
I understand it as "to throw up" (to vomit), so something pejorative. But I am not sure of my understanding.
@Shlublu Ah, that’s a funny one. A different idiom still. I think he’s intimating something analogous to “throw up a tent”, which is to say “pitch a tent,” i.e. make one. What this has in common with my “throwing it out” (note: out vs up) is that both have connotations that it’s sort of a carefree gesture without much foresight. If that makes any sense.
@Shlublu A different idiom still. I wonder if anyone has tallied the number of English idioms involving “throw + preposition”. :-)
Oh yes it does make sense, thanks :) We have something similar in French that I wouldn't have expected to work in English!
("Balancer", or even its proper form, "jeter", in certain cases)
9:25 AM
@Shlublu Cool. Feel free to weight in on tags about food if you have an opinion.
I'm currently writing an answer :)
And as I'm a noob, I'm struggling to make nice tags to appear in my answer... So i'm digging into the meta help :)
@Shlublu [tag:food] will render it like a tag
Q: Tags about food

SusanI’m trying to clean up tags. I noticed that we have: nutrition, diet, food, eating I think we probably don’t need all four, but I’m trying to decide what to merge where and what is a synonym of what. I was initially thinking to make them all synonyms of nutrition, but looking through the cu...

Oh thanks! I found [meta-tag:xyz] in the help pages and was in the process of using it. I'll change this to [tag:xyz]
@Shlublu Right, it would look correct if you used meta-tag but the link will only work properly if it's just tag since it's not a tag on meta.
9:37 AM
Great, thanks for the heads-up! Does SE handle a tags hierarchy? This will have an influence on my answer: for example, is it possible to make the questions tagged to appear when searching for , but not the other way around as they would not be synonyms but parent/child?
@Shlublu Pretty sure the answer is no. It would have to be done manually. One can write a tag wiki excerpt that says, "should also be tagged X" to prompt people to do it according to the system that you have in mind, though.
Yes, that could work!
I'll answer that way, even if this is not the best this will be some food for thought
@Susan Done. Tell me if it makes sense
@Shlublu It does, thanks! It might help, for those who didn't start with an idea of how you were thinking about the hierarchy (like I did because of chat), to state that "diet" is a subset of nutrition. I think that's what you're saying, yes?
Doesn't need to go in the meta answer, but we could also make a tag wiki excerpt for diet that (in addition to stating that all Qs should be tagged nutrition too) defines what we mean, a prescribed eating plan or whatever. Since diet can be used more broadly too (but for that usage it's really only nutrition in our scheme, I think).
9:57 AM
@Susan Got it! Yes, this is exactly what I meant. I have edited by answer, is it clearer now?
And yes, if we go that way, the tag's wiki will need some clear-but-simple guidelines. What it is limited to, what it should come with (nutrition)
@Shlublu Yes, thanks - very clear! I went ahead and accepted it, but will wait to see if anybody objects before doing the merges.
Ok ! :)
10:51 AM
Q: A system for systematizing tagging systems

SusanAs I was cleaning up tags and defining a few synonyms, I was again frustrated by the lack of consensus about two sets of tag names on answers to a prior meta question of mine. However, as I started actually looking through the questions, many seem to warrant both. Most of the technical tag name...

.... thinking about the above ....
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1:29 PM
Hi there. Is it possible for a diamond to rename a tag easily, in a way this change applies with no work to all questions using this tag?
I'm thinking about : it should be
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2:48 PM
(“Question eligible for bounty in 2 days”)
@Shlublu done
I just wanted to post comment, but my answer was removed again.
@JohnP Not sure if I understand. Epistaxis is just a medical term for nosebleed which can be caused by a common cold (e.g. virus infection). Pure immune function is a risk for developing such disease (including nosebleed). So what's wrong?

This relates to: http://health.stackexchange.com/a/139/114
@Susan Oh great, thank you!!!
3:12 PM
@kenorb Nosebleed (epistaxis) usually indicates body weakness. No support for that claim.
Do you think this was the main reason for deletion (missing small claim)?
I believe it was that and that you were addressing the common cold, rather than being cold as was pointed out in comments.
Isn't the question not about a cold?
'Q: How to handle cold in summers' ?
I read it as being about the body being cold, not having a cold. You have asked for clarification, wait and see.
Posted meta, as this is still not clear for me.
3:33 PM
Q: What's wrong with my answer to cold in summers with nose bleeding issues?

kenorbQuestion: How to handle cold in summers with nose bleeding issues? Answer: Nosebleed (epistaxis) usually indicates body weakness and it can be caused by an infection, cold weather or the drying effect of central heating (mainly they can be divided by local and systemic factors). If ...

