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12:09 AM
Check this...........
His answers contain obscured links to his site or YouTube account......
I didn't flag so far because his answers fall in to a grey area of info-spam
Even worse, I up voted one before the penny dropped :(
@GayotFow just came here to ask about the same thing, it's clearly advertising but it's reasonably obvious (he says 'our website' and 'our product') and at least they're putting some effort into the answers. So, not spam really. I didn't flag any either, it's a grey area -- I think I'll post something on Meta so we can decide.
@SpaceDog Excellent!
@SpaceDog I was hoping somebody knew what to do
12:29 AM
Two answers are 'cloaked' advertising, two are explicit about recommending their product. I think the cloaked ones are over the line -- unless they edit in explicit confirmation of their bias. The other two are fine.
1 hour later…
1:35 AM
@SpaceDog I made my comment, thanks for putting it in META
6 hours later…
7:14 AM
@chx does it make sense to answer unclear-what-you're-asking questions that get promptly closed, by picking regulations from a country at random? I know the competition is out there man but you might consider what plus value those answers are effectively carrying. ;)
@GayotFow Thanks! There's a bit more hope then.
1 hour later…
8:30 AM
@SpaceDog here's and interesting page from TSE rules: travel.stackexchange.com/help/promotion
8:44 AM
xin chao
3 hours later…
12:04 PM
FOAF attestations are the very worst
Unsubstantiated FOAF attestations are a level beneath that
Q: Travel Deals Websites in Denmark or Sweden?

ewa84I know there are in Europe websites, that search travel offers from all tour operators/agencies etc and post best offers in their website (example holidaypirates in UK) Are there are some website like that in Denmark or Sweden? Thx in advance!

surely this should be closed by now?
Already voted on that one :) unclear
@MarkMayo LOL, on the other site, he says it's for homework :)
12:24 PM
other site?
oh you've linked it
@MarkMayo I think there's a policy on the main site about homework
that's a bit different, it's people who post code problems and expect them solved for them
12:40 PM
Q: Supplying your own needle for Blood test for a Kurdistan residency permit

pnutsFor the blood test (if still required) (see Current blood test requirement for Kurdistan residency permit) can one supply one’s own needle? Details of what is involved, in medical terms, would also be appreciated.

I used to refer people for DNA testing there. Have to dig out my notes
there are 3 questions on the topic, if you get excited
nope, you've 'fixed' my grammar and changed the meaning @GayotFow ;)
@MarkMayo Yes, your last edit fixed it
all good
Shall I email the Kiwi consulate?
12:55 PM
finding a suit in Iran??
Well, yes :)
Already did :)
I would never think to email a consulate about that
It takes half a minute
and can be more direct than fumbling around in Google :)
1:15 PM
Good thinking! :)
You SHOULD be asking about how to hire a body guard, not a suit
I hope not :D
If you go to Tehran
and something happens, even if you stub a toe
people will say "I told you so"? ;)
People will say
The silly git had it coming
he went to a high-profile event
1:25 PM
Yeah, and that's a shame. I've got several travelling friends who have been through Iran on their own in recent years, four of them cycled through it, loved the people and the country, had (almost) no problems
with known attendance by foreigners
wearing a rented business suit :)
well I'm also investigating buying one in Bahrain a few days earlier
Get an AK47 and liberate one instead :)
Debit and credit cards won’t work in Iran. There are no cash machines that accept UK bank cards. It is usually not possible to change travellers’ cheques. You should bring enough hard currency with you ($US or Euros). It is illegal to change money on the street.
just been chatting to a friend about that (she went last year to Iran and North Korea and that's what the question on our site is about)
she did a tour, and one girl on the tour didn't read the pre-notes about bringing currency, apparently it was quite a nightmare
Plus you contemplate travel during Ramadan
1:35 PM
nope, it finishes on teh 17th of July
I arrive a few days later :)
OH! Well that's fine then :)
3 hours later…
4:39 PM
how are you planning to get there?
3 hours later…
7:50 PM
@Willeke hi
Good day to you
I did look at the site and saw that a change in my answer was proposed/done. Anything I should do about it? It never occurred to me to include the differences between first and second class, but now they are mentioned I would like to adjust some words in it
"sitting in 1st class may cause some problems" is not strong enough, should read something like 'you should not travel in a first class compartment'
8:29 PM
which answer?
Q: Amsterdam To Rotterdam

oguzI will be going from Amsterdam to Rotterdam this summer, by train, as it seemed the most feasible. Precisely, 20 July. I am not living in Netherlands, so buying the ticket from the office right now is not an option. If I buy the ticket online, the ticket sending and reservation fee cost too much....

9:01 PM
Looks fine
Got to go, thanks
9:18 PM
@Willeke Editing is an intrinsic part of SE sites. Hence you should not have doubts when it comes to improving your or someone else's post: do it. Quality is always welcome. ;)
Also making sure the tags are right
@GayotFow Yup that too. Well pointed out.
9:35 PM
I think she's gone
It is not that I am not willing to change that bit, it is that I do not know how to do it and whether or not I should do something to get that edit as is now into the main body of the answer.
Is there a rep hurdle to edit?
I was gone but got the message and am back for a few minutes, bedtime here, work in 7 hours
I just do not know how, should not be a problem to change own answer, but have not tried.
I just checked, there is apparently, no rep hurdle,
so you just click the edit button
I will try tomorrow, (if not yet done by someone else) as it is now really bedtime.
Goodnight all.
9:41 PM
The only one I see is 2k where edits are applied immediately
But I think they still go into the queue
I think there is also a hurdle where they do not go into the queue
@JoErNanO do you know if there is a priv where your edits do NOT go into the queue?
1 hour later…
11:19 PM
Every time I look at the front page of TSE, there's always a few questions...are they all duplicates or near-duplicates, or is Schengen really really complicated?
@GayotFow Over 2K (or diamond), you can edit posts without review. At 20K (or diamond), you can edit tags without review.
@GayotFow In other words, no queue for 2K users.
...there are currently 720 questions, 563 of which haven't been closed as duplicates

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