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9:54 AM
Q: Search for music tracks with specific tempo and time signature?

MemranI am looking for an efficient way to search for some more up to date music tracks to buy, download or stream which would be suitable to dance to, having very strict tempo and time signature. The purpose is for Artistic Roller Skate dancing, but typically everything which is for this purpose is o...

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11:44 AM
Q: Quickly Strighten a tooth

TerryIs it possible to re-adjust a tooth so that it is straighter in a short space of time. My right lateral incisor has been slightly twisted since I first got it, but it is a pain to clean. Would it be possible to straighten it safely within a week or so?

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3:29 PM
You guys might want to consider turning off the question feed bot. If your chat isn't very active, then it just drowns our actual conversation, like it is now.
3:43 PM
Mooseman has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
@Wipqozn [status-completed]
@Mooseman You're basically a hero
Everytime I poked my head in here I see nothing but questions, so I just leave.
@Wipqozn You could also ignore posts by the feed user.
3:53 PM
@Mooseman I could, but then everyone who ventures in would need to do it.
...which is why I changed it ;)
@Mooseman and that's why you're a hero!
something something dark knight quote

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