3:56 PM
Q: Should mod remove answers which doesn't address all sub-questions?

kenorbI've answered the following question: Effect of the common cold on the immune system Sub-questions are: I've heard that once a person catches a cold, his whole immune system becomes weak and is affected In what way does having a cold influence the immune system? If it does weaken it, how ca...

@JohnP How the undelete works for mods, I've flagged other answers to undelete which were corrected, but it's already one day and silence, how do I know if I should wait further more or my flagging was ignored/rejected?
@kenorb If you go to your profile on the activity tab, on the far right you'll see where it says "x helpful flags." You can click on that to see what action has been taken and what is pending.
@Susan Thank you, I'll check.
4:31 PM
@Susan as a doctor, and @JohnP as a rescuer, would you tell me whether it makes any sense to include a disclaimer like this one (health.stackexchange.com/q/675/102) in my question? The idea is to guarantee the person who's answering that even if there's no hope we always do our best. But this should be so obvious, at the same time, that I'm wondering whether this makes any sense.
4:48 PM
Disclaimer or not, I would probably vote to close that question, as it's asking about diagnosis outcomes.
Oh man, that's right! This is not the way I thought about it when writing but you're absolutely right
@Shlublu Even the base question, "Is there any chance of recovery", I would answer with a simple "Yes, if emergency treatment is initiated as soon as possible, there can be a chance of recovery. The amount of recovery would be predicated on the severity of the injury and the timeliness of intervention"
So the answer would be yes? (which is good) Because this was actually my question: these postures are caused by damages that sound so severe that I'm wondering whether they can be repaired. This is badly said, but this is actually what I'm wondering for a while
So...someone gets in a car accident, and they are sustaining bleeding into the brain causing decerebrate posture. If the pressure can be relieved quickly and the source taken care of, it is possible to get some to full recovery.
If the brainstem is sheared, probably not.
This is exactly the kind of answer I'm looking for
4:54 PM
@Shlublu It's a good chat question, I don't think it's necessarily a good site question. But, I would leave it for a bit to see the general opinion.
I understand. So my disclaimer.... I didn't feel comfortable as we're used to speak about such things among fellows but not publicly as it is scary for people... I'll try some rewriting to make that clear. You'll tell me, I just need a minute.
Even in the link info the outcome is vague: "The outlook depends on the cause. There may be brain and nervous system injury and permanent brain damage, which can lead to:"
Pretty much any of that is ZOMG Get to them to a level 1 trauma ASAP.
I don't know if it's the same in France, but trauma centers/ER's in the US are rated by levels, depending on what services they have available at the attached hospital.
Maybe they are rated that way by the nurse and doctors, I can't tell. On our side, we just evaluate the GCS ans other signs (body check), and we inform the dispatcher that takes appropriate measures (reinforcement, transport, etc). The experience lead us to have a clear idea of what's going to happen, but that's it.
I rewrited my question, don't hesitate to share your thoughts
@Shlublu - Here's what I mean: amtrauma.org/?page=TraumaLevels
I like that rewrite better.
Thanks for the link!
Yeah, the meaning is exactly the same - or at least the spirit of my question is exactly the same - but without giving the feeling we are doing some best guess.
Which is true: we don't.
Thanks a lot for your feedback - really helpful. And I feel comfortable with my own question now :)
5:05 PM
Q: Are questions about hospital equipments off-topic?

Franck DernoncourtExample: Does less than 10% of donated used medical equipment ultimately becomes operational? In its Guidelines for Donations of Health Care Equipment, the WHO says: The sense among some biomedical engineers and health care professionals who have extensive work experience in the...

Have to go here. Thx, see you!
5:53 PM
Q: Glaucoma answer removed because of a shotgun approach?

kenorbI've answered the following question: Can electronic device help with glaucoma? Initially it was removed as it had too many cites included. I've improved answer as requested, but now moderators doesn't want to undelete it, because it's a shotgun approach (whatever it means). Here is my answ...


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