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8:48 AM
@cflat that question belongs on Worldbuilding Meta, not on the main site
9:06 AM
@TimB I already came here to chat
so I see
@TimB how am I meant to get involved when everyone keeps deleting everything I do
Ok, please stop being rude first - I can see how it's frustrating but being rude to people doesn't help
@TimB How am I being rude
ArtOfCode has tried to explain to you a couple of times and you've been rude to him both times
Stack Exchange isn't a discussion forum, it's a Q&A site. People are more than welcome to discuss things here in chat and to a certain extent in meta
9:13 AM
He was being rude to me too, this is just picking on the low-rep guy now
I've moved your latest question to meta, but fundamentally you need to look at the introductionary stuff that shows how the site works
afk for a bit - back later
@cflat If I came across as rude I apologise. It wasn't the intention; I was just trying to explain how StackExchange works. I was rushing when I noticed your post, so it would have been easy to be rude without noticing. My apologies.
Well well, there's something I wasn't expecting - an apology from a high-rep user.
Thank you @ArtOfCode.
I also apologise for reacting so harshly.
Q: why does the software here keep deleting my comments

cflatwhenever I post a comment it gets deleted within a minute what is happening, why do all my comments get deleted?

9:57 AM
@cflat It's not some sort of high rep conspiracy. Basically there's a way the site works that might take some getting used to. If you don't go with that though then you can expect close votes/deletions/etc just because you aren't using the site how it's supposed to be used.
for example comments in answers
10:50 AM
@TimB I get it. Sorry for my reaction.
@cflat, thank you as well. Disagreements happen, we're trying to keep the site running by a mixture of policies and it's easy to do something wrong.
11:05 AM
1 hour later…
12:28 PM
Q: Series of questions

SheraffMany people on the worldbuilding website ask series of related questions when building a setting, either because they divide the work into manageable chunks or because they want to follow up on a previous question. What would be the appropriate way to aggregate links to a series of related quest...

2 hours later…
2:46 PM
Let's revisit the blog idea.
Who would actually be interested in contributing to a blog?
3:03 PM
I'd be happy both to contribute and set it up
Is this worth a meta post?
3:15 PM
@ArtOfCode I think it's worth a meta post.
Aw, doesn't work here.
Michael Kjorling, Monica Cellio, TimB if you didn't know ;)
@MonicaCellio @MichaelKjörling @TimB I may have just been serially upvoted.
@ArtOfCode It's a chat feature that sometimes works.
I should ask for that as a feature request on Meta.
oooohh something interesting happened. Do tell.
Yeah that'd be neat
@HDE226868 How much did you get?
60 rep. I had 5 legit from earlier on, so 65 on the day.
All at once? Fair enough. Sounds pretty serial
All on different posts?
3:17 PM
Investigation time :D
I have never seen a single instance of serial voting
The thing is, I like those posts. They're some of my best ones.
Ah well, they'll be reversed soon.
First time this has happened to me.
What's the threshold for the system to start reversing votes?
Or is StackExchange keeping that secret?
I don't know.
Ah well. Anyway, I've got a meta post to start writing...
3:24 PM
@ArtOfCode Enjoy. I'll check on it.
I just realized that the serial voter went for some of my top-voted posts. I guess he's too lazy. :-)
Q: Revisiting the Blog

ArtOfCodeA while ago, the community discussed starting a blog. Good ideas were raised and an initial scope was formed. However, the discussion stagnated after the realisation that in-house SE blogs are on hold. StackExchange hasn't been quick about re-opening blog creation. However, as many people noted ...

2 hours later…
5:32 PM
What do we name it?
6:02 PM
We're not too creative with names. I mean, our chatroom is simply "Worldbuilders' General Chat"!
Well, it would be White Mice Lounge but nobody's changed it to that...
6:17 PM
room topic changed to The White Mice Lounge: Main chat room for worldbuilding.stackexchange.com [balloon-whales] [bewildered-gods] [reasoned-discussion]
@ArtOfCode There we go. I'll undo it soon.
In theory, I should not have done that.
room topic changed to Worldbuilders' General Chat: Main chat room for worldbuilding.stackexchange.com [balloon-whales] [bewildered-gods] [reasoned-discussion]
. . . . aaaand it's back.
1 hour later…
7:25 PM
@HDE226868 Interesting. You can do that? You're not room owner nor mod... how does this work?
8:02 PM
@ArtOfCode I'm a mod on HSM; mod chat abilities are network-wide.
@HDE226868 Aaaahhhh. Makes sense now
The downside is that when someone flags something in a chat room anywhere in the network all the mods get pinged.
It's quite amusing, actually.
You sometimes have 5 people respond to the same flag at once.
Ah. Yeah I can see that being barrels of fun.
By the way, I realized that I simply don't know enough (and can't do enough research) to answer your questions. I see you got some really good answers, though.
@HDE226868 I asked them just because the topic challenge was up... I was expecting a couple of basic comparisons, not 2-3k views and about 20 answers...
8:12 PM
That's what it's like to ask a really popular question (or two).
I didn't even think they were that good...
Someone (or lots of someones) did.
I'm on a roll. 2 days, 400 rep.
If this continues I should get the protection privilege tomorrow
@HDE226868 So what is it like being a mod? How different is it?
I've always wondered how much more the SE platform hides from regular users...
I'm probably not the best one to ask; HSM isn't too busy.
It's not bad.
One of my biggest jobs is handling migrations, though we're kind of unique in that we get a bunch.
In terms of the extra capabilities you get is what I meant; obviously flags and binding votes are part and parcel. But what new toys are there?
8:18 PM
Deleting comments, seeing analytics. There's a mod chat room for each site, and a network-wide mod room, which is helpful for discussing cross-site issues and migrations, and contacting CMs. Shog9 is often there.
Why does that not surprise me? Shog seems to be everywhere at all times...
How much can you tell me about the analytics? Is what kind of data you get given revealable?
I have actually no idea what I can and can't say. It's not incredibly interesting, though. Well, it was for five minutes. On HSM, they aren't of much use. The data queries you're made up are probably just as useful. I don't know how useful the analytics are on Worldbuilding, in comparison to Data Explorer.
You could see them soon, if SE picks one of the answers here and you reach 6k:
Q: Help us identify micro-privileges for top users

Jon EricsonAre you familiar with tapas? These are little appetizers invented in Spain that people enjoy while talking and drinking in the cool of the evening. What makes them so great is that you get a wide variety of tastes without getting fed up. Not long ago, I asked for suggestions of a new 30k...

Hmmm. Sounds like a good one someone's got onto there
6k? At 200 per day? (I wish) That's... let's see... 13 days.
It's doable.
I was thinking of some feature request for Meta earlier but I've forgotten it now.
The data queries went down well by the way
It's doable but it does mean failing exams this year...
8:29 PM
Yep. Only 1 year ahead of you, I think.
2+. I'm finishing up my junior year of high school.
Not a clue what that means :D
I have one more year to go, then college.
I'm year 12. I'm 1 year older than you in real terms I believe so that makes you y11 or minimum y10 depending when your birthday is
8:31 PM
Year 11, I think. Not sure.
What exams (or equivalents) are you up for this year?
GCSEs here if you're year 11; none if y10.
I already took the SAT and did really well. I have four SAT subject tests (different from the SAT) and 2 or 3 AP exams.
Junior year's tough, especially with the courses I'm taking.
Yeah... still no idea. Ack, system differences. To google.
So what grade are you in? (I'm just assuming this is America based off what I remember of the last time I saw your profile...)
Ah. So according to wikipedia, junior of senior high.
8:34 PM
That is, indeed, year 11 equivalent.
Jeez that took a while
So GCSE equivalent; what courses are you on?
APs for Calculus II, Physics C Mechanics, and Chemistry.
US History II, English III.
Fitness, Spanish III.
A tech/engineering course.
I'm forgetting something else.
...sounds like fun? Does "English" have the same meaning to your system - study of the English language/literature?
It does indeed.
You're basically doing my AS levels with a few extras...
8:37 PM
Next year I'm taking a dedicated literature course on British books.
Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish
I got out of English and literature as quickly as I could...
These system differences get tedious after a while...
Wikipedia served up this abomination for an explanation of the US system.
The one for the UK doesn't even have that:
Education in the United Kingdom is a devolved matter with each of the countries of the United Kingdom having separate systems under separate governments: the UK Government is responsible for England; the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive are responsible for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, respectively. == Stages == In each country there are five stages of education: early years, primary, secondary, further education (FE) and higher education (HE). The law states that full time education is compulsory for all children between the ages of 5 (...
Hmm, lovely
I've worked it out though: your grades are the same as our years
11th grade = year 11
8:40 PM
At least that bit's simple...
Heh. Apparently we can't find our chat messages; we post 404 every week.
Where'd you see that?
There's not much left for me to do here today, I've already exhausted the rep cap.
Reviewing it is... oh wait, we have very little of that.
Apparently there are 3 review items but it won't let me take any of them :(
8:46 PM
It's that thing again. We have a question about that on Worldbuilding Meta. Short answer: It's the number of reviews needed from everyone.
Yeah, that and caching. The number sitting there just annoys me...
Ah well. Got some good answers stored up for tomorrow instead :)
@HDE226868 Has that serial vote been undone?
@ArtOfCode No, not yet.
9:37 PM
I'm just popping in again to draw everyone's attention to this question. I'd love to see some new ideas.
Q: Where in the solar system is the most viable place to put my colonists, after Mars and Luna?

VillageMars and Earth's moon already feature in a lot of fiction about space colonization. After these two planets, and assuming that other solar systems are too far away, what is the best place within this solar system to colonize?

It does have some pretty good answers already... but the prospect of possibly making 300 rep in a day might draw me in ;)
@MonicaCellio / @MichaelKjörling / @TimB can we get this featured for a while? I feel like it's a pretty big thing affecting the community so I'd like people to know about it instead of springing "hey, we have a blog now" on them.
10:37 PM
@ArtOfCode The problem is we're unlikely to be able to have an official blog, even on an off site server, which makes official support (even to the point of featuring posts etc) tricky. We'd have to find out the position from the powers that be before we do anything on it.
10:57 PM
@TimB I appreciate that. However, the SE team does seem fairly receptive to things that pop up; if we were to talk to our CM about it then I hold fair hopes they'd at least be happy for us to feature some stuff.
Sure, official support/recognition is a different kettle of fish and I'm not even going to try that discussion: I'm fairly sure the answer is no.
But as a blog run by the community, of interest to the community, I see little reason why we shouldn't be allowed to show it off a bit around here.

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